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SunSpirit Gallery
Jon-William Brown
P.O. Box 664
Newburyport, MA 01950

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Greeting ArtCards

Single Art Greeting Card -$2.95

Greeting ArtCard Gift Box Sets
Gift Box Set of Six Cards (any one design) $14.95
Gift Box Set of twelve Cards (any one design) $24.95
Nature Collection Gift Box Card Set...$14.95
Angel Collection Gift Box Card Set (seven designs)...$14.95
Zodiac Collection Gift Box Card Set- $24.95
Cosmic Mythology Collection Gift Box Card Set- $24.95

SunSpirit Gallery Prints
All prints come protective sleeve, foam core and artist bio.

Standard Poster Prints
8.5x11 Standard Poster Print...$9.95

11x14 Standard Print...$19.95
13x19 Standard Poster Print...$29.95
16x20 Standard Poster Print...$49.95
24x30 Standard Poster Print...$69.95

Archival Matte Photo Prints
8.5x11 Standard Matt Print...$14.95

11x14 Standard Matt Print...$29.95
13x19 Standard Matt Print...$39.95
16x20 Standard Matt Print...$59.95
24x30 Standard Matt Print...$95.00

Giclee (High Quality) Watercolor Paper Prints
8.5x11 Giclee Print...$19.95

11x14 Giclee Print...$60.00
13x19 Giclee Print...$95.00
16x20 Giclee Print...$145.00
24x30 Giclee Print...$245.00
30x40 Giclee Print...$345.00

'Keepsake' Art Bookmarks

Single Art Bookmark-

'Keepsake' Bookmark Gift Box Sets-
Bookmark Set of 6 Gift Box (any one design)
- $14.95
Bookmark Set of 12 Gift Box (any one design) - $22.00
Nature Collection Bookmark Gift Box Set- $14.95
Angel Collection Bookmark Gift Box Set (seven designs)- $14.95
Zodiac Collection Bookmark Gift Set- $24.95
Cosmic Mythology Bookmark Gift Set- $24.95


Please check design(s) to be ordered.

Angel Collection:

"Little Angel "Shekinah: Angel Bride" "Healing Angels" "Celestial Angel of Peace"
"Guardian Angel" "Christmas Angel of Blessings" "Winter Angel"

Zodiac Collection

"Aquarius" "Aries" "Taurus" "Gemini"
"Cancer" "Leo" "Virgo" "Libra"
"Scorpio" "Sagittarius" "Capricorn" "Pisces"

Cosmic Mythology Collection

"Ares:God of War" "Ra:Sun God" "Moon Goddess" "Chala:The Gift Giver"
"Venus:Goddess of Love" "Fire Goddess" "Zeus:God of the Heavens" "Air Goddess"
"Merlin" "Spider Grandmother" "Spirit Seeker" "Thanatos"

Naturescapes Collection

"New Earth" "Visions" "Consciousness"
Heaven on Earth 'Safe Harbor Grand Canyon

Shipping and handling costs.
No shipping cost on individual cards or bookmarks.
Add $3.50 for each membership, greeting card set, bookmark set, 5x7, or 8x10 print.
Add $7.50 for 11x14 prints.
Add $9.50 for 16x20 prints.

Total Cost of all items.

Your order will be automatically forwarded by clicking on "Send" below. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail soon. Please allow one-two weeks for delivery. Another option for ordering is to print out this form and send to address below along with your check or money order. All products are unconditionally gauranteed for 14 days after delivery. If you have any questions, e-mail, or fill in your message, questions, or other comments below. Thank you for your inquiry.

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Personal checks or money orders made payable to:

Jon-William Brown
P.O. Box 664
Newburyport, MA 01950


E-mail "SunSpirit Gallery".

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