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By Jon-William Brown. . .


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Spirit of Newburyport, Fine art and photography by Jon-William Brown

Spirit of Newburyport Blog

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There could be no better 'service' that this web site could offer anyone other than the opportunity to educate oneself. Last year this web site celebrated twenty years on the web. A milestone in any setting.

I first created this web site in 1996. Most of the artwork was done then with perhaps a few additions the following year. The original series of work was created from a single project that I documented in a manuscript, Atlantis Rising.

I then spent 3 years traveling back and forth from California, as well as living there for a time, as was documented in the manuscript as well. I settled back in a New England Inn to process my journals and experience for an additional two years. After the events of 9/11, I decided to re-enter mainstream society, move back to my northshore roots in Massachusetts to create a fine art and photography business, The Spirit of Newburyport . I have been focused on this till the current day, since 2006. The re-integration of the body of this work with my current work, can now be best summed up in my current project here; Activation's of Light.

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Our forum serves the online community as a place for discussions and interactions for those interested in visionary ideas, art, spirituality, alternative lifestyles, support groups and other various healing modalities. Join in on any of the discussions, or feel free to start a new (topic related) discussion.

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