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"Breakfast for Meta-Physicians"
An editorial column with an esoteric twist.

By Jon-William Brown

Welcome to my 'Breakfast for Meta-Physicians' web column. Here, along with some delicious descriptions of some of my favorite yogurt dishes, I would like to utilize this space with editorials, discussions, feedback, and the groundwork for another planned newsletter. My intent is to at very least present a view of thought while enjoying that morning coffee, or yogurt dish, regarding news headlines that is not being shared by the major networks. For the most part, they will deal with current events in an 'esoteric', yet grounded perspective. Perhaps they may serve as an alternative to that syndicated newspaper or CNN TV news you may read, hear, or 'eat' with your breakfast. Perhaps offer some insights, questions, or maybe add a different 'twist' on just how some of the current events relate to our daily lives, our world, and our universe.

This column first got its idea one morning when I came down for breakfast with a fresh print out of the latest insights to leave on the table for my house mates. For some of you who have been following this web site over the years, you may be familiar with the original 'Gallery Insights" newsletter in 98' which led to the current 'Gallery Updates'. On this particular morning I was sharing some insights on the current transitions of our major institutions (take your pick which one). Half paying attention to my overnight revelations, my house mates then began to tease me on the extent in which I took in making one of favorite breakfast 'yogurt dishes' (They can be brutal and relentless when they gang up on me). Doesn't anyone else have a decent breakfast in the morning besides a cup of coffee and a cigarette anymore? Whatever happened to the good ol American: 'Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions'? Thus the idea was conceived for a web page column with my somewhat esoteric views on current events featuring some of my favorite yogurt yummies. Please enjoy at your own discretion.

By the way, this months featured 'yogurt dish' above is a peach-plum and pineapple cream with a fruit bowl of strawberries, grapes, raspberries and cantaloupe, drizzled lightly with freshly squeezed fruit juices, layered with powdered raisin granola, and topped with sliced banana.

Good Morning World ; )
August 8, 2002

For openers, I would like to present the following message regarding the current state of our Cetacean friends around the globe.

Recently, not far from where I live, over fifty whales currently beached themselves in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There have been many such incidences over the past few years all over the world.

Many of you may be familiar with the law suit that is now being brought forth by certain groups challenging the United States Navy weapons testing concerning sonar and 'frequency disruption'. What is happening to our dolphins and whales around the globe? Why is frequency manipulation so disruptive to mammals? Is it only the Navy that is disrupting migration patterns? And is it only dolphins and whales or water cetaceans that are being disrupted with frequency and vibratory manipulation? I will have but a little insight for those that may not be familiar with these subjects. To open this series of "Breakfast for Metaphysicians." I would like to offer the following 'New Moon Meditation' and a short writing by my Cerium Sister Particle Chore 'Chains of Fear'... a must read. I would also highly recommend checking out her website at Sirian Revelations.

An interesting 'twist' to this edition developed over the past day or so while posting and editing this message. I had already written and posted the essence of this this column on Thursday, August 8th, when I received an e-mail from Patricia Cori with her essay 'Chains of Fear' early Friday morning. It also dealt specifically with the plight of the Cetaceans. But there is more. An interesting sidenote to this communication source was when I contacted Patricia a few months back and discovered that she had just published a book called 'Atlantis Rising: The Struggle between the Light and Dark'. And yes, not only is it the same title as my manuscript, but it also validates the same source of information and subject matter. After contacting her, she pointed out other recent writings by other authors of the same title and source. Yes,...There are many of us indeed that are tapping into the same 'collective consciousness' obtaining the same identical message, from the same sources. To me, this only means one of two things. That this information is more real than one can imagine and we had better pay heed, or we are all a bunch of 'yogurt fruit banana' and suffering from the same vision of mass delusion.

Either way, it's comforting to know that we are not alone.

Please take a moment, where ever you may be, to honor the current state of our water brothers and sisters. This meditation can be performed any time and be effective. The time has come to take back our world.

In Service,
Artist-SunSpirit Gallery.Com

Subject: New Moon Cetacean Meditation
Thursday, August 8 at 6 PM Local Time

Dear Friends,

This is a reminder of the New Moon Cetacean Meditation which begins at 6:00 PM your local time on Thursday, August 8, 2002.

During this global meditation let us join and "dedicate ten (10) minutes to meditate upon the Cetaceans (whales and dolphins), to acknowledge their service to humanity and to Earth, and to send them our love energy so that they can at last feel the connection with their brothers and sisters on land."

Using the galactic calendar, we can focus on the k'in or day during the New Moon Cetacean meditation (and every day) as well as the message for the galactic month, allowing us to flow with Mother Earth and experience galactic time.

On this day of 11 Men, 13 Pop, 11 Ik (August 8, 2002 ), the energy is "Liberation" (11) and "Inner Vision" (Men). Men is the Black Eagle (Vision Holder), which represents "vision and command of thoughts". It is also a very creative energy. Black represents transformation and it is magical. The direction is West and the musical tone is "B".

During our meditation we can focus on the energies of Inner Vision and this month of Pop. We can use our imagination and vision to "see" clearly what we want to manifest in our lives. We can also use this vision to explore our inner selves. These images are very powerful and very real, just as real as physical forms. When we have command or control of our thoughts, we can focus them on what we want to have or experience, thus flowing energy directly into our visions. As a result, we magically begin the process of transforming our inner visions into physical reality. By also focusing on the tone of Liberation, we can learn to free ourselves from all limiting beliefs and create what we want more quickly and easily.

Along with our meditation, we can tune in with the Cetaceans, sending them Love energy and thanking them for their service.

For more detailed information about galactic time and how to use the galactic calendar, order "Your First Contact" and the beautiful new "Galactic Calendar of the Year 11 IK" by Sheldan Nidle at:

And one of our members, Dianne Robbins, channels the Cetaceans and is the author of "The Call Goes Out - Messages from the Earth's Cetaceans" (Medicine Bear Publishing (207) 374-3831) and "T E L O S". More information can be found at:

In Joyful Service,

Chyrene Pendleton
USA Coordinator
Planetary Activation Organization

The Chains of Fear
by Patricia Cori

Who wouldn't admit to being afraid of that dark place that our so-called leaders, self-declared 'men of peace, are taking the whole of the human race? Who cannot recognize the signs of our earthÕs rebellion against the abuse that has stripped the planetÕs resources, blackened the seas and destroyed the great forests Š our soul, our source, our life breath? The animals are dying, the atmosphere is being torn apart, and our hopes for a greater humanity are drowning in the din of human indifference and despair.

We have created such imbalance upon this magnificent planet that the Great Whales and the Dolphins, the music makers of the seas, are beaching themselves en masse, for the excruciating sonar tests being performed in the name of military 'weapons testingare ripping through their majestic bodies, exploding their aural cavities, destroying the harmonies of the oceans.

They have simply lost their way, as has man.

Crouched in our fear of all that is happening around us, where we have been and where we are headed, we buy into the negativity and sensationalistic media reports of dark things and evil forces eradicating all that is decent and good in the world. We fear for the future, for the children, for our very lives. We feel helpless, doomed and victimized by those who are driven by hatred, revenge and the insanity of tearing down our accomplishments in the name of the nonexistent ideals of government, religion and race. We bemoan the global situation, resign ourselves, and give away our power, believing that we are helpless and cannot change the realities unfolding about us.

Let us question the drivers of war and suppression, speaking out fearlessly and with great determination. Let us heal the wounds, rather than drive the killing sword into the hearts of men. Let us be the greatness that is our birthright as human beings. Let us be noble, beautiful and free.

Now is the time to test your comfort zones and move beyond them. Get off of the chair and into the stream of consciousness where those who stand for you are moved to action. Refuse to be manipulated by the machines and messengers of the power. Voice your resistance, write letters, be involved In so doing, you cannot but transform your fear and the complacency that it evokes into positive action and a focused approach.

Stand for the whole of humanity, joining in the community of peaceful protest and do something important every day of your life.

There is no room for fear now. There is no room for rage. Only the heightened sense that we must take back what we have blindly given over to the avengers in the name of 'Justice.' Only we can break the chains of our fear and obedience.

Only we can break the chains.

This is the end of this edition of 'Breakfast for Meta-Physicians'. Have a good day