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    "Spirit Seeker"

    [Greeting Art Card Text]

    Click here for other 'Spirit Seeker' prints/custom framing

    "Spirit Seeker"

    O Great Spirit
    Grandfather of all life,
    I seek to hear your voice
    in the whispering of the trees.
    It sings to my heart of your love
    for a people too long forgotten.
    I seek to feel your breath in the warmth
    and light of my Father the Sun.
    I seek to see your wisdom
    in the glistening of the rain
    as it falls softly, nourishing my Mother the Earth.
    They remind me to give thanks for all the lessons
    that you have taught my people.
    My Dream Spirit dances with a joy over flowing,
    for it knows that within my heart,
    I shall hear your voice again.

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    Design by Jon-William Brown
    Poetry written by H.J. Price

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