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By John William Brown. . .


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New Energy and Critical Mass
By John William Brown - December, 2001

A message from the artist

It is within that constant whisper to follow an inner voice that intuitively guides ones heart, mind, body and soul to a place that exists within all places, all time, in all ways. Being one among many that are currently integrating and grounding the 'New Energy', more commonly known as the 'Language of Light', I have been blessed with the opportunity to step out from the shadows, in order to embrace the essence of who I truly am. I have come to understand how and why the time to do so is now.

In introducing myself, allow me to say that I am what one may refer to today as an emerging 'Shaumbra', an integrating human of body, mind and spirit of 'New Energy' on Earth. I am an Artist, a Visionary, a Starseed. A spirit of the Great Central Sun, sent forth from an establishment of galactic schools and universities as both a student and teacher. My service is of magnetic educational integration through inspiration and co-creation. Like many that are now coming forth, we have embraced the time of our calling. A time in which activation of the new energetic consciousness infuses 'critical mass within the eternal now', the final alchemy on the path towards global ascension. This time, our intent is not only about fully transforming ourselves, a world, or a solar system, ....but an entire universe. A decree sent forth through Heaven by way of Terra.

Like many of late, we have come forth to anchor this new energy now, forever transforming the existing realities here on Earth. During these trying times, many have felt helpless in the wake of stubborn ignorance, inflated arrogance, false patriotism, religious fanaticism, elimination of the middle class, globalization, and restraint of creative and artistic endeavors. Yet, we have moved forward with faithful fortitude and independent entrepreneurial contributions, to a co-creative sustainable economy, while awakening a world from a land of illusion that has been ruled and dominated by fear, greed, and politically corrupted world leaders, manipulated by corporate control, for far too long. A time has come to see and act beyond all that separates in order to evoke a sense of trust and clarity. Even those that have shared multidimensional communication through 'channeled sources' are now transcending duality through a consciousness of unity, integrating with the oneness of all that is.

11:11 Unity Consciousness

So it is I write these words as a simple reminder to embrace the times with grace and love, allowing the old to pass away in order to become the new. Our release will be assured, within each passing hour, each minute, of each passing day. May love and compassion reign with this 'New Energy on Earth', right here and now, forever transforming chaos into order and peacelessness into peace.

"The sacred water-world of special destiny in the solar system of many water-worlds will lead us all to our Great Truths and to a divine reunion with Heaven." -
From the Book of Understanding.

Joseph Campbell once wrote,...."The images of myth are reflections of the spiritual potentialities of every one of us. Through contemplating these, we evoke their powers in our own lives".

In contemplating ancient myths and archetypes in the creations of many of the gallery's images and writings, their powers were evoked and reflected the spiritual relationships and potentialities within my own life. I have found the re-discovery of cosmic myths to be a spiritual process. Many answers about our existence lie in mythology. Author of the "Solarian Legacy", by Paul Von Ward writes,...

"A myth may include a veiled explanation of an enduring truth, as in Platos allegory of the cave or Jesus's parable of the mustard seed. Humanity needs a new "human-in-the-cosmos myth", a new description of our Solarian Legacy , one that is powerful enough to encompass believable explanations of our stellar past, includes theories for things unseen, and leads to significant behavorial choices. It will deal with such profound issues as the creation of the universe and it's creatures, evolution of social institutions, and human relationships with nature and other beings. It's recitation will connect seemingly disconnected events to reveal their inner meanings. Such a myth for the twenty-first century will recall the perennial wisdom of the past, consolidate and integrate the lessons of many cultures, and take advantage of the insights of science that can be validated through human experience.

Perhaps in some way, the gallerys collective work, along with the work of many others as we enter a new millenium, helps to plant a seed for this "new human-in-the-cosmos-myth" intended to serve humanity in a new era of time to come. A contemporary "Mythic Naturalist" artist Jonathon Earl Bowser writes,

" A myth is any enduring story that engages the mystery of existence, and thereby seeks to relate the human experience to the divine. It is the expression of the irresistible human need to touch and comprehend in this touching-some sacredness that we feel around us. In our modern technological world, myth has become a pejorative term; when we say something is mythical, we mean that it is fictitious-not real. This is a tragic corruption of it's original meaning. A myth is not something that is out there in the world that is waiting to be revealed through archaeological revelation. It is not any kind of phenomenal truth that can be apprehended by the senses. A myth lives in the shadow world of the unconscious; it is a Noumenal Truth: Like Love, it is a real-world, real Truth, that can never be proven to exist; it can only be apprehended by the mind. The enlightenment of wisdom and awareness are hidden, waiting to be retrieved from the forbidding labyrinth of the universal dreamscape-the mind itself.

The SunSpirit: A Myth, an artform, an enduring vision of the underlying spirit that is contained in all things seen,.....and unseen. Even if a myth cannot ever be proven, or apprehended by the senses (as we know them), it is a part of a collective consciousness. Perhaps it is the re-emergence of a "sixth sense", or the development of multi-dimensionality, that will connect and serve as a link to our ancient past, while blazing a brand new path to our future. Spirituality to me is in relationships. That inter-connectedness between humans, nature, the cosmos, each other, ourselves, and with God. It is the hope and intent of this work, to express this fusion of "connectivity" by demonstrating spiritual relationships in cultures, religions, sciences, and myths.,..through art.

I have learned much about the realm of "SunSpirit" while creating this work,...some of which I am still learning and re-membering. But primarily, I have come to learn of this "Spirit of the Sun" as the connection, or the union of "Spirit" with the " higher self", in each of us, as one with the creator of Heaven and Earth and all that exists in between. Please join me in the serpent dance with "SunSpirit and Moonessence" as we enter the third millenium and anchor the new energies of Heaven on Earth.

"Veiled in the romance between all things that are separate and apart, awaits the enlightenment of completion in unity".

In Love and Service to all,
John William Brown
The Artist formerly known as Jon-William ; )