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    Chinese called this constellation alternatively the "White Tiger" or the "Great Bridge". The Egyptians saw it as their god Osiris. The Greeks, however, saw it as a bull, which is how we think of it today. Taurus is generally visible in December.

    The constellation primarily features the horns of the bull. The body and the legs are very spindly. One interpretation of the small body is that the bull is actually under water, as it is in the myth of Zeus and Europa.

    The V-shaped group of stars that forms the nose of the bull is known as the Hyades. In Greek mythology, the Hyades were the daughters of Atlas (for whom one of the stars in this constellation is named). When their older brother, Hyas, was killed by a lioness while hunting, the sisters were inconsolable. Because of the depth of their grief, the gods placed them among the stars. The star cluster in the shoulder joint of the Bull is known as the Pleiades, or seven sisters, although only six stars are visible. In mythology the Pleiades are the half-sisters of the Hyades. In Japanese, they are known as Subaru, which is where the car manufacturer gets its logo.

    Taurus appears to be always attacking Orion, the Hunter.

    Taurus is the sign for people born between April 20 and May 20.

    [Greeting Art Card Text]


    In a lush meadow of bruised purple flowers
    and silvery blue mists,
    sits a being, completely at peace
    in the arms of the Earth.
    The early morning sun rises,
    bathing the land in amber gold light.
    She is the great Mother Clay Woman,
    Mother of the Corn.
    She is fertility, the giver of life.
    She is crowned with a peaceful
    aura that softensher sober gaze.
    Taurus woman is centered,
    balanced and grounded.

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  • All 12 original designs of "Cosmic Mythology"
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    Design by Jon-William Brown
    Poetry written by H.J. Price

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