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Gallery Updates - May-June, 2004

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May 8, 2004

* Update on current events by Jon-William
* Current message from David Icke

Calling on Angels......

Dear Friends of the Gallery,

I have more to share regarding the very important current events now taking form within the United States of America. In my last posting on Thursday, I touched upon what I felt was an inside corporate 'set-up' taking form resulting in the take down of certain administration officials of the Bush cabinet. My initial insight to this so called insider set-up, was that of corporate entities acting upon what has been referred to as 'earth allies, 'or 'white knights', supposedly in place of power to act upon the exposure of the Illuminati agenda of a global dictatorship.

At this time and upon further research, it seems that this is not the case. I wish I could report that it was, for it would at least be signs that there are such forces poised to take action. But wait as I have to see if this would be manifested and when, it does not seem to be so. I would be the first one that would like to be proven wrong on this, but I simply do not see it happening. What now seems to be resulting from this insider set-up being perpetrated mostly via 60 minutes and it's owners, Viacom, and it's affiliated network, is the continuation of the Illuminati's agenda for the complete systematic take out of the United States Goverment. Even more disturbing is the ploy being perpetrated on the American people in order to 'break the American spirit' as explained in more detailed by David Icke through a message posted on his web site last Thursday as well. I am including this message in this gallery update as a follow up in order to explain further, but first I want to add a more personal message.

In September of 2001, just days after the 9/11 attacks, I posted a message here on this web site and is now archived. For the sake of those who have not read this I would like to repeat a portion of it right now in order to demonstrate the connectivity to what is now happening within the United States and how.

Be aware the actions of the *World Management Team's deceptions by creating fear, control, and manipulation. The responsible parties that are behind the orchestration of the events of this past week within the City of York and Washington, even the events themselves, go much deeper than what is being shown and interpreted through the worlds media outlets. Pay close attention to fragments of information that is being reported then quickly cloaked from any further channels of communications. It will soon come to light, that the trail of it's perpetrators infiltrates major social, political, military and financial institutions, not only worldwide, but within the United American States itself. It would be a grave mistake to undermind or limit such involvement to a small group of so called "finatical madmen" that can be easily removed or eradicated (from power). The ability to permeate it's avenues of orchestration go well beyond what may be considered 'normal comprehension". It's power is being perpetrated from "within", turning vast, wealthy, and worldy systems upon itself by manipulating energy sources and unleashing vast amounts of terror and destruction.

This is exactly what is now happening to the current government of the United States AND it's People. It is being set up to fail, and it is these inside reports that are exposing the current manipulators behind the Bush administration carrying out such agendas, but only to further the Illuminati's agenda for total global dictatorship, not exposure by White Knights or Earth Allies. We are being lulled into a perpetual state of chaos, disillusionment, paralysation and fear. Pre-war Germany 1930's seem familiar? Although the ultimate outcome of this remains to be seen, I wish I had better news to report than previously stated. I will leave the explaination to the why's and how's of this to be further elaborated upon within David Ickes message posted below. For now I need to take this opportunity to explain my personal actions that are currently taking place. As many of the readers of the Gallery know, my current manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising; A Starseed's Journey' has been in the 'works' now for quite some time. Seven years to be exact. It has come to my recognition that the time to finish and publish this book is now. In order to do this, a protracted period of time and isolation, and perhaps, due to my current financial status, a temporary change in homestead is needed. I had mentioned in a previous posting recently that my latest intention for publishing would be in September with an introduction this summer. In any event, once published, I personally feel that it is my obligation to take this information, along with the recent posting of the 'Activation of Light' program, and speak to whomever will listen and wherever I am welcomed.

So it is I ask for your help and any moral support what so ever concerning this process. This is my way for taking a stand for the continued pursuit of life, love, and liberty. It is my way of being drafted. My way of enlisting to fight a war. It is my way of demonstrating my personal committment and sacrifice of the things that I love. I would love to stay where I am. I have worked hard to get where I am over the years and to leave now would be devestating to me. If I was independently wealthy, this would not come at such a high price for me personally. I could do what I feel needs to be done and return home. The fact of the matter is, I will have to give up my home, in order to do this. At the moment, I see no other way.

I have spoken candidly to some close friends, work associates, and family members over the past few days regarding the situation and current events we are all now faced with. In contrast to their reactions of a year ago, I was shocked and amazed to see and hear their now 'attentive' responses. Not only were they more open and interested to hear what I had to say on the matter, they were even asking questions instead of the usual proclamation concerning my delusional paranoia state of mind. In the end of the conversations, when confronted with what they felt was going on themselves, all can now at very least begin to agree that something very bizarre is happening and the only perception that makes any sense to the vast amounts of propaganda, fear and chaos concerning the recent current events, is the perception that something indeed is going on behind what is being portrayed as the 'official story'. Even my father, who has been a staunch naysayer of my alternative viewpoints in the past, asked ME what I thought was going on and when I stated that what he was now witnessing was the rise of the 'Fourth Reich', he admitted it was very possible. I suppose you would have to know my father better to grasp the significance of his response. On any account, the one thing I have been stressing lately is this. I now have a son who turns eighteen in July. If things progress as they are, which I am sure they will, it will not be long that he will be the first in line for a military draft. This does not exclude any of us within an age range of 45, male or female. I do not want to be sitting here ten or twenty years down the road and be asked the classic post world war two question by my son, grandson's or daughters, on way I did not do what I felt I had to, knowing what I knew. So therefore, I am now calling on all angels who can help.

There has also been a repeated questioned asked of me as of late. That is, what can we do? My first reponse is to educate ourselves. To be made accountable for the choices we are about to make and at very least take responsibiity for educating ourselves on the TRUTH, for in the end, it will be the truth that will eventually set us free. What is the truth you ask? Look, truth is NOT a perception. Do any of us know what is really going on and to what extent? Probably not, but that does not mean that many of us have spent years and years researching vast amounts of data, history, as well as undergoing very significant personal experiences that have resulted in a consciousness expansion and awareness of what just is happening in our world today. It is not surprising that many of these experiences have shared similar qualities. This is not a matter of perception. Just the way it is. In the End, do not take my word, or the word of anyone else and do your own reseacrh. Do not be afraid to pick up a book and read will not bite you! As a matter of fact, for those that have not visited your local book store lately, you may be surprised to see the now vast amount of information that is out regarding the subjects in which I and many others have been speaking about for years. The first thing I tell anyone when they ask this question of what can be done about it, I tell them...educate yourself. Of course I get the occasional response of, 'well, you can't educate the masses!'. Probably correct, but you will be amazed at what you will learn about regarding the vast amount of power within, along with the latest in todays research regarding consciousness and the transference of thought. Critical mass. The hundreth Monkey. Keep these terms in mind. Why is this so crucial? Because the more awareness people have about what is going on, the more they awaken and expand their personal resonance and vibrational frequencys via the electromagnetic grid. In turn, be restored to their original state of full consciousness. In short, we wake the hell up! How does this effect the Illuminati's agenda for total dominance? The more exposure and restoration to full consciousness of the masses, the less power of deception, control and manipulation they have over the human race. Thats why. So the next time you hear anyone say, theres nothing that can be done to stop this....don't buy into it. If they don't care, I don't have anything to say to them and ask not to say anything to me. The fact of the matter is..there is sopmething that each and everyone of us can do. Even so, if I totally believed that nothing could be done to stop this, it would not matter. My integrity and moral comittment to the continued freedom and sovereignty of the human race would never allow me to give up. The saying on the State of New Hampshire's liscense plates states: 'Live Free,...or Die'.

Our freedom and the spirit of America may be in peril. But the last I checked, this was STILL America. My intention is to work with those that care enough in order to do whatever individual's can to keep it that way. Please take this message and pass it on to a loved one, a friend, a teenager. Please write me with any words of encouragement, questions, or assistance. As stated recently, there may be a temporary blackout of this web site. If this happens, I will continue to post information and updates via my mailing list. If my web site is down, an alternative e-mail contact is My plan for the time being is take the next few months to publish my book. Depending on where I am upon completion, I will then make every effort to embark on a speaking tour across America, beginning most likely in New England in September. If you would like, or know of a host for such an event, or could help me in any way, please contact the Gallery.

Although there are still many points of interest I would like to share at this time, my time here is up for now. I will be making a posting next regarding a letter I received two years ago written to a friend regarding my manuscript. Please stay tuned.

For now and in closing, I would like to include the following message by David Icke posted on one of his web sites last Thursday regarding more on the current events and how they are effecting the 'whole picture'. Please read. One other quick point of interest. David Icke will be appearing in New York on September 11th, 2004.

Thank you.
In Service,

Why the exposure of US torture and abuse serves the Illuminati agenda so well.

By David Icke

We are watching the daily unfolding of Alice in Wonderland. Hold that thought when you watch the TV news. What is, isn't and what isn't, is.

The violence in Iraq may be bad for America, but it serves the Illuminati perfectly by justifying the continued, and indeed expanded, presence of US troops in the Middle East in line with their long-planned agenda for global control.

In the same way, the global condemnation of the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners is bad for America, but perfect for the Illuminati that controls the U.S. administrations.

But why?

The United States may be the world superpower today and that's precisely what the Illuminati planned for it to be in the agenda for the centralisation of global control - the planetary Orwellian state of world government, world army, world central bank and a microchipped population under constant survellience.

But while America is being used now as the vehicle to impose this current stage of the fascist agenda it is not meant to continue as the superpower.

In fact, destroying that status and breaking the spirit of America is fundamental in the installation of the Illuminati global dictatorship.

The reason is this: a world government (dictatorship) and a superpower do not go together. The Illuminati dictatorship is meant to be the only superpower and for that to happen the United States must be brought into line.

The greatest block to the world government is national identity and whether we may not agree with America's sense of itself there is no question that it has a deep rooted, almost genetic, sense of indentity and national pride. While that continues there is no way the nation will allow itself to be openly dictated to and controlled by a world central government.

Americans and their country are being used to advance the agenda now, but the plan is, not least through a manipulated conflict with China, to destroy the might of both these 'superpowers' so they come under the authority of the Illuminati world government that would be installed to 'clear up the mess' left by the consequences of the conflicts and conquests now underway.

In other words: Problem-Reaction-Solution.

The plan is to use America and in doing so to break America, economically, politically and militarily. Most importantly it wants to break the American spirit and its sense of identity and self.

So the exposure of the US torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners serves the Illuminati in many ways, two in particular:

(a) It further stimulates outrage in the Arab world about the United States and, as I wrote years ago, the plan is to engineer a Muslim 'Holy War' against the US to 'justify' the use of their fire power to set the Middle East ablaze and take over the region.

(b) It eats away at America's, albiet false, sense of idenity as the John Wayne good guys who sacrifice themselves for freedom and justice across the world. Americans torture people? That can't be right, it's those evil foreigners that do that, isn't it? The 'revelation' that the United States 'support our troops with pride' military could commit such abominations is a massive blow to America's self confidence and sense of national idenity - exactly as planned.

Nothing is what it seems and while we may appear to be seeing the expansion and grotesque expression of American might and power we are actually watching that power and sense of nationhood being systematically destroyed.

Don't miss the LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK events! You do have the power to make a difference!

Posted by Pamela at May 7, 2004 09:12 AM

May 6, 2004

More on current events that are now shaping our future;

Last week (see:April 2004 archive), I posted a message on this gallery update page regarding a tv presentation by MSNBC entitled "Debunking the Code'. This was a program that was set up in conjunction with other media networks promoting books by several authors that are now publishing books in contrast to the latest best seller novel by Dan Brown, 'The Da Vinci Code'. I went on to mention the special interests behind such promotions and it was obvious from the program where the corporate interests were behind the MSNBC presentation of 'Debunking the Code' seeing that not one of it's guests played any significant role in defending the novel or the historical perspective and facts behind such a work of fiction, Nor their knowledge of ANY such historical and/or current facts relating to such historical perspectives. This is just a small sample of the fear behind such special interests of such alternative viewpoints being exposed to vast amounts of the population..even if such literature is fictional, or misguided as it may be. Just the act of presenting such alternative viewpoints of history and control are very dangerous to these special interests groups. Open minds are open to further research of the facts, and this is what makes Dan Browns fictional novel so dangerous to these special interest and corporate powers.

I also went on to mention and point out the 'war behind the scenes', and the current 'set-up' by many insiders that are now working in conjuntion to 'take down' the current administration in the U.S. government. One of these networks is behind the production of the programing of 60 minutes, amongst others. At the time of my last posting, '60 minutes' was airing the first photographs (the next phase of a large data base of information poised for exposure) of the abuse scandal which, in less than a week, is now threatening and will eventually result in the first resignation of the Bush administration's cabinet, the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

As I have been writing for years, this is only the tip of the ice berg, and the beginning of an unprecendented time of political and govermental restructuring, not only of the United States, but goverments worldwide, along with every other major social institution on earth.

AS stated many times before on this web site. Any attempt by special interests groups, including those that are working falsely with what some have referred to as 'White Knights' or 'Earth Allies' to align or 'shift' the balance of power to what appears to be the 'challenger' (in this particular case, John Kerry and the democratic party) in order to further the current renegade cabal's agenda of world dominance, will only fail and be exposed for the deception that it is. Do not fall for any continued deception of the truth, and continued domination perpetrated by controlling forces in order to manipulate the human race.

The time for the restoration of full human consciousness is now at hand. The changing paradigm of current events are now reflecting the beginning of the end of this process.

Due to the current state of change, many are now finding themselves forced into confronting many aspects of their own lives, whether we like it or not, and this will eventually result in being 'forced to move' in many ways be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. The Earth Ascension process is now moving very fast and will leave no room for any of us to determine for ourselves if we choose to be a part of it. It simply comes down to this. Make our choices now.

This web site, my work, nor myself are any exception to this process. There will be a temporary realignment and adjusted made to the production of this web site, my home, my work, and my goals, in the days ahead. It may, or may not cause, depending on the timing of such adjustments, a temporary blackout of this web site. If this is the case, notifications will be sent via the mailing list. Please see above. To repeat, this is only a temporary adjustment, and all contacts, work in progress, etc,..will be re-established as soon as possible. All contact with related business and work in progress will be made very shortly.

Introducing the online workshop of 'Activations of Light'.

This is the first such 'official announcement', with many more to come, for the next stage of 'Activations of Light; A Program for the Restoration of Full Human Consciousness'.

Just one more short note for now. The work that I am presenting here through this online and offline workshop is still 'a work in progress'. I make no claim what-so- ever that I, or anyone else I know, have completed, nor attained 'full human consciousness'. I am going through the process like everyone else, just as I have stated, experienced and documented on the process here since 1997. I am only a messenger, NOT the message. My job has entailed relaying a vision of what is happening and what may happen to the world in which we live. It is still my choice on a daily basis, as well as everyone else's, to 'see' it through. To create it. To live it. To be it.

In Service,

More to be posted shortly...please stay tuned.

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