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December 3, 2012

Please see the 'Spirit of Newburyport' Series
by Jon-William Brown

10 Prince Place, Newburyport
December 1st thru January 15th, 2013
'Plum Island; A Love Story'


* Plum Island Series premier
Additional Links to 'Plum Island; A Love Story' Journal

* 'Rockaway Beach - N.Y.' Series of Images Fundraiser

* Inn Street Artisan Market and
Merchant Community Garden Proposal

A 64th scale diorama model created by Joe Cmar as a 'Thanksgiving Gift' for the Spirit of Newburyport. Model is being used to depict and envision an Inn Street Artisan Market and Merchant Community Garden. Model will be on display at the Spirit of Newburyport, 10 Prince Place, Newburyport throughout the month of December as part of the 'Plum Island; A Love Story' exhibit, along with a special fundraiser edition of 'Rockaway' Beach, New York ( post 'Sandy'), as well as a Special Newburyport tribute to the 'HMS Bounty'.

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