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Last Month's Update October 2019

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December 8, 2019

Click here for a complete wrap up the October 2019 archive.

On 11.01.19 I began a very "public" campaign. All posts can be found at the following Facebook Page

The information being shared on this Facebook page now is the most intense of the twenty three years of this archive.

Simply put, it is the culmination of the Endgame that is now within view. And if you have spent anytime on this web site over the course of twenty two years, you should know what this means by now.

In any case, I am currently posting daily on this Facebook page for the time being. Please check it out. There has been more information presented with a collective group of Anons than I have put out here in years, with much more to come.
I will be returning with brand new updates for this archive in January 2020. Here is an announcement regarding the short term future plans of these updates.


All archives of the past twenty two years will remain free of access. However, beginning in January, 2020, all NEW Archives will be subscription service only. I will have more information on all of this shortly. In the interim, please see my Patreon channel below.
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Over the years I have supported this work in the time and cost of maintaining it via my artwork. My business, Spirit of Newburyport, was established thirteen years ago in 2006. The time has now come to fully dedicate myself to the publishing's and continued teachings of this work. I have recently made a personal decision to return to this work and and dedicate myself fulltime. My transition period is very challenging at this point. I could really use some help. Please consider becoming a Patreon member for roughly five dollars a month sponsorship. Each member will receive monthly newsletter containing updates on my Archives, review of past material, and free on-line access to webinar lessons stemming from my Activation's of Light program. You will also receive the "Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist" 465page FULL STORY EBOOK.

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John Brown on the 11:11, and the 'Zen of Washing Dishes'. February, 2016. Identifying Q, before Q,...became known as Q Anon.

Message by the artist/author of the SunSpirit Archives ; "New Energy and Critical Mass" by , John William Brown
December, 2001

He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
~ Francis of Assisi


John William Brown speaking (2006;Newburyport Library - Newburyport;An American Perspective) in regards to a conversation between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau; Thoreau to Emerson; Waldo; What Are You Doing Out 'There'?

"The difference between the coming times will be either a civil/socio-spiritual revolution,.....or a bloody Civil, or World War, that will spell the end to personal freedom, and result in the completion of the New World Order.

Will history repeat itself one last time? Or will humanity finally break free, once and for all, and establish a new social paradigm on planet earth.
John Brown - October 18, 2016 (Updated 1/2/17)

See " John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumental in infiltrating the U.S. Department of Justice while establishing the blueprint for the New World Order in America, .....and how the next one completes it.

[ Atlantis Rising]

Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist
By John Brown

$11.11 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Follow this link for more information.

[ Atlantis Rising]

‘Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist’ is a true experiential story. It is taken from documented written journals of an Artist during a five-year period between 1997-2001. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across America.
‘Atlantis Rising’ is the journals of this journey. Over time, a personal transformation was documented reflecting a quantum leap of collective human consciousness at the dawning of a new millennium. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of Anunnaki-bred pawns to achieve their ‘New World Order’ agenda.
Evil can never be eradicated; it can only be transmuted. This story tells of a new energy 'consciousness matrix' which is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. Woven intricately by relatively few sources, this web manipulates power in order to separate, deceive and dominate the human race. Through a newly activated ‘Light Grid Conscious Energy Matrix’, humankind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception on a mass level. A MASS AWAKENING.
What we as a collective whole have been witnessing of late, is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. Rising together, we voice a decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

(This link is currently under re-construction - Paperback version is being re-edited and will be re-posted shortly.)
The Awakening of an American Artist
$16.95 Paperback 200 pages (4 B&W Illustrations)
Part One - The Initiation

[ Atlantis Rising]

Part One, 'The Initiation' of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist' was first released as a paperback in 2005. It deals with roughly the first hundred days in 1997 of an experience that changed my life over the course of the next several years with travels across America ending in 2000. After a couple years of living in a N.H. motel processing the journey and editing the journals, I Spontaneously moved to Newburyport, MA, began a new business , Spirit of, and thus, a new life in 2004. Only to discover the origins of the New World Order in America, that is now the premise of a current manuscript John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America.

Now, after almost twelve years, the rest of the Atlantis Rising story is now being released in the first E-BOOK rendition. Part Two picks up obviously where Part One leaves off and continues on with documented emails, journals and transcripts of the rest of the journey that culminates in 2001 with the events of 9/11.
Soon, the first hardcover will be published of the full story of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist'. But for now, for the first time in eighteen years, the whole story is being shown. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. All one has to do is take a look around, its all happening, and is no longer hidden in plain sight. It is a self evident reality in which we all must now face, whether you are ready or not.

Atlantis Rising; An American Awakening

$11.11 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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