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The Electromagnetic Grid
From: "The Light Shall Set You Free" -Norma J. Malanovich

Part 1

In Atlantis, an etheric energy matrix existed beneath the earth's surface, providing a lattice network for such activities as telepathic communication and healing. This matrix was known as a grid, which is defined as a network of uniformly spaced horizontal and vertical bars or lines, especially one for locating points when placed over a map, a chart, building plan, etc.

This grid was a system of electromagnetic frequencies created through worldwide linkages, made by human thought waves and energy transmitted by the Earth and through crystals. The system followed a carefully designed plan that was obviously intelligently thought out and detailed. It embodied the study and form of Geomancy, which means the divination of lines drawn at random.

This electromagnetic grid existed for centuries and supported the higher-dimensional existence of the Atlanteans. It enabled life to exist in a higher form on the planet. It was an empowering system situated several feet beneath the Earth's surface. The electromagnetic grid was built by the Thrice-Greatest Geomancer and Master of Earth known as Hermes Trismegistus and the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis who came to Earth to build civilization for this part of the galaxy.

The intricate landscaping produced by their efforts to connect the Heavens to Earth was completed in cooperation with the Elohim and the Devic kingdoms. It was based on the Hermetic Principles that form the basis for all manifestation. These principles are included in the Universal Laws, described earlier in this book. The effect of this grid ultimately was to connect humans to the Earth through the power of spirit.

Today, we see the remnants of this miraculous accomplishment in the form of lay lines. These electromagnetic currents of energy once encased the Earth, connecting land masses and traveling under the seas. Architects, scientists, archaeologists, mystics, and others know these lines to be real, but have little physical evidence to support their existence. Some people believe that they can be located using the spiritual trigonometry techniques of Buckminster Fuller. Even if they can, it is impossible to create an acceptable scientific explanation of how these lines were created. Evidence of their existence and the power of their intersection points, however, can be tracked to such uses as :

Guiding focal points for positioning cathedrals, pyramids, sacred structures, and other mystical objects, such as Stonehenge.
Organizing Earth energies
Facilitating UFO activities and sightings
Guiding the migration patterns of birds
Dictating volcanic activity
Directing gravity and antigravity activities
Defining the ridges on mountain tops
Directing the movements of ocean currents.

The electromagnetic grid was the greatest spiritual accomplishment ever completed on the planet. It exemplified the highest human thought-forms of love interfacing with Mother Earth. The primary purposes of the electromagnetic grid were to:
1 ~ connect the spiritual Light Bodies of individuals; and
2 ~ supply a free and unending amount of energy to those who were connected to it.

This was done by synchronizing brain-wave patterns to the currents of energy emitted by thoughts that were linked with the heart centers of individuals. Thus, frequencies were created that were connected directly to the Higher Selves, and consequently, the Divine Plan. As a result, Earth's grid lines and the auric frequencies of individuals were clarified and purified, for all connected in the macrocosm / microcosm.

Since the energy field created by these steps aligned with a higher frequency or spiritual attunement, this frequency automatically connected to Earth's Light network called " Christ Consciousness" ( another term for the God Force). This created a web of Light resembling a massive brain and nervous system, signaling and connecting the physical world to etheric existence of the Higher Self. In this way, a highly evolved spiritual telecommunications system was created that could be used by all who had reached an enlightened state of consciousness.

Since there were so many awakened individuals in Atlantis who were connected to the God Force, it was relatively easy to bridge connections of thought, mind, and heart through the Higher Selves. All individuals who walked the Earth with their Third eyes open were connected to this energy field because the resonance patterns of the Third Eye equaled that of Christ consciousness.

Hermes and other beings of Light first implanted celestial crystals within the etheric bodies of the High Priests and Priestesses and within those of the Light Workers of the hierarchy. These crystals contained symbolic and geometric coding from the Universal Language of Light that sent out frequencies to connect signals emanating from points of Light. This effort formed lines of Light radiating from their etheric bodies which connected to the Earth, forming the illumined web of Divine energy.

To determine which crystals would be implanted within the etheric bodies, the High Priests and Priestesses were matched using a selection process that assured compatibility to other souls. Matching was completed based upon membership in the individual's soul group and the ray upon which each entered embodiment. Crystals that matched select criteria were then implanted etherically within the lower eight bodies of high Initiates.

After all etheric encoding was completed Haremsteam then positioned crystals ( primarily clear quartz, although other stones such as rose quartz and amethyst also were used ) beneath the Earth surface. This step connected the High Priests and Priestesses, who carried the etheric implants, to the electromagnetic energies emitted from the crystals buried beneath the Earth. Individuals were then charged accordingly with a higher current of energy and eventually sent around the world, connecting designated points to sacred sites. Connections were accomplished by touch, and also by the physical presence of the High Priests and Priestesses, because their auras emitted energy rays that were higher than those of the other citizens of Atlantis.

These select emissaries of the Divine journeyed to various lands and sites. Each time they visited foreign places, the currents of energy were made stronger. Throughout the centuries this process strengthened the lay lines, making them nearly impenetrable. The Light traveling through these lines was so pure and radiant that mystics and high adepts could see them with their Third Eyes. Earth radiance could be tracked by Celestial Beings in the Heavens, and all who resided on this frequency used this grid for higher purposes.. The grid truly connected the Heavens to Earth and formed the perfect Oneness. Consequently, peace, love, and light abounded everywhere, for all of these attributes were connected to the Divine Plan.

That was the state of affairs when Atlantis was in its glory. But as history often reveals, things began to change. Certain individuals , not of the priesthood, began to rise to power and change the systems, which resulted in disaster. In time, Atlantis fell, and when it did, many of these great accomplishments were buried with the land underneath the ocean floor.

Reports ( such as those written by Plato ) reveal that Atlantis was magnificent during its height and glory. Some of the survivors, who were the keepers of this sacred knowledge on geomancy, settled in Egypt and the Yucatan, keeping a portion of the mysteries alive. That is why these civilizations were able to rise to great heights, also. Other souls drifted off into the deep sleep, holding the sacred information within their Akashic Records until the time when history would reveal that the souls of the High Priests and Priestesses would reincarnate to rebuild Atlantis in the form of the Seventh Golden Age. That time is now.

The High priests and Priestesses from Atlantis have risen. The souls of these beings who ruled Atlantis have reincarnated and presently are remembering what this electromagnetic grid was and what it stands for. Even now, they are traveling the world creating a NEW grid matrix for Earth.

Electromagnetic Grid-Part 2

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