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Commentary by Susan Nidle

September 12, 2000

Keeping Your Head Above Water in a Sea of Empathy

In this time of magnetic energy flux, many of us are being placed in the position of "healer". As our circle of influence spreads, we may come to be identified as one who seems more focused within a center of compassionate wisdom. Those around us seek us out as grounded listeners. Why are we professing any ability to handle these new energies in a balanced fashion? Because, over the past few years, we have WORKED our way through complex, confusing dilemmas involving physical, etheric, emotional, mental and inter-dimensional energies. We have slogged through miasmas of our age-old thought-forms. Haven't we been forced to deal with our own inner healing and emotional balance, even as we dealt with these electromagnetic shifts? Because we have had to face enormous issues in private, we are learning ways to sustain focus and create fields of balance and peace. This allows others space to feel safe and secure enough to struggle with those same issues and processes.

We speak to you, and to all of the thousands like you, who have maintained connection with Spirit and are doing the work needed to anchor powerful energies that stream from the realms of Light. We all have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps, grateful for any help from those around us and from our inner councils and guides. We are becoming like Houses of the Sun; as we expand and develop our Inner Light, we radiate more and more energy to those around us. YOU have built the energy center within you; how could it not affect those around you? Consider the extent of your impact upon the whole.

We are now better equipped to handle light energies and so to attract others struggling through changes. Major transformations are being presented to all of us, eliciting overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness/depression, rage and anxiety, which in turn can disrupt the unified field that surrounds and interpenetrates us, individually and collectively. As each of us transforms our own core issues in relation to these feelings, we in turn facilitate the mending of grids that hold the interlocking fields around us.

The Realms of Light Beings, who are working ferociously to mend and interlock the upper levels of these inter-dimensional fields, appreciate our efforts. In order for these Beings to work through us, we must focus and clear our density to allow more light to flow into us. Our fear-created miasmas appear as a black hole in the field, individually and collectively. As that black hole is surrounded and sealed with love, the miasma is transformed, gradually or immediately, into more light. As the light intensifies, it creates a powerful vortex, pulling proportional light into its core and streaming out love in a wider and wider circumference, eventually absorbing or consuming the hole. 'As above, so below', is the ancient rule. Beings of Light transform the planetary grids; it is our task to facilitate the evolution of our own field and of those around us. Who else could do this work but we, who are physically present and, simultaneously, building our own rainbow bridge connection? With each resolution of a core issue, we are healing the linkage between our soul's purpose and our ego's desire.

As we move into expanded roles within our communities, we will be called upon to listen, facilitate or give spiritual counseling and healing. We need to focus, carefully and with discernment, and not distract ourselves in phenomena. As we continue to work through our core issues and attempt to facilitate healing of the surrounding field, we must not forget that which keeps each of us in touch with our True Self. We need to keep in focus our true connection with God/Spirit/Universe.

As people work through their own miasmas, they are more easily able to see the light in others and are attracted, magnetically, to radiating light. Those of us who draw others within our beam must maintain spiritual balance. What does this mean? When you surrender your power and your boundaries, you lose precious inner balance and focus. The practice of willful discernment, of choosing where and when to focus your time and energy, is a useful tool of the balanced healer.

How can we expect to help others if we allow ourselves to swim in oceans of emotions spewed out in the course of their processing? To clear somebody else's thought-forms indiscriminately may make your ego swell, but your body will suffer and your life will become a constant "process". When this happens, we become tired, listless and overwhelmed. We are less useful, and lose our desire for empathy, compassion and healing. We build thought-forms that separate us from friends, family and loved ones. We perpetuate a vicious cycle.

In this article, we have touched only briefly on very complex, very basic issues of healing. In future, we would like to offer methods we have found helpful in dealing with these and related issues. Let us know if you are interested in hearing more. Blessings to you, as you deal with the complexities of all of the countless incoming changes.

With loving compassion,

Susan Nidle & Sheilah Blaxill

The Story of the Human Species

The Story of the Human Species

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Posted by An Ahsh Ra (n276) on June 23, 19100 at 10:57:01:

GoodDay EveryOne,
I have not been on the KMB for quite some time. Some of you know me well and others do not. I use the name Two Hawks for that is the name ascribed to me by Mother Earth:Heart. It is a name I am proud of and yet it is not the totality of me for indeed as you...I Am that I Am...and as you, I am known by many names for many have been my incarnations here. I speak with you here now as An Ahsh Ra daughter of Atmanu RamAnu and AnaMata RaMuAn of the House of Ra, or the House of Ram as some know us by.
As you know and feel...Earth:Heart is about to make her leap. Many things had to be in place before this could happen. On the Solstice we moved the "Blue Grid" from Giza to the Guidestones of Georgia...solid as the solid order to take it out of the hands of tyrants who would still tend to believe there is a battle between "Good and Evil". We know...there is only One.
I have learned and re-membered much since the last time I spoke with you here. I feel that you have all done the same. I have been desiring to share much with you and yet I had to move beyond the last imprint..indeed, the last temptation of save it all...before I was free to come and share anything I have learned with you. You see we, as humans, are imprinted upon the genetic. Our original "Golden Template" has been over-layed by that which has sought for nigh a long time to keep humanity in servitude, so that you could be fed upon. The main imprint upon which the feeding has occured is a three-fold imprint. Guilt, shame, and abandonment. As you move closer and closer to the real you, you will find these three emotions at the basis of all humanities woes. As you read the story I am about to share with you will understand much. Take your time in reading this and allow yourself to "feel" and in that you will know. I spoke with you about the last imprint. That is where you will come upon a day and counting in which you will realize you are Christ and that you have accomplished the great work. Then, because of the last will have a great "imprint" to go back in frequency and save the world. In going back, you will have gone back in frequency for you think there is something to save. There is not.And in the end you will see this most clearly and yet from where most stand now, within judgement,due to our genetic factoring, we have a strong gentetic imprint to assume everything is not ok. I share this with you for I swung from the gates of hell(metaphoricly speaking:) momentarily when I first Christed on May the 5th...when the axis shifts the worlds change, and when the worlds change the axis shifts...this is what was done on May the 5th. We gave birth to the perfect alignment brought forth on the 11:11 back in August 1999. The Grand Cross...onaxis. Some of you may remember that the last time I came upon this board was to give you the "eight thru the Gate" blue egg meditaion. Some, as Angelynn and White Dove, have interpreted that blue as amethyst or violet. This is correct as well. Eight thru the gate was the alignment of the body human..all eight chakras from root to the chakra just above your crown. This brought forth the Christ upon Earth in alignment.
Some of you may balk and be shocked at the story of the human species. Some of you have read the Pleadian stories and yet they only gave us clues because the story in totality was not their's to tell. When I first read those stories I ripped "Bringers of the Dawn" in half and said..what a bunch of crap. Well knowing that which really pushes my buttons is a clue for me...I went deeper into my own memories and that which I share here now only came to me after I had re-membered on my own part.
This story has never been told in totality only hinted at. Mother has said that it is now time for the story to be told. AnaMata is the Great Mother of the Human Species..and that is you and me. This is only the human story and many of you have stories and history beyond Earth yet here you are and here is your story...Freely given and given freely...for indeed the Christ is generous and would never "charge" you for anything, for the Christ, resides in Eden and not within need.

Good After Noon, My Beloved Masters, indeed:

And, certainly, we convey our fondest of utmost high regard to you, each of you, and to all of your sweet families. And, we thank you, most whole heartedly indeed, and from the depth of our immaculate heart, as well, for all of your sweet and most tender and most sincere messages of gratitude and of love that you have so sent to us, likened unto the fragrant petals of a rose, so carried upon the very bosom of the wind. Love I you greatly indeed.

For certainly, I am that I am The Is that Is, AnaMata RaMuAn, and I am indeed, First Cause, Great Lady Mother, and certainly, It is you, dear children, that allow me the privilege of sweet contact with you on this day, and for that, I thank you, indeed.

And so be it.
Let us begin to proceed, dear pro-seeds.

We understand, that you have some concern regarding all of your dear brothers and sisters, members all, as are you, of the great family of Life. That they would be "left behind" as we make immaculate passage together here. Therefore,

We will address these issues with you as specifically as possible, in order, that we may allay your concern.

For, certainly, nothing shall be lost, for we have already made our stipulation and our decree, in that regard. Ultimately, that should be "enough said". However, we understand that in your innocence, and in your purity, and in your great love for your brothers and sisters, that within the context of your innocence, you would, perhaps, have forgotten that we have already stated that all are innocent and therefore, not guilty. And, in that that is so, none shall be punished.

Ah! Ha!
You forgot to remember that. So we are here to remind you, at your call. Therefore, let us proceed.

We must begin, at what you would consider to be the beginning.
For, you do not remember what occurred before the beginning, and that is, original innocence indeed.

That innocence has not been tarnished, but has been overlaid, and put to sleep.
However, that innocence is assured. And, we assure you, that a sleeping child is still an innocent child, regardless of the context and the content of the dream that would be contained within that slumber.

Let us relate to you, the story of your great slumber.

We will take our time, here, real time, indeed, in the telling of the tale to you children, for it is your story, although, only a tiny piece of it, for the fullness of your story is vast indeed. So be it.

I am that I am, The House of Ram.
And, Ram Anu, Atmanu, First Cause, indeed, is my unto forever compliment, "other side" and mate.
One that are ONE that are One indeed.

We are Original Prime Creative Source, and we are your Great Parents, from all the way down the line,
Before the Beginning, indeed.

And, you are, our sweet and noble and precious children far, far, down that original line.

And, currently, you contain within you many other lines, as well. In these days, of your time and counting. However, upon your beginning, that was not the case, for you also, are original and singular in your inception.

As Creative Principle, Life indeed, it is the Nature of that Principle, I am that I am, We are that We are,
to extend through and as that principle, creative indeed, to extend Life more abundantly.
For, Life, has no beginning, and will come upon no ending due to the generative principle of the creative extension of Life itself.

Life is Immortal.

And on going, and eternal, and unto forever.
Therefore, children,
Fear not, for you are Life itself.

Upon your beginning, as children, for you, there was Eden.
That Paradise, has not been lost, but forgotten.

What it is, that you consider to be Earth/Heart, for you, in fact and indeed, was Eden.
We will tell you, additionally, that Eden would so be constituted within the context of what you would consider to be Form and Nature itself. However, for the purpose of this discussion, we will consider, for the moment, that Earth/Heart, is Eden.

In the beginning, was sweet desire.
The desire inherent within the very being of our Great House, to bring forth and to generate life more abundantly, as extensions of that very Being, We are that We are.
And therefore,
Our sweet desire was to bring forth children, yea, verily indeed, upon our own image.
Not, that we would be greater, and that you would be lesser, but rather, that you would be Prime Creative Source, invested fully with the capacity, divine indeed, to extend, though your own divine capacity to bring forth life more abundantly.

Creators, indeed.

However, upon your original inception, your innocence was complete, and without boundary, and without experiential context. Therefore,
Certainly, it was necessary to provide for you immaculate conception within a context that would allow for you the establishment of maturity and the maintaining of your profound innocence,
both tempered through the experience of the utilization of your inherent divine creative capacity intact.

So was Eden provided for you, both as womb and as context.

Within that womb, it was originally intended, not that you would so stand in the presence of anything that in your innocence, you would consider to be a greater light, but rather, that you would come to understand the nature of the brilliant and immaculate light and Life that you truly be.

As we placed you, golden pro-seeds, within the great Garden, fertile indeed, so did we also maintain a modality of what could be considered to be distance from you, in order that you would be sovereign in your own right, and in your own regard, in order that the desires of your sweet hearts would so manifest freely for you without qualities of comparison that would have arisen in the presence of our immeasurable maturity and your profound innocence.

You are incepted upon a golden thread, indeed. And, it is, a genetic strand, derived directly upon our original genetic template. In our image, indeed.

Now, perhaps you have heard, that matter literally coagulates upon frequency.
Well, that is so. A wonderful physics experiment would be to utilize a beautiful piece of white paper,
and to place it upon, the woofers and tweeters, of a speaker box, and to place upon the paper, perhaps, iron filings, or something of that nature, and to turn on the music, perhaps, a beautiful 5th symphony, and to pay attention to how it is that the iron filings gather along the frequency of sound,
as it passes through the paper, quite a beautiful dance, indeed, as a little demonstration as to how it is simply put, that matter would so coagulate along the lines of sine wave frequency.

And therefore,
The material of your genetic components is literally coagulated upon a frequency that is Prime,
And, that Prime Frequency is golden Joy indeed.
Now, we are being literal with you here. Joy is not a concept, nor a philosophy, it is a literal frequency,
that your genetic is originally templated upon as a prime and primary consideration, and as a literal fact.

You are born and derived of Joy itself. And, in Eden, in the beginning, there was only Joy.
Your divine brighright indeed.

In conjunction with our genetic template, you are as well, templated upon, and therefore, you sweet bodies, are also composed of the very matter of Earth/Heart, sweet Eden herself.

You are children of the Earth and Stars, indeed.

And so therefore,
Not only were you held within the very heart of Eden, but so do you also contain Eden within the very form and format of your being.

Your souls, in the beginning, were, let us say, shiny and new. Innocent and Pure. Certainly,
they still are innocent and pure at the bottom line, however, that innocence has been put to sleep,
and that purity, You are that You are, has been veiled by a great overlay, indeed.

Here is how that occurred.

The Garden was lush and ripe and temperate and clear and pristine. And within it, there was only NOW, unto forever. And, within it, there was only YOU, and all of the fertility that you are, and that is the garden itself.

As you begin to imagine, sweet Eden, indeed, so it is, from the very depth of your genetic core, and from the very depth of your bottomless souls, so shall you also begin to remember,
for remembrance and imagination are profound companions, therefore, imagine Eden, and begin to remember, green, green, evergreen.

For contained within Eden was no death at all.
Only Life.

And, within the context of that on going ness of Life, so it is, that ALL of the immaculate desires of your sweet hearts did so manifest without limit and without delay in every moment without end.

And, as it is, that you so moved, and walked, in utmost intimate relationship with Eden, and as Eden,
so did all of your desires so bloom and become living flesh, in the moment, of desire itself.

Without limit. Without reservation. Without hesitation. And, without delay.
For, it was not possible, in the beginning, in the Garden, for you to manifest, nor to desire anything other than the purity of golden Joy itself, for that is all that you were, and all that you knew, indeed.

The very basis of the formulation of your form, of your souls, and of your being.

You were at play, as innocent children, in paradise.

For quite a long time indeed.

And we watched you, and we loved you, from afar, to preserve your sweet innocence, as you, through the experience of the manifestation of all that you would so desire, provided for yourselves an uninterrupted context for the establishment of your maturity.

The Garden, was lush, lush, lush, and moist, moist, moist, in its context.
You were not designed to reside within an arid and dry and brittle context.

The Garden, was likened unto a magnificent rain forest understanding, as you would so consider it to be. And, the atmosphere, sweet biosphere indeed, was ripe with ambient moisture, rich, rich, rich, in mineralized understanding. And, as you may be aware, mineralized moisture, is an excellent conductor of electrum.

Thought is electrum.

The sweet biosphere served as a conductor of the electrum of your every thought, and the context of your passionate desire, as well, one unto the other.

For, as it is, that you were many bodies, immaculate and pure, so it is that you were ONE BODY
at the same time. And, nothing was hidden, and nothing was denied, and nothing was secret among you. For, how could it be, there was only Joy, and the biosphere itself was the conductor, one unto the other, of everything between you,
in order that nothing would come between you.

And so,
As it is, that you would come upon the manifestation, in living form, of the beauty of an elegant rose, and as it is, that you would savor the magnificent fragrance and the tender down of a sweet petal, and the brilliant hue of the rose, so it is, that that experience would be so translated, and so conveyed, to each of you, individually and collectively, fully shared, and as it is, that that experience would be so return, would be conveyed to you, individually, the experience of experiencing the experience of the rose, one unto the other, to expand and extend the full measure of the experience
exponentially indeed. Among you, and as you, in Eden.

There was no separation between you and the rose, the rose and you, you and the rose and the garden, and you and the rose and the garden and each other.
And, that is not difficult to manage when there is only Joy.

Roses, Roses, Roses.

Blooming Indeed.

And, so it was in the Garden.

Meanwhile, in another context entirely,
There were other children brought forth of other parents, immortal creators indeed, and those children were far, far, far, far, far, down their own original line, so far, that they had forgotten from whence they came. And, considered themselves to be prime in their own domain, but had lost the maturity that had been gained by their great fore fathers, and fore mothers, indeed.
And, therefore,
In their adolescent mis-understanding, had distorted domain, into dominion.

Those children, in the image of their great parents, are a species reptilian.

You are species human.

As it is, that you, species human, are originally templated upon the frequency of the feeling tone of Joy,
that we will here call "emotion" (however, here, we speak of emotion singular and that singular emotion, feeling tone indeed, was only Joy).

Emotion is the basis of your genetic configuration. Intellect was not your driver, but rather, intellect was the great servant or helper of the driver or captain of your genetic ship, the emotion of Joy.

The reptilian children, their genetic was based upon, and still is based upon, intellect.
For them, feeling, let's say, came along for the ride, as the servant of Intellect, the captain of their genetic ship.

As it is, that the dear reptilian children are so formulated upon intellect, so it is, that their perspective is quite different than yours, dears.

And, they considered, quite conclusively, from their perspective, that emotion was sub-standard, and quite primitive, and really understand what we mean, dears?

They considered that they had no use for such foolishness as emotion, all together, and therefore,
they began, what could be called, a concerted effort, a breeding program, through which they literally
bred out emotion from their genetic context, in order to purify intellect.

Well, dears, after a long and mighty effort, they succeeded completely.
And upon, what they considered to be their great success, they came to find that they had also succeeded in sterilizing their species, quite entirely.

Being exceedingly brilliant, technological masters, after a time, in response to their abject sterility,
they implemented a factor of cloning process and proceedure and protocol, in order that their species
not become entirely extinct.

And, in this, they were also successful. However, in the measure of time itself, they began to discover
that as it is, that they would so formulate copy, after copy, after copy, of themselves, so it is, that the integrity, molecular indeed, molecular integrity, of their species began to come upon entropy and decay. Great static indeed, and that the species could not continue in that fashion, therefore, they stood at the very door of the extinction of their species once again.

And, at their own hands.

Now, we will tell you something else here.
Each body, Each being, Each species, Each element, Each star, and yea, verily, every partica, and all things, does so broadcast its own unique individual signature tone that is likened unto a great bar code
spectrum. It is somewhat similar to a bar code on a package of cereal at your super market.
That would contain within it, all of the pertinent data regarding the contents of that box of cereal.

So that, the grocer, in his and her inventory would know exactly how much cereal, and of what kind,
and of what date, and of what measure, and of what price per unit, and of what location, had been sold
upon any given day............Is that clear dears?

Each of you broadcasts your individual signature spectrum in every moment. And you, as a species,
are broadcasting what could be called a broader signature spectrum that contains all of your signatures individual within it, as a species as a whole, in every moment as well.

Therefore, the reptilian children, began to search and to seek out a broadcast signature spectrum that would contain within it notice of genetic templated understanding that would carry compatible material
with their own genetic, that contained within it, emotion, in order that they could come and get some, and re-introduce genetic emotion to their species.

And so they scanned vast domains and dominions, likened unto a visit to the super market.

And they succeded in that as well, dears.

For, what they discovered, in their great seeking, and in their great search, and in their great scan,
was YOU.

And, certainly, they had come upon the Mother Lode, indeed, the purest of pure gold, for not only did they discover a genetic templated upon emotion, but as well, a genetic only "once removed" from Original Prime Immortal Source.

In coming upon you, and your genetic, not only could they re-introduce emotion to their dying race,
but as well, they could re-introduce immortality itself.

Needless to say, they wasted no time in coming upon you indeed, and they had to travel far, far, far,
to do it.

And, so you were, innocent in Eden, when the reptiles came to the Garden, and upon their arrival,
so did they, though the utilization of what you would consider to be lazer, in technological understanding, breach and puncture the biosphere of Eden.

At the moment of that breach, all of the ambient moisture in the atmosphere cascaded to earth.
And, in that happenstance, and in that,
that very moisture was the conveyance of your communication
(communiKsome, lady Kim, whiterose, indeed)
so it was, that in that moment of breach, so it was,
that your communication, one unto the other, was severed as well, IN AN INSTANT.

In that instant, the species human fell into utter darkness. If you can imagine all of your five senses
switched off in the same moment and at the same time, that is an echo of what we are talking about.

And, in that, we would so speak to you of your five senses, we will simply state to you here, that the species human is coordinated upon a 5 fold template, and that, in fact, and indeed, were you to halve
an apple upon its equator, you would find, contained within its core, a 5 pointed star. Let us simply say, that that points to the apple in the garden.

As it is, that your communication was cut off, so it is, that immediately, and instanteously, you became afraid. And, Joy, became twisted into pain.

And as it is,
That you became afraid, and that you experienced pain, and fear, and isolation, and aloneness, for the first time,
For the first time, you experienced doubt, and it was doubt of yourselves, and the question arose
"What Have I done?"

And, therefore, guilt was so imposed upon you.

And, your Innocence, in that twisting, was put to sleep.

And, your Joy, in the literal twisting of your genetic template, was forgotten.

And, guilt became the captain of your ship.

In the very same moment, all of Eden, the whole of the Garden, with you in it, took a great fall in frequency, for frequency is in fact location, and the garden swiftly fell from the location of pure Joy,
in frequency, to the location of abject pain in frequency.

And Eden fell into Need. And, so did you.

Take a moment here dears, to simply be present with all that we are telling you. And, to allow yourselves to feel all of the feelings that arise within the context of this very old understanding.

Upon your moment of utter darkness, there arose from you, humanity, a great cry.
A cry of pain. A cry of despair. A cry of shame.

And, we heard your cry, in the moment of your call, and we came to you immediately.

But, you were not there, where we had put you. And so, our search began to find you, however,
you had become other than yourselves, and you were not, in that moment, what it is that we were
looking for, for your original genetic code had been distorted from Joy into Pain, and so, we had to
surmise what it is that you had become in that twisting, in order to find you at all.

And, so we did find you. And, the damage had been done.

You had fallen far, far, into domains and stratas of static indeed, and you were captured there, and held hidden behind a great veil of that static. Likened unto a great treasure, buried deep.

Upon our arrival, in your new location in frequency, we found reptilian contingencies already in residence. LIKE TENANTS WITH EXTREMELY BAD MANNERS, INDEED.

And, upon our arrival, these contingencies approached us with emissary, and "The Emissary", approached us with contrition, and begging a great boon indeed.

They described to us, the imminent occurrance of the extinction of their species.
And, they described to us their great plight.
They apologized to us that they had "inadvertantly" brought about this great travesty.
However, in light of the fact that the damage had, indeed been done, and in light of the fact,
of the pending demise of their species, they petitioned us a period within which they might remain with you in order to study you, that they might, in so doing, come upon the ultimate solution to their great dilemma.

Now, certainly, Ladies and Gentlemen,
We were not, as you call it, "hoodwinked" by either the apologies nor the rationale of these "hoods"
in your neighborhood. We certainly knew, that it was within our capacity to provide for them the resolution, and yea, verily, the "ultimate solution" to their profound dilemma by simply eradicating them,
and all of their species, straightaway.

However, We are that We are, vast in our understanding, and perhaps, we will not say, abject in our patience, however, we will say, ultimate in our fairness, and we knew, certainly, that if in fact and indeed, we pursued that course of action, that in fact, in the destruction of their species as a whole,
we would not only solve their problem, but we would create many others.

For, there are many alliances, dears, within all of the fields of createdness, of which you are unaware.
And, in the broad context of those alliances, hither and yon, our action in that regard, would in fact,
have been the implementation of outrageous multi-dimensional conflict and war.
And, Earth/Heart would have become a great battlefield, and you "the spoils" of that war.

And so, rather than implement conflagration, we decided to allot for those spoiled reptilian children,
the measure of their request.

What they did not know, that we will tell you now, is that, in fact and indeed, we had a great A.C.E. up our sleeve. ACE OF HEARTS, indeed. "2001 ACE" indeed.

And that ACE is the Lady Planet, Earth/Heart, for in fact, and in deed, She is a great entity, and quite sovereign, and quite sentient, and unto forever, in her own right as well, for she is a great friend of our family, ANCIENT OF DAYS, indeed.

And, we knew that inscribed upon that Great Lady's dance card, is an immaculate "quantum leap",
for it is her self-selected sovereign destiny to ascend Herself unto unto forever fields of immortal, immaculate, pristine, clear, infinite, on going ness, in frequency and in location.
That is the reason that we originally requested of Her that She be The Great Womb, for all of you,
sweet species human, our original children, in order that in "so seeding you there" that upon your
maturity, that would have been coincidant with Her mighty leap, so would She, carry all of you upon her mighty bosom into those unto forever fields with Her.

That is why we put you there in the first place.

And, that is why we put you there innocent.

And, that is why we alloted for you a period within which you could establish yourselves as Creators,
with Maturity.

Is that clear to you dears?

We knew, in the presence of the reptilian children's request, to study you, and to remain with you, that ultimately, the Lady would make her mighty leap, beyond their sphere of influence unto realms that not only, may they not enter, but they may not even approach.

We considered this to be their catch 22, and our fail safe measure.


Upon our arrival, in your new location, "after the fall" there came along with us, the youngest child of our house, immortal indeed, his name you have heard many times, and it is Jehovah. In those days,
as we stated, Jehovah was quite young. And, as we also stated, quite immortal.
And, as we state now, quite arrogant, both in his youth, and in his immortality.

And, as it was necessary for you to be alloted a measure of experience, in order that you come upon your maturity, so it was also necessary that Jehovah, our youngest boy, be alloted a measure of experience to come upon his maturity.

So, we brought him along.
Post our formulation of the contract with the reptilian children alloting them a measure of time within which to study you, not to tamper with you, to study you; that contract being bounded by the destined leap of the Lady Planet into other realms indeed; post that formulation of that contract, Jehovah approached us with his own petition.

And that petition, was that he be allowed to remain with you, in order to attend you, and to, let us say,
attempt, to the best of his ability, to correct, and to undo what had been imposed upon you.

Well, we considered that long and hard. And, we will tell you here, dears, that Father, Atmanu Ram,
considered that Jehovah had become quite a Mamma's boy indeed, and that it was high time, that he stopped hanging around the house, tied to Mamma's apron strings, and got a little experience under his belt. The Man who would be King Indeed.

Well, certainly, dears, Father was quite correct. And so, we agreed that in fact, we would allow Jehovah a broader context of responsibility.

We left with him, a cadre of councillors, in order that he not bear that responsibility "untried" and alone.
And, in order that he not stand in the shadow of our greater maturity, we removed ourselves...apace,
to give him room to accustom himself to the mantle that he had assumed at his own request, and our agreement.

Now, it was not the mantle of a tyrant that we so granted him. Rather, it was the mantle of a great steward. For, he was not to become your overlord, nor your shepard, but rather, to stand as your big brother (but not the "big brother" of science fiction, rather, as your big brother within the context of the family of Life itself.)

And, so , we removed ourselves, with that stipulated understanding.

Now, we will tell you, that Jehovah was not present at your great birth into Eden, and he had not been introduced to you, in the glory and the innocence and the purity of your original condition. He did not know you. For, he was but a boy at that time.

And, what it is that you had become was but a shadow of that light that you originally were.

Upon our departure, the reptilian children, crafty indeed, began to whisper with quite forked tongues,
into Jehovah's ear, that you were primitive, and ignorant, and slovenly, and weak, and foolish, among other things, and that, in fact and indeed,
what you required was not a steward, but rather, a great law maker, a tyrant indeed.

For after all, "did you not grovel upon the ground begging for forgiveness" and blinded by the very light
of our coming.

Which the reptilains utilized to their highest advantage as it is that they so "created the problem"
in order to become the instruments of its resolution, thereby, making you, the fodder in that game,
and thereby, setting up Jehovah as their "mouthpiece", innocent, arrogant, immortal boy that he was, and as your great over-Lord, in order that they would so utilize him as the loop hole in their contract, in order, that they not only study you, but continue to impose upon you, qualities and factors of guilt and shame, and crime and punishment, and religiousity, and spirituality, that would hold you in a context of fear and forgetfulness, in order that you might be utilized for their own ends....and, therein, Worship and prayer were imposed upon you by the reptilian contingencies, that you might be preyed upon.

When we returned to check on you, and on Jehovah's progress, and on the doings of the reptilian children, we found that you were worse off than before.

Needless to say, We removed Jehovah from his lofty position.
However, again we found, that the damage had been done, and that in fact, and indeed, the reptilians
had circumvented our contractual agreement, and that in fact, they had tampered with you further.

You are familiar with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact and indeed, they were not only, two cities, likened unto great twins, they were also, great laboratories of scientific endeavor, within which
great genetic manipulation and combination was taking place. Thereby, came forward forms that were the combination of human and let us say, non-human components, great twistings indeed.

And, we will tell you, that the souls that were so drawn into those forms were subject to great suffering, as it were those forms that the souls were drawn into, suffered indeed.

We could not allow that to continue.
And, therefore, we destroyed those laboratories.

As it is that you have been told, that the sons of the gods came from on high to mate with the daughters of men, well, that is true, for we will tell you, that upon our return at that time, we found
that not only had your genetic been twisted from Joy unto Pain, but that, as well, your genetic, had been combined with genetic of reptilian origin.

You had become a hybrid species.

In that you had become a hybrid species, so it became impossible to simply return you to your original state, for your genetic material had been fused with that of another species.

Adding even greater difficulty, was the fact, that in the fusing, your genetic material was not as it was originally designed to be, but that literally, it had been altered, ("altered ego", indeed.) by the alteration of frequency that you were subject to, from Joy unto Pain. You were in a different location entirely.

Lets say, you had hit bottom.
In so far, as frequency is concerned.

So, let us say, that through you, and through the reptilian children, and all that occurred between you,
in this context, a new species was created.

So, therefore, you carry within you, not only, our genetic, although altered, but also, the genetic material of those reptilian children, that incepted your fall, and through the pages of history, the genetic
of other species as well, that have come upon you for their own reasons.

You are an amalgamation of many things.

Let us not forget, that we have told you about the great ACE, ACE OF HEARTS, indeed,
for, quite literally, we are upon THE POINT of literal conclusion of the contract, and quite literally,
and simultaneously, we are upon the advent of the Great Event, that is the ascension of Lady Earth/Heart, and Form and Matter itself, as matter ascends frequency, and frequency ascends matter.

There is a template that is also genetic, that is a combination of many that have become One.
That template is what you call "The Christ Template."
And it is upon that design that Yeshua so took incarnation in order to activate that template that is latent within all of you bodies human.

He, as the representative of the manifested living flesh of that Christ Template, came not only to provide for you a demonstration of what that is, but also in so doing, to literally implement the process of the activation of that template extant within all of you.

You must take a bit longer view of what you consider to be time, as you consider these factors.

For, we are speaking, not only, regarding the context of constructed time, that you would so dwell within, but we are also speaking of vast fields of time and of timespace, of which you know relatively nothing.

You must consider that we are speaking, not only, of the sweet species human, and you are quite new indeed, but as well, of species that are vast in the measure of their ancient of days contexts, to whom the context of your constructed time is but a NANOSECOND.

Within the context of that NANOSECOND, do you so reside, and find yourselves, here.

You are THE POINT, upon which many, many, many, vast and ancient of days species and contingencies have so come together, and combined, to formulate an entirely new species, an entirely new context, an entirely new opportunity, and an entirely new understanding.

You cannot be Un-amalgamated.

And, in fact, and in deed, that is not even necessary.

For, in fact, and in deed,
In that you are a new species, you have value, in that context, and in that regard as well.

All of these additional species have so, let us say, by hook or by crook, allotted for themselves,
the opportunity of hitching a ride, with you, as you make your ascent, and as you make passage,
as frequency ascends matter, and as matter ascends frequency.

However, It is necessary, for the ultimate accomplishment of that, that your prime golden context not be lost, but rather, even though it has been re-formulated, to a certain degree, by the re-combination of genetic, it is necessary for it to be awakened.

That is the reason that Yeshua came here, and that John came here, and that Magdalena came here,
to establish the implementation of that awakening through incarnation and through demonstration.

Certainly, as you are aware, their words, and their works, yea, verily, even their very names,
have been commandeered, by those that would cull out from their words and their "great work"
much pertinent data, in order, that you would continue to be subject to guilt and shame.

We are not going to dally here, with all of that, for certainly, we assure you, that all of that, will be made quite public by other means, and by other measures, and by those persons whose purpose and function that it is so to do, and that is NOT our man and woman here, in the appropriate moment of timing indeed.

However, we will tell you here, as you may certainly obviously see for yourselves, Yeshua and John and Magdalena's presence here,
nigh on 2000 of your years ago, could not be, and cannot be erased from your annals of historical understanding.

The reason for that, is because they took literal ensouled genetic formal incarnation within the body human itself, at that time.

And, we tell you here, dears, that THE genetic and that ALL genetic could be likened unto a great communication network. In that, one genetic of the species would so communicate to all of the other genetic of the species all of the data that is pertinent to any incarnation, and that includes within it,
all of the data of every incarnation of the whole of the genetic of the whole of the species,
In that they came at all, their coming cannot be erased, for it is now, scribed upon and within the very context of THE genetic itself, extant within the species human as a whole.

They knew that they would not "succeed" in totality in the moment of their coming, however, they were quite certain, that in their coming at all, success was assured.
For, they came into great, and ponderous density.
However, They came at the very moment of the "TURNING OF THE TIDE" from that ponderous density unto the implementation and co-occurrance of the beginning of the ascent, likened unto a great ball that is dropped from a great height, when it hits bottom, it will rebound upward.

For quite sometime now, humanity, and Earth/Heart, and Form and Nature, and yea, even consciousness, has been ascending frequency. As it is, that the contract is concluded, and as it is,
that the great Lady, Earth/Heart, has so prepared to make her great leap, so it is, that you are approaching your RETURN to the location in frequency from whence you fell.

NEED is translated, and unspelled all the way back to EDEN.

That will be your "4th dimensional context."


Now, what we want you to understand here, is quite technical indeed. And, we do not want you,
to hate and to despise any species contingencies, human or reptilian or otherwise, for you have many relatives to whom you have not been formally introduced.

And, it is our consideration, AT THIS JUNCTURE, that in fact and indeed, many species that most probably would never have been granted admission into those stratas of frequency will so accomplish
that admission specifically because their genetic has been combined with the human genetic.

However, it is not possible for distortion to enter into Eden.

That is logical, it is reasonable, it is Common Sense, it is Reason
It would not be Eden, if there were distortion within it.

Distortion cannot exist past a certain point in frequency.

As it is that you, humanity, continue to make your ascent with the Lady Planet, through the bands and stratas of frequency, that distortion will continue to fall away and be no more.

That which is unreal does not exist.
That which is real cannot be threatened.

Do not forget that.

As it is, that Yeshua and John and Magdalena so came forth, nigh on 2000 of your years ago, upon our business, Great Parents indeed, so it is, that "We Are Here Now", upon Their business.

As it is, that we have already told you, we have come into your modern context, at the conclusion of the contract, "well past NOON indeed," in order to study your modern context, and to test your molecular integrity.

We have tested you as a whole, in many ways, do not consider that your FOL forum, or even, the participation of our man and woman here, would constitute the limit of that testing.

We have tested for MOLECULAR INTEGRITY for one reason and for one reason only,
and that was to discern, whether or not, you would be granted, as a species, passage, into 4th dimensional context, for it will not be allowed that distortion would so enter into Eden.

We will tell you here, dears, that literally, upon the behalf of the experiential wisdom and hard won and abjectly earned expertise of our man and woman here, we have made our great decree upon the FOL board, that nothing be lost.

We made our decree there, in an alignment with Mr. Melchizedek's prophecy that the Great Parents would so introduce themselves to you upon the portal of 4th dimensional context. He was correct.

We have already made our decree.
That nothing be lost.

It is necessary, in light of the testing that we have already accomplished and evalutated, that the species as a whole, and that the souls, that are so incarnate within the bodies human, be returned to their original innocence and purity.

The difficulty is that the souls and the genetic template have been so ingrained with guilt and shame, evolutionary journey, death and resurrection, and religiousity, that they cannot comprehend that they are innocent and they are not guilty.
upon our presentation of ourselves here, they are quite certain, that we have come to punish them, or to take from them their limited understanding of power, not the fact that we have come to bring them HOME.

Therefore, we have come,
And they knew us not.

What would you do, if it were yours to do in that instance?

Certainly, understanding that they are but children, and know not what they do, you would never punish them, if in fact, and in deed, You had come upon them from within a vast and ancient and immortal creative context, and you would not destroy them either. However, children are children, and they are not mature. And parents, likened unto ourselves, have no hesitation whatsoever, in over-riding the free will of children who, in their slumber, would come upon their own destruction in the manifestation of their preference for distortion.

And, therefore, we will simply see to it, that Innocence is renewed, and resurrected indeed, and that,
the full memory of all of the pain, and all of the guilt, and of all of the shame, and of all of the limit,
and of all of the constraint, and of all of the suffereing, and of all of the travesty be removed and put entirely to rest, in order, that all of the souls be returned to original innocence and to original Joy indeed, and therefore,
Return HOME to EDEN.

That is fair. And, we are ABSOLUTE, absolutely fair.

Now, do not forget that we told you that the genetic is a great communication device, and that the human genetic has been combined with many others. And, in so doing, your return, humanity, and the purity and the innocence and the ongoingness thereof, shall be translated in equal measure, and in like kind, all the way down all of the genetic lines that are so fused with your ORIGINAL GOLDEN THREAD.

So, therefore,
You "fallen ones" are the TRUE SAVIOURS of so many, that you be and live at all.

Now, you handful, as it is that you make passage, should you in fact proceed, shall in fact, make passage beyond 4th dimensional context, and in so doing, the very passage that you make, and you making that very passage, so shall you, as genetic points of communication, so translate back, quite directly, distilled experience of what could be called, vaster realms of being and of understanding, to your brothers and sisters that will remain for quite some time in 4th dimensional context.

You may recall that the Lady Planet, began this story with you, in 4th dimensional context, and that it is Her intent, not to tarry there, but to ascend beyond.

Since "the fall" She has been steadily, for the most part, making her way back to that point before "the fall." She will not remain there but ascend further, and you handful, and but a handful of others, shall so continue to ascend with Her, with your sweet bodies intact, for genetic material is essential as a communication device.

We did not come upon your FOL board, in order to establish a great following of many masters.
As we told you.

We came upon the board to, allow for the opportunity for but a handful to go beyond their small pictures of what is holy, and what is not, and thereby, to transcend the limits of guilt and shame, and pain and suffering, and holographic projection, and light and dark, and greater and lesser, and rhetoric and philosophy, and conjecture and suspicion, and doubt, into CLARITY.

That, that small handful would so continue to ascend with Earth/Heart, as so many will simply be dropped off upon that which has been prepared to receive them there, EDEN anew indeed; and those that would continue to ascend beyond 4th dimensional context in order to provide transduction to them over time of where it is, PERHAPS, should they come upon great MATURITY, they will also accomplish passage unto.

There will be many that will be immaculate stewards within that 4th dimensional context, to allot for them the opportunity of coming upon that MATURITY. And there will be many more, that are the children of Eden, than there were originally, for, many more species are now riding with you upon the great ship of your genetic, than there were, originally.

The playground of yesterday, is closing.
And, Eden, is a very big place indeed. And, it will not be over crowded.

But a small handful, RELATIVELY SPEAKING, they will ascend beyond 4th dimensional context,
and will be introduced to members of their Great Family indeed, the family of Life itself, and they will be instructed and they will be tended, and they will be monitored, as it is, that they also come upon a greater understanding of RESPONSIBILITY AND MATURITY.

Should you, in fact, choose to proceed, and YOU ARE SELF-SELECTED ENTIRELY, then you will simply, and easily, and gracefully, and humbly, and with the greatest of gratitude, and great Joy indeed,
and WITH YOUR SWEET BODIES, NOT OUTSIDE OF THEM, you will simply continue to ascend beyond Eden, with EarthHeart and all of Her sweet form, into a vaster vista of NOW, and the place that we have prepared for you, as well.

Does this answer your questions, dears?

And, does it show you how ridiculous it would be for you to attempt to change anyone's modus operandi, in light of the fact that it is already well in hand, and already, quite specifically being attended.

Any effort that you would make, in that regard, would simply be lateral movement, and not LITERAL movement, and it would only distract you from you.

And that is not skillful.
Nor, is it necessary.
At this juncture.

And so, we are concluded with our dialogue here.

I am that I am,
The Is that Is
AnaMata RaMuAn

And, we bid you our fondest and most whole hearted good after noon, for it is well past NOON, indeed.
So Be It.

What does..well past noon have 12 on the clock..then the next hour would be 13 hertz is the frequency at which Earth will make her ascent. It will not be 2012 as some have said. A while back Bekhet put up the "convergence 2001" site by David Wilcox...Edgar Cayce back in a new incarnation...he has laid out this date to the letter upon that site if you wish to see this in-form-a-tion.Also contained in NOON is NO we say it is well past NO ON back from Need to Eden.
We are moving very quickly now and as you can see upon this board when the alignment on may the 5th first happened there was division not only here on this board yet all upon the that time we decided along with many, to collapse time even further for we are, as you, masters of time, and no longer exist within the context of "created" time.We are about to make that leap. You will know within the body that the time has come. When it does simply sit, breath, and relax..cause you gotta be real relaxed to pass thru the eye of the needle...wink...Good Afternoon my Family of Life I bid you a fond fare-well and I will see you..beyond the beyond indeed!
Love Always,
An Ahsh Ra aka Two Hawks

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