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EmailJon-William Brown

‘Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist’ is a true experiential story. It is taken from documented written journals of an Artist during a five-year period between 1997-2001. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across America.
‘Atlantis Rising’ is the journals of this journey. Over time, a personal transformation was documented reflecting a quantum leap of collective human consciousness at the dawning of a new millennium. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of Annunaki-bred pawns to achieve their ‘New World Order’ agenda.
Evil can never be eradicated; it can only be transmuted. This story tells of a new energy 'consciousness matrix' which is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. Woven intricately by relatively few sources, this web manipulates power in order to separate, deceive and dominate the human race. Through a newly activated ‘Light Grid Conscious Energy Matrix’, human kind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception on a mass level. A MASS AWAKENING.
What we as a collective whole have been witnessing of late, is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. Rising together, we voice a decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

Atlantis Rising;
The Awakening of an American Artist

$16.95 Paperback 200 pages (4 B&W Illustrations)
Part One - The Initiation

Part One, 'The Initiation' of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist' was first released as a paperback in 2005. It deals with roughly the first hundred days in 1997 of an experience that changed my life over the course of the next several years with travels across America ending in 2000. After a couple years of living in a N.H. motel processing the journey and editing the journals, I moved to Newburyport, MA, began a new busines , Spirit of, and thus, a new life in 2004.

Now, after almost ten years, the rest of the story is now being released in the first E-BOOK rendition. Part Two picks up obviously where Part One leaves off and continues on with documented emails, journals and transcripts of the rest of the journey that culminates in 2001 with the events of 9/11.
Soon, the first hardcover will be published of the full story of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist'. But for now, for the first time in eighteen years, the whole story is being shown. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. All one has to do is take a look around, its all happening, and is no longer hidden in plain sight. It is a self evident reality in which we all must now face, whether you are ready or not.

Atlantis Rising; An American Awakening

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

The Peoples Voice - Watch Now

The People's Voice has been established to balance mainstream media bias which refuses to give voice to people with views at odds with mainstream thinking and belief. You can expect to hear all aspects of mainstream society questioned and debated. What viewers choose to accept or believe is for them to decide after hearing the evidence and opinion broadcast by The People's Voice and the information and opinion broadcast by mainstream sources.

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January 4, 2014

So chalk up yet another year, for better or for worse. Please see the latest updates to the 'Spirit of Newburyport'

Coming up; Gallery projects for 2014, including updates on additions to the Spirit of Newburyport series, the 'Inn Street Artisan Market Proposal', updated publications of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist', art production teaching curriculum's, and new developments for an in-house 'Art Factory Production Company'. Please stay tuned!

January 26, 2014
Truth and Realities
John Brown

"All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer

Part 1; Time of Reckoning

As I was beginning to write this update for the month of January, I was having trouble knowing where to begin. Everything seems to be unraveling in every far corner of the earth, it was difficult to focus on any which one.

As the bells and whistles, the partying, music and all the dancing wound down past the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, I couldn’t help but listen to the stillness in the silence of the darkness while I lay awake. That overwhelming sense of calm,…that mid point in between the worlds of awakening,………..and sleep.

and the calm before the gathering storm. I could feel it.

The first signs of fukushima’s radiation plumes were beginning to engulf the west coast. The military and political purges have begun. Overwhelming fiscal debt looms. The banks are beginning the clampdown. Local police have been armed. Government ammo and supplies have been ordered. Mass Surveillance, geo-engineering, the weather,..all of has been changed…all the pieces seem to have been set in place…the stage has been set for the next scene of the virtual reality matrix.

As the curtain rose on a new year, one question flashed into my mind;.

‘Which reality do I choose to manifest?”

One Reality;

All signs point to the beginning of the end, economically, and the first indicators that a major event is about to take place have already been initiated. All eyes will be on the numbers. Follow them, and prepare oneself first mentally and emotionally for what is about to come.

Personally, I feel there is one tall-telling ‘external indicator’ that needs bear watching this coming week, and the weeks to follow, and that is both the domestic and foreign economic developments and stock markets. The Dow Jones on Wall Street will be such one of them.

After the first significant drop in the Dow Jones since 2011 last week, and on the heals of foreign markets down significantly as I write approaching the midnight hour Eastern Time on this Sunday evening,…. all eyes are on Wall Street in the morning. This system is timely planned to go down,..and will never return the same.


To be continued…

Another Reality; Part 11

Mind Control and the New World Order

January 28, 2014 And Another Reality;

The Poisoning, Bankruptcy and Poverty of Geoengineering

Category: Nancy Levant
Published on Sunday, 26 January 2014 12:45

Geoengineering, also known as chemtrailing, is the cause of climate change. The artificial changing of the climate has been a hard sell to the public; so hard, in fact, that it was easier to convince the public that they were the cause of climate change than to convince them that governments or corporations purposefully altered weather for pre-determined reasons. For decades the world’s people were willing to stand accused of acid rain, droughts, floods, air pollution, crop failures, ozone holes, hurricanes and tornadoes, tsunamis, melting ice caps, and anything else their tell-a-visions and mini-screens told them they caused. In truth, it was simply easier to stand accused than to become educated and deductively consider the facts, timing, and results of “changed” weather. It was somehow easier to sarcastically blame “chemtrails” on “conspiracy theorists” than to see them; the same blindness as occurred in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Nanking, to the Armenians in Turkey, and many others. This flaw in humanity makes democide wildly repetitive, and it makes reusable the genocide/democide game plan century after century. As such, let us consider the upgraded version of the game plan:

Poisoning: All biological life, soil, rain, snow, ground water and air are poisoned by depleted uranium, aluminum, strontium, barium, sulfates, and other chemical or metallic compounds, and particularly in nano-particulate formats as they are impossible to eliminate, are breathed, are absorbed, and are eaten. All nature is covered with these compounds. Historically, poisons have been sprayed in the forms of manufactured viruses or diseases, Agent Orange, crop dusting, nerve agents such as sarin, hydrogen cyanide, mustard gas, chlorine gas, anthrax, botulinun, plague, salmonella, smallpox, etc. All have been used, sprayed, implanted, and placed with the intent to cause human sickness and death.

With the advent of nano-technology and geoengineering (aerial spraying), dispersal methods are today far-reaching, immediate, and all-inclusive; hence, the poisoning game plan remains active and includes all of nature. Poisons can, today, blanket the planet.

Bankruptcy: The immediate results of blanketing of the earth with poisons coupled with the ability to alter rainfall are two-fold; that of crop and water destruction. Crop and water destruction result in guaranteed business and commerce failures, particularly for small or local business operations. If drought is scheduled for specific regions, crop failures can be guaranteed. If poisons are also deployed with weather changing operations, soil and water destruction are also guaranteed, which ensures that future crops and viable water are diminished or altogether eliminated.

Today’s use of Nano-particulate aluminum, strontium and barium in aerial spraying 1) alters sunlight and weather, 2) poisons soil, water, rain, snow and air, and 3) permanently alters the PH of soil, whereby damaging all future growth of flora and animals who subsist on flora such as cattle, sheep, goats, swine, fowl, an insects; all required for food chain industries to exist. Once poisoned or sickened, food sources diminish and food businesses fail; hence, the reason for the loss of small grocery store operations, independent restaurants, mom and pop garden industries, and readily available local food and bounty. Globally, even backyard gardeners are experiencing the results of drought, flooding, and plants that do not grow normally or to maturity. Today only altered seed, particularly Monsanto’s aluminum-resistant, drought-resistant and sterilized seed, grows in today’s highly toxic soils; all of which caused by the spraying of multiple poisons.

Poverty: Altering weather is altering biological sustenance. Aerial spraying of nano-particulate heavy metals into the atmosphere dims sunlight, the essential element of sustenance on earth. Diminished sunlight, today diminished by 22%, changes evaporation which changes rainfall. Drought is a direct result of geoengineered or altered weather. As sunlight, soil and water are the fundamentals of plant and animal food production, changes to these fundamentals cause massive reductions in plant and animal food sources. This is best understood in Africa. However, the American West is experiencing aerial spraying-induced drought to such a degree that today large animal operations experience a 40% reduction in animal viability. No one can afford cattle operations, for example, without grazing/grass-feeding. No one can afford to feed several thousand animals solely with Monsanto corn, nor can cattle remain alive eating only Monsanto corn where, in fact, the animal had to be force-taught to eat corn.

When people cannot grow plants or animals on contaminated soil or provide non-toxic water, poverty rapidly ensues. Geoengineering/aerial spraying caused the droughts in Africa, India, and much of Asia where the resulting and devastating impoverishment is clearly obvious and ongoing. Today the American West, due to relentless spraying over the Pacific Ocean, is experiencing the same artificial climate change that is devastating not only food chain businesses but also the ability to grow personal-use food that for centuries sustained entire communities. Once plants and animals cannot be grown, extreme poverty is guaranteed. Death is guaranteed as is clearly demonstrated in Africa.

Why are governments geoengineering the entire planet? Depopulation has been a long-term goal of government-led elites for many decades and clearly intentioned by the 1950’s. Such plans have been coupled with world wars, abortion, Alzheimer’s and other chronic and epidemic diseases such as AIDS, the global use of sprayed poisons, and today’s technological uses of sprayed nano-particulate heavy metal poisons, viruses, bacterial compounds, and newly created biotechnology organisms, such as Morgellon’s disease.

It is estimated that by mid-century, between 2035 to 2050, half of all current jobs (employment) will be computerized/robotized, leaving at least one-half of humanity without a means of sustenance, one to two generations from today. Couple this fact with today’s epidemic youth joblessness on a global scale. Couple these facts with the reality that due to the world wars of the Twentieth Century, at least 250,000,000 people were eliminated, and that by 2012 the world had aborted one billion fetuses. Today marriage and reproduction are also discouraged as are religions that encourage reproduction. The United Nations and its global members, as well as billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, and many others, have organized global missions to discourage reproduction, and the food and pharmaceutical giants are producing sterilizing agents which are introduced into food, vaccines, water and other drugs. Then consider the global ignoring of Fukushima, which could have resulted from another climate change technology, that of earthquakes caused by fracking, pulsing, or oceanic nuclear detonations.

In truth, today all weather is controlled, and climate change is enacted. As a result, people, plants and animals will continue to degrade in health, food industry bankruptcies will rapidly continue to rise, and poverty will rapidly continue to escalate even in the wealthiest of nations as we clearly recognize. As most nations have been purposefully bankrupted by global economics, personal poverty continues to grow at unabated rates while food, water and sunlight are being systematically used as weapons against humanity’s only means of sustenance.

Ultimately, it does not matter what you call it, whether conspiracy theory, geoengineering, aerial spraying, or simply choosing ignorance and blindness; the results are conclusive. The world will, in fact, depopulate by massive numbers, food will become wildly expensive and unnatural, and at the same time impossible to grow without altered and modified seed, and the large animal industries will cease to exist for all but the wealthy. Joblessness will continue to rise and, for certain, another world war will ensue once “economics” cannot sustain the world’s billionaires prior to their forthcoming computerized/robotized labor forces.

On that note, keep in mind that most of the today’s world labor forces are 1) trafficked bodies, 2) sweat shop bodies, or 3) incarcerated bodies; in other words, free laborers/slaves. Today, these are the largest labor forces on earth, most working for room and board, and cost-free to corporations. Make note that most others are 1) unemployed, 2) on welfare programs, and/or 3) part-timers, globally. By mid-Twenty-first Century, half of all jobs will not be performed by people; therefore, the need for human beings will not exist, particularly when most of the world’s working people are now slave laborers.

There is a reason for depopulation. There is a reason for food and water corruption and depletion. There is a reason for geoengineering, which is missioned to destroy human sustenance. You can call that anything you want to call it, but you cannot deny the poisoning, bankruptcy and poverty, because they have arrived, globally, in tandem, and they are here to eliminate the bulk of humanity.

1 + 1 = War Category: Nancy Levant
Published on Friday, 24 January 2014 14:04

It is as clear as a nose on a face. The world’s billionaires and corporate crime bosses are meeting behind closed doors and with military protection. The world’s youth have no jobs. The entire world is sword rattling. People are starving everywhere. Jobs are desperately needed while most “jobs” have been given to slave laborers, trafficked, and imprisoned bodies. Economies have been artificially controlled and crashed. Entire “global regions” have been wholly manipulated such as in the Mid-East, Europe, the U.S./Canada/Mexico/Central and South Americas, Australia, and all of Asia.

There are no fixes, and there is no truth being spoken by any national or global “leaders”, and the world has seen this before; twice in fact in the Twentieth Century. Other nations are reinstating the draft, with most others requiring military service. The United States, with its chronic unemployment of youth and college graduates, will be next to reinstate the draft, perhaps including women and middle-aged people. We are entering the final preparations for World War III.

The rich have stolen the wealth of most if not all nations and have destroyed most if not all nations in the process, and they are now planning the “recovery” in secret. We have seen this before. Such “recovery” includes mass-depopulations of the poor and suffering through the elimination of food and water sources, ignored radioactive poisoning, sprayed poisons on land and in the air, and through the elimination of health/medical care, globally. We have seen this before in the Twentieth Century.

Attacks upon people’s rights, particularly their rights to speak opinions and to privacy, are global attacks. People are being demonized everywhere for recognizing truth, making connections, and putting two and two together, which is why the rich are again under military guard. We have seen this before in the Twentieth Century.

Once the next global war ensues, further devastating entire regions of the planet, “global” solutions will be enacted by the very same global billionaires and corporate crime bosses, exactly as following World War I and World War II, and their endgame will set the course for their future leadership, wealth, control, and ongoing manipulation and viciousness. Please, tell me why this continues. Tell me why the world’s militaries allow this barbaric immorality. Everyone knows who is at fault, who steals all wealth and futures, how they do it and why they do it. Why do we choose to live in this wholly insane and repeating pattern of constant murder and human culling?

1 + 1 = World War III. The elite will be just fine. The human beings, however, will be slaughtered. Refer to the Twentieth Century for all identical details.

The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

David Wilcock - Divine Cosmos



An Excerpt - Please read full article here

People may not want to believe in "conspiracy theories," but public anger is at an all-time high -- as is the level of suffering. We may not know exactly what is going on, or how all these "islands" connect, but we do realize there is an organized, negative force manipulating the world. It has become too obvious to ignore. The NSA surveillance disclosures have eliminated any and all sense of personal privacy -- as just one prominent example. Partisan politics in the USA created a government shutdown that could have created a worldwide economic collapse, with a default of the dollar -- as another example. Everyone ended up breathing a huge sigh of relief after they "raised the debt ceiling" -- even though this was just another way of saying "bailout."


The "monster under the bed" that may be doing all these things seems so terrifying that we ignore the truth -- and stay firmly in denial. If we only close our eyes, cover our ears and hum loud enough, we can force these ugly things not to be true... or so we think.

This is the exact same behavior we use in order to maintain the illusion of a happy life -- while we are suffering with a powerful addiction. There is a holographic relationship between the personal and the global -- and right now the world seems to be breaking free of a powerful addiction.


I celebrated 21 years of sobriety from any and all mind-altering drugs as of September 21st. I still make sure never to take it for granted, and I do know that I have no interest in "using" ever again. Addictions are not necessarily restricted to the regular consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, drugs or fatty foods. Gambling can become an addiction. Sex can become an addiction. Anger and complaining can become an addiction. Codependency -- where we need constant validation from others to feel good about ourselves -- is another powerful example. Breaking free from an addiction is a complex and painful process -- but in exchange, you get your life back. Almost every addict has to "hit bottom" before there is even a possibility that they will actually seek help.


The "bottom" is that point at which your life seems to have become utterly horrible. You have been lied to. Betrayed. Dumped. Fired. Kicked out of your home. Impoverished. Assaulted. And you are an open wound. You feel you are the victim. You know you are. You become obsessed with complaining to anyone and everyone who will listen. One of the most common slogans you hear in 12-step meetings is, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." That sums it up very nicely. The "bottom" can be different for every person. It is by no means an absolute, except in the most extreme circumstances. Some never see that they have hit bottom -- and they end up with "diseases, institutions [or] death," as you hear in recovery programs. Our addictions can literally drive us to the end of our lives -- or even to take our own lives. We first have to recognize that we have hit bottom -- a point of no return -- and see it for what it is.


Until you actually go through a recovery process, it can be very difficult to recognize that "the bottom" is actually the most beautiful point you can reach. To truly hit bottom, and identify it as such, is to jump on the fast-track to healing, freedom and peace.

You may be feeling quite depressed by all the news headlines you are now seeing. You may long for the comfortable, warm blanket of denial that keeps the addiction going. It is an addiction to lies. It is an addiction that keeps you in servitude to the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the world.


Addiction does not arise in a happy, emotionally healthy life. In the case of a group like Overeaters Anonymous, the first question you get asked is "When did it happen? When did you start eating the pain?" Highly painful and traumatic events lead to a change in our psychological and emotional state. We become depressed, weary, anxious and terrified. We surge with stress -- and launch into "excited misery." Our hearts race. Our skin breaks out in a cold sweat. We feel deeply, horribly tired -- and we will do anything, absolutely anything, to get some energy.


It can be absolutely terrifying to let go of an addiction. The addiction is what keeps us from having to feel our pain. And yet, the pain is so awesome, so all-encompassing, that no matter how good our "drug of choice" might be, the evidence is all around us. Thankfully, we now know that this story of healing is written into the basic "operating system" of the Universe.

In my new book, The Synchronicity Key, I marshal over 650 scientific references to prove that the Universe is alive -- and intelligent. This is also a central focus of my half-hour-a-week TV show, Wisdom Teachings. The living intelligence has written a "script" that all of us follow -- as we move through chaos and confusion into truth and sobriety. The "script" is written into every myth and ancient teaching around the world. Joseph Campbell called it "The Hero's Journey." It appears to be a central code that spells out a spiritual path for us. This is a path that all of us will follow -- regardless of what we do or do not believe. It takes 500 pages to explain it, but the reviews are in -- and people are blown away by how well it has connected all the dots.

It's a great holiday gift to help you and the people you care about understand the positive universal forces that are pushing us through this mass evolution. I needed a couple of months off to recuperate after such an intense effort -- which I never could have accomplished without being completely sober.


As I argue in the new book, there is a villain written into the script. This occurs both in our own lives and on the global level as well. The villain is allowed to exist -- as otherwise we wouldn't be inspired to grow and to evolve.

What is now taking place is a "mass awakening" unlike anything we've ever seen before. Hollywood screenplays are based on this same Hero's Journey blueprint -- as I argue in the book. The villain in the story is secretly an exaggerated mirror-image of the hero's flaws. The hero must face off against this exaggerated "projection" of him or herself in order to achieve a healing from within. This healing has very powerful effects -- as it may literally involve an evolution into a new level of what it means to be human. The healing is also occurring on an individual and a collective level. The stage we are now seeing, globally, is not going to stay this way much longer. It only appears that it will. In the Hero's Journey, we are at the "All is Lost" point -- which occurs directly before the breakthrough. This breakthrough is what gives us a clear and inevitable plan on how to defeat the nemesis in our story.


People were really, really pissed off during the government shutdown -- and much of that anger is still there. The VICE website often has irreverent, out-of-the-box thinkers who post controversial views -- and during the shutdown, one article really stood out. The writer of this article contacted a defense expert and asked him a seemingly unthinkable and treasonous question: Could all the world's armies gang up on the US, and actually stop them from doing what they are doing? The answer was quite revealing.


In case you've ever wondered, here is the official expert opinion on this question. Bear in mind that this is very partisan and I do not necessarily agree with the tone. Could All the World’s Armies Shut Down the Cabal Running the US?

The thing about the Republicans is that when they have a tantrum, they really have a tantrum. Right now, somewhere in Washington, DC, there are a bunch of rich men with white hair, white skin, and black hearts screaming and stomping around in their suits, because they don't want poor people to have affordable healthcare. Fortunately for powerful people, just as you can boycott your country club if it decides to admit a foreign person, so you can shut the government down if it decides not to listen to you.

Who cares if doing this might throw the world into a “deep, dark recession”? You can just move to your ranch in Texas and ride out the storm. The upside will be that your servants will probably work for even less because, guess what, there aren’t any jobs and they really need the money for healthcare.

God. Deep, dark recession. Didn’t the planet just come out of one of those? Maybe it's time the rest of the world said enough is enough. The rest of the world let these stars-and-stripes bastards walk over us for too long. Let them goose-step around the world, killing millions and stealing resources. Let them go on and on about the land of the free and the home of the brave while they systematically take away the freedom and the bravery of others. F-ck these flag-waving, God-loving psychopaths. It’s time for the rest of the world to get a great, big army together and attack the US. We need boots on the ground on the White House lawns. If they can’t look after their own economy, we need to invade and look after it for them. So let’s f-king get them!


Yeah. Wow. It's shocking to see someone speak this way, but this is what has happened. The anger has led to fearlessness -- and fearlessness is a very important part of spiritual evolution.

Until you are free of fear, you are easy to control. The real key is whether you can be fearlessly loving, fearlessly compassionate and fearlessly forgiving as well. Let's go on now and read more of this -- as it is quite an interesting discussion, with pulse-pounding urgency for the crises we are now seeing. Could All the World’s Armies Shut Down the Cabal Running the US?

But can we get them? Is that even an option, or are they really harder than China, Russia, Iran, the UK, France, Germany, Iceland, Belarus, and every other country put together? In order to find out just how possible a Rest of the World versus America revenge fantasy invasion would be, I got in touch with Dylan Lehrke, Americas Armed Forces Analyst at IHS Jane's….

[Lehrke revealed that, quote,] "The US is the sole country in the world that has the capability to project force across the globe on a large scale. The combined military air- and sealift capability of the rest of the world would be insufficient to even get a foothold on the continental United States. The amphibious assault capability of the world's militaries, excluding the United States, is simply too small….

The world could, for example, certainly contain the US as the US did the Soviet Union.
 But the question you are really asking, if I am correct, is: Are the world's combined forces enough to conquer the United States? Here the answer is no, for it is much harder to project force. It requires logistical resources that the rest of the world simply does not have….

Could we find a work-around?

The solution for the invading world armies would be to negate the importance of geography and technology. This means not relying on armies and navies and air forces, but instead targeting the US in the space and cyber domains. By defeating US satellites and attacking US networks, one bypasses geography and eliminates technology, both that of the military and within the industrial base that is at the core of that military might.

Cool, so we'll just get the hackers onboard. However, one still does not conquer the soil. So we arrive at the same conclusion: as the world military balance stands today, even in the unlikely case that the entire world aligns against them, the United States could not be conquered. It can only be defeated. I suspect you had hoped for a more Red Dawn-type possibility, but I can’t offer one without stretching reality beyond the point of reason. We would have to bring in pure science fiction to make it feasible.

Oh well, I guess that's pretty emphatic. Thanks for humoring me, Dylan.


Multiple insider sources have revealed that a comprehensive plan is being implemented to expose and defeat this worldwide cabal. This plan does involve the widespread, coordinated international effort of a majority of countries in the world. The plan does not call for the US to be conquered -- only for the small, centralized oligarchy to be defeated. This is not treason. This is keeping the oath -- to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Most of the world has not been treated favorably by the traditional Western powers -- and now they are fighting back. Key elements within the US military have also been of invaluable assistance in defeating the Cabal. As you have just read, without the help of a patriotic insurgency within the Pentagon, the Cabal could never actually be defeated.


This internal struggle is now reaching a critical mass. A significant majority of the details must be held in the strictest secrecy, so as to ensure the plans will actually succeed. Viable workarounds have been found for the surveillance problem -- among others -- since these insiders designed and implemented these same systems. Much of the battle involves financially choking off the Cabal until it becomes totally bankrupt, while exposing more and more of its workings at the same time. The events we are seeing now are not random. They are being delivered to us just as quickly as we can handle. And much more is on the way. It is very likely that we are heading into some sort of historical mega-event -- and things will not continue the way they are much longer.


Major developments have occurred since this comprehensive plan to defeat the Cabal was first leaked in 2011. Many more surprises are still to come. Alliance-led events apparently included the following public developments -- which will likely be seen as far more significant in the fullness of time:

· The LIBOR scandal,
· the Pope's resignation,
· the Fox phone hacking scandal,
· the BBC pedophilia scandal,
· multiple Justice Department lawsuits against top banks, and
· the NSA surveillance disclosures.

As all of this has happened, the pace of chaotic and upsetting global events has dramatically increased -- particularly since the NSA disclosures began. These include the Boston Bombing, multiple mass shootings, Fukushima toxicity, the Syria conflict, the government shutdown and major earth changes, including the massive Philippines typhoon.

Truth and Realities; To be Continued

January 30, 2014

Excerpts From;
Demolition Planet - Awaken and Arise
Zen Gardner

"This doesn’t have to spell the end of everything, as awful as that sounds. People who love you tell you the Truth."


False Flag Earth and the Plan of the War gods

Anyone reading this knows false flags have been perpetrated by rulers since time immemorial. It’s virtually primordial evil to secretly do some evil deed yourself or have someone do it for you and blame someone else, all for a desired effect.

This huge scam is admittedly off the charts wrong and engineered by the dark side, however you perceive it. The loving and kind-hearted would never consider such acts, which is why many can’t conceive them, yet the controllers use these tactics with abandon.

Earth will survive their puny efforts in some form, if need be. Humanity may not, at least here, until the earth recovers or we take off for new horizons. I don’t know. But to deliberately bring on such catastrophic conditions is not an easy one for the lay unaware earth man to wrap his head around. Very strange indeed, but that’s how they’ve gotten away with it.

They say mega catastrophes, natural and perhaps otherwise, have wiped out previous civilizations and thousands of animal species on earth. They’ve even found evidence of a nuclear conflagration in ancient India, and it’s theorized Atlantis and Lemuria had it out in some sort of nuclear war and that’s how they came to an end.

It seems these warlike “gods” through the ages have a propensity for this type of wanton death-dealing and destruction. They really should find their own already decimated rock somewhere out there and fight it out between themselves and leave us the hell alone.

Wouldn’t you say?

Non Cooperation and Resistance is Essential

Our job is to first wake up to the horrific reality that we’re being deliberately killed off, and then wake up as many others as possible. I don’t know about any cavalry coming to save us but I do know it’s a time of energetic change that will help more and more see what’s going on and hopefully wake up out of slumber.

And when we activate, Universe activates. And I don’t doubt there aren’t “agents of good” who help us from other realms. When we put feet to our new found knowledge things on every level activate. But the responsibility is ours. It will always remain ours. That’s the cycle we’re on. If you don’t get it and respond you’re doomed to repeat it till you one form or another. To me that makes total sense. But then again, I’m just wondering…

The Universe is intrinsically right and just. If we didn’t have free will life would be a drag. And with free will comes a lot of messiness. And responsibility. It’s ours to handle responsibly. Our hearts tell us so.

So let’s enjoy this anyway! But let’s get Love and Truth back in charge here, shall we?

Perspective – They Can’t Win Over Truth and Love

You really wonder how these anti-natural freaks can take themselves seriously. Just look at the magnificence of our Universe. It’s beyond description. Clearly forces play out that we’re only slightly aware of. But one thing we can be sure of…puny man or any other power-crazed entity is nothing to be feared. We’re inter connected with Something so much greater and profound we can rest assured all will come out for the better no matter what happens in the short term.

The current awakening is changing the entire dynamic on our planet by the hour. The matrix is coming down, which is why they’re so frantically trying to slap up structural supports for it everywhere with more laws and draconian regulations. There’s a vibrational change that is exposing the Truth and accelerating drastic life changes all around us. This will no doubt change the course of all of their plans as everyone’s perceptions will be changing as well.

Eternity Rules

If we’re on to their scam, we should identify it, non-comply and rise up in defiance of it and overcome it. Whatever form we take. Even if the whole place blows, you think that’s the end?

Fear of death is possibly the biggest con going. How many parallel dimensional worlds are right now spinning, slipping and sliding around us? Even our so called big brained physicists say at least 11. You think that’s all? (And btw, notice no one’s calling them conspiracy freaks! Ha!)

The biggest lesson we can all learn: Heart trumps brain trumps programming.

Stick to your convictions, come what may.

And go with the flow – synchronicity leads and confirms and encourages.

A final thought from Lao Tzu…

“A good traveler has no fixed plan, and is not intent on arriving.”

Keep wondering.

Love, Zen

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I am only posting small snippets from these articles. They are of a profound read. I have been spending days reading over this and other related articles in which I am attempting to post here in some congruent and beneficial pattern in which one may make strategic and productive connections that are both profoundly awakening and productive. Please take the time to read and STUDY. I will continue to post all related material as I glean the best information I can. There simply is not enough time in a day. These articles are intense so pertinent to what is going on in our collective reality today, and in my opinion offer the best approach to resolution and transmutation beyond any 'glooom and doom' denial, condemnation, and dis-interest, of which,..serves nothing.

David Wilcock - Divine Cosmos


The term Illuminati, considered very "fringe" and nonsensical by most people less than a year ago, is now an ever-increasingly common word in the public vernacular.

Just last week, on January 15, 2014, this word again appeared in a headline on the very popular news-aggregator website


On January 3rd, the day before the "Polar Vortex" started descending over America, the Huffington Post had a very popular front-page article entitled "24 Things Millennials Need to Get Over."

Number 13 on the list -- of course -- was "The Illuminati".

This one-paragraph attempt to debunk such a staggeringly large amount of information, such as I summarized in Financial Tyranny, was so weak as to be laughably ridiculous:

24 Things Millennials Need to Get Over (#13: Illuminati Conspiracy Theories)

Although a world where Jay Z and Beyoncé are the head of The Illuminati and Blue Ivy Carter is the heir to the throne is a pretty appealing dream, millennials should just give it a rest with all the conspiracies.

If you stare at the eye above the tower long enough it isn't going to wink at you.


I doubt that this blogger would have been so quick to shame-dump anyone learning about this subject if they'd read Financial Tyranny.

Financial Tyranny is very comprehensive, totally free, and one of the most popular things I've ever written. As you can see in the sidebar, it now has had over 1.3 million views:

I could easily have hidden this book behind a paywall or sold it to a publisher, but I kept it free because this information is so vital to our survival.


The two books I wrote with a major publisher, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key, both became New York Times best-sellers and are available in multiple languages -- as well as in ebook form and an audio version that I narrated myself.

As we transition from "old" to "new" media, it is still very important to put out exceptionally high-quality media like this in a published form-- as it helps establish credibility.

Some of my readers, particularly in younger generations, never even bought a hardcover book before -- but it's cheaper than a gadget and well worth it.


Exactly one year after we released Financial Tyranny, a prominent Russian television network used it as the inspiration for six hours' worth of prime-time TV documentaries that I starred in.

The documentaries appeared in two parts. You can read about Part One here and Part Two here.


Russia has truly been leading the way in groundbreaking disclosure television with high production quality and informational value.

We are seeing an irreversible trend. The truth is spreading like a wildfire -- and the Powers That Were cannot extinguish the flames.


I have no personal vendetta against the writer of the millennial-shaming Huffington Post piece. This person genuinely believes there is "nothing to see here."

It is an empowering feeling -- at least temporarily -- to declare that ugly, fearful and horrible information must not be true, and ridicule those who believe in it.

An earlier version of this same mass surveillance program was called Total Information Awareness and was run by DARPA -- the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The DARPA logo for this mass surveillance program should look surprisingly and disturbingly familiar by now:

"Scientia Est Potentia" means "Knowledge is Power." The colorful logo visually tells you what kind of power is being sought -- and who is seeking it.

Best of all, the phrase "Scientia Est Potentia" was coined by Sir Francis Bacon -- one of the most important "Founding Fathers" of the Illuminati and Freemasonry.


The current Wikipedia entry on this program, which appeared very soon after 9/11, contains a variety of useful, provable links you can click on yourself:

Information Awareness Office – Illuminati Logo for Surveillance

The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security, by achieving Total Information Awareness (TIA).[4][5][6]

This was achieved by creating enormous computer databases to gather and store the personal information of everyone in the United States, including personal e-mails, social networks, credit card records, phone calls, medical records, and numerous other sources, without any requirement for a search warrant.[7]

This information was then analyzed to look for suspicious activities, connections between individuals, and "threats".[8]

Additionally, the program included funding for biometric surveillance technologies that could identify and track individuals using surveillance cameras, and other methods.[8]

Following public criticism that the development and deployment of this technology could potentially lead to a mass surveillance system, the IAO was defunded by Congress in 2003.

However, several IAO projects continued to be funded and merely run under different names, as revealed by Edward Snowden during the course of the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures.[5][6][9][10][11][12]


Yes. Immediately after 9/11, this early attempt to build a mass surveillance system was revealed to the public by whistleblowers.

The classic "Illuminati" logo was "hidden right out in the open" -- in the design of a surveillance program that has now become a part of widespread, public knowledge.

People automatically assume that "no one would be stupid enough to do that," when in fact they are counting on you to be incapable of handling the truth.

Congress got involved, the project appeared to be defunded in 2003 due to its unpopularity, and most people who even paid attention assumed it just went away.

If DARPA, or whomever is using DARPA for their purposes, had any sense of political savvy, you would think the last thing they would ever want to do is use the classic "Illuminati" logo in their design.

Particularly in the post-Snowden world, such a move could literally be political suicide.


However, to actually make that jump from saying "boy, that's kind of strange" to saying "these people really do exist and here's another piece of evidence" is quite a shift in perspective.

The irony is that there is tons and tons of blatant, in-your-face evidence, as I summarized in Financial Tyranny.

The younger generation has an easier time seeing and accepting new information, since they are at an age where they have a lot more time to think and reflect.

After all, this is the age group that accounts for a healthy percentage of the viewing audience for horror and fantasy movies.

Once adults enter into the full-time working world and the stress of parenthood, their available time decreases dramatically -- and they are more apt to push away uncomfortable truth

David Wilcock - Divine Cosmos


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