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"The difference between the coming times will be either a civil/socio-spiritual revolution,.....or a bloody civil, or World War, that will spell the end to personal freedom, and result in the completion of the New World Order.

Will history repeat itself one last time? Or will humanity finally break free, once and for all, and establish a new social paradigm on planet earth.
John Brown - October 18, 2016 (Updated 1/2/17)

See " John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumental in establishing the blueprint of the New World Order in America, and how the next one completes it.


John William Brown speaking (2006;Newburyport Library) in regards to a conversation between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau; Thoreau to Emerson; What Are You Doing Out There?

Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of and American Artist
By John Brown

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Follow this link for more information.

‘Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist’ is a true experiential story. It is taken from documented written journals of an Artist during a five-year period between 1997-2001. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across America.
‘Atlantis Rising’ is the journals of this journey. Over time, a personal transformation was documented reflecting a quantum leap of collective human consciousness at the dawning of a new millennium. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of Annunaki-bred pawns to achieve their ‘New World Order’ agenda.
Evil can never be eradicated; it can only be transmuted. This story tells of a new energy 'consciousness matrix' which is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. Woven intricately by relatively few sources, this web manipulates power in order to separate, deceive and dominate the human race. Through a newly activated ‘Light Grid Conscious Energy Matrix’, human kind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception on a mass level. A MASS AWAKENING.
What we as a collective whole have been witnessing of late, is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. Rising together, we voice a decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

(This link is currently under re-construction - Paperback version is being re-edited and will be re-posted shortly.)
The Awakening of an American Artist
$16.95 Paperback 200 pages (4 B&W Illustrations)
Part One - The Initiation

Part One, 'The Initiation' of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist' was first released as a paperback in 2005. It deals with roughly the first hundred days in 1997 of an experience that changed my life over the course of the next several years with travels across America ending in 2000. After a couple years of living in a N.H. motel processing the journey and editing the journals, I moved to Newburyport, MA, began a new business , Spirit of, and thus, a new life in 2004.

Now, after almost ten years, the rest of the story is now being released in the first E-BOOK rendition. Part Two picks up obviously where Part One leaves off and continues on with documented emails, journals and transcripts of the rest of the journey that culminates in 2001 with the events of 9/11.
Soon, the first hardcover will be published of the full story of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist'. But for now, for the first time in eighteen years, the whole story is being shown. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. All one has to do is take a look around, its all happening, and is no longer hidden in plain sight. It is a self evident reality in which we all must now face, whether you are ready or not.

Atlantis Rising; An American Awakening

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
~ Francis of Assisi

Last Months Update; December
January 2, 2017

I just spent the New Year weekend on my back, watching movies. The new Independence Day 'Resurgence' was one of them. The others were 'X-Men Apocalypse", and the 'Phoenix Incident'. All very very interesting. In this light, I found one of the latest interviews with Dr. Steven Greer of the Sirius Disclosure Project very fascinating. I'd implore any and everyone to pay much attention to what now seems to becoming very very clear.

An approaching Interplanetary World War, however false and misleading. This is their 'ace in the hole' , or 'Trump Card', you might say. Listen to what he says and talks about very carefully beginning at the 25:00 mark on what NEEDS to be done to avoid this scenario. Ill elaborate on this more later, especially in light of everything they have tried to do since the election. I truly believe it was NOT Donald Trump they wanted in the Whitehouse. But, since it is the case, they are now turning to 'Plan B',..or whatever backup plan they have in store until they pull the final 'Ace Card'. Its looking more and more that I may have to rescind on how I feel the New World Order Agenda is 'Compromised'.

It does seem that they are on the run,...Down maybe,..but not out. And if you do not know who 'THEY' are by now, then I suggest you start paying closer attention.

Be aware of how the 'Russia' narrative plays into this scenario.

I've posted several statements of late regarding Russia, and the accused 'hacking', as well as documenting what really happened during the presidential election. Check out my updates for the whole story, especially since last January and February.

Here's a video from one of my favorite utuber investigators from last year, Professor Doom, although I sure do wish he would be open to exploring the E.T. realm.

I'm going to be focusing on the 'fake news' hysteria and what a lot of people are noticing and reporting about regarding the internet and certain web sites of late.

In the meantime, welcome to the twentieth year of 'current updates from SunSpirit gallery!". Ill be having a lot more to share regarding this in the days ahead. Stay tuned.

David Icke in summing up 2016

Watch for my new introductory chapter to be released during the twenty year anniversary of this this web site next week!

Introduction to; John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America.

January 3, 2017

One of the topics that I have been passionate about is the awareness of the Guns, Drugs, and Money Laundering committed by our governments at the expense of the people. I'll have a lot to say and expose about this topic in my new book, 'John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America', that tells of the story on how most of the Central Banks and major social institutions of America were created by the sale of Opium (heroin) and the Slave Trade, and how it still operates today! THIS, has been the backbone of the New World Order Agenda,...and still is to this very day.

Many people may wonder what a New, New World Order may look like. In order to answer and define that, we need to take a look at how the 'OLD' New World Order agenda, rose to power and financed. THEN, we can take a look at how to transmute it. Dr Steven Greer makes an excellent point above in his 'Unacknowledged' video, a point that I have been trying to ram through here, and anyone that would listen, now for over twenty years. In order to move forward with the new to be transmuted, we must first fully expose the old and HOW IT WORKS. Make no mistake about it. The Manipulators of the New World Order Agenda are still alive and kicking. We are seeing the last gasp attempts with the outgoing Obama administration. What ever happened to working with bi partisanship in order to make it better for the country??? What you are witnessing now is the last gasping attempts of the collapsing World Order, as ugly as it may be. What I find so amazing is it is also exposing the 'status quo' that has been duped and brain washed into worshipping 'False Gods' before them. I have made many many warnings to these people on this web site for the past year now. Again, be careful of the sides you choose. YOU WILL BE EXPOSED before this whole process is done, and you may be surprised at what you 'thought' was real and true, was only a delusion. A very deceptive delusion at that. This is NOT to say that the new Trump administration is going to be the answer or the solution. Nobody knows for sure yet. But one thing is certain. The world is waking up and the 'Old' New World Order Agenda' is being exposed. This is evident in the dismissal of the Clinton campaign, the leaked documents (In Which We Should be paying more attention to, NOT the source of the leaks), as well as the global wave of populism. It will be easier and easier now to hold our political governments accountable if they do NOT fall into line. We will see very soon what and how this new administration proceeds. But don't be fooled, nor let them fool you. They know the whole world is watching. And I have news for those that are being watched, as well as the ones watching. We know more than you think we know, and do not dismiss, or take our knowledge lightly. We have watched you for millennia, and are poised to take our world back, if not freely given. For every ONE that you attempt to shut down with your lies and deceit of 'Fake News' a THOUSAND will rise up and expose you for the frauds you are!

Here is some more insight on exactly what I am talking about here.

QUESTION; When did our government invade Afghanistan last,..and WHY??? Answer; October 7th, 2001, in retaliation to what? 9/11. BULLSHIT! Read the intro to my new manuscript and you will understand even more WHY this is total BULLSHIT, and why the entire manufactured fake 'War on Terror' AND 'War on Drugs" is total and complete BULLSHIT! It is state sponsored terrorism invented and created by OUR intelligence agencies and political leaders in collusion with the New World Order Illuminati agents to usher in the fake New World Order Agenda, that goes all the way back to the creation of the United States itself,....and before!

As the exposed energies become more and more integrated into the mainstream, those that were stuck in the 'old ways' of false progressive belief systems and 'utopian dreams' will gradually come around and be restored to more logical and reasonable means of interacting with co-creating realities. It takes courage to look at the ugly truth in order to transmute it. And its going to take all the courage that collective individuals can muster in order to tackle the global epidemic of child trafficking and pedophilia that rots the inside core of our political systems in order to transmute it, but awareness and exposure MUST BE DONE! The ugliness of it all will not change if it is not first looked at, and THIS is the courage that is needed first,...and THIS is what is now being exposed through Pizzagate. Those that were fooled and brainwashed through their false idols and false leaders do not have the courage to look at this and their role in contributing to it! Their affiliations and group bee hives based on social 'status' have led them astray. Do not be afraid to go against the social grain. Do not be afraid to 'rock the boat'. ROCK IT!!!! Do not allow these people to deter you!

This is ALL being done and created by a grand design that has been many years in the making. My first manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising' explains how this came to be so. Stay tuned and become more aware on just how this is being done.

Now, let's tie in another one of my favorite topics.

One that serves as the premise for my first manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising', and that is the telluric foundations of ENERGY, Free Energy, or Zero Point Energy. While doing this, please keep in mind the videos that were posted yesterday of Dr Steven Greer and the work being done by the Sirius Disclosure Project, as well as sources documented on my web sites, specifically; The Energy Revolution, which served as the foundation for the accounts documented in 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist", more specifically Part Three, 'Return of the Dove", which is titled after a book of the same name. It was the story of Nickola Tesla, the master energy alchemist and inventor of the alternating electrical current. For those that are not familiar with the story, the "white dove" was considered by Tesla his "soulmate", and constant companion.

In a message received just today from Dr. Steven Greer and the Sirius Disclosure Project.

"In the final analysis, then, we are faced with a social and spiritual crisis that transcends any technological or scientific challenge. The technological solutions exist - but do we possess the will, wisdom and courage to apply them for the common good? The more one contemplates this matter the more it is obvious that we have one possible future: Peace. Peace on Earth and peace in space - a universal Peace, wisely enforced; for every other path leads to ruin.

This then is the greatest challenge of the current era. Can our spiritual and social resources rise to this challenge? Nothing less than the destiny of the human race hangs in the balance."

From Dr. Greer's paper:
Implications for Disclosure. Click here for the full paper with its analysis of the social, environmental and other implications.

Thank you all for your support throughout 2016.

Let's put our collective "will, wisdom and courage" to work to make 2017 the year of Universal Peace!

As the lead up to Inauguration day approaches, much more information that 'ties' all estranged avenues together will be posted and become more apparent in the piecing together the 'bigger picture'. For now, stay tuned for more information regarding the fake accusations of the role of Russia hacking being taken by the outgoing obama administration, and reasons why. The first is only apparent of the delegitimization of the Trump administration, as claimed by Julian Assange in tonight's broadcast on Fox News.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Lands Interview With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Sean Hannity has landed a sit-down interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that will air Tuesday on Fox News Channel, the network announced Monday.

According to a Fox News release, the two will discuss Russian hacking, the 2016 presidential election, and both the Obama and upcoming Trump administrations. It will air at 10 p.m. on Jan. 3, with additional portions of the interview airing throughout the week.

Assange is currently living under political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he sought refuge from a Swedish investigation into rape allegations stemming from his 2010 visit to the country.

The interview will mark Assange’s first face-to-face cable news appearance. It is not, however, the first time he’s spoken publicly to Hannity. Most recently, in December, Assange called into Hannity’s radio show, in which the host gushed to Assange that “you’ve done us a favor” in exposing gaps in U.S. cybersecurity.

Read full article Here.

But of course,...this is only the tip of the ice berg. Stay tuned.

January 5, 2017

Anyone who wants to understand how close we came to losing our Republic to the New World Order minions, you can look into the history via Operation Disclosure posted here last year in February, 2016. Here is an update by Steve Pieczenik, via Alex Jones, just yesterday. Pieczenik was the one that was given clearance by the Alliance ( See David Wilcock update ; ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal, via his web site to announce the counter coup to Hillary Clintons coup of the presidency.

Im getting a little sick and tired of peoples ignorance and blame as to what is going on here because they have not either the courage or fortitude, nor capability to comprehend what the hell is going on in their own country. Especially you foolish, new age, progressive liberal democrats who think you are awake and pushing your false religion of 'enlightenment' on the mases, especially those that continue to push your false ideals for know who you are, ...Steve Dinan, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Goodman, James Twyman , Barabara Hubbard, Jane Houston (yea, I used to be in full support of your work,> until you people wake the fuck up and start having the COURAGE to tell it like it is, you are on my (s)hit list!.....You all should be ashamed of yourself, because you know the truth! And I am going to keep pointing you people out until you come out from under your rock, get behind those that are FULLY awake and do the job you should ALL be doing!

Operation Disclosure

Featured Post

"Ahab" - RV Overview - Thursday - January 5, 2017

Received via email at 11:11 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles "Ahab" RV Overview Thursday January 5, 2017 ----...

CIA Black Ops Commander "The American Republic Has Been Restored"

With all that is being done and said, what is being outlined here is PARTIAL DISCLOSURE. For more information on this, continue to follow David Wilcock. FULL DISCLOSURE is the ultimate win win outcome in the defeat of ALL of the New World Order Illuminati minions. I realize that most people have no clue as to what I am talking about here,so continue to do your homework as this process plays itself out. Partial Disclosure is only a half truth, not the whole truth. It is a treaty with a 50 to a 100 year window, before Full Disclosure is operational. More on this in time, stay tuned (13 MHZ ;).

January 6, 2017

Update by David Seaman;

The Event and Cobra

Compression Breakthrough
What is Cobra?

COBRA is a codename for compression breakthrough. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich. Light forces of the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards toward the surface of the planet. Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the underground up towards the surface of the planet.

The surface is thus subjected to the pressure of Light and dark forces of the Cabal have nowhere to hide. They can not escape via wormholes, stargates or teleportation chambers into space. They can not use space vehicles of any official or secret space program. They can not dig holes and bunkers deep underground and hide there. They can not even hide on lower astral plane anymore. The ongoing process of compression means that Light will expose everything that is hidden, collectively and individually. When Light from above and Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet, this is the moment of compression breakthrough. That occurrence is called the Event. The Event includes, but is not limited to mass arrests of the Cabal. Rather it is a multidimensional trigger event that starts the process of entering into the long-awaited Golden Age. With darkness removed, humanity will be able to co-create its own future.

Who is Cobra?

Cobra is a codename for the writer of this blog. Cobra’s identity must remain veiled for now for various reasons. Cobra is not associated with military or Drake, although he/she perceives Drake as the most reliable messenger for the Plan. Cobra may or may not be part of the Resistance Movement.

What is important is the message and not the messenger. Human mind usually associates given message with perceived characteristics of the messenger and this tends to cloud its objectivity.

New Atlantis ~ Cobra Update ~ 4th January 2017

January 5, 2017 by Therese Zumi Sumner
New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event.

In Old Atlantis, before the polar shift 75,000 years ago, the position of equator was different and thus the position of the whole planetary energy grid was different also.

75,000 years ago and earlier, the energy gird around the planet was complete, under full control of the Ascended beings and with many sacred temples positioned around the equator. You can see the old Atlantean equator on this picture as a red line crossing South America and Africa:

It is interesting to note that many energy vortexes around the planet are still positioned around the old Atlantean equator:

The New Atlantis project actually aligns the vortexes of the Old Atlantis with the new energy grid that is about to be completed soon.

New Atlantis is a project of the Light forces that is already ongoing for millennia. Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described an utopian society based on meritocracy. In his next incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain he attempted to co-create a new Society in America by assisting in the independence of the USA and by being the main spiritual force behind the Constitution.

Here is a very good article about the past developments of the New Atlantis project that is a must read for everyone interested in New Atlantis, as it puts many occult doctrines in the right perspective:

Here I have to add that Comte de Saint Germain has formed a secret mystery school in Paris in 1775 that was the hidden hand behind the independence of the USA.

That mystery school was comprised of members of the Brotherhood of the Star that have then joined three main positive masonic lodges in Paris, influencing their members and thus consequently the global course of events.

One group joined the Les Neuf Soeurs masonic lodge in Paris and through Benjamin Franklin, who was a member of that masonic lodge, influenced the creation of the United States:

The second group joined the Philalethes masonic lodge in Paris, through which the Brotherhood of the Star tried to disseminate true occult knowledge. The occult knowledge from that lodge is the source of a vast portion of modern Western spirituality and occultism:"

The third group joined the Cagliostro’s Isis lodge in Paris. That lodge is the main source of Isiac mysteries that were later fragmentarily preserved in some Memphis Misraim lodges.

Cagliostro was one of the very few people on the surface of the planet that had an understanding of a certain aspect of mysteries of Isis that must remain veiled for now. Nothing more can be said about that matter before the Event.

Now Comte de Saint Germain has asked me to assist him in completion of the New Atlantis project. The planetary energy grid of New Atlantis is namely the energy tool that will manifest the Compression Breakthrough, the Event and the New Society.

Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools in manifesting that aim. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter:

When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldabouth entity will begin to dissolve.

Cintamani stones are the famous Blue Stones of Atlantis. Blue Stones, called also Blue Apples, were used by Cathars to open portals:

Needless to say, the Cathars have received their Cintamanis from the Templars who have received their first specimen from Hubertus Koch from Untersberg. He has received the stone directly from goddess Isais ( an aspect of Isis) at Nineveh near Mosul in Iraq. Nineveh is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet:

It is not a coincidence that Daesh wants to destroy it:

It all boils down to the battle for the energy grid.

And here, Light will be victorious and New Atlantis will shine as never before.

Victory of the Light!

January 7, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017 Antarctica Disclosure Continues - Antarctica Was A Tropical Paradise, H.P. Lovecraft Secret Knowledge, Insider Discloses High Level Masonic Friends Secrets

January 9, 2017

ding ding ding,....wake up people of AMERICA!
You are being hood-winked...AGAIN!

War Drums beating? U.S. Military making moves in Europe. John Kerry's shocking admission!

January 10, 2017

Much news to catch up on including a follow up to the information posted a couple days ago regarding C.O.B.R.A., the Compression Breakthrough, as well as the codename, 'New Atlantis", in time.

For now lets take a look at the latest cabal attack in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

ANOTHER AMERICAN KNOWN WOLF? Fort Lauderdale Shooter Known to FBI, Worked for Security, Amid Backdrop of Mass Drills JANUARY 7, 2017 BY SHAWN HELTON

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Full Article Here.

Another shocking active-shooter incident rocks America. This time, according to Florida’s Broward County Sheriff’s Department, thirteen people were shot, including five dead, after an apparent shooting rampage took place at Fort Lauderdale’s Hollywood International Airport yesterday.

At the moment, there is still no clear motive for the shooting attack and no evidence linking the suspect to terror. However, officials have yet to rule out the possibility of terrorism.

The timing of this shooting attack cannot be overstated, as there was a major US intelligence review over an alleged Russian hack influence on America’s 2016 election that was scheduled on the very same day…

Another Known Wolf?

As 21 WIRE has documented over the years, many so-called shooting/terror/attacks involve individuals being monitored by security services prior to an alleged act taking place. A place where a ‘lone wolf’ graduates into the ranks of a known wolf. In fact, very often those being watched by authorities exhibit all the tell-tale signs of a patsy or an informant, working either for a law enforcement or intelligence agency. Historically, government operators have often made use of low-life criminals, and mentally disturbed individuals to fulfill various role in entrapment stings or sometimes as bonafide actors in an actual attacks.

In any case, alleged attackers and security agencies have a dicey relationship, making any link between them highly suspect in nature.

Full Article Here.

As stated in this article; "The timing of this shooting attack cannot be overstated, as there was a major US intelligence review over an alleged Russian hack influence on America’s 2016 election that was scheduled on the very same day…

Lets take a look at some other major events that took place last Friday in which most Americans have not paid much attention to due to the amount of 'information overload', as well as their 'divergent tactics'....

This is a coup: Homeland Security takeover of US elections

On a scale of importance from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, this breaking development is a 500.

By Jon Rappoport

On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public---and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting---the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections.

If you can't see the coup in progress, you need to keep looking until the message comes through.

Read carefully---ABC News reports. My comments are in brackets:

"Citing increasingly sophisticated cyber bad actors and an election infrastructure that's 'vital to our national interests', Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Friday that he's designating U.S. election systems critical infrastructure..."

[Also known as: "we're taking over."]

"'Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law'," Johnson said in a statement. He added: 'Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do'."

[Also known as: "we're taking over."]

"The determination came after months of review and despite opposition from many states worried that the designation would lead to increased federal regulation or oversight on the many decentralized and locally run voting systems across the country. It was announced on the same day a declassified U.S. intelligence report said Russian President Vladimir Putin 'ordered' an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election."

[Also known as: "we needed an excuse, a fake cover story for our takeover, and Russia is it."]

"Such a change [in who controls the US election process] does not require presidential action [or Congressional approval], and only requires the secretary [of DHS] to first consult with the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism."

[Also known as: "this is a coup by the White House."]

"Johnson said election infrastructure included storage facilities, polling places and vote tabulation locations, plus technology involved in the process, including voter registration databases, voting machines and other systems used to manage the election process and report and display results."

[Also known as: "We're taking over every significant aspect of the national election process."]

"The designation [of US elections as critical infrastructure] allows for information to be withheld from the public when state, local and private partners meet to discuss election infrastructure security - potentially injecting secrecy into an election process that's traditionally and expressly a transparent process. U.S. officials say such closed door conversations allow for frank discussion that would prevent bad actors from learning about vulnerabilities. DHS would also be able to grant security clearances when appropriate and provide more detailed threat information to states."

[Also known as: "we can intercede in the election process and determine its outcome without any need to pretend we're being transparent; only people we approve will know the details of how we run elections; secrecy works."]

"The Obama administration has proposed international cyber rules for peacetime that would expressly note that countries shouldn't conduct online activity targeting critical [US] infrastructure, which will now also include election systems."

[Also known as: "in case there is any doubt, elections systems in America will be property of the federal Executive Branch."]

This is a coup.

This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency, including martial law: the DHS, if it deemed it necessary, could utilize armed agents to enforce the new directive and take over states' offices that resist.

Election-processes belong to the states. But not anymore.

And of course, with this awesome new power, the DHS could intercede, behind the scenes, in the voting process and rig elections.

There is an additional aligned factor at work in this op: the proposed elimination of the Electoral College---yet another measure designed to "federalize" the election process.

Most people are entirely ignorant of the fact that the Constitution was a pact among states. With reluctance, the independent states agreed to relinquish certain specified powers to the newly created central government, while retaining all other powers.

The Electoral College was, therefore, a natural invention, because the states would maintain crucial influence in determining the outcome of presidential elections. State Electors would cast their presidential votes based on which candidate won in their state.

Eliminating the Electoral College now would add one more layer of federal control over the whole country, and take control from the states. More centralization.

Imagine it. Only the popular vote counts. The states are dumped. And on top of it all, the Dept. of Homeland Security has the power to run the election process as a piece of "critical infrastructure."

Rigging the vote in New York and California, plus a few other populous states, would decide the election. And in time, no one would think about "New York" or "California" as separate entities---because they wouldn't be. They would just be "more land and people" that are part of "wholly unified" America.

This is perfect for the "unity politicians" who spout empty rhetoric every chance they get---"we're all in this together." As I tirelessly point out, such slogans are nothing less than covert ops, and their goal is roping in as many dullards as possible under a messianic banner of A Better Life for All under a Beneficent Government.

Also known as: we the rulers decree, you the people submit; your survival depends on us; we give and take as we will, and that shall be the whole of the law.

Eventually, why have presidential elections at all? Just allow the DHS to determine which candidate will best serve the needs and desires of the controllers.

It's cleaner, simpler, and more direct.

It's a coup.

Will Trump cancel it?

Obama is basically challenging him to do it---which would create one more firestorm in the press directed at Trump.

"See, the new president just stopped the DHS from protecting our sacred free elections. Trump is exhibiting more treasonous cooperation with his Russian masters...he's leaving the door wide open for their secret invasion against our liberties..."

The timeline is clear. One: Hillary will surely win the election. Two: Trump won the election. Three: Trump won because Russia "hacked the election" in his favor. Four: We must protect our national election process from foreign hacking. Five: Homeland Security must put itself in charge of national elections.

Stay tuned.

A coup just occurred.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at NoMoreFakeNews.Com.

So,...another coup, counter the 'counter coup',..of the original coup. Got that?

Just one more indication that there are many factional wars going on within the system. FBI, CIA, Intelligence groups, as well as Military, well as governments and secret societies,..all battling it out and jockeying for position as this planetary theater plays itself out.

Lets take another look,..from yet, another perspective.

Benjamin Fulford Report: "Countdown to the New Age Begins" -- January 9, 2017
1/09/2017 11:49:00 AM 9/11, Ben Fulford, Dragon Societies, False Flag, Khazarian Mafia, Rockefeller, Rothshild, Secret News, Trump Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Countdown to the new age begins as final cabal underground bases subdued

Posted by benjamin
January 9, 2017

Full Report

The battle over the planet earth is coming to an end as the final Khazarian mafia underground bases and strongholds fall, White Dragon Society sources report. However, there is still some heavy duty last minute horse trading going on between East and West as the January 20th start of the presidency of Donald Trump approaches, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The future of our planet and our species is what is at stake.

The big battle still to be concluded is the one over who exactly will be controlling the process of creating and distributing money, which is the real source of power on this planet. Put another way, what is at stake is the process of deciding what we, as a species, do in the future.

With a little over one week to go before the Trump presidency begins, it is a good time to take note that, despite his name, he is not the one holding the trump cards in this high stakes world poker match.

When the US dollar became the de facto world currency after World War 2, it was backed by gold and US GDP was worth 50% of world GDP. Now, the so-called US dollar is backed by nothing (the US has no gold) and US GDP, as measured by the IMF, is just 15.6% of world GDP on a purchasing power parity (real) basis. Furthermore, the US was the world’s greatest creditor nation at the end of WW2 and now it is the most deeply indebted nation in the history of this planet.

By contrast, China now controls 17.9% of world GDP, has plenty of gold and is the world’s greatest creditor nation. The members of the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, now over 100 countries, control close to 80% of world GDP while the US and its slave state Japan, the final anti-AIIB hold outs, control less than 20%.

This means that if China and its Western allies make a grab for control of the world’s financial system, they will succeed.

However, the US military industrial complex does have some big cards to play, many of them connected to its secret space and high tech programs. The US secret government is getting ready to show some of these cards including much of the technology behind the 6000 patents, that, according to the US Academy of Sciences, have been suppressed for “national security” reasons, Pentagon officials say.

The real question many of us want the answer to, when some of these secrets are revealed is: Are two separate realities, one involving space colonization and one earth-bound, about to merge into one?

There is plenty of evidence, even for the most hard-nosed and fact based among us, that the official version we are being given of history is full of contradictions and secrets.

The WDS society and their allies will be demanding and receiving, answers about things like why manned space exploration suddenly stopped in the 1970’s? It is very clear from various accidents that have happened since then that any manned exploration vehicle trying to leave earth orbit is destroyed, ostensibly by the Ionosphere.

Agents from the WDS were told by intelligence agency sources with clearance levels high above that of the President of the shallow US state, that the planet has been put under quarantine because some very dangerous entities have taken shelter here after losing an inter-galactic war. These entities are now surrendering and freeing the hostage surface population of this planet in the process, these sources say.

If what these people are saying is true, then in the near future the benevolent galactic forces will open a wormhole in Antarctica and allow the surface population of humanity contact with the universe at large. That may be why religious, political and science luminaries have been visiting Antarctica recently. This month Russia’s Vladimir Putin is expected to be the latest bigwig to visit there.

The fact the US has confined all of its aircraft carriers to port, for the first time since World War 2, may be a sign of something big about to happen. If so, we can expect some sort of earth-shaking announcement out of Antarctica soon. We shall see.

This sounds way too out there many of us to accept but, there can be no doubt a high level esoteric war has been taking place on the surface of this planet.

For one thing, there is plenty of evidence, which would hold up in any court of law or war-crimes trial, that the leadership of the Western world has been engaged in mass murder. Let us not go too far back in history, let us even ignore the hundreds of millions of people killed in the 20th century and just look at events since the year 2000. Since then, we have had a regime in the US that has ignored international law and used terror and mass murder to manipulate its own citizens and those of other countries into war.

This latest campaign of terror started with the September 11th, 2001 (911) false flag terror attacks. Since then the US leadership invaded the Middle East and murdered hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. It has also been spreading biological weapons like HIV, SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu etc. in an attempt to start mass pandemics. The Western leadership also used its control of the dollar printing system to try to create mass starvation by bribing farmers into growing fuel instead of food. It has also used earthquake and tsunami causing nuclear weapons against Haiti, Indonesia, Japan etc. This is mass murder and can be directly linked to people like George Bush Jr., Hillary Clinton, David Rockefeller etc.

Somebody broke into this writer’s home recently and attempted to delete all the copies I have of a tape recording of when I was offered the job of Finance Minister of Japan by a representative of former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka, in exchange for agreeing to participate in a campaign to kill 90% of the world’s population. Takenaka works for the Rothschild and Rockefeller Khazarian mafia families behind this plan. I still have many copies of this tape hidden but the fact they would try to delete this evidence shows clearly how scared of justice these people are.

Their increasingly shabby and desperate psychological warfare tactics are also a sign of the deep panic these people are in. Just take a look at last week’s pathetic attempt to derail the Trump presidency by asserting, without any evidence, that “Russia” hacked the US election. This Hail Mary pass attempt to derail the Trump presidency failed utterly as did their previous vote recount campaign and as will anything else, including Trump assassination, that they might plan. Their fake truck attacks in France, Germany and now Israel are also not producing the desired results. People have become immune to their age old use of street theater (often including real murder) to manipulate the masses that false flag attacks are now routinely exposed as such within minutes of their being announced.

That is because this regime has lost power, thanks to the victory of the military and agency white hat forces behind Trump. We have been promised, and expect, a war crimes trial once Trump takes power. The WDS, for its part, would settle for a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

There are also some mopping up operations going on in the run up to Trump’s presidency. “More deep underground military bases (dumbs) destroyed as cabal who refused amnesty are terminated,” was how Pentagon sources described the state of play. Also “New York nuclear arms were disarmed and a Vancouver underground rail demolished,” the sources say.

The Paris conference on January 15th is also being convened to impose a two-state solution on Israel, the last hold-out of the Khazarian mafia, and will use sanctions to force the regime there to “really make peace,” the sources continue. The world is “sick of Israeli tantrums and crimes against humanity,” they note.

Getting back to the horse trading, the Western military industrial faction is taking two tacks vis-a-vis the Asians. On one level, they are seeking a Christian alliance with Russia, Europe the Americas and the Christian parts of Africa to stand equal with the Asians. On another level, they support the creation of a meritocratic, democratic and transparent new world architecture that will make sure international criminal groups like the Khazarian mafia will never again be allowed to foment war, terror and suffering around the planet.

Overall, once it has finished removing the criminals from within its ranks, the Western military industrial complex will offer its technological and military might to the service of humanity as a whole, Pentagon and agency sources say.

And so, as the year 2017 begins, so does a new age start to unfold. Let us make it a golden age

Now,...for yet,...another perspective...on where we are at,..right now..with lots and lots of identifiable questions.

One World of Nations Lifting the Veil Series
10 January 2017


A whole new world, but what is real now? Arise a New World or accept the New World Order? Who, or what, is in control now? Will Trump Lead, or follow the Deep State lead? How will he handle the real Antarctica revelations when they brief him? What’s down there? What of the Ecological threat also? Will he grasp it and lead? What is truth? Not what you know!

New Leaders, new views, a new approach, or a Billionaires Tea Party destined for tears?

Be careful, be clear, Trump was elected both to stop Clinton and a Public, albeit correct and well merited, backlash of anger to remove the Political Elites who have derailed the great American power house of Industries, and who under Neo Nazi George Bush, Greenspan, Cheney and the Kazakh Mafia, looted America blind. A Zio backed Rat Pack of the most predatory kind.

Will the new team take back America, or abdicate to the demands and threats of the unelected Deep State? How can America ever be the Land of the Free, when the Cabal care nothing for you, or for me? Far worse, once briefed who will lead on Antarctica? It could be a coming Global catastrophe. Who unites the world for this? America's cities and sea ports will be lost as will be its economy.

Having stolen America over 60 years by Deep State Stealth, what do they care about these interloping new boys with some trappings of wealth? Why should the Cabal share power, in their minds, they have it?

Only in America is the President denied access to the real power loop. Try that in Russia.

Read More:


OWoN © All Rights Reserved

Once again,....especially in the full article, there are a lot of questions asked and raised. This is my first foray into this source. I believe an exploration just in the questions raised was worth the read, and I will need to go back and review this material closer.

Researching this information takes hours upon hours. On any given day, I may average ten hours of reading and research. This is no lie. A thorough examination of just today's update would take hours within of itself. As my update pages have suggested, this was the first year in which I included an update at least every month. Beginning last January, I began seeing the developments that I have been looking for for the past twenty years, and that was signs that the Cabal/New World Order/Illuminati/Khazarian agenda, was deteriorating, and that defeat was imminent (at least in reality terms, which could mean years)....and how. Beginning last year I began to see the reality of this happening, as well as a full understanding on just how, what, and who was behind this take down. This is why my updates have increased exponentially, and would expect it to continue for as long as this process takes,...or allowed. As far as I am concerned, there is very little else that matters during the time being. It has become clear to see, that one way or another, we are approaching the tipping point of a vast new world, whether it is the completion of the New World Order, or the beginning of a New, New World Order, what some ,..or many for that matter, has referred to as the Golden Age. If this is true,..then how could there be much more that could truly ever matter?

Certainly with the recent exposure and understanding of the 'Compression Breakthrough', as well as the 'New Atlantis' codeword and project (as far as my personal awareness),...this information has become all that much more significant and mind blowing. Twenty years ago when I underwent the experience documented in my written manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising',..I had no idea that such a thing existed, outside my imagination. To have learned just recently that there are known code words and projects behind the scenes that are 'real', and take into account my personal experience, has been simply put, .....astoundingly phenomenal.

January 12, 2017

Now back to reality,...if you want to call it that. Some people may think the information you were just reading or watching has no base in 'this' reality.

When I look to the current events that are being outlined and shaped by main stream media 'news', it isn't a wonder that those people that would reject these ideas and concepts, have no base in 'this' reality' whatsoever. It is for this reason that many lightworkers or starseeds have lived within a creed that proclaims a 'world within a world' existence. We have had to create a safe place of existence within ourselves and this world, KNOWING, that the projected realities that are being created all around us were false and misleading. KNOWING, that the only chance of surviving this onslaught of fake narratives was our only chance of surviving this period of total amnesia regarding whats real,..and whats not. KNOWING, what was true,...and what was not. What I believe is happening, and will continue to happen as this 'split in realities' continues to expand, is that a 'merging' of these worlds will begin to simultaneously emerge, and has been emerging. Something very similar to a 'pole shift', only more of a 'consciousness shift'. I have witnessed this process personally in my life over the last couple years. Ill explain and share more regarding this 'integrating of realities' as 'time' goes on.

For now, lets get on with more 'news'....; )

Why fake news matters

Notes on major media blowing away in the wind

By Jon Rappoport

For the past 34 years, I've been working as a reporter, in order to expose fake news. My target: major media. Right from the beginning; and always.

The premise is simple: these liars are in the business of putting people into a false reality and keeping them there. How does that audience move out into truth if they're basing their own ideas on a synthetically created artifact called The News?

Now we have a president-elect who, as I write this, is holding a press conference and calling CNN fake news. Regardless of who Trump is, that is a moment people should understand as a wild departure from what happens in politics. It never happens. But it is happening.

This is shaking the egg until it cracks.

It's called an opportunity.

---An opportunity for all of us to keep shaking the egg and exposing the liars, until there is no more egg.

Some of my joy comes from knowing reporters and editors in the mainstream who have been parading around, for decades, believing they are untouchable and vital and necessary and beyond reproach. They never thought this day would come. But it is here.

And they know it now. That's what makes them so crazy.

Out of view, "their children" (audience) have grown up, and aren't buying what "the adults" are selling. Trump has simply brought all that to a head. He went over the edge with it. He didn't care. You tell me that some other candidate, who presented himself as more balanced, more measured, more mature, could have pulled this off, and I'll tell you you're wrong. A wild cowboy was necessary, and he showed up. Hate him, love him, he showed up.

Don't let this moment be wasted.

Part of the reason the major media are pulling out all the stops in attacking Trump and blasting him? They want to paint a portrait of a man who isn't really president. "See, the guy who has been defaming us isn't a president at all. He's just a nut. Therefore, don't take his assault on us seriously. It means nothing."

Good luck with that strategy. It's another fail. It's another goof in a long history of media goofs. The media are saying: "Don't look at us. We're fine. We've always been fine. Instead, look at Trump. He's the villain. He's the loon."

Yesterday, he was a Russian agent. Today, he's a John with hookers he paid to desecrate a hotel bed Obamas slept in. Tomorrow, he'll be an alien from the Orion Belt who arrived in a space ship.

"His flying saucer landed on the US-Mexico border. Why wasn't he vetted by Customs&Immigration? Why was he allowed into the US?"

Well, why is the NY Times in such bad shape that Carlos Slim has to be its largest investor? And why is Jeff Bezos, whose parent company, Amazon, has a $600 million contract with CIA to provide computing services, the sole owner of the Washington Post?

Because those two venerable papers were going down the toilet.

For that matter, why does David Rhodes, the president of CBS News, have a brother, Ben Rhodes, who is Obama's deputy national security adviser for strategic communication?

Almost without exception, major media are liberal. This means, among other things, they are staunch (covert) supporters of Globalism, which means: a new planetary economic and political order, in which sovereign nations cease to exist---having being supplanted by mega-corporations and mega-banks.

The stories that major media spin have two basic aims: conceal the advances of Globalism, and support those advances under different names.

Working for these media outlets is a snap: aid in the cause and pick up a paycheck, while selling your soul.

No one will ever know what you're really doing.

But that has changed. The operation has been exposed.

The egg has cracked.

And as in one of those remarkable Hieronymus Bosch paintings, all manner of strange and grotesque creatures are spilling out of the egg and showing their true colors.

Here is a quick quiz. All the following items are part and parcel of the Globalist agenda, because they imply far-reaching measures that help install planetary governance. On which item are major media most insistent and supportive? On which item do outside critics sustain the most virulent media attacks? The green economy. Sustainable growth. The Smart Grid. Climate change.

Yes, of course: climate change.

It is the lynchpin for the radical plan forcing all nations to reduce their energy production, in order to "restrain global warming." It is the most direct tactic for undermining and torpedoing economies.

Induce more drastic worldwide poverty and suffering; release a necessary plan for solving the crisis; make the plan embrace the whole world; quite naturally form an international body of "representatives" (elite Globalist partners) to put the plan into effect. You have a global management system.

So major media double down on global warming. Only morons, evildoers, fake scientists, and the selfishly rich would deny that "the science is settled." The campaign is relentless. Even Hollywood stars are brought into the mix. They personally know as much about climate as ants know about building BMWs, but they're given generous space in which to bloviate and signal their virtuous concern.

Whatever Trump is or isn't, whatever he is going to do or not do, big media are now more vulnerable and exposed than they've ever been---and this is the moment.

Exposing their fake news operations is taking the blinders from the eyes of millions of people who never dreamed they would doubt the Egg.

Let us double down and triple down.

Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at

There's a lot to cover, but for now I am going to stick with Jon Rappaport's up-to-date-reports. The next one dealing with the 'Elephant in the Room', that every Trump supporter sees,..but doesn't want to go there......but,...go there you must. I have taken a 'conscientious objector' role in all of this since prior to the election. I do NOT feel that a 'political solution' only exist. If ANYONE has any insight on global events as they are right now, have to be wondering and asking yourself several questions. Here's one;

What deal did Donald Trump make with Goldman Sachs?

By Jon Rappoport

Wall Street On Parade (January 9) details the boggling Goldman Sachs presence on Trump's team. My comments will follow the list of names.

"Trump nominated Steven Mnuchin, a 17-year veteran of Goldman Sachs to be his Treasury Secretary."

"Stephen Bannon, another former Goldman Sachs banker, was named by Trump as his Chief Strategist in the White House."

"The sitting President of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn, has been named by Trump as Director of the National Economic Council, which, according to its website, coordinates 'policy-making for domestic and international economic issues'."

"...Trump nominated a Goldman Sachs outside lawyer, Jay Clayton of Sullivan & Cromwell, to serve as Wall Street's top cop as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission."

"...Clayton's wife currently works as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs."

"According to Politico, Goldman Sachs partner, Dina Powell, President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, is Ivanka's 'top adviser on policy and staffing'."

"Then there is Erin Walsh who had worked at Goldman Sachs since 2010 as an Executive Director and head of its Office of Corporate Engagement for Asia Pacific...Walsh is now part of Trump's transition landing team for the State Department and is engaged in prepping the just retired CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, for his Senate confirmation hearing this week to become the Secretary of the Department of State, according to Politico."

"And there is yet another former Goldman Sachs banker, Anthony Scaramucci, who sits on Trump's transition team."

The first question is: would a Trump-Goldman deal benefit Trump in a personal way? Wall Street On Parade offers possible clues.

"Now the Dow Jones company, MarketWatch, has reported that Trump's debt is held by more than 150 Wall Street firms. The New York Times has reported that Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company holds a loan on an office tower at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, a building that is 30 percent owned by Donald Trump."

"Some of the Trump debt held by Wall Street firms, according to media reports, includes Donald Trump's personal guarantee in the event of a default. The true owners of other Trump debt are shielded behind secretive Limited Liability Corporations..."

If Trump is in trouble with those loans, if he's in danger of not being able to make his payments, then that fact could form the basis of a Goldman Sachs deal. Trump gets loan protection, Goldman gets a number of influential (and self-serving) seats at the big table in Trump's administration.

Beyond this, Goldman Sachs is...I'll let Matt Taibbi describe them. From his classic 2010 Rolling Stone article:

"The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis [2008], which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who's Who of Goldman Sachs graduates."

"By now, most of us know the major players. As George Bush's last Treasury secretary, former Goldman CEO Henry Paulson was the architect of the bailout, a suspiciously self-serving plan to funnel trillions of Your Dollars to a handful of his old friends on Wall Street. Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton's former Treasury secretary, spent 26 years at Goldman before becoming chairman of Citigroup - which in turn got a $300 billion taxpayer bailout from Paulson. There's John Thain, the asshole chief of Merrill Lynch who bought an $87,000 area rug for his office as his company was imploding; a former Goldman banker, Thain enjoyed a multi-billion-dollar handout from Paulson, who used billions in taxpayer funds to help Bank of America rescue Thain's sorry company. And Robert Steel, the former Goldmanite head of Wachovia, scored himself and his fellow executives $225 million in golden-parachute payments as his bank was self-destructing. There's Joshua Bolten, Bush's chief of staff during the bailout, and Mark Patterson, the current Treasury chief of staff, who was a Goldman lobbyist just a year ago, and Ed Liddy, the former Goldman director whom Paulson put in charge of bailed-out insurance giant AIG, which forked over $13 billion to Goldman after Liddy came on board. The heads of the Canadian and Italian national banks are Goldman alums, as is the head of the World Bank, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, the last two heads of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York - which, incidentally, is now in charge of overseeing Goldman..."

"The bank's unprecedented reach and power have enabled it to turn all of America into a giant pump-and-dump scam, manipulating whole economic sectors for years at a time, moving the dice game as this or that market collapses, and all the time gorging itself on the unseen costs that are breaking families everywhere - high gas prices, rising consumer credit rates, half-eaten pension funds, mass layoffs, future taxes to pay off bailouts..."

So, Goldman Sachs wants to keep on doing what it has been doing. On the other hand, Trump wants a rising stock market---a symbolic signal that the economy is strong. Understanding that the market is manipulated by insiders, Trump would know where to go to make a deal.

Goldman gives him rising market numbers, and Trump gives them what they want. How much of what they want?

Another area where Goldman could provide help: assembling the funding for a major part of what appears to be an FDR New-Deal project to rebuild America's infrastructure, putting large numbers of unemployed people back to work. The cost? At least a trillion dollars. Convincing Congress to back this plan---and also support Trump's tax cuts---could run into a serious roadblock. The money has to come from somewhere.

It might be useful to analyze the ominous levels of public debt accumulated by state governments. The debt is floated on bond issues, and someone has to underwrite and guarantee those issues. Banks like Goldman Sachs are in that business. Trump may have approached Goldman with the premise that, by creating whole swaths of new jobs across the country, the states' tax revenues will rise, and therefore the payback on Goldman's investments will become more secure.

It seems certain that Trump is leaning heavily on Goldman to run interference for him. He is walking a risk-laden path.

Partnering with a vampire squid doesn't inspire confidence.

Since I began writing and speaking about Trump, I've emphasized that his millions of supporters---who actually want more freedom and more of what America should stand for---have to hold his feet to the fire when he takes a direction that spells trouble and runs counter to his announced aims.

He is doing that now.

Here are two final quotes from Wall Street On Parade: "During the primary campaign, when it emerged that Trump's opponent Ted Cruz had received a loan from Goldman Sachs, Trump said that Cruz was 'owned' by Goldman Sachs."

"During his political campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly railed against Wall Street with a specific focus on Goldman Sachs. In the final days of his campaign, Trump released an advertisement...that featured his opponent, Hillary Clinton, shaking hands with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. As the image flickers on the screen, Trump does a voice over, stating: 'It's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.' As the ad ends, Trump bares his soul: 'I'm doing this for the people and for the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again'."

Has Trump convinced Goldman Sachs they can still make sky-high money in a genuinely strong American economy, with millions of new jobs? And without fake bubbles and crashes?

Has he decided he must have Goldman on his side, if he's going to make economic progress---that, because of their power, there is no way around them?

Or is Goldman playing along and working Trump and outflanking him?

Finally, I wouldn't bother bringing any of this up if I didn't think Trump wants to do good things for this country. I have enumerated those intentions of his in other articles. Right out front, he continues his war against major media. He doesn't let up. This is vital, because those media have been functioning as the prime eyes, ears, and mouths of the nation---and they are falling rapidly from that precipice. Which is a cause for celebration.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at

Published on Jan 11, 2017

Orban, the first European leader to publicly back Trump’s campaign, has ignored criticism from the European Commission and U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration for building a self-described “illiberal state” modeled on authoritarian regimes including Russia, China and Turkey. In 2014, Orban personally ordered the state audit agency to probe foundations financed by Norway and said that civil society groups financed from abroad were covers for “paid political activists.”

Trump also accused the 86-year-old billionaire of being part of “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

In a pre-election commercial, he showed images of Soros along with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish. The Anti-Defamation League criticized the ad for touching on “subjects that anti-Semites have used for ages.”

Learn More:

B Rich:

Erick M:



Holy Shit Batman,...did he say 'Scottish Rite'???

See " John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumental in establishing the blueprint of the New World Order in America, and how the next Civil, or World War completes it.

Wheres Robin Hood?

St. Germain.......Could it be?

Soft Coup Against Trump in Progress, Massive Conspiracy of Treason

1/12/2017 01:47:00 AM CIA, Fake News, FBI, Mainstream Media, Obama, Secret News, Treason, USA, Warnings

Source: Before It's News

Breaking! Soft Coup Against Trump in Progress! Massive Conspiracy of Treason and Sedition!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 7:27

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

The Final Takedown Of Trump Begins In Earnest

US Intelligence Agencies Conspire To Implement A Coup D’état

FAKE NEWS: British Press Abets A Soft Coup In America

State of the Nation

There is now a highly coordinated conspiracy afoot to take down President-elect Donald Trump.

This deliberate scheme to execute a soft coup has been orchestrated at the highest levels of the Obama Administration, Democratic and Republican National Committees, as well as the major intelligence agencies and special secret services.

Such a coup d’etat has all the hallmarks of the CIA, DIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, as well as many other organizations which comprise the “17 Agencies of the US Intelligence Community“.

FBI Agents Prepare To Counter CIA Coup Against Trump

The essence of their scheme is to fabricate the appearance of collusion between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They especially strive to put out fraudulent and contrived evidence that Putin possesses salacious material on Trump that is substantive enough that it can be used to blackmail him. Wait, it gets worse … or, rather, this CIA implementation plan will continue to evolve so that the US Congress is forced to take unprecedented action.


Special Note:

What follows is just one example of how much Donald J. Trump is upsetting the NWO apple cart. Robert Kennedy Jr. agrees to ‘chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity’ for Trump It ought to be obvious by this critical appointment that Trump is willing to take on a central pillar of the NWO social engineering agenda. In fact the super-vaccination agenda is as BIG as it gets in terms of controlling the entire human population. RFK Jr. is well known among health advocates to be a zealous truth seeker regarding the inherent dangers of vaccines, and especially of the overly aggressive vaccination regimens that young children are now exposed to. The bottom line concerning this extraordinary appointment by Trump is that he is showing a courageous willingness to go after one of their sacred cows. You don’t ever go after their sacred cows and expect to succeed given the current institutional arrangements which make up the Global Control Matrix. Big Pharma is an extremely powerful corporate NWO player that has always gotten their way, so they will NOT play nice. A soft coup was initiated on the very same day!


The Last Peaceful Overthrow Attempt Before The Putsch

The final push to revoke the results of the 2016 presidential election has begun in earnest.

With the publication of more fake news about Trump’s hidden relationship with Russia, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been enlisted by the CIA to disseminate completely fictitious accounts to undermine his victory.

BREAKING: Fake News Published To Take Down Trump Before His Inauguration

That the MSM was so easily conscripted to report such patently false information is beyond comprehension. They have taken the extremely reckless initiative to distribute obvious falsehoods about Trump’s non-existent relationship with President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

The very dissemination of such dangerous fake news, in this particular context, constitutes high treason, corporate sponsored sedition among a number of other very serious felonies. Not only have the MSM traitors acted against the American Republic, they have betrayed the U.S. citizenry in ways that require their criminal prosecution. The whole array of MSM organs of propaganda may have just sealed their fate—perhaps a total takeover of the MSM by the appropriate presidential oversight commission.

That many of the major MSM news outlets have trumpeted these false claims against Trump could only have occurred with the blessing of the Obama Administration. Obama himself has politicized the outcome of this election which clearly indicates that he has no intention of leaving. His many unprecedented disruptions to a smooth transition are so reprehensible and feckless that he will surely be called to account when this ongoing coup has been short-circuited.

From now until Inauguration Day

Make no mistake about it: from now until Inauguration Day will be the most dangerous times for Donald Trump and his transition team. The very future of the United States of America now hangs in the balance as never before. Hence, it is imperative that every American citizen stays vigilant and does what the Turks recently did to avert the CIA-directed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government.

The people went out in the streets and shut that violent US-coordinated coup down in an Ankara minute. That’s where we are at this very moment; for if the soft coup is not successful for the traitors, they will not stop until they have violently removed Donald Trump from the picture.

Now that so many agencies of the U.S. Federal Government have graphically exposed themselves, there is no going back for them. The culpability of the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies etc. is so obvious for the whole world to see, that they have no choice but to be successful however they must; otherwise, many will face the gallows for high treason.

Herein lies the real challenge for the American people: to terminate this coup-in-progress once and for all before it terminates any semblance of the American Republic.

What are you, American citizens, going to do?


There can be only one reason for the fake dossier that was fabricated by rogue elements within the U.S. intelligence community. To use it as a pretext to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump by traitors within the Obama Administration and DNC, as well as rogue intelligence agencies.

That this unvetted fraud was then quickly disseminated throughout the global MSM provides further evidence of a highly organized coup against the president-elect. Because the inauguration is only 9 days away, look for many other desperate attempts to bring down Trump before he even steps in the Oval Office.

The Company, also known as the C.I.A., has had more experience than any other US agency in conducting color revolutions across the planet. However, the agents of the C.I.A. really work for Deep State not We the People. Therefore, if not very watchful, the American people will get to experience a Purple Revolution in their own back yard.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the Obama Administration

State of the Nation
January 11, 2017

References Trump rips ‘unverified’ Buzzfeed report: ‘Total political witch hunt Buzzfeed’s Trump report takes ‘fake news’ to a new level John McCain is the Republican Culprit Behind the Fake Dossier on Trump


The Final Take Down Of Trump Begins | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

Globalism in under four minutes...

O.K. Just one more for today. I got to do it;

You are Fake News!

WHEW!,...Is all this shit for real?........seriously. I didn't think that current events could have topped what was documented here at this time last year. I should have known. more. really.

This one is dedicated to all you Woman infowarriors!

January 16, 2017

Source: Collective Evolution

Human nature is not what we have been told.

I couldn't contain my excitement while watching this video because this is what I have always felt to be true. Not to mention it is now backed by a legitimate study!

Many people love to blame "Human Nature" for the state of our world. It is believed that we are inherently greedy and that money is our primary source of motivation, whether it is to do good or not so good stuff. Yet my intuition always told me that modern society has nothing to do with human nature but instead with human CONDITIONING.

Think about it: it takes on average 20 years, starting from a very early age, to shape us into so-called "functional members of society" at school. And why not add a daily dose of "television programming" into the mix? Our education and media both train us to believe that making money and consuming is our reason for being alive. But just how natural is it to value pieces of paper more than the health of the planet we live on? How natural is it to spend a lifetime working at repetitive jobs we don't like simply to make money to survive? Is there more to life than this? I absolutely believe so.

Enjoy this awesome RSA Animate adapted from a Dan Pink's talk

The biggest question so many of us have in life, one that we have been seeking to answer for years: what happens when we die?

Even modern day science seeks to answer this question. Where does human consciousness come from and what is its origin? Is it simply a product of the brain, or if the brain itself is a receiver of consciousness. If consciousness is not a product of the brain, it would mean that our physical bodies are not necessary for its continuation; that awareness can exist outside our bodies.

Asking these questions is fundamental to understanding the true nature of our reality, and with quantum physics gaining more popularity, questions regarding consciousness and its relationship to human physicality become increasingly relevant.

Read Full Article

I laugh my ass off everytime I hear about this Russia bullshit. That's because if anyone was paying attention to what was happening in their country last year (See January and February), the entire connection of uranium, hillary and russia was exposed. And "Trump's" presidency is illegitimate due to Russia?

Yea, o.k...The truth was put out to the American public to see. But I don't think many were paying attention. Or perhaps they just don't want to see. If the truth was told, there would be enough to incriminate all those that stand between the rights of the land and those that are now being 'federally controlled'.

Russian agent: who gave US uranium to Putin, Trump or Hillary?

By Jon Rappoport

Putin controls 20% of US uranium production. That fact is established. But how did it happen?

Now that we know Trump is a hard-core Russian agent who has been undermining America on behalf of his secret twin brother, Vladimir Putin, it stands to reason Trump was the one who gave 20% of US uranium to the Russkie leader. Right?

I mean, why wouldn't he? All that uranium was up for grabs, it was there, and Trump somehow engineered the deal. I'm shocked the Washington Post and its CIA pals haven't reported the story by now.

Anybody who passed that much US uranium to our eternal enemy, Russia, would have to be a secret agent working undercover for the Kremlin. No doubt about it.

Therefore, Trump...

Oh, wait a minute, my mistake.


The Clintons were instrumental in making the uranium deal.

For proof, let me go to the irrefutable authority on all news in the known galaxy, The New York Times. They'll settle the issue.

On April 23, 2015, the NY Times ran a story under the headline: "Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal".

The bare bones of the story: a Canadian company called Uranium One controlled a great deal of uranium production in the US. The company was sold to Russia (meaning Putin and his minions).

So Putin then possessed 20% of US uranium production!

From the Times: "...the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States." From the Times: "The [Pravda] article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company [Uranium One] with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world's largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain."

"But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one."

"At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that [Canadian] group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One. [Uranium One controlled 20% of US uranium.]"

"Frank Giustra...a mining financier, has donated $31.3 million to the foundation run by former President Bill Clinton..."

"Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal [to sell Uranium One to Putin] had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton's wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

"As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One's chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well."

"And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock."

"At the time, both Rosatom [the Russian energy agency] and the United States government made promises intended to ease concerns about ceding control of the company's assets to the Russians. Those promises have been repeatedly broken, records show."

"...the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation's donors."

---The US State Dept. had to sign off on the deal giving Putin control over US uranium. Hillary headed up the State Dept. Much money from Canadian mining executives, who owned the American uranium, who obviously wanted the Russian deal to go through, found its way into the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation concealed these donations.

If you're Putin and you're sitting in Moscow, and the uranium deal has just dropped this bonanza into your lap, what's your reaction---after you stop laughing and popping champagne corks? Or maybe you never really stop laughing. Maybe this is a joke that keeps on giving. You wake up in the middle of the night with a big grin plastered on your face, and you can't figure out why...and then you remember, oh yes, the uranium deal. The US uranium. Can we give our girl Hillary a medal? Can we put up a statue of her in a park? Does Bill need any more hookers?

So there it is. By all standards of current mainstream news "logic," Hillary Clinton is the Russian agent. She and her crooked husband and their Foundation are working for Mr. Putin.

Therefore, Putin didn't order the hacking of the DNC, Hillary, and Podesta emails and send them to WikiLeaks. No. He never would have torpedoed his own secret agent, Hillary Clinton.

Again, I'm just applying mainstream news "logic" to see where that "reasoning" process goes; and where it goes is: a) the Russians didn't hack; and b) Hillary Clinton is their secret agent.

Cue the James Bond theme.

Ask yourself: if Trump had been instrumental in turning over 20% of US uranium to Putin, how many decibels of mainstream-news screaming would be assaulting the public day after day after day?

But Hillary and Bill were instrumental. How much screaming do we hear now?


Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at

Excuse me Mr. Lewis, you may want to watch this video before you go making a bigger fool of yourself, as well as the majority of the rest of the country. This video was made exactly one year ago and shown on these updates..

And for all you so called Governmental Intelligent agencies out there who think you are so smart, I got news for you. You are an embarrassment for your country, and the people you were supposed to have served. You have been set up from the get go. You messed with an intelligence far superior than you.

Your time has come to be brought down.

Don't say you were not warned.

The Deep State Goes to War With President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer

Glenn Greenwald
January 11 2017, 9:35 a.m.

IN JANUARY 1961, Dwight Eisenhower delivered his farewell address after serving two terms as U.S. president; the five-star general chose to warn Americans of this specific threat to democracy: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” That warning was issued prior to the decade long escalation of the Vietnam War, three more decades of Cold War mania, and the post-9/11 era, all of which radically expanded that unelected faction’s power even further.

This is the faction that is now engaged in open warfare against the duly elected and already widely disliked president-elect, Donald Trump. They are using classic Cold War dirty tactics and the defining ingredients of what has until recently been denounced as “Fake News.”

Their most valuable instrument is the U.S. media, much of which reflexively reveres, serves, believes, and sides with hidden intelligence officials. And Democrats, still reeling from their unexpected and traumatic election loss, as well as a systemic collapse of their party, seemingly divorced further and further from reason with each passing day, are willing — eager — to embrace any claim, cheer any tactic, align with any villain, regardless of how unsupported, tawdry, and damaging those behaviors might be.

The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There is a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combating those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach.

But cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S. election and impose its own policy dictates on the elected president is both warped and self-destructive. Empowering the very entities that have produced the most shameful atrocities and systemic deceit over the last six decades is desperation of the worst kind. Demanding that evidence-free, anonymous assertions be instantly venerated as Truth — despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie — is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality. And casually branding domestic adversaries who refuse to go along as traitors and disloyal foreign operatives is morally bankrupt and certain to backfire on those doing it.


January 17, 2017

As We Shift -- The Ascension vs The Event
1/16/2017 10:10:00 PM Ascension

Source: In5D | by Sophia Love

The Event and the Ascension are separated by causation. The Event is spurred by physical action and the Ascension by personal internal evolution. Will it be like the chicken and the egg? Will future versions of us ask – which caused the other? Will they happen simultaneously? Does our worldwide debt slavery (click here) stimulate, even necessitate, our internal realization of sovereignty and result in an instant evolutionary moment?


Does a personal awareness of divinity propel a rapid-fire instant view of the chains around us and shatter them – resulting in freedom?

The Event includes a banking collapse, a Revaluation and disclosure of the non-human presence and its available tech. The Ascension is a shift in consciousness, from polarity into unity, often described with numbers and dimensions (as in 3rd – 4/5th). These are independent happenings.

The Event will be the game changing end for generations of human slavery on this 3D Earth. This sort of slavery is repeated elsewhere in the cosmos, so we are told. It is done by the same race who started the current Earth version. It (the Event) then must be repeated elsewhere, as this debt enslavement and resource monopoly fails every time, and must, eventually, end in a similar fashion. A parasite that destroys its host is a dead parasite.

The Ascension will take us away from this assumption of physicality and polarity and fear, assuming only love. What if, once love is assumed, fear falls away? Or is it that once fear falls away, love is assumed? The term "assumed" here signifies dimensions. In truth, we go nowhere. We are always now-here.

There are some who will tell you they know how this will play out, sometimes predicting dates. These too, become part of the process and our progress. Linear time eventually becomes irrelevant.

Today though, with bills to pay, bodies and land to heal and causes to promote, time is very relevant indeed. When? It is the question on everyone's mind.

What is seen and heard from here now is evidence of our choosing with BREXIT, the US Presidential election, mainstream exposure of the mass network of corruption at high levels and this most recent update from Corey Goode, along with a few things I've been told, (but am not at liberty to share). What each represents is visible movement towards change. What cannot be seen is the surprise part in all of this – our Sun.

The Sun will act as the gun shot in a foot race – with a blast of energy that alters it all. This moment is meant to be a surprise. Each one of us will face it without warning. Perhaps this initiatory blast kicks both the event and the ascension into motion in one instant. Maybe it forces the Ascension which in turn brings out the Event, or vice versa. In either case, this moment is meant to impact our view of life as we know it today.

Life as we know it has changed, if gradually. We are more aware now of corruption, alternate life forms and advanced technology than we've been prior to now. We designed this life with one mind. As beliefs are changed, so does this reality. Perhaps what we've done is prepared ourselves for disclosure with these gradual and yet rapid revelations. This has been and continues to be our show. We wrote it and we are acting in it while watching ourselves.

There are a few stars, right out front and grabbing the spotlight. Yet they have Teleprompters which each of us add to. This is collaboration.

What starts out as a polarized question then – "Which comes first, Ascension or Event?" – becomes finally answered. Both do. Infinite wisdom determines ultimately that initial blast which incorporates a moment of sovereign awareness.

Whether that moment appears to expand over days and months in our linear time line or occur in an instant – matters little. We collaborate with one mind now and the outcome is clear. The shift and freedom of Gaia and her people are guaranteed. Relax and follow where your heart leads you. It knows. There are no wrong answers. We wrote the questions, remember? We hold the answer key, and always have.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

With so much gratitude and love,

PS – If you can see ARRIVAL in theaters, do it. Check out "The Guardian" here. Sign up for my newsletter, here!

4 Good Reasons Total Disclosure Could Happen in 2017

1/16/2017 10:08:00 PM Aliens, extraterrestrial, JFK, Mainstream Media, NASA, Secret History, Secret News, Trump, UFO Sightings, USA

Source: The Event Chronicle | by Christina Sarich

1. Whether it Was or Is His Intent, Full Disclosure May Occur Due to Donald Trump's Presidency.

Clinton baited us with disclosure through comments made by her campaign manager, John Podesta, but she also said she would not do anything to compromise national security. This is a very large umbrella which could have protected the political stance of the elite, who have, to date, kept full disclosure from happening. Trump may not be the favorite, and he is certainly an easy target for mainstream media, but he may inadvertently allow full-disclosure type leaks to occur since he is (seemingly) not controlled by the ruling class, illuminati bloodline families.

Stephen Basset, the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) and the self-proclaimed "only registered UFO and alien disclosure lobbyist" in Washington, claims that President Obama may open UFO files as one of his last acts before leaving office. His time is running out if that is the case.

Anonymous military whistleblowers are pushing for disclosure regardless of who is in the presidential seat for some time now, thereby always pushing it toward a more pressing timeline.

Since we now have access to a secret memo showing that JFK demanded access to UFO files 10 days before he was shot down in Dallas, Texas, and American Intelligence Officer, E. Howard Hunt, says Kennedy was killed for wanting to disclose an alien presence, it is clear that any president who demands access to above-top-secret intel might be disposed of. In the very least, Trump could inadvertently allow full disclosure due to treaties (signed by President Eisenhower) that our current shadow government have honored which may about to become null and void.

2. The Mainstream Press is Having a Harder Time Discounting Thousands of UFO Sightings

As the mainstream press continues their war against 'fake news,' they keep losing credibility. Smoking gun proof is probably sitting in someone's attic somewhere, but the press can no longer contain it if it goes viral. The Internet is the great democratizing factor. It has already given the world access to thousands of UFO sightings. Some of them are clearly hoaxes, but most of them are clearly flying objects with technology that does not match Earth-bound ships.

Some of these could have been reversed engineered (which is a whole set of disclosures right there, since thousands of patents are kept 'classified' right now for national security purposes.

Many more are likely from other solar systems, and are used by civilizations which are far more advanced than our own.

While the Russians are not innocent in the game of keeping secrets – the Ministry of Defense was working on creating super humans with paranormal abilities using ET interaction during Soviet times – they have far advanced general disclosure of UFOs, advanced technology, and other disclosure-related topics.

3. An Aging Military Population No Longer Has a Reason to Keep Government Secrets

As military industrial contractors reach their golden years, many are compelled to share what they know with the public, which previously they may have feared to share to protect their lives or the lives of their families.

One recent whistleblower that came forward, an ex-soldier, reports that 500 military men saw UFOs at Roswell. His report was made to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's officially-recognized body for recording such sightings.

The man, currently remaining publically anonymous, I snow at least in his 60s, and broke a 44-year silence over the incident by reporting it to MUFON.

Former Lockheed Martin engineer, Boyd Bushman made a deathbed confession that humans had indeed been in contact with aliens.

Bushman claimed that "government officials had been in contact with aliens who strongly resemble humans, tend to be "approximately four and a half to five feet tall," "have three back bones" that are "actually cartilage," and are able to communicate telepathically: "They're able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you. You walk in the room with one of them, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice."

Another contractor, Don Phillips who worked for Lockheed Martin Skunkworks confessed similarly. He speaks more in depth of technology we have received from extra terrestrials.

4. Recent 'Soft' Disclosures Could be Preparing Us for Full Disclosure

NASA recently admitted that liquid water flows on Mars today. Their lead scientist, Ellen Stofan, also said, "We could find alien life in the next 10 to 20 years." NASA also estimated that there could be 1 billion "earths" in our galaxy alone. The Milky Way could likely contain more than 100 billion planets – and we haven't even considered that life could exist on stars, moons, asteroids, space-stations, etc.

Caltech research also recently said they found a real ninth planet, with ten times the mass of the earth.

That means minimally, there is a whole lot of hospitable real-estate out there for sentient life forms.

Movies like Stargate and other Hollywood sci-fi movies – including Star Wars, might also be preparation for larger disclosure.

With all of these things coming to a head this year, it might finally be the time for us to learn of our true history, the scope of our access to technology including free energy, amazing healing devices, spiritual technologies, and our off-planet cousins in the Cosmos. Certainly, as we consciously demand full disclosure, it can only help bring full illumination to the fore.

About The Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.

I have to keep going back to Jon Rappaport's reports because they echo exactly what I have been saying here for weeks now. What we really should be looking at is the CONTENT of the emails that were supposedly 'hacked'. Why is NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA FOCUSING ON THE CONTENT???

Because we no longer use our brains, and we wonder why are hearts are led astray! THIS, what should be the main headlines....even from the other side! Why is not anyone from either side asking this question or making this point!

This my friends is what is called 'CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE',...and when you do that, most people do not have a brain left to question anything, or capable of re-diverting the attention BACK on the narrative that it SHOULD BE ON IN THE FIRST PLACE!

And this is why you are going to continue to hear RUSSIA HACK, RUSSIA HACK, RUSSIA HACK,...

And if we do end up in a war, its not ONLY because its the N.W..O minions last desperate gasp to maintain control, will be because mainstream America is still asleep!

Wake up America!

Analyzing mainstream news
Analyzing mainstream news anti-logic

By Jon Rappoport

Thousands of articles have been written about the so-called Russian hack of the US election. The term "Russian hack" suggests the Russkies actually found a way to subvert the results of voting machines.

But of course, no convincing evidence has been presented to support such a charge. In fact, when you drill down a few inches below the surface, you find this charge instead: Russia hacked into email accounts and scooped up Hillary, DNC, and Podesta emails, and passed them to WikiLeaks, who then published them.

No chain of evidence supporting this claim has been presented to the public, either. But even assuming the assertion is true, an important factor is intentionally being ignored: THE CONTENT OF THOSE LEAKED EMAILS.

In other words, if making all this content publicly available cost Hillary the election, and if no one is seriously questioning the authenticity of the emails, then THE TRUTH undermined Hillary. However, no major media outlet is reporting the story from that angle.


Those headlines would attract millions of clicks. Why weren't they printed? It's reasonable to assume big news outlets didn't want readers to think about the story from that perspective.

Why not? Why was the heavy emphasis put on the hacking of the emails? To obscure the importance of their content: for example, DNC collusion to obstruct and undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

"Let's make the story all about WHO we claim stole the emails, rather than WHAT THE EMAILS CONTAINED."

When a tape surfaced in which Trump spoke about women who were eager to have sex with famous men, did major media make the story all about who had the tape and who released it to the press? No.

Perhaps you remember this 2009 email-hack controversy. Wikipedia sums it up: "The Climatic Research Unit email controversy (also known as "Climategate") began in November 2009 with the hacking of a server at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) by an external attacker, copying thousands of emails and computer files, the Climatic Research Unit documents, to various internet locations several weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate change."

One of the most revealing elements in the email exchanges: an obvious attempt to sideline scientific critics of global warming. But major media quickly began to reframe the story. It was all about illegal hacking, and investigations were launched to determine the criminal. The contents of the emails were brushed off as "proprietary work product" and "misleading" because "context was missing."

The case of Edward Snowden was somewhat different. There the media felt compelled to expose the CONTENT of the NSA documents Snowden stole. They also gave considerable space to Snowden himself. To some degree, this was a fait accompli, because The Guardian newspaper was committed, from the beginning, to publishing NSA documents and an analysis of their meaning---so other media outlets followed suit.

Getting the picture?

Big news media decide whether to focus on the WHO or the WHAT, in each case. "Should we give primary coverage to the leaker or what he leaked?"

But that is not a choice you are making. It's a choice being made for you.

Government agencies and spokespeople leak news to the press all the time. In these instances, the press doesn't turn around and launch a probe aimed at exposing the WHO and discovering WHY a particular tidbit was passed along for publication. Newspapers and television news departments simply run with the stories.

"Okay, Bob. Here's a little gem for you. The White House and the Congress are cooperating on this one. In the next few days, a piece of legislation is going to be inserted into a current bill in the House. It'll establish a working group to combat 'fake news' operations that confuse the public..."

Does Bob bite the hand that feeds him? Does he write a story accusing the White House of trying to knock out independent news competitors who contradict official reality? Of course not. Bob plays along.

Sometimes, both the WHO and the WHAT are censored. Such was the case with CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, who confessed publicly, in August of 2014, that he and colleagues at the CDC committed fraud in a 2004 study of the MMR vaccine and its possible connection to autism. Thompson admitted the study was cooked, to make it seem the vaccine didn't increase the risk of autism, when in fact it did. The mainstream press put a chokehold on the story. Aside from scattered references, and official denials, the story faded quickly. The leaker and what he was leaking remained in the shadows. Independent news outlets (such as this one) kept the story percolating.

In summary, there is no logic in the mainstream approach to leaks and leakers. These days, the WHO and WHAT are decided on the basis of serving official interests and agendas---and repressing the public interest.

Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at

So incase you havent gotten it yet, Ill let Jon Rappoport continue to make the point, because he can make it better than I ever will.

CIA director slams Trump for slamming CIA

Note to readers: if the list of names and phrases in this article doesn't ring any CIA bells, a refresher course is in order...

by Jon Rappoport

In case you hadn't noticed, uttering a politically incorrect comment is now a bigger crime than decimating thousands in a war.

You can bomb a country into submission and chaos, leaving dead and wounded from shore to shore, and that might be counted as a "mistake in judgment"; but using a few loaded words---or in this case---criticizing an intelligence agency---is an earthshaking event that could make the planet spin off-course...

Case in point:

The lame-duck outgoing CIA director, John Brennan, lectured Donald Trump Sunday, on FOX. NBC News reports:

"Trump has repeatedly called for a better relationship between the U.S. and Putin's government. He suggested in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday that he'd consider easing the latest sanctions on Russia."

"'I think he has to be mindful that he does not have a full appreciation and understanding of what the implications are of going down that road', Brennan said."

"The CIA chief roundly denounced Trump's approach to Russia and other national security threats, suggesting the president-elect has much to understand before he can make informed decisions on such matters."

"'The world is watching now what Trump says and listening very carefully. If he doesn't have confidence in the [US] intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies as well as our adversaries?' Brennan said."


Mr. Brennan, the signal was sent to our partners, allies, and adversaries decades ago:

The CIA is a criminal agency.

Is that clear enough?

Long ago, the CIA criminally stepped outside its mandate, in order to shape world events it had no business participating in. Is that clear enough?

In that regard, do these names and phrases mean anything to you, Mr. Brennan?

* The Gehlen Org.

* Operation Gladio.


* Operation CHAOS.

* Nugan Hand Bank.

* BCCI Bank.

* Golden Triangle. Asian heroin.

* Air America.

* Central American cocaine. Mena.

* The Contras.

* Henry Luce. William Paley. Arthur Sulzberger. Operation Mockingbird.

* Overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh (Iran).

* Overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz (Guatemala).

* Murder of Patrice Lumumba (Congo).

* Bay of Pigs.

* JFK.

* Diem assassination.

* Rafael Trujillo assassination.

* Sukarno. Suharto.

* East Timor genocide.

* Military coup---Greece.

* Allende.

* Gulf of Tonkin.

* Operation Phoenix.

* Laos bombing.

* Sihanouk.

* The Khmer Rouge.

* El Salvador death squads.

On and on it goes...

See Mark Zepezauer's book. The CIA's Greatest Hits.

Overthrow, assassination, regime change, mind control, covert war, mass destruction, drugs, financial theft, co-opting the press...

Do you recall any of this, Mr. Brennan?

Trump (or any president) is sending a negative signal about the US intelligence community to our friends, allies, and adversaries? Are you kidding, Mr. Brennan? Are you telling some kind of inside joke?

People all over the world have known, for decades, what the CIA has been doing.

And you're worried about the effect of a little tweak from Trump?

The murderous history of the CIA has been a cat out of the bag for a long, long time.

Professional amnesia may be your friend, Mr. Brennan, but it doesn't convince the victims and targets of your agency's actions since 1948.

Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections.

Jon Rappoport

You can find this article and more at

Elements of the C.I.A. are a murderous, treasonous, agency and any mainstream media outlet (CNN) that aligns itself to it is a murderous, complicit, treasonous agency to the Republic as well! And any individual still dumb enough to continue to buy this bullshit and uses it to justify their stupid arguments are not only brain dead, but complicit in treason of the American Republic as all hell!

January 20th, 2017

Beware the 'Monsters'......they may not be what they seem.

Nor your saviors....

Ever since the experience of the national election in America
, and yes, I mean 'experience', unlike one I have ever seen or witnessed, there has been only one term that has stood out in my mind that comes close to explaining what is happening to the psyche of the American people, and thus, the world..

Cognitive Dissonance.

The Election Unleashed A "Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb"

Tyler Durden's picture
by Tyler Durden
Nov 12, 2016 2:20 PM

Earlier this week listed 24 different theories that pundits have provided for why Trump won. And the list isn’t even complete, we’ve heard other explanations as well. What does it tell you when there are 24 different explanations for a thing?

As Dilbert Creator Scott Adams explains, it tells you that someone just dropped a cognitive dissonance cluster bomb on the public. Heads exploded. Cognitive dissonance set in. Weird theories came out. This is the cleanest and clearest example of cognitive dissonance you will ever see. Remember it.

This phenomenon is why a year ago I told you I was putting so much emphasis on PREDICTING the outcome of the election using the Master Persuader Filter. I told you it would be easy to fit any theory to the facts AFTER the result. And sure enough, we can fit lots of theories to the facts. At least 24 of them by CNN’s count.

Generally speaking, the greater the persuasion, the more cognitive dissonance you get. Trump is – in my opinion – the greatest persuader of my lifetime. I expected this level of cognitive dissonance. Next time you see a persuader of this magnitude, you can expect the outcome to be cognitive dissonance in that case too.

This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them.

They believe they are smart and well-informed. Their good judgement told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad. Half of the voters of the United States – including a lot of smart people – voted Trump into office anyway.

Those “facts” can’t be reconciled in the minds of the anti-Trumpers. Mentally, something has to give. That’s where cognitive dissonance comes in.

There are two ways for an anti-Trumper to interpret that reality. One option is to accept that if half the public doesn’t see Trump as a dangerous monster, perhaps he isn’t. But that would conflict with a person’s self-image as being smart and well-informed in the first place. When you violate a person’s self-image, it triggers cognitive dissonance to explain-away the discrepancy.

So how do you explain-away Trump’s election if you think you are smart and you think you are well-informed and you think Trump is OBVIOUSLY a monster?

You solve for that incongruity by hallucinating – literally – that Trump supporters KNOW Trump is a monster and they PREFER the monster. In this hallucination, the KKK is not a nutty fringe group but rather a symbol of how all Trump supporters must feel. (They don’t. Not even close.)

In a rational world it would be obvious that Trump supporters include lots of brilliant and well-informed people. That fact – as obvious as it would seem – is invisible to the folks who can’t even imagine a world in which their powers of perception could be so wrong. To reconcile their world, they have to imagine all Trump supporters as defective in some moral or cognitive way, or both.

As I often tell you, we all live in our own movies inside our heads. Humans did not evolve with the capability to understand their reality because it was not important to survival. Any illusion that keeps us alive long enough to procreate is good enough.

That’s why the protestors live in a movie in which they are fighting against a monster called Trump and you live in a movie where you got the president you wanted for the changes you prefer. Same planet, different realities. Finally, CNN has even stumbled on to the accuracy and "persuasion" theory of Adams' prediction...

And that's the simple explanation.

The other part of the story is, Donald Trump was NOT suppose to win the election, at least, not according to the New World Order and all those that are either 'aligned' strategically,..or even mentally, which includes most of the 'status quo' Americans who have no clue they have been living and moving towards a progressive global dictatorship for many years now, however intelligent and 'well informed' they 'think' they are. Fact of the matter is, they have been duped by hypnotic covert and psychological means, unable to even comprehend that the same 'saviors' they worship are deep state criminals and satanic child molesters.

Talk about cognitive dissonance....

For those of you who could never imagine how a 'New World Order' global conspiracy could even exist, you know.

Cognitive Dissonance. Remember it. You have been warned.

Condescending? No.

I'm just here to tell you you are wrong,...and there's something else going on. Sorry if that upsets you. The boat needed to be rocked. We were out of time. And I know what it's like to be viewed a 'monster'. Sometimes it takes those with an edge that are capable and willing to rock the boat in order for 'old ways' that no longer serve us to change. You would do you and your loved ones good to at least listen. Better even to do your own research. I'm not saying Donald Trump is the answer. But while most people sleep,'s a sign of the times that something needs to change. I mean, really change,...not just be used as some fancy campaign motto just to be re-elected and keep the same status quo. And if Trump is inaugurated today at noon without all hell breaking lose,....than as I said a couple weeks ago,.....the N.W.O. and its minions have been compromised, and we had better see a war crimes tribunal this spring...or else.

I would start by learning what partial disclosure is all about....and prepare yourself and yours for great changes on this planet for the next fifty to one hundred years, because the New World Order Illuminati is dying....whether you realize or believed it has existed,...or not.

The only other thing that would be better is FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!

That will only happen with an awareness that it exist. Learn the difference between the two....and keep the fight for TRUE FREEDOM ALIVE...ALWAYS! The truth will ALWAYS...set US free.

A last word about any woman, or 'minority' who may aspire to be president or leader of the United States and the free world.

Don't ever sacrifice your values and principles for a matter of gender or race. If you do, you are no better than those challengers you seek to replace. Hillary Clinton, nor her husband, did NOT represent those values and principles. If they did, the Clinton Foundation would continue to flourish today, without any chance of ever being leaders of the free world. They were there because they were 'chosen' to lead with the New World Order, Order that is now dead,..and dying, and no longer represents the best interest of the American people. In fact, they were treasonous, and will be tried as so.

Someday, there will be a woman who will rise to power and represent these values and principles to the utmost. It will be her that will have earned your loyalty...and it will be her that will lead the American Republic. You will then,...have pride once again in your vote.

January 24, 2017

Question; Does anyone think that Madonna really didn't realize what she was doing when she made reference to 'blowing up the White House' at the Women's March in D.C., in context or not?

C'mon. Think again. If you don't, you are being played like a fiddle. Of course she knew what she was saying,..and why! And so did Ashley Judd. There was a very specific reason why these people were there, why they did what they did,..and how. And it's NOT what you think!

She goes on to say she 'chose love' instead. Of course, her choice of love turned into a great big Fuck You for live t.v.!

Yea. So much for Love. People may say well, it depends on where your focus was. Really? Kind of hard to miss the pussy hats. And where do you think that came from? It was a ploy and you bought it hook line and sinker!

I've explained many times here how people's 'good intentions' are used and manipulated for other reasons. These reasons never became more apparent after my time with the Occupy movement when I realized that I too was being played. None of us like being used. And I know how much it hurts when your heart is in it for good intentions.

I told you I would stay right here for you and continue to explain these 'reasons'. If you think I am talking 'down' to you, or 'at you',...well, that's your opinion. If your still not getting it.....Stay tuned, or go wake up somewhere else. But for God's sake, and your own....wake up!


... Woo-woo saves the world!~

Woo-woo is all the strange people and stuff that is 'officially denied', 'totally ignored', 'actually unknown', and 'so far out we have not even started to imagine it yet'.

For all of us in the woo-woo business, it feels odd to walk about on this planet, especially these days. It feels odd because for the first time in most of our lives as woo-woo people, we feel like the 'straights'. That is, we are the ones feeling grounded, embraced, and connected to reality.

This is not our usual state of being.

For most of our woo-woo lives, we are the outsiders; the people so far beyond the fringe that we are mostly unable to make contact with the reality shared amongst humanity. We truly labor at the very disturbing edges of collective consensus reality. This has proven to be a dangerous place to work, especially over this last century. Many have been set drifting off into woo-woo by the forces of universe and personal karma never to surface again.

We are still laboring under harsh conditions in woo-woo, so we have not time to eulogize, merely note the passing and keep on with work.

Universe insists on this.

In passing, please note that from those of us beyond the acceptable fringe, we certainly do choose the woo-woo life at some point...that is, we make a personal commitment to a life of it. But note, most of us only come to this acceptance after years of struggle and hardship trying to reconcile to the collectively shared reality. Woo-woo is not the choice of those who have a choice, it is only chosen by those with no choice. Woo-woo guys will get that. All struggle, all pain is equal, even that which is denied by others has value to those who endure and grow from it. The point of this dissertation is not to laud our suffering, individually or collectively, but rather to focus on our new calling from universe.

Universe provides us all with exactly what is required in this life. At all levels, individually, and collectively, universe sets out the tasks, but also provides ALL the tools required for its successful completion. This includes us, all the woo-woo humans, created by universe at this point in time. If you are in woo-woo, you get this. We are here, now, because we are needed.

Universe is like that. It provides the challenging problem against which we may train our minds, and forge our wills, and reveal our character. It also provides all the woo-woo necessary to get the job done.

So here we are... we have to clean up after the last 150 years of subtle warfare and occupation. The global economy is screwed, every piece of the planet that can possibly be covered in debt is so covered. Every exploit has been tried, and they are all failing as the system itself is a mess built around lies so deep it takes a human years of work just to grasp the scope of it. Our world has been occupied by a banking system incapable of sustaining itself, but certainly capable of killing us all as it thrashes around in its dying. The banking system has eaten everything...politics, military, entertainment, education, health, and even the state of well being of the planet itself.

No human system on earth remains unpolluted.

The 'sleeple' as they are called in the woo-woo world, the greater mass of humanity, is stirring, and no wonder. Now, as the 'sleeple' shift in their dreams, creating chaos with the planned strategies of the elites, the greater mass of humanity is waking precisely because things are so screwed up that the peaceful slumber is no longer possible. The various bodies of humanity are ill. The social body, the food body, the political body....all and more are suffering the dis-ease that has been too long in place, causing the bodies to rebel.

A healthy humanity capable of facing an uncertain future only is possible from a grounded view of reality.

All of the problems besetting our world now can be solved. Universe provides everything we need for each, every, and all the challenges it presents. The problem we all face as humans individually and collectively, is our perception of where we are, the challenge of the moment, and the selection of tools available for use.

Our immediate problems need only be understood at the appropriate level for a solution to present itself. Of course, easier said than done. As we know, the 'straights' have been unable to wrest out any solutions from their view of reality. We have tried all the failed approaches offered by banksters, lawyers, doctors, and professors. All have failed. Obviously, or we would not be facing the collective mass of banking, political, medical, environmental, military, and existential problems that we now face.

Those in woo-woo recognize that we are where we are precisely due to the path we took to get here. We know that the straights will never accept the woo-woo solutions offered by universe except under the most dire of circumstances where everything else has failed. A lot of this as to do with their view of reality, and some has to do with the relinquishing of presumed personal power over life that comes as one realizes that to swim, in water or woo-woo, one must let go the edge deliberately.

So we are there now.

Crises abound, conflict is escalating, climate is changing, banks will be failing, people will be starving, all forcing humans to turn against humans in their frustration at not seeing a path ahead.

Even worse comes.

We in woo-woo can see this progression. Enough of the sleeple have some sense of the developing course of events that they have turned over in their sleep and crushed the latest globalist agenda. That is how bad things really are.

The woo-woo world has seen this coming while working mightily to shift the path of the rolling boulder away from the village. All our years of work have not prevented us from being here now, but they have not been in vein either. Universe would train and harden its warriors for the battles ahead. It would scar us in big and small ways that we may take the next blow easier, recover faster, and reply harder. We have been scared, burned, beaten, and hammered by years of abuse from universe.

Yet we remain.

Universe has a purpose for everything created here. Any person stating that universe creates 'junk' in any form is confirming only their small view of reality, and narrowness of awareness. Universe has a purpose for us all.

Universe will have woo-woo save the world.

We know how to recover a healthy global economy that can be sustained for centuries. We know how to cope with the changes affecting all of the planets and the sun. We know how to cooperate with the earth in its growth. We know how to restore health and vitality to the bodies of humanity. We know how to educate humans to be able to look at universe in all its splendor and terror without fear.

We know how to engineer a sustainable reality.

The consensus reality is dying. Even the sleeple demonstrate that they know we need a new reality. The breakdown of the old is always a period of struggle and hardship, but without a vision of the reality ahead, it can be also a fatal time for a civilization.

New secrets to be revealed soon will prove this point.

Without a collective understanding of where we are going, we will not reach a goal. The collective vision of globalism shoved down our throats these last 100+ years is dying. As have the many other civilizations that have reached this same point of dysfunction here on this planet. They all died, ignoring their woo-woo of that day, and now we are continually tripping over all their ruins.

Woo-woo saves humanity.

Universe does not make junk. That includes all the people in the woo-woo world. Universe created woo-woo precisely because it is needed. If you are in the woo-woo 'business', get ready, it is going to be a busy few years.

Yes, we really do know the elegant solutions to our collective problems. Just ask your neighborhood woo-woo human. Watch out, some of us do bite, but if you don't kick at us, we will respond politely, and with practical solutions provided by universe that you have been unable to see until we point them out. Not your fault you can't see them. Universe did not make you that way, and even for us in the business, it takes years of work, sometimes decades, to discern the woo-woo treasures within the pile of obscuring bullshit heaped there by the dying of old consensus realities.

Got woo-woo?

Now,.....There is one thing that the Trump Administration needs to get straightened out real quick, and that is their energy policy. This is one thing that neither liberals or conservatives will tolerate. If they don't, then the people will have to do it for them. Mark my words on this one. If Trump is the real thing, he is going to have to settle this very quickly. There are going to be a few 'key elements' in the Trump policy to watch very closely over the next few weeks. The position of these elements will be the tell tale of whats to come.

Trump to sign orders reviving pipeline projects, sources say

President Trump plans to sign executive orders reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which had been stalled under the Obama administration, sources tell Fox News.

The moves had been widely expected, as Trump blasted his predecessor for effectively blocking the projects amid environmental and other concerns.

While the Canada-to-Texas Keystone project was at the center of a heated debate for years until the Obama administration rejected a key permit in November 2015, the Dakota pipeline more recently became the subject of fierce protests until the Army Corps of Engineers in December blocked construction of a controversial segment.

Read Full Article Here.

January 25, 2017

I've had it. I've been pushed over the edge. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Now the kid gloves come off and if you have a hard time handling truth,..I suggest you click off this web site right now because, in time, I am about to unleash an onslaught of TRUTH.

I'm having a hard time figuring this out. Let me see if I can wrap my head around this. Meryl Streep uses the Golden Globe platform to bash American sports, Martial Arts, and President Trump. Yet, Golden Globes is now owned by whom?.......CHINA? Hmmmmm

DEALS | Fri Nov 4, 2016 | 12:06am EDT
China's Wanda extends Hollywood push with Dick Clark deal

China's Dalian Wanda has agreed a $1 billion takeover of Dick Clark Productions, the company that runs the Golden Globe awards and Miss America pageants, extending the Chinese property-to-entertainment conglomerate's buying spree in Hollywood.

Read Full Article Here, This is only the beginning....if this matters to you. Stay tuned for more.

GCR/RV Overview: "Tiers" -- January 25, 2017

1/25/2017 11:12:00 AM Chinese Elders, Dinarland, GCR, RV, Secret History, Secret News Source: Dinar Chronicles

Many realize they're waiting on something of great significance, but don't know exactly where they stand individually in something as colossal as a global currency reset and/or changing of the world's financial system.

This information isn't taught in schools as those with the gold prefer you didn't know who they were, or how they operate. But given the drawn out nature of this endless transition, curious minds had the time and desire to dig a little deeper and unearth a few buried truths.

One of those being that the modern banking system was tiered dating back to the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement post WWll. Globalists were making a strong statement for monetary unification across all continents, linking up banks and industries meant more growth, also travel also was becoming more easily accessible to the average person. The combination demanded some kind of universal financial system, hence the modern tiered system of global finance was born.

The problem that occurred was as technology progressed, so did access to foreign trading markets. And in today's digital age, that access is literally immediate, breaking seconds down into fractions of fractions of fractions of seconds. So known that said fractions exist and can be increased, gaps of time can be created in the outdated system, and greedy bad guys who are faster to adapt and as a result take incredible profits using high speed trading--yet making nothing--are untraceable to the good guys who arrive with fixes after the damage has already been done.

Sadly, the western world has perfected such white collar technical theft. This creates greater wealth disparity between the have and have nots, yet the have's already owned a vast majority of the world's wealth before WWll, so technology just accelerated what at some point in the 1970's must have appeared to be an irreversible trend when then President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard for two weeks (and here we are 45 years later desperately going back to our old friend gold).

However, those eastern world family's that controlled the vast majority of the world's tangible assets got together, pooled their massive holdings in a series of irrevocable trusts, and began mounting a secrete campaign to reclaim the financial system.

They saw how the west was intentionally causing chaos through war and economic collapse, and then deliver order through new government regulation, which created less and less opportunity for the individual, and more and more dependence upon the state for survival.

Existentially the east watched it all unfold at first, but then clearly saw something needed to be done in reality when the world's monetary policy fell in great danger as governments were openly in bed with the western bankers--who all emanated from the same genetic family (hence the commonly referred to conspiracy term cabal); as over the course of centuries they strategically married and bred into different races, religions, cultures, organizations and across continents… always secretly maintaining their hidden Zionist agenda and overarching goal of total world domination.

Hard to believe? Maybe. Yet true. And we are all witnessing the end of their zionistic agenda, as well as the reconstitution of humanity after centuries of a destructive "us not them" philosophy.

Diligently, patiently, the Eastern world began divesting themselves and these western countries economies from non-tangible asset classes, began hoarding manufacturing sector companies and raw good producers, including buying mines, water, timber and farm land world wide--until very quietly, they had irreversible control of all things "physical" or tangible in the world; including the creation of an entire new and technologically superior financial system, using the same tier system, but with separate centralized monetary authority based in China (with quantum processing satellites as well).

They also began acquiring as much sovereign bond and treasury note issuances as they were allowed, to stock pile future bargaining chips against the corrupted western establishment. That's how much money they had. How is this possible? They owned the gold and could draw credit off their immense holdings at will. So they did. And kept doing it until they bankrupted the 1944 Bretton Woods created old, modern financial system.

Also, there were busy creating a new Cross-Boarder Interbank Payment System (CIPS) and began bringing it on-line after 9/11. First in Asia, then slowly expanding bank by bank, nation by nation into the western world. And when global financial markets seemingly randomly collapsed circa 2008, that was because the new financial system had replaced the old financial system in majority worldwide.

Meaning those fancy derivative products and electronic fake assets began defaulting class by class, as their common lie was being exposed globally. Few modern investments outside of commodities trades have a tangible asset backing up or collateralize the trade--which ultimately brought down every western bank and financial institution, and ultimately their corrupted governments and leaders, one by one until none could with stand going it alone in the old financial system.

The European Union was last, as Eastern Europe is at the heart of Zionism; and thus their daily cabal (theft) from the rest of the world began and end with their banking system--Germany specifically.

Now you can still purchase ETFs, futures and options even though you're really buying anything other than a financial position in space that tangibly does not really exist although feels real. Why? Because thanks to the Chinese Dragon Elders, they haves provided once again the collateral to cover all markets, currencies and central bank exposure. That's how much gold they have after accumulating it for 5,000 years.

However, this time all trades are transparent and regulated at the global monetary computing level (tier 1), utilizing new high tech quantum satellites, which makes not only theft incredibly more difficult, but also assigning blame more easy due to new block chain technology that charts each and every transaction back to its origination point, regardless of the number of digital transactions--in a matter of split seconds.

This new transparency in our modern space-aged financial system makes off shore investment and tax havens obsolete, as it does concealing illegal drug and arms purchases. Literally there's no place to hide in the digital age financially now. Do no harm is a very real thing because absolutely every decision is tracked back to it's original decision maker: i.e. no more shell companies, inside of shell charities, insides of shell NGO's, inside of shell non profits for religion, inside of public companies, inside of private banks, inside of public banks.

What will the Vatican & Rothschilds do with their time now? Who fucking cares. Not I. Burn in hell draconian demons.

Now that all the western banks and their governments have been completely broken, as well as few corrupted leaders in the Middle East, Latin America, East and North Africa as well, the world thankfully is safely out of mass extinction danger, and again ready to re-enter some kind of global sanity fiscally, militarily, diplomatically and politically.

Know that privately, we've long been there or else the world would have already collapsed from within. Ever wonder why the Dow can't get above 20,000? It's not time yet, that's why.[ALTHOUGH AT THE POSTING OF THIS ARTICLE,...GUESS WHAT?] Ever wonder why the markets are flat worldwide and big companies aren't making press release worthy R&D or growth investments? It's not time yet.

So back to the Modern Financial System Tiers, they are as follows:

Read More.

Now for some more truth if you can handle it.....And while you do,..please keep in mind some links that I have posted here over the past few months regarding Albert Pike. You may also find more about him and his Newburyport Honchos in my new manuscript below. I pray to God that anyone reading these pages are putting these pieces together. Our freedoms and very lives depend upon it. And I could care less about whether or not you like what I say anymore. This truth NEEDS to be told whether or not you like it, me...or not.

As I have been saying for years,....silence is complicity....which seems to be echoed recently by the those that 'think' they are fully informed and have now, all of a sudden on Nov 8th, have become the 'New Resistance'. HA! I got news for you.

Your not. You still have a lot of waking up to do.

Your being used. And the real truth is...I'm here because I really care for YOU!

Nationalism, Globalism, Empire, and the vision of self-sufficiency

By Jon Rappoport

Nationalism is not Empire. Nationalism is solving problems at home.

Globalism is the non-partisan effort to immerse nations in a regional and planetary management system; mega-corporations and banks steer the ship.

Freedom includes the ability to choose between Nationalism and Globalism.

Globalism is not an organic grass-roots movement. It is imposed from above. (See my work on the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission to gain a view of "above.")

Empire here implies the effort by a government (e.g., the US, China) to extend its control over other nations and peoples. It is not an intrinsic part of Nationalism. Dick Cheney was intent on building an American Empire. A factory worker in Ohio isn't.

Nationalism doesn't mean the government is running a vast Welfare State. It isn't running a charity without limits. It isn't promising a utopia based on "share and care."

Solving problems at home implies restoring jobs stolen by corporations who left the country and set up shop in foreign lands. They committed this deed under terms of Globalist trade treaties. The corporations weren't exercising freedom. They were navigating loopholes designed by their friends in high places. The major loophole was: "You can manufacture your products in a hell hole overseas with slave labor, and then you can export those products back to your former home country and sell them without paying a tariff."

Solving problems at home implies the robust expansion of independent media, who become a watchdog on government, corporations, and major media.

Solving problems at home implies the eradication of a Surveillance State which, under the cover of protecting the citizenry against terrorism, is actually collecting massive amounts of information on all citizens.

Solving problems at home implies eliminating gangs who are holding millions of citizens in inner cities hostage in their own residences.

Solving problems at home implies securing the nation's borders against incursion by people intent on committing crimes, collecting free money and services from the government, and subverting freedom.

Solving problems at home implies doing whatever can be done to encourage a culture in which individual freedom and vision and power motivates as many people as possible to invent their own futures, in order to fulfill their most profound desires.

Solving problems at home implies prosecuting, to the fullest extent of the law, companies that pollute and poison the land, sea, and air with their "by-products." This effort does not require a return to some universal Pagan religion of Nature.

Solving problems at home implies prosecuting, to the fullest extent of the law, companies who manufacture and sell compounds that purport to cure disease, but actually destroy health and life.

Historically, the first time a banker or corporate leader was discovered to have financed an American war on both sides, he should have been tried and convicted of treason. That would have sent a suitable message.

And so forth and so on.

This is all common sense.

It is obscured by waves of mouthy propaganda, featuring high-flying generalities and ideals, which turn into demands and vicious attacks: "Everybody has to love one another right now and share everything for free, and if they don't, we'll blast them into the stratosphere."

These waves are planned, organized, and funded by people like George Soros, and they are meant to disrupt nations and push them into the arms of the Globalist agenda.

The number of unconscious dupes and pawns in this operation is legion.

In his 1796 Farewell Address, President George Washington provided exceptional recommendations about nationalism:

"It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world..."

"But even our commercial [trade] policy [with foreign nations] should hold an equal and impartial hand...diffusing and diversifying by gentle means the streams of commerce, but forcing nothing...constantly keeping in view that it is folly in one nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of its independence for whatever it may accept under that character...There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate upon real favors from nation to nation. It is an illusion, which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard."

"...Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none; or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities."

"Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest...?"

"With me a predominant motive has been to endeavor to gain time to our country to settle and mature its yet recent institutions, and to progress without interruption to that degree of strength and consistency which is necessary to give it, humanly speaking, the command of its own fortunes."

Whenever Washington mentions Europe, he is essentially referring to any foreign country.

Nationalism: stay at home. Strengthen the home country. No Empire. No entangling alliances.

And certainly, no Globalism, which amounts to surrender of the home country to foreign interests.

What is wrong with George Washington's policy? Nothing.

The policy has been called isolationism, which, via propaganda, has been given a nasty edge. It has no edge. It has concern for America.

Every country could learn from George Washington's wisdom.

Utopian dreams aside, no country's history is pure. Its governments and leaders have committed terrible crimes. But that fact doesn't imply that the country should be destroyed or dismantled, or attached to some deceptive supra-national program of "harmony for all."

Nationalism, in George Washington's description of it, is a practical vision for realizing a degree of self-sufficiency no modern country has ever achieved.

The vision is still there to be pursued.

It has always been there, since the ancient nomads first settled down in sunlit valleys and began to grow their crops.

Self-sufficiency, freedom, prosperity.

Advanced technology has complicated matters. I'm not talking about instant communication among all points on Earth. I'm talking about a surfeit of weapons which can destroy life at the push of a button. But even there, leaders will be far more likely to negotiate and talk in good faith if they have the genuine interest of their own people at heart, where they live, in their home nations.

In a half-sane world, there would be, by now, courses in taught in every school, on the meaning of greed, avarice, meddling, and the obsession for minding everyone else's business...

You can find this article and more at

January 26, 2017

Truth will shred belief systems apart....every time.

A word or two from Toni Laren in regards to the Womens March.

I have made many many warnings prior to the presidential election stating that those whose beliefs systems were more important to them than the truth, will be fully exposed for the frauds they are. There is nothing one can do when people choose for themselves what path they want to pursue. Just remember,....Truth will shred beliefs to all hell every time. Learn your history. And since you are lucky enough to have found and read these updates, don't ever ever say you were not warned.

you have been warned...

Lets check in on David Seaman...See how he's holding up since the murder of his friend. As I have mentioned several times on these updates, what people should be focusing on is the CONTENT of the leaked Podesta well as the source. The 'Russia' hack, was just a deterrent to the truth so that the media, nor anyone else, would not focus on the content. And like so many other times throughout this whole process, they underestimate peoples commitment to truth. And this commitment will never end. So if anyone is bothered by Trumps idiosyncrasies instead of the bigger picture of what's really going on in the world,...get over it. If Donald Trump and his administration has any other agenda in mind, he will be taken out faster than he was put in.

If people before profits was true for you, should NOT have been voting for Hillary Clinton!

I am going to continue to expose the agenda behind the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, George Soros, and the globalist cabal within the United States, even if it includes Donald well as the international pedophilia ring in context of the Women's March.

You've been was YOU that chose not to listen. As warned once again yesterday,...If you can't handle truth, I am telling you right now to walk away from this, because you will not be able to handle where this goes....and what is coming.

The real irony cannot walk away from truth. If you do, will always return once your beliefs are destroyed. I have stated many many times here over the years. This is a pandora's box. A very dangerous one at that. Things can only be revealed in their own time. But the time is near. The warnings have been given. And truth is about to rear its ugly head for all to see.

January 27, 2017

Why ‘1984’ Is a 2017 Must-Read


"The dystopia described in George Orwell’s nearly 70-year-old novel “1984” suddenly feels all too familiar. A world in which Big Brother (or maybe the National Security Agency) is always listening in, and high-tech devices can eavesdrop in people’s homes. (Hey, Alexa, what’s up?) A world of endless war, where fear and hate are drummed up against foreigners, and movies show boatloads of refugees dying at sea. A world in which the government insists that reality is not “something objective, external, existing in its own right” — but rather, “whatever the Party holds to be truth is truth.”

Read Full Article (Which I will be dissecting here all day long) Here.

So, the very first sentence of this article states;"The dystopia described in George Orwell’s nearly 70-year-old novel “1984” suddenly feels all too familiar."

Um, Excuse me, Mr. Kakutanijan, (as well as the rest of the fucking world)......but, 'suddenly' feels all to familiar?...WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN for the past 15, 20, even sixty years? Although I doubt you are that old.

In either case, welcome back to the fucking human race. But I have some more 'truth news' for you.

When I read this article I literally started shaking from the anticipation of what I wanted and needed to say in response to this, as well as several other conversations I have had over the past few days, let alone since November, at some points, shaking my head in utter disbelief from what I have been hearing and seeing of late, in light of what I have documented on these pages for the past twenty years, since 1997.

Bear with me here today as I complete this article in which I feel is probably the most important article I've written here since September, 2001. Unfortunately, it will come at the expense Mr.Kakutanijan, as well as anyone else who has completely lost their minds and have taken a temporary vacation from planet earth while becoming completely devoid from reality for the past 15 years at least, as I rip him, and this article, to literal pieces.

“1984” shot to No. 1 on Amazon’s best-seller list this week, after Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to President Trump, described demonstrable falsehoods told by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer — regarding the size of inaugural crowds — as “alternative facts.” It was a phrase chillingly reminiscent, for many readers, of the Ministry of Truth’s efforts in “1984” at “reality control.”

So, let me get this straight. Simply because the presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway supposedly described demonstrable falsehoods told by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer regarding crowd sizes (In which who really gives a shit about), as 'alternative facts', a phrase 'chillingly reminiscent' to many readers, of the 'Ministry of Truth's' efforts in "1984" at 'reality control', the book SUDDENLY escalates to Amazon's best seller list?


Are you trying to tell me that NOTHING over the past fifeteen years hasn't triggered the least bit concern about 'chillingly reminiscent' connotations of a 'Ministry of Truth' or 'Big Brother' invading personal liberties and civil rights since 9/11, or 'shades of 1984' in determining whats real or not?????

Are you fucking kidding me?

Does this sound like 'common sense' to you???

If it does, perhaps maybe its been YOU, who has been consenting of 'the Party'(or Parties' for that matter) ?

You wonder why there is cognitive dissonance within the world today, where people cannot determine between what's real, what's not, or realities so differently from one another.

"To Big Brother and the Party, Orwell wrote, “the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense.” Regardless of the facts, “Big Brother is omnipotent” and “the Party is infallible.”


Where do I begin,..let me count the ways!

The Federal Government's "Ministries of Truth"

In an article by Stefan Frank for the Gates One Institute, Germany's New 'Ministry of Truth' war against Free Speech is now in full swing.

Read Full Article Here

"As reported by Der Spiegel, the Federal Interior Ministry, intends to set up a "Defense Center against Disinformation ("Abwehrzentrum gegen Desinformation") in the fight against "fake news on social networks". "Abwehr" -- the name of Nazi Germany's military intelligence agency -- is apparently meant to demonstrate the government's seriousness (Still under the control of globalist holdout Merkel) regarding the matter".

"It sounds like the Ministry of Truth, 'Minitrue,' from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984", wrote even the left-leaning daily, Frankfurter Rundschau.

Frank Überall, national head of the German Association of Journalists (DJV), bluntly stated: "This smells like censorship."

Then, in December, a 'parting act' by the stroke of Obama’s pen, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act also became law as it was included in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

If it sounds, smells, and looks like censorship...

Its censorship.

And you know damn well that these are counter acts due to the upset of the globalist appointee Hillary Clinton and her stunning defeat by populist Donald Trump due to the social medias onslaught against their controlled narratives, combined with the international dissemination of leaked information via Julian Assange.

This is just for starters.

National Security Agency Revelations

You would think that the Snowden revelations regarding the civilian infiltration by the National Security Agency, under the watch of Barack Obama, would have sparked an interest in George Orwell's 1984?

Yea, right,...least not with the liberal progressive democrats that are now screaming accusations of Fascism and comparison to Hitler regarding the Trump administration and flocking to read Orwell's work is if 'all of a sudden' we have entered the era of 'authoritarian rule'.

Again,....You got to be fucking kidding me. If you do not understand what the New World Order is, or who it is, or how it works, you will NOT understand what is going on in this world today.

(to be continued, I'm just getting warmed up....)

January 29, 2017

So your freaking out now? Imagine that.

Welcome back to the human race. Hope you have enjoyed your vacation in lala land. O.k. Look, I'm just going to say one thing. There are only two possible realities that exist in the United States right now, least politically. And, as stated numerous times, will never be the answer. Least not all of it. We live in a social, spiritual, civil crisis. Politics cannot solve this. However, politically there could be only two possible scenarios. Either Donald Trump has now become the new hitler of a fascist, authoritarian tyrannical rule, the 21st Century "big brother" practically overnight in relative terms, and especially now after just one week in office.

If you really think that your new Aryan King with his golden mane just arrived overnight, then I got some swampland in D.C. for sale for you. Seriously, where the hell have you been? Have you not paid any attention what's so EVER to all the signs around you for the past 15 years? And you still deny that 9/11 wasn't an inside job, or at very least, understand how it would have attributed to creating this shit hole we are in now, if it was?

It simply astounds me when you bring it up to those that cannot conceive of a conspiracy theory, and they get that glassy, foggy look in their eye as if nothing you are saying makes any sense to them whatsoever. And you wonder why the 'status-quo' are reacting the way they are?

If you can't deal with what it is you are seeing now, the hell are you ever going to cope when they round up the war criminals and parade them in front of you for all to see while having a war crimes tribunal that will make Nuremberg look like a picnic?? What are you going to do then?

I live in a small town of 17,000 people and there are least a dozen big brother like "cams" throughout the town. Protesters have been out lately regarding our fearless furor in Market Sq. You can watch it on the cams. You think anyone notices the cameras,.....says anything? But....Donald Trump, DT they call him (apparently not to give his name any credence), leading the new fascist state,... just arrived.

Yea, ok. NSA anyone? Or didn't anyone get that memo. That vacation you been on must have been another planet. Oh, I see, Obama was president. You didn't think bout those things. No reason you say. You just conveniently put all those things aside and think DT got here all by himself....while crazy ass conspiracy theorists like me had it all wrong for the past two decades. Just some Wacko.

So, Let me ask you this. What comes closest to a logical presumption. The New World Order arrival of DT virtually overnight (btw, I don't even like the guy. There has never been a President in my lifetime that I have.) or a slow, covert mind controlling process, evolving from a deep state infiltration of government, by feeding into a left/right paradigm. Herding the sheeple into a 'divide and conquer' mentality?

Welcome back to reality, now get busy have lots to catch up on. I'll fill you in on the second possibility later.

January 30th, 2017

A quote from an RT article:

"Critics accuse President Trump of hypocrisy for citing the 9/11 terrorist attacks as an example of what he hopes to prevent with the travel ban. The perpetrators of the plane hijackings were nationals of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon, but none of the countries were affected by the executive order."

Imagine that. But that shouldn't be a surprise should it. After all, we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to go after them damn 'terrorist'. But NOW (because we have a new furor in town) YOU say something?

So we go into Iraq, and the whole 'weapons of mass destruction thing", supposedly kill Hussein, slaughter millions of innocent people along the way. Then, we 'supposedly withdraw' and prep for the next invasion (oh which, by the way, were all listed out for anyone to see where we were going next if anyone was paying attention,Just read the Neo-Con Plan for the New American Century) and here comes....tadadada... ISIS! Which somehow our phantom terrorist have evolved from the Taliban, to Al Qaeda, to ISIS.

Yep,...Our new furor arrived overnight.

Wake the fuck up.

David Icke - Try As You Will Tyrannical System You Will Not Shut Me Up


Ex Muslim Warns Canadians of Sharia


6 dead in Quebec mosque shooting
CNN Digital Rebranding 2015 Paula Newton Photo: Jeremy Freeman
By Euan McKirdy, Paula Newton and Merieme Arif, CNN
Updated 7:58 AM ET, Mon January 30, 2017

Quebec City (CNN)Six people are dead after a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, according to Quebec Provincial Police. Eight people were injured. The attack, which took place at the city's Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, is being investigated as an act of terrorism by police.

In what was described as a coordinated attack, witnesses say at least two gunmen wearing black fired indiscriminately into the dozens of worshipers -- including families -- in the mosque.

Thirty-nine people who were at the mosque during shooting were unharmed, Christine Coulombe, spokeswoman of National Police of Quebec, said. Of the eight injured, six are described as being in critical condition.

Two people have been arrested, a police said at a news conference. One was captured near the mosque and the other was apprehended on a highway nearby. The Canadian province's premier, Philippe Couillard, called the shooting a terrorist act on Twitter.

Read Full Article Here;

Now, Lets return one more time and take a peek at one of my main characters in my new manuscript, Return of John Brown; Newburyport Origins of the New World order in America, Albert Pike. More specifically, Albert Pike and the Third World War.

Albert Pike received a vision, which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.

One would also have to understand the role of Albert Pike in the American Civil War, and his origins and connections with secret societies.

Once again, here is the part regarding the Third World War

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion¦We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events, and in particular in the Middle East, show a growing unrest and instability between Modern Zionism and the Arabic World. This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides. This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.

Trump: McCain and Graham are trying to start ‘World War III’
By Chris Perez January 30, 2017

Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham blasted President Trump on Sunday — issuing the first GOP statement condemning his Muslim ban on travel to the United States in a tag-team assault that later sparked tweets of “World War III” from the president.

Politicians worldwide come out against Trump's travel ban Politicians worldwide come out against Trump’s travel ban “Our government has a responsibility to defend our borders, but we must do so in a way that makes us safer and upholds all that is decent and exceptional about our nation,” the senators said in a statement.

McCain (R-Ariz.) and Graham (R-SC) added that Trump’s executive order ultimately “may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”

“We fear this executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism,” the pair said. “This executive order bans Iraqi pilots from coming to military bases in Arizona to fight our common enemies. Our most important allies in the fight against ISIL [ISIS] are the vast majority of Muslims who reject its apocalyptic ideology of hatred. This executive order sends a signal, intended or not, that America does not want Muslims coming into our country. That is why we fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”

Trump took to Twitter.

“The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong,” the president tweeted. “The two . . . Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

So which is it folks? Has the NWO arrived with its new furor as our new dictator? Or is it truly indeed the 'Second American Revolution' and the beginning of the end for the New World, One World Order'?

AND...If so,...will the citizens of the U.S. survive one way or another before they rip each other apart in the 'Second American Civil War'. Doesn't look like such a joke to you anymore...does it. If so,..I'd invite you to take a quick peek at the warning I issued on these updates regarding civil unrest over ONE YEAR AGO,..while you were still vacationing in la la land.

You may want to check out the introduction to my new manuscript while your at it, "John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order".

Oh,..for different reasons you say?

Think again. History repeats itself. The more things change, the more they remain the same. History is the lifeblood of Hypocrisy!

And you wonder why I may be a Little pissed.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore all possibilities....

January 31, 2017

Sen. Warren: Overturn Trump's executive order

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) makes an emotional plea to the Senate to overturn President Trump's executive order to ban certain immigrants from entering the US.

Full Article Here.

It gets more bizarre and brazen by the day.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, I hear a lot of talk about the Constitution. Really? All of a sudden the 'progressive' liberals are screaming about something being 'Unconstitutional'? Again I ask, Where the hell have you been?

I warned many weeks ago about being very careful 'what side' you stood on things.....Do you know why? Because I saw all this coming. I saw all the things that were going to throw the status quo upside down and turn it inside out in order for it to be demolished. Once again I will ask you to read January and Februarys current updates last year for a very specific case in point regarding the current state of our country,..and the world. I even spoke about the 'spiritual crisis' in my Mothers eulogy a year ago this month in February.

Yet,...most people, unless you were paying attention like most alt-right protesters were (Don't ever call me alt-right, or any label for that matter), had no clue what was going on (because you were still on vacation in lala land) in this country, or again, throughout the world. You had been warned about the immigration crisis amongst many other things. You were warned about how and why it began. You didn't want to hear it. You still don't want to hear it, nor deal with the ROOT. You'd rather deal with the after-effects with a band aid instead of dealing with the root of the problems. All of a sudden, someone comes along and does what he said he was going to do (And what many administrations have done in many ways),...half the country votes for him and ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU are screaming 'Unconstitutional'? A word that was being spat upon by our very leaders and agencies just last year? But that didn't matter to you,...then. Did it. Now all of a sudden, you are paying attention, and your about to have yet another lesson of self discovery. Anything and everything one does today will be exposed for who you truly are. The leaders will come forward and lead. And the losers will be exposed for the hypocrites they are. Everything and everyone. No one will be exempt of this process...... Noone.

This country has been in a crisis mode for a very long long time now. It goes way beyond a political, or constitutional crisis. As I have stated here many many times, it is a SPIRITUAL crisis. A social crisis. And can only be addressed by the people, and the way we THINK! Our 'Ideology'. And now its being torn all apart because it needed to be. If if there were no reactions, THEN I would be worried. It's only natural that a morally sick and decaying society react the way it is when your 'status quo', who has been morally sick for decades, are now being confronted and examined and thrown in front of our faces to see, to examine and tear part until we are ALL willing to take a good hard look at ourselves and how we THINK and act and deal with our issues of what it will take to be a moral, free, and sovereign country and planet. Do we need to go as far as Albert Pikes vision? Do we need to go as far as the Illuminati wants us to? By the time this is all over,....No one will be exempt of this process...... Noone.

Not President, not the Illuminati cabal, not Satan,....nor God himself.

I JUST watched a movie last week called, 'Last days of Vietnam". It was about the fall of Saigon and how many refugees of the war torn South Vietnam were left behind. In the American Embassy even. the lifeblood of hypocrisy.

Dems said refugees shown more compassion than Americans, questioned lack of vetting

Clifford Cunningham | - JANUARY 30, 2017

Despite their outrage over President Donald Trump’s executive order barring refugees from seven primarily Muslim countries, numerous far-left Democrats once opposed admitting refugees fleeing the collapse of South Vietnam.

While citizens of South Vietnam sought refuge in the United States following their country’s defeat by communist forces from North Vietnam, many liberal Democrats opposed efforts by Republican President Gerald Ford to admit them.

The group of Democrats included then-Governor of California Jerry Brown (who currently serves as the state’s governor), then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden, former Presidential candidate and South Dakota Senator George McGovern, and New York Representative Elizabeth Holtzman.

“As a rookie governor when Saigon fell in 1975 and the U.S. was flying Vietnamese refugees to America, Brown was outspokenly opposed,” reported the Los Angeles Times in 2015. In particular, Brown said in 1975: “There is something a little strange about saying, ‘Let’s bring in 500,000 more people’ when we can’t take care of the 1 million [Californians] out of work.”

His administration even attempted to block planes carrying Vietnamese refugees from landing at Travis Air Force Base near San Francisco. Julia Taft, who directed Ford’s Task Force on Indochinese refugee resettlement, told author Larry Engelmann in his book, Tears Before the Rain: An Oral History of the Fall of South Vietnam, “The new governor of California, Jerry Brown, was very concerned about refugees settling in his state.”

“Our biggest problem came from California,” Taft said during an interview with NPR in 2007.”They didn’t want any of these refugees, because they had also unemployment. They had already a large number of foreign-born people there.” “They had – they said they had too many Hispanics, too many people on welfare, they didn’t want these people.”

In his attempt to settle Vietnamese refugees, President Ford also met resistance from many liberal Democratic members of Congress.

Liberal New York Representative Elizabeth Holtzman opposed helping the refugees, arguing “some of her constituents felt that the same assistance and compassion was not being shown to the elderly, unemployed and poor in this country.”

Delaware Senator (and, most recently, Vice President of the United States) Joe Biden tried to stall passage of the refugee bill in the Senate, complaining that he needed more details about the refugee situation because the Ford administration “had not informed Congress adequately about the number of refugees.”

Pennsylvania Representative Joshua Eilberg, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and International Law, accused President Ford of acting “with unnecessary haste” in organizing the airlift of orphans from collapsing South Vietnam. South Dakota Senator George McGovern, who was decisively defeated by Richard Nixon in the 1972 Presidential election, went so far as to introduce a bill to assist refugees who wished to return to the country, despite its occupation by North Vietnamese Communist forces, suggesting most of the refugees “would be better off going back to their own land.”

I know a lot of people don't like listening to Alex Jones. Anyone who gets their intel from one source during these trying times is a fool. But like Jones or not,...I really think you need to listen to what he is saying. What he represents is really only one of two.....or perhaps three possible realities existing in the America right now. Ill expand on this more later.

For now,...Consider this another warning, or do as you wish with it.

More about 'Ideology"....

As in George Orwell's 1984,..everything is backwards. Freedom is slavery. Up is down, and so on and so on. In the book it was called 'doublespeak'. Keep reading if you do not know what this means. Perhaps you just cannot recognize destructive 'thinking or ideology", competence, or ingenious, due to your own programming?

Do you find yourself constantly blaming the 'the other'...but not yourself?

Listen very carefully.....

This shit really pisses you off,...doesn't it. Go ahead....don't listen. Keep it up. See where it gets you.

So, just today I have made contact with a Boston Globe writer who just put out this very very interesting piece of history. I will be posting developments of this interaction after I post the article itself. As a matter of fact, I have laid down a couple of tracks for continued correspondences on this subject. I will be expounding on both shortly. But before I do, please keep in mind that my latest manuscritpt, John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America is based on the Boston Brahmin connection,..and I have gone much much deeper than Mr. Swidey has. Stay tuned.

Trump’s anti-immigration playbook was written 100 years ago. In Boston.

"How a trio of Harvard-educated blue bloods led a crusade to keep the “undesirables” out and make America great again."
By Neil Swidey

I’ve fallen into a pattern lately. Time and again, I find myself looking up from the reading I’ve been immersed in and calling over to my wife, “You’ll never believe what he said now.”

The phrases have jumped out at me, one after another. The vow to “drain that great swamp.” The prediction that “the race which has made our country great will pass away.” The promise to beat back the “invading hostile army” of “criminal immigrants” that are the “mentally or physically defective” dregs of their homelands and “not the stuff of which patriots are made.”

Maybe sentiments like these have also jumped out at you, in the news about immigration you’ve been consuming. The difference is that the writings on my reading list are more than a hundred years old.

Full Article Here.

Message by the artist...

"The difference between the coming times will be either a civil/socio-spiritual revolution,.....or a bloody civil, or World War, that will spell the end to personal freedom, and result in the completion of the New World Order.

Will history repeat itself one last time? Or will humanity finally break free, once and for all, and establish a new social paradigm on planet earth.
John Brown - October 18, 2016 (Updated 1/2/17)

A follow up to Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist:

See " John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumental in establishing the blueprint of the New World Order in America, and how the next Civil, or World War completes it.

For Review;

This information was first presented here over fifteen years ago. I will be spending some time reviewing this once again. So often I find that when a new level of consciousness is gained, the value of this information increases, and understood on a whole new level no matter how many times I've heard it in the past. I will be adding additional links as well. Please stay tuned.

Activation of Light Introduction; Part 1 Audio - April 2002

Activation of Light Introduction; Part 2

Activation of Light; Critical Mass 2002

Activation of the Twelve

Hermetic Principle

Light Grid Energy Matrix

Light Grid Interview

Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of and American Artist
By John Brown

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Follow this link for more information.

‘Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist’ is a true experiential story. It is taken from documented written journals of an Artist during a five-year period between 1997-2001. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across America.
‘Atlantis Rising’ is the journals of this journey. Over time, a personal transformation was documented reflecting a quantum leap of collective human consciousness at the dawning of a new millennium. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of Anunnaki-bred pawns to achieve their ‘New World Order’ agenda.
Evil can never be eradicated; it can only be transmuted. This story tells of a new energy 'consciousness matrix' which is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. Woven intricately by relatively few sources, this web manipulates power in order to separate, deceive and dominate the human race. Through a newly activated ‘Light Grid Conscious Energy Matrix’, human kind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception on a mass level. A MASS AWAKENING.
What we as a collective whole have been witnessing of late, is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. Rising together, we voice a decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

(This link is currently under re-construction - Paperback version is being re-edited and will be re-posted shortly.)
The Awakening of an American Artist
$16.95 Paperback 200 pages (4 B&W Illustrations)
Part One - The Initiation

Part One, 'The Initiation' of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist' was first released as a paperback in 2005. It deals with roughly the first hundred days in 1997 of an experience that changed my life over the course of the next several years with travels across America ending in 2000. After a couple years of living in a N.H. motel processing the journey and editing the journals, I moved to Newburyport, MA, began a new business , Spirit of, and thus, a new life in 2004.

Now, after almost ten years, the rest of the story is now being released in the first E-BOOK rendition. Part Two picks up obviously where Part One leaves off and continues on with documented emails, journals and transcripts of the rest of the journey that culminates in 2001 with the events of 9/11.
Soon, the first hardcover will be published of the full story of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist'. But for now, for the first time in eighteen years, the whole story is being shown. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. All one has to do is take a look around, its all happening, and is no longer hidden in plain sight. It is a self evident reality in which we all must now face, whether you are ready or not.

Atlantis Rising; An American Awakening

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

"The difference between the coming times will be either a civil/socio-spiritual revolution,.....or a bloody Civil, or World War that will spell the end to personal freedom, and result in the completion of the New World Order.

Will history repeat itself one last time? Or will humanity finally break free, once and for all, and establish a new social paradigm on planet earth.
John Brown - October 18, 2016(Updated 1/2/17).

A follow up to Atlantis Rising:

See " John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumental in establishing the blueprint of the New World Order in America, and how the next war completes it.

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