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Gallery Updates - December, 2000

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Latest Gallery Update:
December 26, 2000

A Winter Solstice Prayer from Lady Moon and *Elchai*

Once again, the Winter Solstice of the year is upon us. The season when we honor the closing of circles, the Northern Quadrant of the Medicine Wheel, the White Buffalo, the White Owl, the Ancient Spirits and Wisdom among us and within us. The season when we learn, from nature, how to honor the darkness of Life's Mysteries without losing to recognize the seeds of growth and nurture them in our own inner warmth until the Light to dignify the elder who lives always within us, and to face our own old age with serenity and faith and power. Once again we learn, that even in the darkest moments, health, serenity, and healing energy are available when we focus on them with positive intent.

A Solstice Prayer for You, and Yours ....

I tune the hearthsong of my soul, loving words upon my lips...
light-giving songs upon my heart...
life-bringing praises upon my eyes...
The music of comfort resound in the souls of all beings,
Preserving them in peace,
As the sun and moon renew themselves this night.

I give thanks to the Wise Powers of the Universe that have protected me this day, this season, this year; may their blessings attend me wherever I go, and a special blessings to those who have touched my life, who are now in need.

I look to the unfulfilled places in my life, may my Ancient Wisdom Teachers show me how best to prepare these as fields where I may sow seeds of hope, especially.............I ask, both for myself and others, may self blame, disappointment, disappear, self-doubt be transformed by self-confidence, hopefulness, an awareness of my potential, and Love.

Mystically Yours,
Lady Moon

You are a child of the universe ... no less than the trees and the stars ... you have a right to be here!

The following is an update to the "Lightshift" "Critical Mass Medtitaion" on January 1, 2001 information posted here on December 25th. Please read both postings for complete insight to this monumental event. Once again here in New England, and throughout the world,.. we are reminded just this day after Christmas of the delinquency and insanity caused by undue social stress when an armed employee opened fire, killing seven people within an internet office building in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Many of us would like to tune out such violence and pretend that it doesn't exist. Others feel totally helpless in the face of such random acts of hatred and fear against out children and breathen. The fact of the matter is,...we are NOT!

As mentioned here in the introduction pages to the "Art, Inspiration and Healing" exhibit being presented within this gallery,...scientific studies and vast collections of documented evidence are now backing up the social impact of mass prayer and synchronized meditation events on society such as those in which I have participated in now over the past couple years as documented within the writings of "Return of the Dove". It is this work and research within the fusion of science and metaphysics that is now confirming the validity of such events and actions and proving how EACH and EVERYONE of us can directly effect the "unified field" of consciousness upon society for better,..or worse. We are now seeing how each and everyone of us is in someway responsible for the social impact and consciousness within our society. This is our chance NOT to be part of the problem,..but part of the solution by reaching down within ourselves and impacting the greater consciousness of our society by reducing the stress levels within each of us and projecting that in order to reach a 'critical mass" and produce change as the following will explain further. Please join the millions around the world that are now awakening to the realizations that there IS something that each and everyone of us can do to change the world and create world peace. There are no more excuses,...this is your chance,..our chance... to "turn on the lights" and create world peace now!

Subj: ~ From ~Ciritical Mass Global Me
Date: 12/26/00 4:33:38 AM US Eastern Standard Time
From: ~
ย ย ย ย ย ย Date:ย Mon, 25 Dec 2000 14:45:10 -0500
The 1/1/1 OM (Official Millennium) Critical Mass Global Meditation

By Ken Kalb

The Big One is Here

At Midnight on December 31, 2000, all calendrical cycles of day, month, year, decade, century, and millennium will shift in a hopeful heartbeat. Indeed, we experienced a similar surge last year when 999 years of placing a 1 before a series of numbers became a 2, and the roaring 2000ี€™s commenced. The massive convergence of millions of people in the 29-hour prayer wave on the inner planes, empowering millions of people in jubilant celebration on the outer -- was unprecedented in human history. Now, we approach the Official Millennium -- time to come together once again.

You are hereby invited to join in the historic occasion of focusing your intent for one hour at Midnight on 1/1/2001 on inner peace and world peace ี€” in meditation, prayer, song, drumbeat, dance, or whichever way you best connect with Spirit. For those of you who would like a history of the calendar and a refresher on how our calendar has evolved ี€” and why decade, century, and millennium designations begin with a one, please see:

Chapter 7 of LightShift 2000: Letี€™s Turn on the Light of the World.

Global Meditition :"What works and what doesn't"?

I have read through many of the doctoral studies compiled I by Dr. David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D of the Maharishi International University. These 500 studies from 200 Universities in 33 countries scientifically validate both the beneficial effects of meditation, and how mass meditation improves the quality of life for everyone. I have also spoken with many other experts in the consciousness field, including Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University. His measured receptor studies have proven that mass meditation increases resonance in the unified field. (You can see his measurements of 1/1/2000 in the Vital Information Section on the LightShift website).

For many years, I have also witnessed the empowering relationship between mass meditation, focused intent, and tangible positive results. The bottom line is that when enough people gather, it works! However, the consensus of the experts is quite different than much of the conventional thinking. Simply put, mass meditation seems to "work" only when a "critical mass" is reached, or very large numbers of people participate. There is another piece of conventional thinking which the experts feel is erroneous. To try to "control" the intent with thoughts to a specific locale, incident, or issue does not work. However, to simply generate light from the love in our hearts in synchronized attunement works miracles -- in mysterious ways .

What does Work

What does work is gathering large amounts of people in quantum numbers in mass synchronized meditation to create resonance in the unified field of consciousness. In turn, increased resonance in consciousness diffuses the root causes of "social stress." You may notice the synchrony in recent current events between various negative activities, difficulties, or problems flaring up at the same or similar time. For example, the violence in the Middle East, the terrorism in the Cole incident, the cyclones in India -- with events happening in the local news or your personal life. There is a "pressure" or energy that triggers events of all different sorts and on various levels. The antidote of mass meditation diffuses or "mellows out" the root energy and cause that is the trigger mechanism for the many different forms this may take.

The following fundamental benefits have been proven:

Meditation focuses and improves the quality of consciousness.
Focused consciousness improves the quality of our lives.
Mass meditation increases the resonance in the unified field of collective consciousness.
A more harmonious unified field reduces "social stress" and positively enhances the quality of life.

Critical Mass :The Magic Number

The concept of "critical mass, was popularized by a social science study known as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena, by author Ken Keyes Jr. - - posted in the Article Gallery on LightShift 2000.

There is great debate as to what the magic quanitity of human catalysts that constitutes the quantum number to reach a "critical mass," which triggers an explosion in global consciousness capable of "touching" or transforming all of humankind. There are various wavelengths on this issue. The most popular calculation is that critical mass is one-tenth of one percent of the worldี€™s population of 6 billion -- or 6 million. We far exceeded this number on January 1, 2000, and very possibly on May 5th of 2000, when somewhere between twenty and fifty million people participated. Others feel critical mass is reached at one percent, or 60 million people. The Maharishi formula calculates this magic number very differently. However, they form their basis on an advanced form of meditation called the "superadiance technique," where the mathematical formula of the square root of the world population ี€” 7700 ี€” merged in concentrated meditation forms the radiant core which ignites global consciousness. Osho Rajneesh once said, "if we can create 10,000 Buddahs -- that is enough to save humanity."

One thing is for certain: More is better! So we invite you and everyone you love to join this " lightshift:" For you may just be the "hundredth human" who makes the difference.

The January 1, 2000 Quantum Global Meditation ี€” Earth doing the 29-Hour Wave. By December of last year, virtually every spiritual spokesperson, including such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Deepak Chopra ี€” even the Dalai Lama and the Pope were calling for the "prayer wave" around the planet: For one radiant hour of passionate meditation in each of the 29 time zones, beginning at Kirbati Island near New Zealand and ending in Samoa humankind merged in radiance. The LightShift miracle was both powerful and subtle: None of the anticipated terrorism, few incidents or accidents, few Y2K problems, and an end to years of the plethora of negative end-time prophecy. There was only jubilance and ebullience around the world as the "popular millennium," or beginning of the "millennial year" unfolded. LightShift 2000 devoted 5 years, thousands of hours and dollars to spreading this around the world ี€” in prisons, hospitals, developing and third world countries, everywhere possible. You were the driving force which made this happen. Now that the Official Millennium is upon us, we have the mechanism in place to reach a true "critical mass" and begin the new millennium in the most positive light.

Matthew Wayne Webb
United Communities of Spirit

December 25, 2000

Merry Christmas!,..The Gallery wishes to extend it's warmest greetings during this holiday season, and hopes for a joyous and peaceful of new years to come. I am currently reading a book by Ken Kalb, and would like to share the information contained within "Lightshift 2000". Much more will be posted within this web site in regards to this extraordinary event. I have made it a point this year to ask many what they were wishing for over the holidays. Many replied with a wish for peace and love amongst fellow wo/men. Well,'s your chance to empower yourself and make all your holiday prayers and wishes come true!

"Scores of studies have found that the reduction of stress in meditators creates a powerful influence of harmony in the environment at large. Scientist have named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect- the finding that when just 1% of the population is meditating, the overall quality of life improves for everyone. This has been demonstrated, scientifically measured, and documented by a reduction in the symptoms of social stress such as delinquency, traffic accidents, and illness, as well as a reduction in political conflicts and improvement in international relations. Mass Synchronized Meditation has been proven to be the most effective technology for the implementation of World Peace!"-Ken Kalb

Please join the millions of others in the united global call..."May Peace Prevail on Earth!!!"

The gallery will be presenting many meditations for fine tuning and postings on synchronized global meditation and prayer events. For starters,.try this clearing meditation as well as the meditation at the end of the "Electromagnetic Grid" posting below.

I have recieved some reports of problems regarding sign up of the gallery mailing list but believe all has been taken care of, if you have had problems signing on to the list in the past,..please try again here....Join Mailing List

The following reports are still being updated and modified with more to be posted soon....please stay tuned.

December 18, 2000

The following is a detailed update of the gallery for the month of December, although,..if you are reading these words, is as of yet unfinished.. It contains some very pertinent information to the evolution of the work within this web site..containing portions of research and experiences dating back to 1998. Their relationship to healing and the medical field is the purpose for conveying it with the current material being explored within "Art, Inspiration, and Healing". Please note the archived update above for the months of November-December 15th. Soon, this page will contain links to archives and editorials from the gallery's complete history. In addition,..the web site is still working on supplying direct communication channels for "live" interaction. Until all OP systems, browsers and programs are updated,..please use AOL and Instant Messaging to communicate directly and in real time when online to SunSpirit For those that may be new to the gallery, I alone produce most the html pages for the web site. Although some graphics and web pages are created for me (especially the "Art, Inspiration and Healing" exhibit), I work with a very limited group of graphic or web page designers and for the time being, there are no other representatives for this web site. All correspondence, either via e-mail or instant messaging at SunSpirit, is in direct contact with the artist only. Recently,.I have had some problems with my domain server and lost e-mails, if you have not received an expected response from the gallery,..please remail, or use the American Online e-mail address. The gallerys guestbook has been down for the better part of the last two months but is now back in working order. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

Please continue on with this page of updates for the latest postings. The gallery is now entering yet another phase of intense developement. The following is a general overview of a presentation entitled,.."In this Experience". In time, these topics will be expanded on and specifics will be posted in regards to each. The following excerpts are intense, lengthy, and recommended to be read slowly but in their entirety. Because of their relevence to certain aspects of other writings contained within the gallery, is vital to digest each source of information before passing on to the next.

At this time, the gallery would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported the gallerys work here on the internet over the years. With this coming winter solstice and holiday season, this virtual gallery will be celebrating it's fourth year here on the web. The gallery still hears from people who have followed it's developement since it's first "live open house" in December of1996. In 1999, this web site was shut down for a year due to extensive traveling and a personal experience in which I had to "let go" of the work here temporarily.. During this time, many of it's images were scattered by many people over hundreds of web pages on the internet due to being online the two years prior. They were displayed uncredited and unknown of their origins by many seeing that the original domain ( had been lost.. At the time, this was viewed as a critical 'mistake" on behalf of myself and this web site. But since returning to the internet this past year, and right on up to this present date, the gallery continues to hear from those that were inspired and touched by the gallerys story and designs in some form and in some way during this period of absence from the internet. In my writings of "The Story of SunSpirit", and "Portrait of Meditations, I attempted to tell of this experience. Much has happened to me, this web site,..and the internet itself since 1996. For those that have followed the "progress",...and also what may have appeared to be it's "non progress" at times, may be well aware that these web pages contain more then just virtual images. They tell of a story of the "experience" of these images and the concepts behind them through my writings and journaling. With the following portion of the "Art, Inspiration and Healing" is time to delve into aspects of this experience that has been yet kept undisclosed and unexplored.

During the winter of 1999, while this web site was shut down and more then two full years since my first trip to Yosemite in the fall of 97', I was living on a Sierra Nevada Mountain top some 5,800 feet above sea level just outside of Yosemite National Park. A small town called Fish Camp, California with a total population during the winter of twenty five people. One morning during a snowstorm, I awoke with an overwhelming compulsion to venture out up a mountain trail that ran up behind the lodge. Before leaving,.I turned to my significant other at the time, and told her that there was something I needed to do,..that I felt that i was being impulsed to some place for a "receival of a message" of some sorts. Those were the words I had used. There was a permeating 'connection" in a sense..and I tried to explain to her that I just needed to be left alone to go. I just couldn't explain it any further. I was gone for the better part of the day. In time, the full story of this time period will be posted here within "Portrait of Meditations". The following is taken from my journals on January 31st, 1999.

At one point some four miles and hours into this mountain trail, at some points knee deep in snow...I stopped and turned off the side of the trail into a clearing. There I sat on a tree stump and meditated on the beauty and silence of the winter snowfall amongst this forest of evergreens. Every now and then the wind would whistle through the tree tops and blow the snow in circles. I would watch it fall and drift and sit quietly, if I was a deer hunter,..waiting. I was right in tune,.I could feel it. I was only there perhaps a half hour when, clear as day,..the following message began to filter through.....

"I am..... the message.......
You are....... a messenger.

I am....... the messenger,
You are........ a message.

Take it to the rest of the world by any means available to you.
Access it, any means you can."

I then rose from the tree stump almost trancelike....and walked from the clearing to the intersection of the trail and turned in the direction to head home. At that point I was guided to another tree whos base was buried in a bank of snow. I walked over to it,... cleared the snow out and away from it's trunk for no apparent reason,..and there, at it's base and carved in it's bark were the letters...."K.A".

The following definition of "KA" is from the Brittanica encyclopedia.

KA, also spelled KOI, in ancient Egyptian religion, with ba and akh, a principal aspect of the soul of a human being or of a god. The exact significance of ka remains a matter of controversy, chiefly for lack of an Egyptian definition; the usual translation "double" is incorrect. Written by a hieroglyph of uplifted arms, it seemed originally to have designated the protecting divine spirit of a person, and later the personified sum of physical and intellectual qualities constituting an "individuality." The ka survived the death of the body and could reside in a picture or statue of a person.

This message became the driving force of returning this web site to the internet one year later in January, 2000. But before that would happen, several experiences in regards to "electromagnetic grid activations" and "energizing work with "chi" and crystals" were to take place. The first, during twelve days leading up to Easter Sunday, April 4th, 1999, in solitude and isolation on eleven acre Sierra Nevada Mountain hillside at a place called "Celestial Falls". Several smaller scaled "anchoring and grounding" sessions were to take place from Mt. Shasta to the Tennessee River Valley throughout the next twelve months, leading up to a final integration at Giant Rock in Landers California one year later on April 23, 2000. Although I was not 'consciously" aware of what I was doing during the initial stages of these activations,..I was soon to learn about them,..and come to understand why i was compelled to do what i was doing, especially in the form of ritual and ceremony,.the likes of which I had no idea of their origins, except that it seemed "native".. As the case may be many times before hand,...the "experience" came first,...then came the knowledge. Just several days after the "Activation of the Twelve" at Celestial Falls,....the following excerpt from a book, "The Light Shall Set You Free", by Norma J. Milanovich, was brought to my attention. I studied it in awe while I realized that everything I had been doing unconsciously and unaware of any reasoning why,..had already been written centuries ago. Hence,...this became the point where my journals evolved into my manuscript, "Atlantis Rising" the following explains why. This has to be read in full or any relevance to any other part of this gallerys writings would be rendered obsolete.

The Electromagnetic Grid: Part 1

This was when everything began to "pull together"..everything started to make sense to me as if some illuminating light had just dissolved years of journeying, driven by blind impulse,... guided by nothing more then faith in my intuition and the direction of my guides and human angels. The Grid was created by Hermes,....which explained the compulsion with the Solarian Legacy and the Hermetic Principles as described in the chance meeting with Dimarino which is edited in my journal introduction.

But there was more. A month ago I posted a question in regards to the "Caducues" and the mythological history of the symbol representing western medicine and healing. Throughout the three years of travel from coast to coast and back again,....there was a permeation of chronic illness and physical suffering all around me. Between my two God Parents whom I chose to stay with to help contribute to their care upon returning from my first trip to California in December of a best friends struggle with chronic pain and incurable terminal illness. I spent more time in hospitals during my tenure on the east coast inbetween the travels to the west coast, that the time in California became a deep source of drawing strength, courage, health...and sanity. But there was a valuble lesson to be learned during this time of witnessing first hand the suffering of the ill and dying back home in the east. The nite that I discovered what this lesson was...became confirmed within an e-mail and instant message communication at 11:11 p.m. The following was contained within that message. There will be additional information posted here in regards to other sources, but relating to the same topic.

Kundalini Awakening

it is this "cycle of energy" that taps into the 'universal life force" that regenerates, rejuvinates,..heals....and sustains. More on this to be posted shortly.

As part of the new featured presentation entitled "Art, Inspiration and Healing" , the gallery will be exhibiting new designs as well as the entire collection of it's original works now ready to be officially released in print form and distributed through a catalog mail order. This will be the first step towards distribution to wholesale and retail outlets both on the internet and off. The gallerys eventual goal is to externalize it's virtual setting. Steps are now being taken for the first 'exhibiting tour" of this gallerys work scheduled for the spring of 2001. This coming year will bring huge steps towards creating and achieving this goal. This past year has brought tremendous strides in doing this. For the first time in four years, the gallery is poised to exhibit it's entire collection during this official "re-opening" of this web site, presenting the art work of Jon-William Brown accompanied by the writings of H. Janine Price.

As a special guest, the gallery will be presenting the brand new music of Barry Goldstein, a compilation of angelic inspired songs and it's title cut, "Theres an Angel Watching You". The two links below (Touch the Angels, Hands of Love) contain samples of this latest compilation C.D. that will be released this week. There will be two more songs to come intertwined in this new exhibit. One is called "In this Experience" (banner above) and will be featured in the Interactive Gallery as the "theme" song of this new presentation. The other will be the title cut of the C.D., "Theres an Angel Watching You" (also see banner above). More will be posted on these links to come soon. "In this Experience" is next and is planned on being presented here along with the offical release of the gallery's "Cosmic Mythology" collection,..a fusion of mythological "Gods and Goddess" renditions. Stay tuned.

Coming soon!..: "In This Experience"
More will be posted soon...Please stay tuned.

November 27, 2000

On November 15th, contained within the link of archived updates for the months of october and Novemeber,.I commented on the U.S. election and the 11/11 biological activation phenomenon.... How ironic that the date that now looms for finality of this electoral event is December, 12th 2000.


Once again,..for insight on "Entering the Fifth Dimension",..the 555 part 1, 555 part 2.

Scorpio Full Moon , 11-11-2000

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