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    "Sagittarius; The Archer Goddess"
    Sagittarius is the archer. He is seen as half-man, half-beast and is said by some to have been placed in the heavens to guide Jason and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Sagittarius may also be associated with the Sumerian god Nergal. In the end, Sagittarius was named by the Romans.

    Although most of the names of the stars are in Arabic, they generally go along with the theme of an archer. Rukbat means knee. Kaus means bow, so Kaus Borealis is the northern part of the bow, Kaus Meridionalis is the middle part of the bow and Kaus Australis is the southern part of the bow. Ain al Rami means eye of the archer.

    Sagittarius may only be seen in the Northern Hemisphere in the summer and the Milky Way runs through Sagittarius. It is easiest to see in July.

    Sagittarius is the sign for people born between November 22 and December 21.

    [Greeting Art Card Text]

    "Sagittarius; The Archer Goddess"

    The Amazon warrior, aiming true, swift and sure,
    sends a flmaing arrow of consciousness
    into the night time sky,
    adding a new star to the heavens.
    The ground is lightly dusted
    with new fallen snow
    in this mystical forest she calls home.
    Sagittarius woman teaches us
    the beauty of solitude,
    to recognize the power of our emanations,
    and the importance of strength
    in our convictions.

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    Design by Jon-William Brown
    Poetry written by H.J. Price

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