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Gallery Updates - February, 2000

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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February 29, 2000

One of the most powerful instruments and tools of an artist for creating come from "sources of imagination". At times, misconstrewed as nothing more then self deluded "imaginary dreams", even by the artist himself,.. this source is a vital tool for connecting with higher levels of "vision", 'insight" and a living consciousness that exists on a much higher, finer, more subtle frequency of vibration and other dimensions of time, and space,...yet, less real. Some call it "God",..some call it the "God Force", or the "Universal Life Force". The visionary artist has an inate ability, or,..what some may refer to as a "Gift from God",.. to use these tools for expressing the experience of 'connecting" to these higher realms of consciousness within,..leading us down the invisible path of faith, fate. Art resides in all of us. The artist is able to express it. We all express,.so therefore,.we are all artist to some degree. Some take it a step further,.or shall i say,..driven and fueled further, what may seem like an unrelenting calling of humanity to take personal and social responsibility. So,.now, I stand yet again at another threshold of time, the doorway of a new century, of a vision to the future,..I create a "virtual gallery" filled with nothing more then the promise of visions of the imagination, contemplate reality in the shadows of yesterday and tomorrow, listening to the echoing lessons of the past,..and what is to come of the visionary promises of tomorrow,...all determined by the images, experiences and insight that are felt today,.... in our minds, hearts,.and souls. It has now been almost four years since SunSpirit Gallery first made a presense on the internet.

Almost three years since the first entry was made in it's journals that led to the current manuscript for Atlantis Rising. It's hard to believe sometimes it's been that long. Other times,.it's hard to believe that so much has happened within that time. A testament to the passage of measurable time, relative to that of the absolute. Does time move?....or do we "move" through time. Can we exist in the past?..Can we "see" the future?....or does it all exist within the "Now". When i was eighteen years old, I had a job working security in the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There are many things that stand out in my mind about that place. Just being in an area where there was such a high concentration of art and history created a temple of energy that was most impressionable to a young artist just out of high school. My favorite galleries were the Asian, Early American and Japanese Gardens. But the exhibit that made the most impression on me was the Egyptian Gallery. I would have to spend hours there daily,..sometimes trading galleries with a co-worker just to spend more time. Boston was only one city that teamed up with Cairo in the early 1900's of Egyptian,.therefore,..has one of the most extensive collections outside of Egypt itself. At nite,..before we had to leave,.I would have to shut off all the lights in these rooms with huge ceilings that could hold these tall columns and statues. The floors were ceramic tiled and as i walked from gallery to gallery,.i could here my footsteps echoing through the distant memories, like ripples of awareness in a pond of time itself,... and experience the illuminating visions of the future that these great monuments of ancient art had to share with me. The connection was intense, magnetic, powerful and intimate, if,..somehow,.i had been a part of them for centuries that have past. For many months I studied the collections of artifacts, statues, paintings, scuplture...trying to memorize all that i could about each piece, each King, each Princess, each symbol,.each letter. After some time,.I was able to pick up on some of the hierglyphics and piece by piece,...i was eventually able to read portions of the cartoumns that would describe the stories of the people of ancient Egypt. I was remembering an all too familiar life. There was one time in particular when I felt as though I was 'transported", for lack of a better word, ....through time. One day i found myself standing before this casket,....For an unkown period of time,.. I was held spellbound, mesmorized by the certain designs, line by line, that covered every inch of this particular casket that contained a young member of royalty. The symbols,.the colors, the animal spirit guides, all felt alive,..vibrating with a certain intensity,... and as I stood there,..looking intently at each one of these symbols that were no larger then a fraction of an inch,...I suddenly felt as though I could 'see",..or feel the artists hands as they were working intently,.creating,.....I could smell the paint, the mud, and the time of day in which he were painting. I could sense the role of the artisan as if the artisan was myself.
An ultra-sensitive imagination?, understanding of what life was like expressed in art?...or an undying connection of magnetic energy that is transformed, evolved,...transmuted, and will never die...that is always alive, always moving through time and space...eternally exisitng within the Now.

Looking back in retrospect, I remember many times during my tenure there at that museum that the conversations and interactions with the art, the people that I had meant during that time period, and the experiences that I encountered,..all leaving an undying, profound impression that would remain inbedded in my memory for the rest of this lifetime. Although there were many times before this that first gave me indications of the energy in which I have come from,.this was one of the first times that I had an intuitive experience of "visions" from my past.

For those that may have come to know me, or have shared in my vision of SunSpirit Gallery in the past,..the new gallery hopes to envision a connecting point to the images, stories, and links in time... Of the past,..the present,.and the future. SunSpirit Gallery is the experience of such an Idea and expression. Today is a new day...A day that doesn't really exist other then within a leap year. A day for measuring time. Feburary 29th, 2000. In a few weeks,.the Gallery will re-open officially,.regardless of where I am, or where I may be. Dreams can never die,...even when there are times when we want them too. It is then that we must hold on tighter,...only to let them go to fully embrace them,...learning to create a balance. From this point, I will attempt to connect the dots...pull the resources together and create a "Gallery Log" to share with you the story of "SunSpirit". "It'll be a Good Day" (The River) lyrics by Jon Anderson Golden forest,..golden lake Santuary, state of grace I will find reason, a place to begin It will be a good day Beginning is one place I've been before Watching the sunrise On the silver shores Setting me free again Leading the way It'll be a good day Sometimes I forget How mighty this earth Astounding winter skies Truth is in birth Peace that it brings to me My naked eyes Be a good day Make me believe again Making me free again Making me see again Golden mountains,..golden seas A thousand reasons Singing to me Alive to this message Realizing it all Be a good day Learning to listen Learning to see Learning is power Making me see Free to believe again In my human side Giving me good reason Giving me good reason (Come tomorrow) Make me believe again (Destiny) (Take the river) Making me free again (To the sea) (come to tomorrow) Making me see again (Will be free) Like a River Time feels so much closer now You are with me, so real We make our own Heaven Clear through the sky The making of reason for you and I I sing of each season making us feel This will be a good day This will be a good day (Come tomorrow) Make me believe again (Destiny) (Take the river) Making me free again (To the sea) (come to tomorrow) Making me see again (Will be free)

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