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Gallery Archive - February 2003

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February 24, 2003

"One person can make a difference" -- Dennis J. Kucinich

"Spirituality is the highest form of politics" -- The Longest Walk

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY Wednesday, February 26, 2003, 11 a.m., Washington D.C. time,Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be presented an eight-foot peace pole in his Washington D.C. office, 1730 Longworth House Office Building, phone 202-225-5871, in coordination with same day's Virtual March On Washington whereby Americans will say no to war by phoning, emailing, and/or faxing their Senate representatives from 'Win without War'.

This is a very important event and press opportunity at the Congressman's office since he is now the first 2004 US Presidential Candidate being presented The Peace Pole representing a deeply spiritual message of peace which if covered by the media could have immediate impact on the situation at hand now on the verge of the misguided Bush Administration's drive for another war on Iraq.

Please see full report by David Crockett Williams below (February 23) describing 'The Message of Peace' symbolized by 'The Peace Pole', the message which will enlighten America's citizens and our President to the basis of an important precedent for a warlike society being converted to a lasting culture of peace by its understanding.

Events continue to unfold with unprecedented impact throughout the world. Information continues to stream in at lightning speeds contributing to an ever increasing tide of awakened consciousness, unleashing tremendous amounts of energy and implications, both personal and planetary. There is so much going on and there is much I have to share. But The avenues of reports and personal work of the Gallery are extremely limited due to resources currently available for dealing with the overwhelming influx of information. Even though I have been working diligently over the past seven years in preparation for the current times, I am finding that the 'physical reality' of the sudden energetic burst of a re-awakened collective consciousness demands a sense of 'disipline and balance' unlike ever before, at times difficult to acheive, but not impossible. One of these aspects deals with the effects of this energetic wave on the physical body and it's ability to adapt to the increase in vibrational frequencys due to the etheric (and physical expansions0 of the human DNA. A common occurrence may be an increase in kundalini activations and balance is strongly suggested in these cases. This applies to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. I will continue to expand on these aspects within 'Operation; Special Assignment' along with DNA and Lightbody activation shortly. An attempt will also be made for a healing experiment in which I will be asking for volunteers who are experiencing illness and/or dis-ease. This is actually the first transmission for special assignment project, is step four of the 'Activations of Light' program. I will elaborate on this soon..please stay tuned.

February 23, 2003

The American Spritual Re-Awakening,
The Peace Pole and The Message of Peace,
Offering of February 26th to the United States of America

At 11am on Wednesday, February 26, 2003, in the office of the co-chair of the United States House of Representatives Progressive Caucus, Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a 2004 USA Presidential candidate, while a "virtual Peacemarch on Washington DC" is taking place following on the heels of the February 15th demonstrations and marches for global peace conducted around the world, the symbol of The Message of Peace and the principle of non-killing, The Peace Pole, will be offered to the United States Government, on behalf of all humanity, to correct the mind of the American Government into harmony with the inviolably soveign but officially ignored natural divine law and order which is commonly described in the various languages of all religions and cultures of peace on our beloved planet Earth but which moral code principle has been inadvertently excised from American policy by the mental pollution of materialism under auspices of "separation of church and state".

Read more about this extraordinary event here.

After a week of computer and related set backs, I will attempt once again to post comments on this and other similar material as soon as viably possible. I realize that some of the most recent quotes used such as... 'An American Spiritual-Reawakening', or 'Unified Field Theory and a new paradigm being created through spiritual science', or 'what we are now creating may be the defining moment for the future of mankind on earth', may sound a little over dramatic to some. If they do, I would suggest paying closer on.

February 20, 2003

"What happened on Friday, February 14th? I would say it may be of no coincidence the drums of war were silienced by a world united at its will. Only time will tell if the Bush administration is able (or willing) to hear a sound so loud it silenced the loudest drum beat. 

Perhaps humans of the world are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit. Our ancesters have been trying to tell us differently,........ perhaps now we will listen. "

In the following report, Mitch Battros from Earth Changes TV comments on the recent set backs that have brought the current US administrations drive towards war to a seemingly sudden stand still. Recent manipulations within the UN and NATO continue over strategic bases of operations within the borders of Turkey, while the after shocks of millions of protesterss around the globe, anti-war, diplomacy and the international peace movement continues to rattle the very core of the war machine itself. Together with massive world-wide prayer vigils and organized peace ceremonies, Mitch Battros ponders the question, "What happened on Friday, February 14th? 

I have posted a quote from 'Special Assignment' posted on February 7th after this article by Mitch Battros. As this porcess continues to play itself out, the following information serves to confirm the fact that the world is indeed pushing the envelope in creating a brand new paradigm in spiritual science in which we are currently experiencing first hand.

What we are now creating may be the defining moment for the future of mankind on earth.

Continued transmissions for 'Special Assignment' continue to be transcribed and will be posted shortly,...please stay tuned.

From: Mitch Battros []
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 5:54 PM
To: Breaking News
Subject: ECTV/Breaking News - 
Maybe There Is Something To 'Unified Field Theory' After All
Importance: High

Maybe There Is Something To 'Unified Field Theory' After All...
02/17/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) 

I was shocked to see such a vast turn around in the consciousness of American and some European people. I can not tell you the last time I have been witness to such a wave of belief change in the last fifty years. I thought for sure American troops would be charging the shores of Iraq right about now. 

But something happened. Something major; something many people are struggling to understand. The Bush administration either mis-judged the consciousness of the America people in way I have not seen since the Nixon administration, or it was something else. 

What could this 'something else' be? I find it more than a coincidence on the same day the United Nations made its presentation to the world, regarding the UN security inspectors, a vast 'experiment' was taking place. Several spiritual organizations held a day, the same day, of meditation, concentration, and contemplation of peace. By the end of this vast energy shift, the Bush administration and several other power player were scratching their heads. A common statement that was made in certain circles went something like this... "What the hell just happened". 

To explain "what happened" is to explain briefly what is meant by "Unified Field Theory". This title is really nothing new. It simply is a new name given a scientific title which means 'collective consciousness'. Some would say it is the power of prayer. Others says in is the gathering of minds indicating 'singleness of purpose'. It is described as the uniting of separate thoughts coming together as one. How ever you wish to say it, something happened Friday February 14th that is not quite explainable. 

Some insiders have stated (off the record) Washington D. C. has been set back on their heels. One insider gave an example of what may be going on in George W. Bush's head. He likened it to the position John F. Kennedy was in regarding Vietnam. President Kennedy knew whatever decision he made regarding bringing war to Vietnam, would be on his head (hands). He chose to 'not engage' at that time. Then came Lyndon Bains Johnson. What happened next was the Gulf of Tonkin on Aug. 5, 1964. The Lie:

Those of us old enough remember with a great deal of pain, the emotional civil war that went on for years after this decision was made by President Johnson. Johnson himself was so distraught by his wrong and mis-directed ambition, committed political suicide while making a "live" television broadcast to the nation. 

Some have said President Lyndon B. Johnson was on suicide watch during his last few months of his presidency. This brought on by the thousands of Americans who died for what many of us believed was nothing more than political greed. Sure, we were told the "communist were coming...the communist were coming", but like the current situation, there was no proof of any such overt push. The end result, 50,000 soldiers dead. Vietnam went on to unit north and south and we are currently in open trade and commerce. 

So the question remains..."What happened on Friday February 14th?" I would say it may be of no coincidence the drums of war were silienced by a world united at its will. Only time will tell if the Bush administration is able (or willing) to hear a sound so loud it silienced the loudest drum beat. 

Perhaps humans of the world are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit. Our ancesters have been trying to tell us diffrently, perhaps now we will listen. 


Excerpt from 'Special Assignment' - February 7, 2003

"Two weeks ago it began for me personally. In this message, and those that are soon to follow over the next few days and weeks, I will refer to this new wave of energy as the 'peace wave'. This specific wave of energy has been created and generated for quite some time now through the newly formed Energetic Light Grid Matrix (See 'Activations of Light') When such a force of energy waves are formed, they magnetically accumalate within the upper etheric dimensions first, then begin a slow 'download' filtering process before it begins to make an impact in the physical world. This takes form of an 'awakened consciousness' available to anyone who opens their heart and minds to it. Can you feel it yet? 

After a major grid activation last April, I stated that critical mass had been reached on higher levels and would be just a matter of time before the material realm was impacted. We are now seeing the results. Many people feel that the utopian 'thought' of world peace is as old as the ancient prophets themselves. But by utilizing the science of an ancient lost wisdom, we now have the capability to alter our reality and usher in a new age of peace, cooperation and understanding NOT based on an elite, geo-political control and domination, but one of prosperity and abundance for all. Once again, you may read about the formation and construction of this new energy matrix within my journaled manuscript 'Atlantis Rising: A Starseed's Journey' to gain a better understanding about what has really been happening on our planet lately. Modern scientist and meta-physicians who dare challenge the 'status quo' are proving this by utilizing quantum physics, string, and unified theories, validating what the ancients have known for thousands of years. 

February 16, 2003

So you are beginning to listen. You are beginning to see that perhaps there are millions across this planet that have a sincere desire for peace. You are beginning to see that perhaps millions of people believe that they have a choice and can make a difference. You are beginning to see that perhaps world peace is not such a 'far fetched' idealism that could never be acheived. Maybe, you are beginning to hear the call of a 'one voice for peace'...and maybe, just maybe, you feel as though there is something,..perhaps anything,... that YOU too could do.

Or perhaps you feel that millions protesting war, actively participating in prayer vigils, and taking a stand for peace may not change anything at all,..and war and continued domination of corporate interests and profits instead of basic human rights and needs is inevitable.

Well,..either way, continue reading....I have more news for you.

There is a rising tide of greater awareness. The 'great awakening' of what is really happening to this country,..this world, is upon our doorsteps. People are literally 'waking up', and beginning to see the 'greater truth' beyond the propaganda. Can you see it? Can you feel it yet?

The time has come for real change. Be part of this change..join us in ushering in the new world,...or be swept aside.

"It is our government which must follow, or be swept aside. 
We who gather carry a vision of peace.
We see the world as one
The whole world is watching
The direction of peace is forward! 
We are on the march.
The direction of human unity is forward! 
We are on the march. 
It is our government which must follow, or be swept aside." 

Excerpts from a speech by U.S. Representative David Kucinich

Follow up posts regarding SunSpiritGallery.Com, group meetings in Newburyport, MA, 'Operation; Special Assignment', reports from James Tywman and David Crockett Williams, and more, will be made on Monday, Febuary 17 (P.M. E.S.T.)...Please stay tuned.

February 15, 2003

Unprecedented events are taking place including mass protests for peace in over 75 countries and over 600 cities globally today. Join the millions against the planet that are speaking out in one voice. No war. Click here for more info on why ...... Peace Now!

February 12, 2003

Gallery Updates will be more frequent over the next several weeks with continued reports on current events, the international peace movement, and continued instruction and transmissions.

Group meetings and workshop programs are now in the process of being scheduled shortly to be hosted in Newburyport, Ma.. These meetings will be open to the public free of charge and are intended to act as 'support groups' for the current and forthcoming transitional times. These groups will be initiated asap. Volunteers and participants needed. For more information please contact Jon-William @

Workshops will feature Activations of Light and other instructional and hands on applicable programs. More specifics and scheduling will be posted shortly. 

SunSpirit Gallery.Com is now in the process of not only developing its fine art and gift products, publishings and writings, but expanding its vehicle to serve as a resource center, both online and off. Please see message posted in January on the Home Page. Business associates and volunteers that are seeking a meaningful exchange and wish to serve the community during this transitional period are encouraged to participate. Many more specifics will be posted on this subject shortly.

David Icke writes;

"But nightmare as this was, it set me free of the prison that most people live in - the fear of what other people think. Only by breaking free from that could I now be going around the world talking about shape-shifting reptilians occupying the positions of global power. If you need people to respect you as your sense of security, there is no way you would do that - one key reason why it has so rarely been communicated before. That ridicule was a major part of my journey and it set me free of so much. 

From that time, I have followed the flow of life. Exactly what I was told would happen through the psychic lady in 1991, I have been led to knowledge, more and more all the time, which has revealed a picture of how the world has been controlled by a tiny few for thousands of years. And how the suppression of the spiritual knowledge, the understanding of who we are and the nature of life itself, has been the foundation of how this has been done. I have also learned of the Great Awakening, the Great Transformation, that is now upon us."

Gallery Updates will soon include;

*A report from James Tywman on the 'Great Experiment 3' in Israel.

* Staus Report; Operation 'Special Assignment'

*International online petition in support of France and it's stand within NATO alongside Germany and Belgium.

Online Movement To Support France At The UN

From Walter Beebe


You can fax, email, and sign an online petition for France to Veto the US pre-emptive strike against Iraq. The US has threatened to go to war without the UN but most Americans are against it, so it would be politically difficult for the US (and England) to go alone, and hopefully France and others would dissuade them from doing so--along with massive anti-war demos and Congressional and International pressure; it's the best we have right now. Keep it up. I would suggest the following three actions today: -- Fax is probably most effective: president of France, Jacques Chirac at +33-147-42-2465. It can also be sent to the French foreign minister at +33-1-4317-5203 and to the Prime Minister of France at +33-142-43-2677. The '+' stands for your own country's ISD access code. This is often '00' or '11'. (Australia has 0011(ph) and 0015(fax) access codes.) -- The email address is -- The international online poll is here (ends February 12) This time, the voices of many individuals across the world will prevail against hatred, without war.

In peace and determination, Walter Beebe New York Open Center 

For additional information on related subjects please visit;
David Icke
Gregg Braden

Stay tuned.......

February 9, 2003

Click here for details and times for todays 'World Prayer and Peace Ceremony' and the 'Great Experiment 3'...Peace Now!....and let it begin with you and I.

February 8, 2003

Continued updated information and re-writes have been added to yesterdays posting of;
Operation: Special Assignment

These postings will be frequent over the next few days and weeks. All efforts will be made for gallery membership and mailing list contact providing a comprehensive direct link to the most recent writings and events of the Gallery.

This weekend, and the few short weeks to follow, marks a critical time for our world. There are many simultaneous events taking place tomorrow which enables any individual to link hearts and minds together with thousands of others across the globe to empower ourselves in determining what reality we wish to manifest on earth....peace, or perpetual war. Please join us for the 'Great Experiment 3' and the Global Prayer Ceremony in Jerusalem. 

Please take the time to read the following articles and various sources, in order to educate ourselves for the world in which we are about to inherit... Join the millions that are making a choice for peace. Godspeed to all.

In Love and Service,

A message from James Tywman regarding the 'Great Experiment 3'.

James from Jerusalem

Beloved Friends,

I am writing this letter from the city of peace, the city of Prophets and saints. I have been in Israel for five days with seventy Emissaries of Light and Love preparing for the Great Experiment III on February 9, and I felt it was time to send you our love and prayers. I cannot begin to tell you of the powerful shifts that have been taking place. The soil is being tilled, and in a few days a seed will be planted that will transform the entire region. You are all here with us, and we are so grateful.

Today we spent time at the River Jordan, the same place where Jesus was baptized. It was the most beautiful weather since we arrived, and each person offered their prayers as well as what they needed to release in order to accept their missions as Spiritual Warriors. Many tears flowed, and no one left the same person. It was one of the most powerful moments of my life, and I knew the scene was set for a day of miracles.

I have been feeling the children powerfully present with us since we arrived. The message is always the same: "This is the moment. Love is the way." It is impossible for us to know what needs to happen in the world today, or how peace will come. But if we continue to ask to be used as Instruments of Peace, then love will prevail. It must! This is the message of the Psychic Children, and they are overjoyed with how many people are participating in this great mission. Thank you for playing your part.

I will send an e-mail reporting everything that happened here within a few days of the experiment. Please continue to hold us in your prayers until we return safely, and we will continue holding all of you in our hearts. I cannot overstate how important this mission is. We must be ready to take the final step into a world of compassion and peace, and February 9th will be our chance to affirm this reality. We are working together as one heart and mind, and nothing can stop us from this Destiny of Grace.

God bless you all, and we'll feel you on the 9th.

In Peace,
James Twyman

February 6, 2003- Added update on 2-7-03


Something wonderfully amazing is happening. Ths is one of the most exciting post that I have had the honor and privlege to post in service on this web site in the seven years of it's development.. I have been given a 'Special Assignment' to share with the world, something so truly amazing that it has taken almost two weeks to evolve thru a newly formed 'wave' of energy and channeled communications directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Something so pertinent that it is going to take several days and perhaps weeks of intense communications and channeling sessions in order to download all in it's entirety. I have been given specific instructions for this and have spent the last 14 days of intense clearing and purging, initially unaware, in preparation for such a receival. I have been given a general overview and at the time of this posting am still consciously unaware of it's major content...only it's purpose:
To act as a combined blueprint in order to serve humanity DURING and AFTER the time of the GREAT TRANSFORMATION OF PLANET EARTH!

Can you FEEL the tide turning?..........see beyond the deception. 

In love and devoted service, 

Click here for continued updates for 'Special Assignment'.

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