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Gallery Updates - November-December, 2001

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Please read the latest postings regarding the Gallery (below) and the archived update links above.

December 27, 2001

SunSpirit Gallery is only honored to see the use of "Mebahiah; The Angel of Winter" as an image of hope, healing and re-birth for the Pentagon Angels, a web site created for and by the families of those that passed from this earth from the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001. I trust their souls are in good hands and are at peace.

I am quite aware that many try to find the original artist before using the images created within this gallery. I received the following e-mail on December 21, 2001.

Dear Jon,
I hope you are doing well, saw this on the fox news, and wanted you to be aware of it, there is a site established, called Pentagon Angels, and they are using your part of their logo, you might want to contact them so that they can give you credit for the artwork.....hey, your angel was on the news!!

The "SunSpirit Story" (originally posted in June, 2000-deleted along with the rest of my writings from this web site after September 11th, 2001) may explain a little more in just how this came to be.....and why. Coincidence? decide. I have been moved beyond words since December 21st. I will always be amazed on just how Spirit works, no matter how many times it's 'proven' to me. As a good friend has asked me countless times, "What else do you need,..a burning bush" !? This event has prompted me to re-post the "SunSpirit Story".

December 25, 2001

On behalf of all those that are associated with SunSpirit Gallery in one way or another, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Solstice, Yule, Hunakkah, Ramadan, or whatever observance one may be, or have been celebrating during this festive, and reflective time of year. My prayer today is that the realization of Peace, Love and Light to reign abundant with many blessings of Spirit to all of you and yours and may the coming millenium be all that you envision it to be.

The following is dedicated to the "Prince of Peace" and all those that have walked the path for peace in the last 2,000 years since.

I have a little vision of the world.
It isn't much.
But in it, beauty shines whenever earth
and people touch.
There's laughter,
and there's music,
and the trees are standing tall,
and the creatures whisper stories to us all.
No one is lost or hungry.
Every life's of equal worth.
And the snowflakes fall and scatter
like a dream of Peace on Earth.....

So....light a candle for help,
for each heart that's in need,
a candle for every compassionate deed.
Light a candle for smiles
on the children's sweet faces,
a candle for peace
between countries and races,
a candle that shines
like a star in the night.
Light a candle of hope
for a future that's bright.

Thanks to my friend Michael for sharing this little vision for the world.

Love you all

December 11, 2001

SunSpirit Gallery Premier Exhibit Tour-
Opening reception- December 12th, 2001
Spirit of Sedona- Ancient Awareness Center
See press release for details.

Next Showing:
Galant Gallery
197 Derby Street
Salem, Massachusetts
Preview - December 15, 2001
Opening reception febuary 24, 2002-
Details to be posted soon...please stay tuned.

November 11, 2001

Announcement- Premiere Exhibit Update: See Home Page

For those that have been familiar with the work of SunSpirit Gallery, you know that after five years of production, the Gallery announced it's premiere exhibit two months ago to be held at the "Wholelife Exposition" in Boston, Massachusetts on September 28th. A lot has happened since. In the following weeks after the tragic event of September the 11th, not only did the Wholelife Expo postpone it's show in Boston till next spring, but also in Los Angeles and Chicago in the two months since, thus, altering the plans of the Gallery for it's debut showing once again. Like many celebatory "events" of late, the enthusiasm for such things was quelled in light of the life altering events that stemmed from the WTC attacks. But life goes on and hopefully better then ever. After much debate on how to proceed, the Gallery decided to move forward and is pleased to announce that it's premier exhibit will be showcased at the "Spirit of Sedona - Ancient Awareness Center" in Salisbury, Massachusetts beginning this month and running straight thru the holiday season. The Gallery would like to extend it's gratitude to "Kathleen and Rose" for Granting the Gallery this opportunity and look forward to the weeks ahead. The Gallery hopes that this will be the first of many shows to come in the new year.

There will be many details in regards to this special presentation in the days ahead including specifics for the "Spirit of Sedona" show, as well as the first leg of the tour itself within the New England area. Please stay tuned and hope to see you soon!

November 6, 2001

* Global Sound Meditation:11-11-01
* Shattering Glass
*The Power of Prayer and Meditation
* (To be posted)Why 11:11?-Remembrance; The Activation of DNA Memory Codes


*11/11/01 Global Sound Meditation-WORLDWIDE VIBRATION

We are asking for everyone's assistance in getting this message circulated worldwide ASAP so that all who choose will be able to participate on Sunday, November 11th at 11:00 a.m. in your time zone. A fellow lightworker, Jahn Starr, has been guided by Spirit to tell us to let the vibration of SOUND go out around Mother Earth to break away the last pieces of the old vibration of discord and separation and to bring in more fully and activate more completely the frequencies for LOVE, PEACE AND BALANCE. She was given a vision of a huge group of angels over Afghanistan assisting everyone to be Love and Peace, and then the same vision was repeated for the U.S. And then again for the whole planet. Just as we lit candles for all those who gave their lives and their loved ones and their service on Sept. 11th, we are now being asked to bring in the vibration of sound, for it is the vibrations of sound (the Word) and light (the Creator energies, the Christ energies) that will help to heal this planet and all beings on her.

Wherever you are on Sunday, November 11th (11-11-01) from 11:00 to 11:11 AM in your time zone, please ring a bell, sound sacred tones with your voice, use whatever sound or instrument you are guided to do. The important thing is that we now need SOUND to help the restoration of BALANCE on our planet. This date is very important in world peace and carries a very high spiritual energy. If you are called to join us, please make your sacred tones on this day and help us get this information out by sharing it with all you know as soon as possible. Some are also suggesting that this be repeated at 11:11 PM. Do what you are led to do.

I would like to suggest that for the 11:11 event, you use the "AH" sound, in whatever key or tone feels comfortable for them. This is an extremely powerful sound-particularly useful for generating compassion. I know you will agree that compassion is truly a key to transformation of consciousness on this planet. As you may know, the "AH" sound is a sacred seed syllable. It is found in most of the god and goddess names on the planet (God, Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, Allah) as well as many of the sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum). Most mystical traditions worldwide also find it to be the sound of the heart chakra. Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra and is acceptable by everyone.

****************************************** From Barbara Wolf:

Scientists of THE GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT will be testing the effects of the world coming together to meditate on PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT, AND BALANCE on November 11, 11 a.m-11:15 a.m. Please join the world for this important event.

Those who wish to use sound, please do so. Information here: Global Sound Meditation


* For a closer and more refined insight on "sound/vibration/healing" please continue reading the following article. I have enclosed just a few paragraphs from the original article but would highly recommend reading it in it's entirety (within the link provided) after reviewing the pertaining information on the "Power of Prayer and Meditation". This is one of the best "post" September 11th articles I have read.

"Shattering Glass" by Lyara

"We have called this Message, "Shattering Glass" for a reason. Each of you who is connecting with the vision and vibration of Terra (Earth) is emitting a sound--your particular frequency pattern in the matrix of sound that underlies the material universe. As you attune to the light codes carried in these Messages, you will re-sound them back into the universe, amplifying them and uniting them with the "broadcasts" sent up by your fellow workers who are sharing this task with you. As more and more of you find your way to these Messages and are activated by the light codes, more and more of your frequency patterns will be available to do the necessary work.

You have a phrase--"the glass ceiling." It is most often used to depict an invisible barrier to upward movement on a career path, but we are borrowing this concept now to refer to another kind of glass ceiling--an invisible frequency barrier that has surrounded this planet and kept things contained within her and cycling over and over upon her surface throughout her history as a planet--an invisible barrier that must be breached in order for the planet to move upward in her own ascension path--her own "career path." When a baby is in the womb, it is encased in a membrane or sac. When it is time for the birth, the membrane splits so that the baby can come forth unfettered and begin its new life as a new being, independent of those tissues that nourished it and protected it throughout its time in the womb.

Just so, the Earth is enclosed in a frequency barrier, similar to a membrane, that must be breached or split, in order for her to come forth and begin her new life. The barrier is a container for the present experience and it must be shattered to allow movement to a new experience. Each of you is emitting a sound pattern. All of your sound patterns are beginning to converge and join together into a larger pattern, becoming amplified where you have particular frequencies that match those of the others in the group. As your own frequencies rise, the collective frequency of the group will also rise, and the sound that you emit will grow in volume, louder and louder as more and more of you are attuned by these Messages and their light codes. We are giving you the "keys" that unlock your own codings, and through these Messages, we are "tuning" your own "transmitters"--the living light crystals at the core of your cellular memory that send forth your own frequency pattern. As your individual transmissions combine with those of your group, they will amplify and rise in frequency as you do.

Perhaps you have seen a demonstration of what happens when a tone with a certain frequency pattern and sufficient power is sounded in the vicinity of a crystal glass. The glass is shattered by the modulations carried in the tone. A matching pattern of sound is set up in the material that makes up the glass via resonance with the particular frequencies contained in the vibrations of the subatomic particles in the atoms and molecules that make up that material. The modulations vibrate back and forth around the core frequencies of the material and disrupt the patterns of the atomic bonds in the glass, and shatters in response to the tone. Note that the modulation and the shattering effect is accomplished by tones that vary slightly from the prevalent tone of the material.


The Power of Prayer and Meditation

In the third section of this update I have included an article that was first posted within this web site in December of last year. Due to it's relationship to the preceding information and all it's corresponding relevance to current times, I am compelled to post it again. As this web site continues to form it's program on the "how to's" of utilizing the "science of spirit" principles, many articles and writings that have been posted here in the past, will be reviewed in current context. One will find it's information in retrospect very pertinent to the coming times. Even though the following post dealt with the global Meditation undertaken on January 1, 2001, it's basic message is very insightful when it comes to demonstrating the science behind "The Power of Prayer and Meditation", and how to harness this energy at any time...and why it is imperative that we embrace this now.

December, 2000

The following is an update to the "Lightshift" "Critical Mass Medtitaion" on January 1, 2001 information posted here on December 25th. Please read both postings for complete insight to this monumental event. Once again here in New England, and throughout the world,.. we are reminded just this day after Christmas of the delinquency and insanity caused by undue social stress when an armed employee opened fire, killing seven people within an internet office building in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Many of us would like to tune out such violence and pretend that it doesn't exist. Others feel totally helpless in the face of such random acts of hatred and fear against out children and breathen. The fact of the matter is,...we are NOT!

As mentioned here in the introduction pages to the "Art, Inspiration and Healing" exhibit being presented within this gallery, scientific studies and vast collections of documented evidence are now backing up the social impact of mass prayer and synchronized meditation events on society such as those in which I have participated in now over the past couple years as documented within the writings of "Return of the Dove". It is this work and research within the fusion of science and metaphysics that is now confirming the validity of such events and actions and proving how EACH and EVERYONE of us can directly effect the "unified field" of consciousness upon society for better,..or worse. We are now seeing how each and everyone of us is in someway responsible for the social impact and consciousness within our society. This is our chance NOT to be part of the problem, but part of the solution by reaching down within ourselves and impacting the greater consciousness of our society by reducing the stress levels within each of us and projecting that in order to reach a 'critical mass" and produce change as the following will explain further. Please join the millions around the world that are now awakening to the realizations that there IS something that each and everyone of us can do to change the world and create world peace. There are no more excuses,...this is your chance,..our chance... to "turn on the lights" and create world peace now!

Subj: ~ From ~Ciritical Mass Global Me
Date: 12/26/00 4:33:38 AM US Eastern Standard Time
From: ~
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 14:45:10 -0500
The 1/1/1 OM (Official Millennium) Critical Mass Global Meditation

By Ken Kalb

The Big One is Here

At Midnight on December 31, 2000, all calendrical cycles of day, month, year, decade, century, and millennium will shift in a hopeful heartbeat. Indeed, we experienced a similar surge last year when 999 years of placing a 1 before a series of numbers became a 2, and the roaring 2000Հs commenced. The massive convergence of millions of people in the 29-hour prayer wave on the inner planes, empowering millions of people in jubilant celebration on the outer -- was unprecedented in human history. Now, we approach the Official Millennium -- time to come together once again.

You are hereby invited to join in the historic occasion of focusing your intent for one hour at Midnight on 1/1/2001 on inner peace and world peace Հ in meditation, prayer, song, drumbeat, dance, or whichever way you best connect with Spirit. For those of you who would like a history of the calendar and a refresher on how our calendar has evolved Հ and why decade, century, and millennium designations begin with a one, please see:

Chapter 7 of LightShift 2000: LetՀs Turn on the Light of the World.

Global Meditition :"What works and what doesn't"?

I have read through many of the doctoral studies compiled I by Dr. David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D of the Maharishi International University. These 500 studies from 200 Universities in 33 countries scientifically validate both the beneficial effects of meditation, and how mass meditation improves the quality of life for everyone. I have also spoken with many other experts in the consciousness field, including Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University. His measured receptor studies have proven that mass meditation increases resonance in the unified field. (You can see his measurements of 1/1/2000 in the Vital Information Section on the LightShift website).

For many years, I have also witnessed the empowering relationship between mass meditation, focused intent, and tangible positive results. The bottom line is that when enough people gather, it works! However, the consensus of the experts is quite different than much of the conventional thinking. Simply put, mass meditation seems to "work" only when a "critical mass" is reached, or very large numbers of people participate. There is another piece of conventional thinking which the experts feel is erroneous. To try to "control" the intent with thoughts to a specific locale, incident, or issue does not work. However, to simply generate light from the love in our hearts in synchronized attunement works miracles -- in mysterious ways .

What does Work

What does work is gathering large amounts of people in quantum numbers in mass synchronized meditation to create resonance in the unified field of consciousness. In turn, increased resonance in consciousness diffuses the root causes of "social stress." You may notice the synchrony in recent current events between various negative activities, difficulties, or problems flaring up at the same or similar time. For example, the violence in the Middle East, the terrorism in the Cole incident, the cyclones in India -- with events happening in the local news or your personal life. There is a "pressure" or energy that triggers events of all different sorts and on various levels. The antidote of mass meditation diffuses or "mellows out" the root energy and cause that is the trigger mechanism for the many different forms this may take.

The following fundamental benefits have been proven:

Meditation focuses and improves the quality of consciousness.
Focused consciousness improves the quality of our lives.
Mass meditation increases the resonance in the unified field of collective consciousness.
A more harmonious unified field reduces "social stress" and positively enhances the quality of life.

Critical Mass :The Magic Number

The concept of "critical mass, was popularized by a social science study known as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena, by author Ken Keyes Jr. - - posted in the Article Gallery on LightShift 2000.

There is great debate as to what the magic quanitity of human catalysts that constitutes the quantum number to reach a "critical mass," which triggers an explosion in global consciousness capable of "touching" or transforming all of humankind. There are various wavelengths on this issue. The most popular calculation is that critical mass is one-tenth of one percent of the worldՀs population of 6 billion -- or 6 million. We far exceeded this number on January 1, 2000, and very possibly on May 5th of 2000, when somewhere between twenty and fifty million people participated. Others feel critical mass is reached at one percent, or 60 million people. The Maharishi formula calculates this magic number very differently. However, they form their basis on an advanced form of meditation called the "superadiance technique," where the mathematical formula of the square root of the world population Հ 7700 Հ merged in concentrated meditation forms the radiant core which ignites global consciousness. Osho Rajneesh once said, "if we can create 10,000 Buddahs -- that is enough to save humanity."

One thing is for certain: More is better! So we invite you and everyone you love to join this " lightshift:" For you may just be the "hundredth human" who makes the difference.

The January 1, 2000 Quantum Global Meditation Հ Earth doing the 29-Hour Wave. By December of last year, virtually every spiritual spokesperson, including such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Deepak Chopra Հ even the Dalai Lama and the Pope were calling for the "prayer wave" around the planet: For one radiant hour of passionate meditation in each of the 29 time zones, beginning at Kirbati Island near New Zealand and ending in Samoa humankind merged in radiance. The LightShift miracle was both powerful and subtle: None of the anticipated terrorism, few incidents or accidents, few Y2K problems, and an end to years of the plethora of negative end-time prophecy. There was only jubilance and ebullience around the world as the "popular millennium," or beginning of the "millennial year" unfolded. LightShift 2000 devoted 5 years, thousands of hours and dollars to spreading this around the world Հ in prisons, hospitals, developing and third world countries, everywhere possible. You were the driving force which made this happen. Now that the Official Millennium is upon us, we have the mechanism in place to reach a true "critical mass" and begin the new millennium in the most positive light.

Matthew Wayne Webb
United Communities of Spirit

"Scores of studies have found that the reduction of stress in meditators creates a powerful influence of harmony in the environment at large. Scientist have named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect- the finding that when just 1% of the population is meditating, the overall quality of life improves for everyone. This has been demonstrated, scientifically measured, and documented by a reduction in the symptoms of social stress such as delinquency, traffic accidents, and illness, as well as a reduction in political conflicts and improvement in international relations. Mass Synchronized Meditation has been proven to be the most effective technology for the implementation of World Peace!"-Ken Kalb

Please join the millions of others in the united global call..."May Peace Prevail on Earth!!!"


* Why 11:11?: Activating DNA Memory Codes-To be posted soon.

October 28, 2001
Update: "Angelic Realms"

October 19, 2001

Announcement: SunSpirit Gallery 2002 Edition

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