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Click here to buy Lord of the Rings posters!

What is the difference between Standard Poster Prints, Archival Prints, and Giclee Prints?

All images are printed with archival quality inks and with a high quality ink jet process. The main difference between the Gallery's type of prints is the paper used. Standard Poster prints are made from a basic card poster stock. Standard Matt Prints are made from matt photographic paper. Giclee prints are made from high quality watercolor paper (somberset velvet) Giclee prints are also printed with the most custom care possible. The Gallery's images are also available on canvas. Call the Gallery for details.

Archival prints are made from high resolution and high quality ink jet printers using specially formulated inks and special "art papers." SunSpirit Gallerys' work is being printed using the finest techniques available and has found that in the Luminos Preservation Series products.

The accelerated expansion of serious image making in the Digital Age has been, in part, led by Luminos. Using its expertise and experience, Luminos Photo developed and introduced an exciting and dynamic group of 11 photo-grade ink jet media. It positioned Luminos as a leader in the ink jet media industry.

Luminos Lumijet Preservation Series Inks offer increase resistance to inkjet dye fading on standard and fine art papers. Their "Silver" inks offer near OEM color gamut and without direct exposure to sunlight, images may last a lifetime.

Luminos Is Setting The Standard For Inkjet Media And Inks
Five extraordinarily beautiful coated papers create a new visual standard by which all other inkjet media will be measured. Considered by many imaging experts to be the finest media available, these selected surfaces, weights and textures are being chosen to showcase some of today's best artistic and photographic images.

When used in combination with Lumijet's matched Platinum or Silver inks, they offer both stunning images and an unsurpassed permanence for future generations to enjoy. All bases are acid free, and coatings have been precisely formulated so that all five media may be interchangeably printed at up to 1440 d.p.i. with virtually no change in printer settings.

Archival prints are available in all SunSpirit Gallery designs and can be purchased through our online links for the following collections;