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Updated; October, 2005

SunSpirit Gallery.Com is now seeking assistance in the following areas. Since the implementation of the 'Transcendent Resource Center' to this web site last May, traffic has almost tripled, averaging over 5,000 hits daily. Last month alone the web site had over 150,000 hits. The design and vision set forth by SunSpirit Gallery, including the Resource Center and the SunSpirit Foundation , has created many avenues of potential, opportunity, abundance, education, and healing. Please consider the following general postings for employment, with more specifics to be updated within the following links shortly. If you would like to be contacted with more details, please E-Mail the Gallery with the postion title in the 'subject'.

Affiliate Program Manager: Assist and oversee the development of the Gallery's 'Transcedent Resource Center' affiliate program. This is a home based position responsible for the implementation, management, and dissemination of internet affiliate sales accounts, marketing, promotions, and awareness of the alternative healing products and services associated with the various affiliate programs. All that is needed is basic internet and web site experience,...and initiative. The Gallery will provide the rest. Will train off or online. Direct payment of commisions from affiliate accounts with your contact information. Please contact the Gallery.

Online Sales Representative;Home based position for follow up, contact, and establishment of online web site retail accounts for SunSpirit Gallery Gift Products. Example; Misty Dreamz Cross Stitch. Requires general knowledge of internet and e-mail communications. Will Train. Direct payment of commisions from affiliate accounts with your contact information. Please contact the Gallery.

Offline Gift Product Sales Representative;Regional position for contact, follow-up, and establishment of retail accounts. Requires general knowledge of art, sales, and business relations. Please contact the Gallery for specifics.

Apprentice Program; Apprenticeships available for instruction on Digital Imaging and photography, Computer Graphic Applications, Digital Production/Printing, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Art Scanning and reproduction. Please contact the Gallery for specifics.;