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The NEW 'Online Transcendent Resource Center';
tran·scend ( P ) Pronunciation Key (trn-snd)
v. tran·scend·ed, tran·scend·ing, tran·scends
v. tr.

1. To pass beyond the limits of: emotions that transcend understanding.
2. To be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass: love that transcends infatuation. See Synonyms at excel.
3. To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe): “One never can see the thing in itself, because the mind does not transcend phenomena” (Hilaire Belloc).

v. intr.

To be transcendent; excel.

[Middle English transcenden, from Old French transcendre, from Latin trnscendere : trns-, trans- + scandere, to climb; see skand- in Indo-European Roots.]

The Gallery has recently expanded its venue in order to become a virtual Transcendent Health Resource Center, integrating the connection between art and inspiration, meta-science (the fusion of metaphysics and science), health and healing. When fully incorporated, the Gallery's affiliate sponsors will feature some of the most original, credible, and eclectic resources to alternative healing and sustenant life vitality. Once completed and fully integrated into this web site, there will be a Resource Center affiliate directory page listed. Complete with a new article, 'The Caduceus; Life and Regeneration' by Jon-William (Creator of SunSpirit Gallery.Com). The following is a 'virtual guided tour', and if fully explored, is an experience itself. This is just a small preview of products, services and advertisements available in the new SunSpirit Gallery and Transcendent Health Resource Center. Please take the time to click on the following banners and experience this small guided tour of what is to be featured in the near future. This will be the type of product and advertising that you will come to expect. Awaken.

Begin by following the next link within the 'Higher Balance Institute'. Be sure to check out the flash movie that deals with the revolution in spiritual awakening.

Check out the Wild Divine NOW!
"The Journey helps people to see that they have the power to influence what is happening in their body and mind, and in the very world they create everyday."
- Deepak Chopra, M.D

Throughout each life journey, many paths lead to the true self. Discover and experience wellness, deep understanding and inner peace. Take a single step on a journey of self-healing and transformation today.

Inspirational Movie Introduction;'StarShine'. Be sure to take advantage of the free newsletter sign up for 'Holistic Expressions'.

Check out the two minute audio tutorial for the
Free self-paced prayer study course and more!

Help Wanted; Affiliate Program Manager

In this day and age, more and more people (AND MORE AND MORE CHILDREN) are being misguided, misdiagnosed, misinformed and prescribed chemicals and pharmaceuticals for treatments creating a perpetual dependency on addictions, poor health, diminished life force, and mental disorders, while continuing to support a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and mental health industry. Meanwhile, more and more lash out and self destruct in a haze of abuse and dysfunction. Although most products promoted through this web site are not meant to substitute professional help nor treat a disease, studies have shown that physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional balance results in optimum health and that disease prevention is strongly related to stress reduction.

Through years of research and personal experience, the artist of this virtual gallery has come to understand that there is NO 'DIS-EASE' that cannot be reversed, cured or prevented. This is an understanding,...not a belief or false hope, but an understanding that MUST and eventually WILL BE fully embraced by all medical institutions on Earth.

"SunSpirit Gallery.Com" is funded solely by the support and sale of it's artwork and affiliate sponsor products. The Gallery and the newly created 'Transcendent Life-Force Resource Center' , the catalyst behind the 'SunSpirit Foundation' , highly encourages your participation to share your employment, energy, and prosperous exchanges so that we all may contribute to a more collective learning, healing, abundant, and harmonic society. Since SunSpirit Gallery.Com's inception in 1997, one of its goals was to establish an alternative learning Foundation. Please contribute to help make this happen and consider a gallery or an affiliate sponsor purchase, or online donation. Thank you.

Mission Statement.
Help Wanted; Affiliate Program Manager

Thank you for your help to support AND PRESERVE alternative healing, education and the Arts!

The Gallery's 'Resource Search Engine' below is currently in the process of being updated in order to bring you the most current listing of product and resource listings available for this web site. To gain information and access to any product, service, or educational information contained in this web site, simply enter any date, word, or word phrase in which you seek. Since this search engine is spidered once a week, the most recent additions may not be included as of yet. This search engine will eventually be located on every page of SunSpirit Gallery.Com. Enjoy!
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