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SunSpirit Gallery Mission Statement

SunSpirit Gallery is dedicated to the advancement and restoration of full human consciousness. It seeks to expound on the interconnections between science, metaphysics, spirituality, and art, a demonstration of creative energy as a powerful force for transformation, healing and personal empowerment.

The combined work of SunSpirit Gallery is an etheric synergetic expression of the divine masculine and feminine forces, symbolically representing a journey from duality to oneness, aspiring to serve as a creative inspirational guide.

The Gallery seeks to serve as an eclectic collection of exhibits, insights, editorials, significant web sites, articles, conversations, events, scientific research, etc, ..all relating to the study of consciousness, sound, vibration, light, frequency, art, and the correlations on how they are being used as a transformational force and their impact on healing, energy, science and spiritual awareness within the modern world.

It is the hope and intent of this web site to help inspire, guide, and "plant a seed" of insight to the multi-faceted relationships of the emerging multi-universal spiritual consciousness.

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