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Gallery Updates - November 2003

Update: November 29, 2003

Additional information has been posted regarding the SunSpirit Gallery 'Exhibit Piece Sale' via a link on our Home Page. Photographs and specific information has been updated on 'Lady Capricorn' and an 8.5 x 11 'Aquarius' Archival Framed Prints. Additional information to be posted shortly. Secure your purchase and contact SunSpirit Gallery in order to obtain specific prices and details before posting on this web site of the following items.

1. Aquarius- 16x20
2. Little Angel- 11x14
3. New Earth- 16x20
4. Aquarius-8.5x11
5. Lady Capricorn- 11x14
6. Thanatos- 11x14

Update: November 23, 2003

This Gallery Update is being made due to the possible urgency of it's significance. I will not make this judgement for everyone, or anyone in particular. Often when I stop and take the time out to look at what is happening in my own life, it often turns out to be a reflection, a microcosm of what is happening on a higher level...microcosm/macrocosm, As above, so below. A universal law.

For months now I have struggled to get back to this point of producing my intentions exposed within this web site, a vehicle for expressing my own thoughts as well as one of many other 'hubs' of information that is now, once again, pouring through the ethers. Many many times during this time period, I was drawn to the point of sharing information but never followed through. It is by no accident that my first posting in seven months came two weeks ago on the Harmonic Concordance. Up until that time, I had very little awareness of any level of significance of any such event. Due to my current level of awareness and research, I have seen just how easily one can be lead astray with false intentions and information, so the saying 'read at your own discretion', and use your own discernment, remains as true today with the following information as any. Stay open, but be wary of sources. This is why I tend to delve into many diffrent sources before coming to any conclusions.

Regardless if one 'believes' or has reached a level of understanding of what is truly transpiring beyond the multitude of lies and deception being put forth within our world today (hence, a warning to those being 'mind-controlled' thru lower fourth dimensional frequencys), the following information,....if applied......., can only serve for the highest good, and best intentions of all. Personally, I feel that it is thru this appilcation that one can best transcend lower vibrational MUCK.

Please heed and read this information very carefully. Once again, we seem to find ourselves at a very auspicious time of our evolution and developement.

If the events in your life over the past couple of weeks, particulary the past few days, seem to hold any special significance to you, or if you have intuitively felt a 'shift' or 'tug of war' of some sort, then I highly suggest reading the following update very carefully. Another word of caution if I may. If you find yourself making any major decisions in your life recently, be very wary of the choices you make during this time period due to the profound impact of these energies. Choices made that DO NOT ALIGN TO YOUR HIGHEST TRUTH will be magnified and the consequences may be extremely detrimental in the long run. On the other hand, if the choices you make during this time period DO ALIGN TO YOUR HIGHEST TRUTH, the manifestations of your intentions may catapult you into the highest realms of dimensinal vibrations achieved thus far within your souls journey. I wish you Peace. I wish you Love.

Click here for an extensive overview and update to the past weeks significance since the Harmonic Concordance took place on November 8th, 2003. Please keep in mind that astrology and sacred geometry is at the core lineage of ancient and secret knowledge. What makes the difference on it's outcome, whether it be used for malevolent of beneficial purposes, solely depends on it's intention and application.

Other posts more directly connected to my work within this web site will be made shortly, in particular an update on the 'Exhibit Piece Sale', and the latest developements on the SunSpirit gift products concerning wholesale/retail outlets. Please stay tuned.


For a detailed overview from the 'Beacon's of Light', please click on the following link:

Harmonic Concordance- The Second Step

For a general update and overview of other sigficant sources, please read the following. I highly recommend keeping the following dates in mind.

November 8th to the 23rd

The time portal has opened and will remain open until the 23rd of November. In this time it is advisable to remain clear about ones intentions. Stay in your truth and your integrity. By standing in your truth you are placed into alignment to receive your hearts desires. The truth acts as a magnetic attraction to the vibrations on the planet. The opening of this time portal creates a acceleration for manifestation. The untruth of being i.e. anything that is not in alignment with your divine essence is stripped away gently or not - depending on your ability to gracefully let go of energies that no longer serve you. We are currently experiencing a dimensional shift. We are gently moving into a higher frequency grid. In this time – time can become an asset. Use the acceleration of this time to shift you into a state of action and out of the waiting zone. Move into action. You have six days left. If you have been thinking of doing something that brings your heart joy – Go and do it!

Recommendations till November 23rd

Daily exercise

1) Walking in the woods or on the beach.

2) Sitting in Stillness everyday and set your intention to connect your heart to the angelic realm, your helpers, your team, and connect in with your divine essence and the higher dimensional aspects of yourself.

3) With thought intention place yourself in the time portal where there is a grid. Ask to be placed in the appropriate location by your angelic team of love and light where you are receiving all of your hearts desires. Just for seven seconds feel your placement on the grid where you can sense see, feel, and resonate with the love you desire, health, abundance, and joy. For seven seconds let go of all fear and doubt and pretend that in this place you have all that your heart yearns for, and in those moments 7 seconds minimum pretend you have it all. By setting yourself into this state it creates a magnetic attraction through this dimensional grid for all of your hearts desires to manifest in this physical dimension. Do this as many times as possible before the 23rd.

Focus on you breath and ask that it move into alignment with the inhale and exhale of the divine energies around you.

4) Ask for your human plan to now radiate your divine plan.

5) Request for your vibration to gently move into alignment so that you can receive and attract your hearts desires.

Be aware of the flow in your life, and breathe the breath and emit the sound of the divine energy into every moment. We are all sacred as is each moment.

6) Laugh for at least one minute everyday.

7) Do one loving act everyday. Be helpful.

8) Be of service.

9) Be in gratitude for the opportunity to serve no matter what that looks like in your life.

10) Be awake for the days ahead and you will be given the opportunity, by your higher self and the angelic realm to shift into a greater state of peace, abundance, and love.

At this time make your request from your HEART– you WILL be Heard and your prayers will be answered in the divine time NOW, and from DIVINE WILL, your heart. Divine time is now and my will is divine will.

Heaven is NOW on Earth – Enjoy and Let it Be So.

By Aleya Dao – November 17th 2003

More updates from the wild world we live in.

We do all this work from the power of the heart, and the wisdom of the imagination.

There will be an alignment with the grid network in three weeks time. There will be a shift in the power centers on the planet. There will be a total re-alignment of the power centers in the body. The “mind” energy will be neutralized and the heart centers will become activated. There will be internal combustion on the planet in order for this shift to be achieved. (I don’t think we will see this in our physical dimension, but we may feel it.)

Re-route all access for information into a higher plane. (Do this in meditation with thought intention.) Forget all that you “know” and track what you fear. Do this before the shift. (Next few days if you ask me, but maybe three weeks.) Track your fears and re-route all fear centers into your heart. (Love transforms all fear.) (Feel where the fear is in your body, place them into orbs of love and light and bring them in a healed, connected state into the heart with threads of light, connecting them to the heart of the divine.) Re-calibrate your entire system into the source of all sources. (Not the source of this universe.) Do this for 10% of the population of earth. In order to avoid nuclear activity. The fear grid has become unstable and must be re-calibrated holding less energy – but ground it into the higher dimensions. The shift is imminent. The hearts must open connected to the heart of all sources. Re-stabilize everything into the higher frequencies, where each particle in the grid resonates with the activated heart energy. Recalibrate the brain tissue, bone marrow, and human design into the heart tissue. (Again do this in meditation with thought intention and assistance from your angelic healing team.)

This information came through after I worked with a beautiful six year old boy. All the information we each individually hold is amazing. Thank you all for doing your work at whatever level in these very exciting times.

Written by Aleya Dao –

If you would like to continue receiving information from what I bring in please let me know. Aleya

Allison Henderson

Today, the 22nd of November, the Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:44 am PST/12:44 PM EST. Tomorrow we have the solar Eclipse that marks one week from the Harmonic Concordance. I see all this as the culmination of energies that happened at Wesak this year. It's New Moon on the 23rd at 2:59 pm PST/5:59 pm EST. Half of the planets will be in Sagittarius for two days. The coming Thanksgiving week brings Mercury, Moon and Pluto conjunct in Sagittarius, they form a T-cross with the Mars/Pluto opposition. This Sunday we have a solar eclipse.

AA Michael through Ronna Herman said recently:

"This [Harmonic Concordance] alignment will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8th, and will open a multidimensional portal from the Divine Consciousness to your galaxy, solar system and planet. The power and momentum of this rarified energy will build until the solar eclipse on November 23rd, however the effects of this rarified energy infusion will last for time immeasurable, and it will accelerate the ascension/evolution process for all of your galaxy." from AAM message Nov03 thru Ronna Herman

and The Group through Steve Rother said recently as well...

"Along came the Harmonic Convergence ...<>.. It was checked and surprisingly announced throughout All That Is that the human vibrational rate had reached a level that could hold empowerment.<>...a whole series of events began to see how you would deal with your own see whether it was possible for you to take this power and responsibility and use it in your daily lives...<>... You began the process. You started raising the collective vibration [?] of humanity and the entire vibrational state of All That Is. As a result, a whole new set of events has been placed into motion...<>... Because of measuring the vibrational rate at the Harmonic Convergence you have set into motion a whole new series of checkpoints. One of them begins this day. What you are calling the Harmonic Concordance is a series of alignments of vibrational status that reach throughout all the cosmos. One of the places that we tell you that you know little about is the Central Sun. ..<>...

The second connection point after what you call the Harmonic Convergence is happening now. The alignment of energy known as the Harmonic Concordance [?] reconnects you directly to the Central Sun. And now you will feel energy coming directly from the Central Sun....<>...As you step forward, you will create new realities throughout everything that is as you connect yourself to your origins in the Central Sun...<>...Take responsibility for it, dear ones; hold that energy in your heart. Find the love, find the caring and find the passion that you came with. Dare to take responsibility for your own happiness to begin with, and pass it on. Dare to find those things that come in from high. Dare to trust your own inner guidance and speak it. Share it with others, not as the ultimate guidance from Heaven, but as offerings for empowerment for each to discern for themselves...<>...Choose your thoughts carefully. More importantly, choose what you hold in your heart." from Beacons of Light 08Nov03

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you, much love, Espavo, Yamilé

Urgent Message From Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala Adam Rubel - Saq' Be'

The following is excerpted from the article "Message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala, CA". The full text of which is available on This portion of the article is of particular importance because these elders wish to alert the world to the significance of not only the present time, but specifically the period of December 4-7 of this year. What follows is their request for humanity to join together during this time in prayer and meditation in a manner that relates to what they have outlined below. We have received specific requests to distribute this information as widely as possible; please help us with this purpose if you can. We have not previously received a similar request:


Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open up a space. After the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us access to Jun'ab'ku, heart of the heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community for the consciousness and to synthesis with balance. This is the moment when the strength of all those beings of light, are needed. If possible it is asked to fast, perhaps on fruit, to remain abstinence for at least four days prior and to do ceremonies at sunrise and sunset. It is important to work from sunup to sunset on both the 4th and the 7th, because this is the opening and the closing. The point or focus is to create the longing desire to awaken the south. Beginning from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Amazons, to the mountain range of the eternal snows of the Andes and carry that energy to the most ancient mountains on this part of the world in Cordova Argentina. The transcendence of this moment is of much importance for beloved mother, PACHAMAMA. It is also the survival of this "fourth humanity".

The day of the 4th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Tzikin, the great intermediary between the heaven and the earth. It is the messenger and the eagle-quetzal-condor that will create the unity between the north and the south. This will permit us willingly if we joined our forces together throughout the continent and around the world to awaken the Saq' Be, the white path. On this day we focus on the divine messenger that carries our prayers, our feelings and the drumming of our hearts. Let it be that on this day there is only one heartbeat, one sound of drumming calling upon the four corners of the universe and at last finding Great Spirit. In the north it is the Eagle, in the center it is the Quetzal and in the north it is the Condor, (the ancestral messengers between the human and the divine). So, lets have just one heartbeat, one fire, a simple ceremony but very majestic. Let's travel to the sacred places and reclaim the harmony.

The day of the 5th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Ajmak, the keeper of the sin and forgiveness. This is a day to reflect upon our lives, to be in silence and to go within, to look at the damage we may have caused consciously or unconsciously, to forgive and be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, but most of all to ask forgiveness for the damage we have caused mother earth. We also need to ask for forgiveness for those that destroy without conscience but only for the madness or for riches. This is an internal ceremony we do. The elders will be having their fires and ceremonies, but our connection will be channeled towards the south to awaken the force and the return of the wisdom of the condor. This is the moment of the return of the kingdom of TIHUANTISUYO, the giant panther. As of now it is called the kingdom of INCARI. As a day of duality, the energy gives way to balance between the polarities, so this is what we need to focus on.

The day of the 6th brings us the energy of the Nawal Noj. This is the keeper of the wisdom, the harmony, the balance and the understanding, the power of the mind and of the imagination. This is a day to use the energy of the mind to create the power of balance. On this day we need to practice internal peace as well as peace with the community. The polarization based on the religious fundamentalist is reaching its unsustainable limits and it depends on beings that are committed to the essence of the real spirituality and the survival of the human race and of mother earth, to help stop this energy. Let's not forget that this thing we call reality is mental, the "great illusion" and the one that commands this force is the Nawal Noj. Ii is recommended to light white candles and to create chains of meditation and raise our words to the heart of the heavens and to the Great Spirit. We need to purify internally and check our own existence so we can do away with that which no longer serves us and to be free of antagonizing forces so can then create the force that needs to govern now which is harmony.

The day of the 7th brings us the energy of the Nawal Tijax. This day is the culmination of this cycle that opens with the intermediary between the earth and the sky, followed by the forgiveness and the sin, then followed by the purification of the mind (creator of all illusions), well Tijax is the double bladed knife, it is the energy that opens up dimensions and the vortex on this day, creating a space extremely subtle and only perceptive to sensitive spirits. To us humans it gives us the opportunity to cut the negativity, to let go of that which holds us back to the vain illusions, to open up our hearts, to awaken and be able to create the balance between the polarities. We need to ask for all the spiritual guides, so they can leave behind their personal importance, so they may know how to guide us without competition and to be united and so they may not forget they are not the keepers of the truth. Each and every one of us brings a force and internal power and that all the truths are part of one manifestation of reality and this is how we'll be able to face the changes we are about to encounter. This will allow us to reach the date of Dec. 21 2012 with much harmony. This is the purpose of Tzacol, the planet on being alive, to then transcend to the 5th Ajaw.

Lady Kadjina Speaks November 18, 2003 Items Included:

Recap of Recent Events: Harmonic Concordance, Eclipses, Etc.
Status of the "Year of the Great Crystal" and the Rising of Atlantean Energies
Recent Increased Solar Activity and Quake Swarms Status of the Arrival of "Planet X"

Wayne: Because we have been away from this work for several weeks, I would like to do a recap of the many significant transitions that have been occurring. A few of the major outward events that have occurred are the Harmonic Concordance, the Full Moon Solar Eclipse on November 8-9, the massive fires in Southern California, and intense solar activity at the end of October. We are now coming into a solar eclipse on the 23rd. I know in our own lives, it has been an incredibly intense period of transition. Can you recap for us the kinds of changes that this current period is bringing in?

Good morning. This is Lady Kadjina. Kay is finally home after a month's vacation. I'd also like to add that both Tawatnaw and myself have welcomed Wayne's mother Dorothy back into the world of spirit. She's and very vital and lively. I would also add that our messages will be somewhat sporadic in that Wayne and Kay are moving to a new home and Wayne is also administrator of his mother's estate. It's going to be a very busy time. So now to the questions.

In checking her email, Kay had many questions from readers but the number one question was "Tell us about the Harmonic Concordance." Those of you interested in this topic are surely aware of the volumes of information that have been given and you're wondering how much of it is true. We would simply say be wary of any information that is suggesting a planet crashing into the Earth or a part of the Earth breaking into the ocean and that type of information. These things will not happen.

Just prior to the time of Harmonic Convergence in 1987, there was a meeting of light beings in which we took an assessment of the progress being made by the one soul, one consciousness of collective humanity. Even though much progress has been made and humanity was progressing rapidly, we might add, still we did not believe that humanity was going to be able to achieve a mass ascension. And this is where the concept of the second Earth came into being. A second Earth much more etheric than Earth as you now know it was created around Mother Earth-an Earth within an Earth, if you would. And at the first part of this century, when those who had qualified themselves would make the ascension, they would go to this second Earth. Many of them would choose to go home to their home planet or take up projects on some of the great Mother Ships. However, many would elect to remain behind upon the new Earth to become the teachers of the next generations of evolving souls upon the old Earth. The words "old" and "new" simply refer to 3rd dimensional and 4th and 5th dimensional Earth. At the time of the ascension, those left behind would look up into the heavens and be thinking of you who have made the ascension. They would pray to you in much the same way as you in former times have prayed to us. This was the scenario that we believed would transpire back in 1987.

However, from that time until now humanity did the unexpected and has now reached critical mass of collective consciousness and you are now embarked upon a whole new ballgame. Our elation and excitement is greater than anything you can imagine. For in the days ahead, there is only going to be one Earth. There will still be those who elect to return home. You will still have what you might think of as 3rd dimensional bodies. They will function much in the same what that they do now. You will no longer have such illnesses that will be called plagues, and women will not have PMS and other stressful cyclic aches and pains, nor will you experience death in the same manner as you do presently-you will choose when and how you will leave the planet. Your life spans will, over the next several hundred years, increase significantly, adding at least 50 years to each generation. You will become the spiritually oriented lightbeings that you were intended to be right along, without being hindered by very negative and dark energies. Planet Earth will become the communication hub or terminal for this quadrant of the galaxy. And in the ways of communication, what this means is that all humans who choose to evolve upon Planet Earth will become 4th and 5th dimensional communicators. You will know how to read and comprehend all the Akashic records on an as-needed basis. You will comprehend the magnificence of your history, and you will rejoice in it.

So, we come to Harmonic Concordance. This is a multi-purpose energy and it is truly a powerful one, coming right on top of Mars and eclipses. And what it does is enable you to make the ascension into the next higher step for you. And that next step for most of you is going to look something like this: you will come to understand that every soul living in the Mideast, China, South America, or wherever, is a member of your spiritual family. Brotherhood, unity, and justice are the vocabulary words for the next generation. As we said, these energies are intense and they do prepare you for your ascension, individually and as a member of the one soul of all humanity. It prepares you by pushing your buttons to get you to take a good look at anything within you that might stand in your way. Every test that you have ever taken and passed is going to be reviewed and put in your face again, just to make sure that you've got it and that you in future times will not goof up. You will be asked to use your talents and skills as never before. You will be asked, when you are sitting in meditation and you open your eyes and you say to yourself, "Oh my gosh, that's Archangel Michael standing over there; that's Lord Buddha" to believe that it's true, that they really are with you. You will be asked to believe that when your mother or your child makes their transition and you see them standing before you saying "Hi, I'm still alive; I'm still with you," to believe that it is true. You are going to be hearing stories of instant healings-people run over by cars who stand up and walk away; people severely burned who have no scars. These things are going to happen more and more.

Small groups of you will gather together on instant messaging, in an I-conference room, and someone will come in and tell you, "I need help; I have been throwing up for 24 hours and I can't stop." And you will gather in prayer and send healing energy and instantly they will become well. You are going to ask to believe that these things are true. A friend will tell you, "I got stranded in the desert miles from a service station, my gas tank on empty. I laid my hands upon the car and I said to her, 'baby Blue, function according to the way of thy creation; Universe, fill my gas tank.' And will you believe it, I drove my car 372 mile on empty." You are going to ask to believe that the impossible is becoming possible. There are groups springing up all over the world studying the ways of manifestation. Accept it when it happens. We would also add here that some people who become catastrophically ill will not be healed. It is their time to return to spirit. But what your healing will actually do will be to remove them from a state of fear and enable them to go home joyously. You will create peace around them so that when the family gathers they will know peace. Accept these things. You have arrived at the time for these manifestations.

Peace is now coming to the Earth through harmonics much faster than you might realize. It is possible that even at this late hour some of your world leaders will make the realization that wars are not the answer and that the current system of fuel is not the answer either. Your scriptures have a passage that says, "Agree quickly with thine adversary." This is one definition of the word 'concordance.' It is when many ideas come together in a harmonic convergence. Convergence is the first step; concordance is the end result. And both energies were released in harmonics. Now if you think of harmonics in terms of a single note on a keyboard, that is one way. But you can have many chords being played at the same time that sound good together: they have reached concordance. And if you think in terms that each note of each chord is an individual thought of a world leader or of a particular group, and that harmonic concordance brings all of them together in a balanced way so that you have a completed functional unit of workable ideas-you've got a plan.

The lunar and solar eclipses are added energies. It's a form of clearing of mental and emotional energies. It's an enabler for moving ahead; it gives unexpected insights. It's like one of those "Aha" moments. And you had aligned in your skies the great Star of David. The Star of David is an astrological configuration for the healer. Individuals with a six-pointed star on the palms of their hands are the healers. The shining forth of this configuration is implementing great waves of healing energy. It is working directly upon the consciousness of the one soul of humanity, bringing about oneness and brotherhood.

Wayne: We have given the information several times that 2003 would be a major transition year and that it would go down in history as the "Year of the Great Crystal" (the rising of the crystalline energy of Atlantis). We haven't seen much about this lately. Can you bring us up to date on the status of the rising of the Atlantean Crystalline Energy and what impacts that would have?

We told you some time ago that the etheric crystal city has risen above the ocean in the area of the Bimini Islands, and that this is the great Hall of Learning containing the Akashic records of humanity and all sorts of information concerning the modalities of science, healing arts, sociology and politics and that the purpose of the rising of these crystalline energies was to reactivate the crystalline energies throughout the entire planet and that it would assist in the reactivation of the DNA of all life forms on the planet, as well as the RNA. Your fields of medicine have become very interested in both RNA and DNA studies and this knowledge base is changing rapidly. The reason for the rapid change is that humanity has put on its light-body and this affects molecular structures on the most elemental levels. As we have told you many times, Planet Earth herself acupuncture points and meridians and all of these are being connected. And because this is true and has accelerated at a faster rate than anticipated, it has subsequently averted the cataclysmic Earth changes that had previously been prediction.

Remember that a prophecy that has come to pass is a prophecy that has failed. Why? Because a prophecy is given to you that you might take action. And when a prophecy has been averted, then you have become successful and done your job well. The only things that cannot change are those things which are 'fiats.' A prophecy is never a fiat; it is never an absolute; it is always subject to change. Prophecies that have been deemed to be correctly predicted are failures on the part of humanity, who did not act to avert the prediction.

The significance of all of the events and happenings of the year 2003 may not be clearly obvious to you right now. Yet if you take the time to look at every event of this year, not only from the astrological viewpoint but also as to world events, all of the great fires of purification that have happened all over this planet, as well as power blackouts. People everywhere are saying, "turn the power on; give us some light." This past week alone throughout the United States, hundreds of thousands of homes were without power. This is a perfect example of what is meant by "As above, so below; as within, so without." For centuries of time there has been a great darkness upon Planet Earth and that darkness has expressed itself in huge waves of power blackouts. These types of blackouts, fires and floods, and extremes in weather, will continue for another year or so. We would add here that because of the working of the crystal energy throughout the entire planet, world leaders area beginning to realize that it's time for Iraq to govern and rule itself; time for other countries to go home. The United States, because of the floods and storms in many areas has become like a war zone itself. People viewing burned out cities are using the words, "this looks like a war zone." The United States is going to be caught up in trying to find ways to take care of its own people. We would also point out here that for the size of these events there has been very little loss of human life. And this is the way it shall continue to be. There will still be some pockets of populations throughout the world that will leave en masse, but for the most part, human life itself will be spared. A hundred years ago, solar flares the size of what you are now seeing would have brought about cataclysms. But it's not happening. You are having huge earthquakes without very much devastation. A hundred years ago, such would have not been the case. For the first time in humanity's existence, you are going to go through major Earth changes without the need to evacuate the planet. For the first time ever, you're not going to jump ship; you're going to be the captain who saves the ship. And the crystal reactivation process has made all of this possible. And you can thank yourselves for the successful reactivation. You've done your homework well and we thank you.

Wayne: We have recently experienced some large quake swarms (South Island New Zealand; Hokkaido) along the southern and northern Pacific Ring of Fire, and currently in the Aleutian Islands along the northern Ring of Fire. Along with these have been interspersed some smaller, less frequent quakes near the poles and along the mid-Atlantic Rift. Are these indications that there is substantial movement in the tectonic plates and/or that a pole shift is imminent? (Note that we have previously said that the shifts are not going to be massive and could be like the "rocking of a cradle.")

You are partly correct in this, but there's more to it. We have told you before that in your lifetime you would see the Earth come to a standstill. And this is what is happening at this time. It will very slowly come to a stop. And this is creating the sensation of the shifting of the plates. This is what happened back in Joshua's time, when the Sun stood still in order for Joshua to finish the battle of Jericho. Now NASA's scientific equipment has actually proven that this event did indeed happen. As you know, when sending any object into space, NASA does a time-location check by going forward in time (thousands of years and backwards in time thousands of years. Now going forward in time there was no glitch. However, when going backwards in time (and they checked many times) in the timeframe of Joshua the computers went haywire-there was a time warp that showed up on the scientific instruments. Now, in some of your ancient manuscripts, there are references to the Sun rising in the West and setting in the East. And even your moon is sometimes said to be in the wrong place, or moving too fast in the sky, or the full moon comes a day or two early. Even Kay noticed that on the last full moon, when she went out to see the full moon, which was amazingly bright in the sky, there were no shadows on the ground. And even though the moonlight was intense, she had to use a flashlight. It was unusually dark during the time of the full moon. Part of the reason for this strange behavior on the part of sister moon is the removal of the ozone layer, which acts as a deflector of light. If you are standing in the center of the light and the light is coming directly upon you from every direction simultaneously of equal intensity, you will have no shadows. What we are saying here is that you are coming into a timeframe of many strange happenings and we would say to you simply, "go with the flow." This is not the time to try to swim up the creek, nor is this the time to be a loner. If you're not presently part of a group, become a member of a group and begin to meditate together, do healing work together, and talk about these Earth events and happenings with an open mind. And that means a willingness to change your mind. And has Wayne has pointed out, what is true about DNA today may not be true a week from now, so great will be the changes.

Wayne: We have spoken previously of the approach of Planet X and that it would not bring the disastrous results that some have spoken of. Some are saying that the moon is not in its normal location and that it appears that the Earth seems to be in the process of stopping its orbit. Can you give us an update on the so-called Planet X, its approach, and its influence on Earth activities?

Well, the only thing I can say here is what you humans sometimes say in similar situations, "Well, Duhhh." (Wayne: can you elaborate?) We just couldn't resist a little touch of humor here.

Now Planet X is the result of a galactic recycling effort. We have spoken of this before. The reason why these objects in space seem to appear, then all at once they are gone, is because they are dead planets or stars that we have refurbished and turned into starships. Now a starship is just that-it's a star. And we refurbish them and we steer them through the skies according to whatever our mission might happen to be. Some of you, when you have been stargazing, will speak to Venus for instance (and you believe that it is the home planet of the great master Sanat Kumera) and in your love and gratitude you wish to greet him. And when you do, the whole sky seems to light up. It is because these dead planets have become inhabited by intelligent consciousness that responds to you. And in their own way are saying "hello." In recent times you had an example of a navigated star in the object that was located behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Now this object Planet X (call it by whatever name you wish)-and we would remind you that there is more than one of these objects-is drawing near to Planet Earth at a very rapid rate of speed. Just be aware that as your airplanes have ways of breaking, so do these planets. They can be stopped. And they can also change direction. They are being steered.

Now these objects have landing ports and are multi-purpose and contain many forms of apparati from computer technologies to medical instruments. And there are many ships that come and go from out ports. However we would tell you one more time, there is going to be no mass landing in the way of your expectations. However, we would also tell you this, that there are many space commanders living among you-thousands of them-so we are already here. And you have amongst you what you call the star children or star travelers. This is the true meaning of mass landing. And humans being taken on board these great ships in large groups is happening right now. This happens during meditations and during sleep time, but you also being returned home after these events. There will be no mass landing or mass evacuation in the way being presented by some groups. And you are to be complimented, for this is the first time ever that a shift is occurring without the need of a mass evacuation. In 1987 it was thought that there might be a mass evacuation. Such is not the case now.

Update: November 15, 2003

Continuing on with the most recent updates to SunSpirit Gallery;

Although I have been working on many avenues and projects, I would like to take this time to focus on the most recent developements for this web site. Included in this would be what I am calling an 'Exhibit Piece (Peace; ) Sale'. These are certain images that I have been using in my exhibits that are gallery quality framed, matted, and now being offered through a special SunSpirit Gallery web site sale and auction. Photographs, prices, and details of these exhibit pieces will be added to this update shortly. For now, a list of these images are as follows;

1. Aquarius- 16x20
2. Little Angel- 11x14
3. New Earth- 16x20
4. Aquarius-8.5x11
5. Lady Capricorn- 11x14
6. Thanatos- 11x14

Other avenues that SunSpirit Gallery is currently pursuing involves highlighting present and past updates, information and special links, wholesale request updates for special catalog downloads, editorials on current events, and more details on the latest Lightworker activities around the globe. If you would like specific information about the 'Exhibit Piece Sale' prior to it being posted, please E-Mail the Gallery. Please stay tuned, Thank You.


November,8 2003: Dear Friends of the Gallery,
This is the first posting that I have made personally to this web site since last spring, prior to the redesigning of SunSpirit Gallery. To be more specific, the last post I made was on March 16, 2003, just a short time before the U.S. Government attacked and began the occupation of Iraq. There have been other postings made, but not personally. In the time to come, I will explain further and introduce other participants and interactions via the Gallery since. But for the most part, I would like to keep this message brief, for in the days ahead I will have a lot more to share. For now, I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all those that are familiar with the Gallery (I have been far too long away) and those that may have recently signed up for the Gallery's mailing list communications, a special welcome to you. I would also like to say, to all those that have written me messages or questions over the past few months and have gone 'un-replied', my sincerest apologies. Know that I have received all of your e-mails and will make every effort to get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Know this as well,....... that in times of silence, your words and messages have been heard and appreciated greatly. There will be a new effort to reconnect via the 'Updates' and 'Mailing list' of SunSpirit Gallery in the days ahead. There is much going on and I have much to share. One in particular is the latest celestial event that happens tonite around eight o'clock E.S.T.. That is the Harmonic Concordance and the Full Moon Eclipse. The following link has been the best source I have found so far relating to the Harmonic Concordance and highly recommend reading this material. As I personally witnessed the 'Northern Lights' just last week during the latest Solar Flares, we are reminded once again of the significance of these spectacular celestial events that are currently impacting our world, and consciousness in very profound ways. For those of you that may be familiar with my work and experiences that I have shared with you over the years regarding particular events and alignments, you are well aware of the role that they have played in our past, present,....and future. Please stay tuned for more shortly. Thank you to all who continue to support the work of SunSpirit Gallery.
I won't give up, if you won't give up.

In Service,



October 28, 2003Test


September 14: It's been a long, busy summer! Time to get back to updating this site. The following was added today:


May 19: Our new Community Forum is now open! This message forum will serve the online community as a place for discussions and interactions for those interested in visionary ideas, art, spirituality, alternative lifestyles, support groups and other various healing modalities. Future plans for the forum also include private Chat Events.


MAY 16: Grand Opening of our online catalog. We are in the process of designing new products, in association with and, all specially selected for you. We will soon be offering pendants, t-shirts, home decorations, and more "wearable art" designed by visionary artist Jon-William Brown in our new Online Catalog. While we're making these important changes to our Digital Catalog, please feel free to shop for any of the items currently listed on our Catalog page, from our Gallery Collection.


MAY 9: I have updated my "Activations of light" page and included in this is my new schedule for seminars and workshops which will begin on June 16th.