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Gallery Updates - December, 2002

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Welcome to the SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to October of 2000 are located within the links above. Within these links you will find updates and information as far back as 1998. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook-Happy wanderings!:
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SunSpirit Gallery Update- December 4, 2002
New Moon

Re: Updates from James Twyman, Shelden Nidle, Angelynne, the Dove of Oneness and Patricia Cori.

Dear Gallery Friends,

Much has been developing as of late on all levels...... universally, globally, and personally. The following update reports from different sources are but a small example of many different aspects, events, and occurences that are emerging simultaneously. Reflections designed to be integrated and manifested at this time as well as over the course of the next two to three months.

Many of you may be familiar with my writings and experiences as documented since 1997 in my current manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising '. These writings tell of my personal experience of a process that is continually evolving and now being infused within a mass global consciousness.

A New World?...or the 'New World Order'.

The first update is from James Tywman announcing the foundation of the 'Great Experiment 3'. For those of you who are familiar, my personal account contained in the 'Return of the White Dove' covers my experience with the 'Great Experiment 1' in April of 98'. The 'Great Experiment 2' in April of 2000 is documented within the chapters entitled 'Integration', Activation at Giant Rock, and Joshua Tree and the Tribe of Seven'. All serve as informative preludes as to what is to come on mass levels. All that has been presented here in the past has been in prepartion for what is about to happen now. It's about taking back our power, 'Being who we truly are, and following through in order to"do' what it takes to acheive it.

The second update is from Shelden Nidle of the Planetary Activation Organization regarding the activation of the twelve. I have alluded to the Activation of the Six and Twelve many times. This is an expanded explanation of the mathematics and geometries behind such an activation.

The third update is from the Dove of Oneness. Say what you want about such a source. Bottom line, the topic of NASARA and the 'perpetual war' created by the secret government in order to achieve it's New World Order agenda must be confronted, exposed, and made aware of. NOW.

The fourth update is in regard to the ongoing 'Energetic Grid' activation as well as an update by Angelynne and lastly, once again, I would like to share a word and a thought during this time of holiday reflection, 'The Joy of Christmas' from Patricia Cori in the fifth and final update.

1. James Tywman Update- December 4, 2002
Great Experiment 3

A letter from James Twyman:

Join us for the GREAT EXPERIMENT III on February 9, at noon New York time.

In 1998 between three and five million people from around the world participated in the first Great Experiment. This year our goal is different. Our intention is to have 100,000 trained Spiritual Warriors focus a very powerful healing technique on the Middle East while I am in Jerusalem with over 100 Lightworkers. We invite you to join us.

In a recent journey to Japan I met a young paralyzed boy named Koya (which means 'I am Light') who helped me develop a powerful healing technique designed to bend the whole world toward peace. (There is a picture of Koya and I on That technique will be presented in a free or by donation Internet class called the 'Spoonbenders Course'. In four weeks you should be able to bend a spoon with your mind, then apply the same technology to healing the planet.

WE HAVE PREPARED A SPECIAL FLASH MOVIE TO PROMOTE THIS PROJECT. To view it simply go to: 'Great Experiment'. If you like what you see, please send this email and address to all of your friends and ask them to pass it along to all of their friends.

Imagine what might happen if 100,000 people learn this technique, then apply it to the Middle East on February 9. Qualitative research is being conducted in Israel before, during and after the vigil in order to gather scientific evidence that the vigil was a success.

In order to be part of this vigil, we ask that you join us for the 'Spoonbenders Course'. The experiment is to have 100,000 performing the same meditation at the same moment, then to measure the impact of that meditation on the quality of life in Israel and Palestine. Registration for the course begins January 1, 2003. Simply send an e-mail to and we will send you all the appropriate information. And make sure you check out the flash movie. You will be amazed. (If you have a dial-up connection, it will take between one and two minutes to download. High speed is immediate.)

Please pass this e-mail to everyone you know. There are currently 60,000 Spiritual Warriors ready to respond, and we need your help to reach our target of 100,000.

May Peace Prevail on Earth,
James Twyman

Beloved Friends,

I want to give you advance notice on something amazing that will be happening while the Spiritual Warriors are in Israel and Palestine. As you already know, we will launch the "Spoonbenders Course" the first week of January. In one month you should be able to bend a spoon with your mind, then apply that same technology to bending the world toward peace. Once we have enough people practicing this simple technique, we will begin a series of "missions" where we will put it into practice. The first mission will be in Israel and the Middle East. Our goal is to have 100,000 people trained and ready to focus this energy on the situation in Israel and Palestine on February 9. Imagine what that will be like. Tens of thousands of people will have learned how to bend spoons with their minds, and will then put it to use in a way that will create lasting peace. I believe that it will have an impact, and I hope you will join us.

And here's the best part. We have arranged for a team of people in Israel to gather information for a qualitative study on the effect of the prayer vigil. In other words, we are going to measure the results scientifically. We will be adapting a method known as the "Maharishi Effect" which charts changes in crime rates and emergency room visits before, during and after the vigil. There will hopefully be enough evidence from this study to show a real change or shift. Then we will know for sure that this work has the power to shift the whole world.

This is just an advance e-mail to alert those currently on the list. In about a week we will have more info, including a wonderful flash movie, that you can pass on to your friends to get them involved. The free or by donation "Spoonbenders Course" will be the first step, so get ready. You will be able to begin the class after the New Year.

On April 23, 1998, Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue and I initiated the first Great Experiment, and millions of people from around the world participated. I don't think it will be hard to have 100,000 since there are already 70,000 people participating now. But we will need your help in spreading the word. Imagine what would happen if one million people joined us. Fasten your seat belts because we're about ready to take off.

"The Hawaii Psychic Children Conference"

The response to the Hawaii conference has been amazing. There may be as many as 500 people participating. We have also added another component for the children. There will be a children's camp all day Saturday where our young teachers will design their own presentation to offer the conference on Sunday. Many people have asked if they can bring their children and the answer is YES YES YES. There will be complete supervision and the ability to connect with dozens of other young people just like themselves. You can go to the website,, and register today.

"Emissary of Love"

Finally, many of you don't realize that we have a special on the book "Emissary of Love" which covers the whole story of the Psychic Children. If you buy one copy we will send you 10 free copies of the smaller book: "The Psychic Children Speak to the World." This is the book that contains the original Thomas Messages, as well as many other quotes from the children. If you haven't read them, you will want to. Once again, go to and click the provided link.

There are so many powerful things happening, and you are right at the front of the line. Thank you for being part of this amazing opportunity.

In Peace,
James Twyman

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. Shelden Nidle Update; December 3 2002
Activation of the Twelve

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Events on your world continue to move ahead. We are confident that specific tasks will be completed soon. Today, however, we wish to turn our attention to the many changes occurring within you, and within the reality that you know as your solar system. In this regard, remember that you perceive the intertwined realities that make up this galaxy only through the 'eyes' of this reality. Similarly, your reality is a huge kaleidoscope that consists of many different parts. Even Mother Earth is governed by these same conditions. This causal framework is bound together by a prime harmonic that centers on the frequencies of 6 and 13 cycles per second. These frequencies unite, due to a curious formula first discovered in the West by an Italian mathematician named Fibonnaci. This sequence, which you refer to as the 'Fibonnaci Series', demonstrates the significance of primes and the nature of the number 13. The importance of the number six derives from the five basic solids (sacred geometry) revealed by Pythagoras. Let us begin with the Fibonnaci Series and learn how it has helped to give shape to your reality.

Simply put, the 'Fibonnaci Series' consists of the numeral one plus its next sequential number, two. Added together, these digits produce the number three. The sum of two plus three is 5. The same formula follows to infinity. Thus, the first six numbers of the Series are 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13. The key prime in these derivations is the number thirteen. Keep in mind that this Series forms mainly primes. A prime is an integer only divisible by itself and by one. The primes in the Fibonnaci Series form a code that enables you to understand the framework of nature. The sixth number is thirteen while the eleventh is 144. 144 is the square of 12, which is a basic unit of the three key Pythagorean solids - the cube, the sphere and the pyramid. These three shapes all combine to form every object in your reality. This message is too short to discuss the equations involved in detail, but you should recognize that a sacred weave based upon the numbers six, 12 and thirteen exists in your reality.

Six and twelve are numbers that assist in forming your physical world. At the same time, thirteen is the number for full consciousness. You are now in the process of moving away from a reality based on the limitations of six and its parent, three, and toward the limitless constructs built upon twelve. Let us clarify. Six creates a world of 'almosts'. In the formulas to which we have just alluded, six produces an incomplete realm. Six lacks the structural integrity of twelve, while being unable to sustain the frequency of thirteen. The result is an uneven weave of the multidimensional Light that creates all things. Therefore, it tends to create conditions that allow it to be transformed into twelve. This series usually follows the code of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 11 and 12. At twelve, the equations interlock through the prime integral to thirteen, making it possible to transcend time and space. It becomes the way by which you understand how all realities interlock to create physicality and show you the gateway to Heaven. In this case, you must discern a geometrical progression from your 'solids' to our 'inter-dimensional objects'.

In a similar way, your physical bodies and those of all living creatures in your reality follow this same progression. This is especially true of your genetic material. At the moment, you are moving from two strands of DNA to a connection with your third strand. This, in turn, is preparing you for a quick leap through the 6- and 9- to the 12-strand DNA. At that point, you will have reached a 48 base-pair configuration, which is more natural for primates. It will also activate the prime integral, which now exists, hidden, in your consciousness. This oneness will raise you to the threshold required for full consciousness. Through this process, Heaven is preparing you to achieve your limitless potential. In doing so, finally, you will become the physical Angels that you truly are meant to be. Thus, this immense operation has been subdivided into twelve separate stages, each of which was carefully designed to achieve certain distinct goals. These goals have been achieved, despite formidable opposition.

The first three stages occurred between the fall of Atlantis and the rise of Ancient Egypt. By the end of the pharaonic age, humanity was ready to move on to the next part of its journey. Through the next three stages, humanity progressed to the brink of the electronic age and into the post-WWII world. Now, humanity was ready to mutate its RNA/DNA and increase its overall rate of consciousness. The next three stages occurred between the late 1940s and the early 1990s. Humanity was beginning to mutate and a cluster of wondrous children began to be born. At this time, as well, the environmental and ecological movements emerged. Humanity was realizing the significance of the fragility of Mother Earth and that she was a living Being. The quest began for new, post-electronic cultures. New forms of connection, both social and personal, were well under way. Concepts of Life and guardianship were greatly enlarged.

At this moment, you have reached the final three stages in your development. You can see that, as you approach the threshold, time is becoming much shorter. What once took millennia now takes mere years, months or weeks. The crucial element is consciousness - the sacred, living Light that brings forth all things and all possibilities. Consciousness is given us by the Creator and its journey is framed by the divine plan. Using our magnificent potential, we must ensure the appropriate manifestation of these mighty decrees. Matter is no more than specially constituted Light. Ultimately, this Light returns to its source, fulfilled in its journey and made wiser by the circumstances that it has encountered. Heaven realizes the profound nature of your journey, and uses its infinite potential to assist you in manifesting your own.

In the same way, your reality reflects the process of reverting to full consciousness. Its basic form is returning to the twelve-sided 'solid' that represents the fundamental aspect of its highest potential. Mother Earth, in fact, is a twelve-faceted crystal form. This dodecahedron amplifies the energies of her massive singularity core and helps to reveal the wonders of our galaxy. Imposed upon this earthly crystal is a star tetrahedron that consists of eight points and twenty-four sides. Each facet of the crystal dodecahedron, in turn, contains 12 facets. These facets form the '144' often referred to in sacred texts. Having attained her full alignment, this living Earth crystal once again will be the one main element in our care. Within her exists the foundation for this aspect of physicality. Just imagine the prodigious responsibilities that you are about to assume!

Consider this world as a living, sacred geometry. See her as a very special Being that, like you, is being reborn. Likewise, this operation is affecting your entire galaxy. It, too, is transforming into something quite different. The darkness that long has gripped it is now rapidly receding. From it is being born an entity that is filled with Light and ready to don its marvelous new clothes. These garments have been sewn from an immense new set of responsibilities that will reunite this galaxy as never before. You stand at the very heart of these events. Consequently, a vast, divine intervention has transported us all to the brink of a new era. There, you will greet us and achieve your destiny. Together, we will co-create the elements that are needed to bring into being a new physicality. Then, you will usher this new physicality into the unprecedented events that is to reunite it, ultimately, with Heaven. What an extraordinary time awaits us all!

Today, we have discussed some of the circumstances that make your transformation inevitable. We have also very briefly reviewed the process behind it. Know that this first contact mission has only one conclusion - our inevitable victory. The events that will make its achievement possible are well under way. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the countless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

3. Dove of Oneness Update- December 4, 2002
N.A.S.A.R.A., 9/11, and the U.S. Treasury Currency Change

[doveofo] NESARA Rainbow Currency - All Denominations are Ready
December 4, 2002 7:37 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

The new colored U.S. Treasury Notes currency authorized under the true NESARA law is already printed and has been sitting in underground warehouses for many months. The new U.S. Treasury Notes are ALL denominations of currency and ALL have already been printed and are ready to be distributed.

The Bush gang has been putting out DISinformation once again with the recent press releases about the Treasury putting out new colored currency in only $20 bills initially. This is the usual Bush gang brainwashing technique as they try to confuse Americans who have heard about the true NESARA law and the new Rainbow currency.

The FACTS are that ALL the U.S. Treasury Notes denominations have already been printed including: $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s, $50s, $100s, and $500s U.S. Treasury currency notes. Great quantities of these new Rainbow colored notes are sitting on shelves waiting for the true NESARA law announcement. We had a source, who provided technical support for the actual machines that print the new currency at the Treasury s printing locations, and he told us two years ago that great quantities of the new U.S. Treasury currency had already been printed -- TWO YEARS ago. This along with many other confirmations makes the lies put out by the Bush gang this week totally laughable.

There are essentially in D.C. and the military two diametrically opposed groups:
1) the White Knights and their allies bringing us the true NESARA law; and
2) the Bush gang who are trying to implement their new world order plans.

The members of the White Knights have positions in every federal government department and in all branches of the U.S. military. What happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 really brings home how close the enemy within is. On September 10, 2001, the day BEFORE 9/11, some dark agenda Pentagon officers were told their personnel to STAY AWAY from the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on Tuesday, 9/11/2001. However, right down the hall in the Pentagon from these dark agenda Pentagon officers was the White Knights Naval Communications Center which had just been remodeled to handle the military support of the true NESARA law. The 9/11 explosions at the Pentagon blew up the newly remodeled Naval Communications Center in order to cripple the White Knights actions supporting NESARA which was supposed to have been announced at 10 a.m. EDT on 9/11/2001.

Someone on the inside had to turn off the three massive levels of protection the Pentagon always has on alert. These constant 24 hours 7 days a week protection systems are designed to ensure ZERO attacking force ever reaches the Pentagon. First there s an eye in the sky which constantly scans all activity in the sky for miles around the Pentagon and signals an interception if any craft or missile approaches. There are two additional ground based systems which are automatically triggered whenever something within certain parameters is detected. These ground based systems also AUTOMATICALLY fire missiles which would stop anything approaching the Pentagon BEFORE it got within 500 yards. The 9/11 Pentagon attack was due to treason by Pentagon officers who work for the Bush gang and who turned off the Pentagon defense systems so the White Knights Naval Communication Center could be blown up. A remotely controlled small white plane loaded with explosives hit the Pentagon on 9/11 and contributed to the destruction of the White Knights Naval Communications Center.

We essentially have two governments: the White Knights in our federal government and military; and the dark agenda Bush gang members in the government and military. The White Knights are moving the activities and preparations of the true NESARA law forward and the Bush gang are scared that too many people now know about the true NESARA. Consequently, the Bush gang put out DISinformation about the new currency to try to muddy the water and confuse people.

Just as the countries of the Euro Zone switched over from SEVERAL different currencies to ONE new currency in all denominations - the Euro - so we in the U.S. will also be turning in ALL our Federal Reserve Notes and getting back ALL NEW U.S. Treasury Notes currency. Just as the Euro currency was given in stores as change when people purchased things with their old currency during the transition period, so too will merchants in the U.S. including Safeway, Wal-Mart, and others be distributing the new U.S. Treasury currency and providing the new currency as change for purchases made in Federal Reserve Notes. We ve had several reports from people working for Safeway and Wal-Mart who have been briefed about the new currency. Some ATM machines will also be used to exchange the old Federal Reserve Notes for the new U.S. Treasury currency just as ATMs were used in Europe for the Euro exchange process.

To subscribe to the Dove egroup, please send an email to my address: with the Subject: SUBSCRIBE and I will manually add you to the Dove egroup. If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove Report, you may read it at the following website: (also has Dove Voice Reports and Dove radio interviews). If you are new to the Dove Reports, please listen to the October 25th radio interview for a quick way to understand the topics about which I write in the Dove Reports.

Dove Reports and interviews are also being carried on: NESARA is the ONLY topic on this website and

Below are some very meaningful quotes that convey great truth.

"Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic. But will they keep it, or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction." -- Thomas Jefferson

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." -- James Madison (Letter to W.T. Barry, August 4, 1822)

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -- Johann W. Von Goethe

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that the White Knights have MANY exposes ready to be broadcast to inform the world s people about the TRUTH of our corrupt governments, etc. Below is an email discussing a television broadcast which covered the truth about those who control our world. Once NESARA is announced, there will be hundreds of such exposes broadcast and published worldwide and we will all finally SEE the truth of how our lives and world are manipulated to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

The Dove Report currently has 10,146 subscribers and is read by over 200,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Monday, November 25, 2002 8:33 PM

Dear Dove

On the 25 of november on our canadian learning channel, The Phonomonen " The Lost Archives " Was aired at Three differrent time slots and was all about the rich boys club and how they screwed all of us , from the money funded wars to the assassinations of those who apposed them. The Next air time is at 3:00 Am central mountain time on Bell Express View On Channel 440. I hope you can view this As It to our cause and nesara. Everything you have been telling us is on this telecast, and very well put together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

4. Angelynne and the 12:12 Enchanted Rock Activation
Dec. 1/02 - 12:12 Meditation Experience

I checked in with my guides/the Universe last night to give intent to be involved consciously in the 12:12 meditation at Enchanted Rock Dec. 1st at 9:30 a.m. I asked as well if the portal and energy structure that was created during the 11:11 meditation would be involved. I was told it would and was shown many light beings inside the energy 'tunnel' that stretches behind the portal, working inside. I was told they were preparing the tunnel for its work today. I woke up at 9:20 this morning with ears buzzing. I again saw the portal tunnel and now realize that it is a giagantic universal vortex which lays dorminant until it is needed. It sprang to life this morning to bring in the diamond energy that was needed for today's meditation.

After giving intent for those of highest light to work through me during the meditation for the highest good of all, I slowly read the meditation process that Tyb had prepared, seeing and feeling each step. I brought the diamond light which I saw and felt as a form of crystal light energy, into my crown chakra then down to Gaia's crystal center and back again to my heart chakra. I saw this process as a loop of energy that continued throughout the meditation (and still continues). From my heart chakra the energy was sent to the lightworkers at Enchanted Rock. I could clearly see them working together doing the same process I was, and forming a large vortex of energy. The vortex went up to the Crystal Ascension Grid. After a few moments I saw beams of energy traveling down from the grid through the vortexes at key sacred sights and power centers throughout the planet, energizing their earth points with the diamond energy.

About 10 minutes into the global process an almost blinding sphere of energy - super nova in strength - appeared. It spontaneously resulted from the energies being circulated and grounded in the sacred centers, the lightworkers of Earth and in Gaia herself. This sphere quickly flattened and descended to rest just below the southern pole, stretching far past the outward curves of the Earth. As I watched I saw lightbeings surround this circular platform, first facing it then as one, turning to face outward. I saw the energy of this platform supporting and propelling the planet and simultaneously, the lightbeings attracting its light to their heart centers and shooting it out in powerful beams to all parts of the Universe. I intuit that the light beams are energy beams of information about what is happening here at this time (I'm being told as I type that the beams also hold a form of the diamond/crystal energy that can be absorbed and utilized for highest good by All who comprise the Universe). The platform is assisting Gaia's ascension process, and all who reside with her.

I was deep in meditative state for almost an hour during the meditation. Wave after wave of joyous energy came to me and through me during that hour and still continues at 11:11 a.m. I gave intent that the process continue indefinitely - until it is no longer needed. I was told that all those who wished to be part of the meditation process could do so all day today - and beyond if they gave intent. The Crystal Ascension Grid, Gaia and all who reside with Gaia are being aided by the energy of today's event. All those who participate may enjoy personal transmutings of dense energies in all bodies as the diamond/crystal energy circulates through them. Know that this energetic process may continue to circulate and provide both planetary and personal transformations and aid ascension indefinitely.

I am sharing this account at this time, even though I know there is still more information to come, so that all who resonate may join in the meditation today, and experience the energetic structures and the positive effects of the diamond/crystal energy personally and planetarily from this day forward. Just give intent and enjoy!

Still sparkling with joyous diamond energy,

All Lightworkers!

There will be a coordinated Meditation for Thanksgiving & for Grid Activation on Sunday December 1st.

The time will bve 12:30 EST : 11:30 CST - 10:30 MST - 9:3- PST

The mediation will be coordinated in the Lightworked Chatroom by dc , for all that wish to particpate on line. It will be for 30 minutes.

This will be from the potent Grid Point of Enchanted Rock.
Any wishing to join us may meet at Enchanted Rock State Parl at 10:00 AM on Sunday. Any one interested may contact me at :
Espavo !
Love & Light!!!!
TYB & The LW Family
Cover the planet in Light, Love and Intent for the Highest Good....

The Process :


We accept readily that we are energetic beings surrounded by a potent electromagnetic field. We chose to be part of the ascension process and the ascension of the living Gaia. We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good.

By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex. This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate according to our intent and flow. Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new grid, the new crystal matrix of Gaia.

Activation Meditation

The exercise for energy connection, transferal and activation of the Crystal Grid is as follows:

1. Find a place to set or lie comfortably.
2. Breath very deeply and rythmicly
3. Visualize diamond light energy coming in through the crown chakra.
4. Send it down through the spine, through each chakra, and into the Crystal Core of the Earth. Then bring it back up to the heart.
5. Flow the energy in a beam, a corridor of light energy, directed to Enchanted Rock, and The LW Grid Team in Place ...visualize Enchanted Rock as a portal of Light within the Grid.
6. Once connected to Enchanted Rock TEAM send the energy into the totality of the Grid. The Geodome of the Grid. Visualize the energy light flowing into the Light Grid, covering the Planet.
7. Experience the ecstasy, and allow it flow

Through our creation and transfer of diamond-light, joyous energy into the Ascension Grid, we simultaneously activate ourselves to be in alignment with the heightened energy of ascension. We become loving, channeling columns of light, we connect as one synergetic beam of ecstasy. Each participant is a vortex, a point of light on the globe, one with another, one with the ascension. Creating, co-creating the frequency of the New Planet Earth toward the highest good. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a point of light in the bursting infinity of light. We are love, and are loved.

_________________ 'My Citizenship is the World, My Nationality is Goodwill"

In Love & Light,


_________________ "I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill"

In Humility, Service & Light,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

5. The Joy of Christmas
Patricia Cori

I've a dear friend with whom I have no dialogue of any particular social or political relevance ... someone who has managed to hold my fascination simply because he has the most beautiful heart, which sounds his laughter into light. He tells me I am too focused on the issues, too concerned about the global situation and always reminds me to just trust that everything will and does resolve for the highest good. He will be celebrating the holidays, as he does every year, serving the homeless their Christmas dinner. John is a model of the positive mind and a giving nature, a true humanitarian, and I always come away from our time together filled with the reminder of how it all seems to work down here on Planet Earth, distracted, as I can be, by the celestial mechanics of the Universe and otherwordly realms.

Nonetheless, in the illusion of 3D, this season's greetings are less than reassuring, as well you know. The 'Eternal War', waged by the Secret Government, has us teetering on the brink of something so colossal in its dark scope that we are almost stunned by its magnitude and force ... and yet we are out there, in growing numbers, voicing our resistance and our rebellion. We believe we can change the world. The black tides of the oil giants, washing their negligence and abuse onto the shores, are devastating the habitats of the garden of Eden ... but we are there, scooping up the ooze in our arms and nursing the sea birds choking in the crude. We are determined to change the world. Earthquakes rock and topple our communities - yet there we are, digging with our raw hands, fighting the cold of the endless night, pulling the dying out from the rubble. The bold, shining face of humanity is forever rising from the dust and the shadow of adversity. We know we can change the world.

So it is that, in the midst of all the holiday preparations, shopping and feasts, the conscious members of our societies cannot help but to consider the suffering, the starving, the forgotten children: the 'global situation'. There are questions that must be answered ... or at least 'asked'. There are issues that must be considered, if not resolved. There is more to this than what we are doing ... far more to it all.

As we fill our stockings with the 'cute' and the 'irresistible' - shiny reflections of our more superficial desires, we must ask ourselves: what is it we are celebrating? Do we truly remember? In but a moment's thought...we realize how soon we forget. How easy it is for us to forget the meaning of Christmas.

At this time of reverence, a celebration of The Christ's birth, let us exalt the magnificence of our humanity by raising our worried heads from the pillow, throwing off our blankets of ignorance and reaching a hand across the sands of indifference. Let us give of ourselves in ways that honor His teachings and our own brilliant starlight, all One People, One Heart, One Soul.

Let us focus not on the tinsel and glitter. Let us beam the light of courage, faith and love around the world. We can remember what this is all about - the Christmas memory; we can honor Jesus, the Ascended Master ... opening our eyes, our hearts, our minds.

Let us never forget that believing in the highest good and a positive outcome requires that extension of humanity, where we give we truly give of ourselves: serving the less fortunate in the kitchens of the poor; fighting for the lives of the animals and the seas; bringing the light of love into dark spaces. And with that, Christ-mas blessings to you, to your loved ones, and to the battered in Bethlehem, where a baby was born, 2000 years ago, in the silence of the night.

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