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During the course of the Inn Street Artisans Revival, as well as the time leading up to it, I did lots of videos and interviews. I am in the process of weaving them into a documentary. Ill be presenting bits and pieces here. Here is a short interview with Patrick Ryan, a customer of The Spirit of Newburyport for the past ten years. Patrick is a long time resident of Newburyport and has been attending Yankee Homecoming since 1991.

August 29,2016

Vaccines, ISIS, Benghazi, Federal Reserve, Major Media

Sources: Free Press, NASDAQ, Business Insider, BBC, Forbes.

By Jon Rappoport

Every wonder why and how major media can cover up enormous scandals about vaccines, Benghazi, the creation and funding of ISIS, the complicity of the federal government in drug trafficking, the failure of the $2 trillion war on poverty, the private Federal Reserve banking cartel?

33 years ago, 50 companies owned 90% of US media.

Now, 6 companies own 90% of US media.

They are: Comcast; The Walt Disney Company; 21st Century Fox; Time Warner; Viacom; CBS.

Here are their 2014 revenues. Comcast, $69 billion. Disney, $48.8 billion. 21st Century Fox, $40.5 billion. Time Warner, $22.8 billion. CBS, $13.8 billion. Viacom, $13.7 billion.

Note: Viacom and CBS are part-owned by National Amusements, under Sumner Redstone. 21st Century Fox is owned by the Murdoch Family Trust.

Here is a partial list of media outlets owned by the big six companies: Universal Pictures, NBC Universal, USA Network, Bravo, CNBC, The Weather Channel, MSNBC, Syfy, ABC Television, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, National Geographic, Wall St. Journal, NY Post, HarperCollins, CNN, CW, HBO, TBS, TNT, DC Comics, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, CBS Television Network.

Identical parrot-like reporting, on so many major news stories, across the board, now requires the cooperation of only six companies.

To put it another way, there is ironclad agreement to cover up the truth.

There are two dominating wire services which feed all these news outlets: Associated Press and Reuters. The Associated Press is a non-profit owned by TV, radio, and newspaper outlets in America, many of which outlets, of course, are in turn owned by the big six companies.

But...the six companies controlling US media have a monumental problem. They're a clumsy, slow-moving, complacent giant. Time and time again, they fail to perceive their own preposterous flaws. Even with CIA assets on board, tailoring stories, and shrinking down points of view, this giant has become exceedingly vulnerable to so-called alternative media.

Ordinarily, when faced with such alternatives, a giant invents controlled opposition and portrays it as "the rebel," when in fact it's simply a watered-down version of the mainstream. But in this case, there are too many independent media outlets and reporters to control.

The big six shapers of mass reality are becoming prisoners of their own game. Increasingly they're being recognized as fabricators of information-bubbles that often bear little or no resemblance to what is actually going on in the world.

Perceptions are changing. What was once a hugely convincing mural painted on a wall a hundred miles long, avidly watched by populations and accepted as Reality, is now seen as a series of self-referring interlocking data packets, disconnected from true news about the men who are literally stealing the planet.

Indeed, these big six companies are allies of the thieves. They are in the Club.

Once this is understood, the decline of big six credibility is unstoppable.

The big six create caricatures of political leaders (who are already caricatures), handpick experts who will confirm a story's pre-selected bias, telescope events into a few details that misdirect the public, pretend a consensus exists when it doesn't, slide by with generalities and worn out homilies, and even at this late date expect to be believed.

As these strategies are more widely understood, the decline of big six credibility accelerates.

The big six do everything in their power to give the audience a theatrical presentation of the news, while trying to make it appear there is nothing theatrical about it.

As this is seen, their credibility becomes a joke.

"And now, for our top story tonight, we go to (field reporter) in (distant city)."

The field reporter knows nothing of consequence about the city he's in, nor has he searched out a single item about the story himself. He may as well be speaking from a network studio in New York. And, by the way, his information is actually centered in New York. It consists of incoming wire service reports, phone conversations with government PR people, updates from biased law-enforcement officials...

Lights, camera, action.

Let the farce begin.

But the show is closing.

August 24,2016

August 23,2016

August 19,2016

O.K. Now that I am somewhat rested and recuperated from an all out assault from the latest 'Revival" project, I can now begin to elaborate from a more personal perspective. Something I have not been able to do in any other forum. I will begin by posting the following three article that appeared in the local newspaper over the course of the last month. These articles will act as the 'bridge' to the current Activation of Light Program.

You can bet I will be having a lot to say about these articles in the days ahead. I will follow up shortly.

Newburyport Daily News Article - Worth The Price of Admission

Newburyport Daily News - Home Grown Festival

Newburyport Daily News- Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events

Find your moment (To read about Jon's mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)
Find your moment: something I said during a conference lecture
By Jon Rappoport
Two years ago, at a lecture in California, I veered off into a subject I often address: the audience.

I began talking about the people in the hall, to the people in the hall.

I said: "I'm selling you to you."

Because you are the point. The whole point.

This is especially so when you run full-speed into a moment, a moment when you know what you want to do---and you want to do it with all your energy.

That's a threshold. That's a line. Cross it and you'll never be the same.

This isn't a moment that prints an ironclad guarantee of smooth passage for the next 20 years, or a brand of conventional success. This is a moment that allows you to see and feel your present and future in the way you see and feel during a dream at night, when you leave the ground and fly.

It's that moment.

What you've thought and considered in the past makes no difference. It no longer has a hold on you.

The gravitational pull of ordinary things is gone.

Standing at your window at 3 in the morning and looking out at the world, you're in the moment when you've just answered the question, "What do I want to create?"

Your blood is alive, your endocrine output is rising, your mind is on full alert, and your imagination is soaring.

No one and nothing outside yourself is making the moment. This is you being you to you.

You decide.

You cross the threshold. You launch the adventure.

Suddenly, a host of nagging problems is dissolving. You're out ahead of them, on a frontier where every meteor in a cascade of meteors is a new possibility.

Everyone, in his life, has at least one of these moments.

You're experiencing the arrival of a symphony in a landscape that, was, previously, one note repeated over and over.

Everything in this world seems to have been built to accommodate you letting the moment go by and returning, half-heartedly, to the structure within which you were operating.

But you know more, now. You know much more.

What you know isn't based on information.

It's based on insight that has no dialectic or pattern.

It's your moment.

No one can take it, or erase it.

Except you.

Is it another postponement? Or the grand beginning?

To writers and aspiring writers
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)
To writers and aspiring writers

By Jon Rappoport

It may sound strange in this era of the exploding internet, but we need more writers. Many more.

We need people who are inspired to develop their own voice, their own unique approach.

We don't need more cookie-cutter. There is enough of that.

The world needs to learn that UNIQUE VOICE is the magic that unseats conventional reality all the way down to its foundation.

That has always been one of the central jobs of the writer.

In this day and age, we are losing so much of that electricity people don't even realize what it is. They equate writing with information, as if the two were the same. If you try to dissuade them, they give you a blank look. Without trying to re-visit many pieces I've written about mind control...conventional reality is achieved through ongoing mass hypnosis. The trance induces monotone perception. This trance fits in nicely with a person's view of language. He sees it as nothing more than a carrier wave for packets of data.

But writing (and all art) has the potential to wake people up from the trance that tells them reality is sober, dispassionate, surgical, gray, uninspired, and without life-force.

Minus individual life-force, people will never discover the most basic thing happening "behind the curtain." Why? Because the main thing happening behind that curtain is the repression of electricity of soul.

UNIQUE VOICE in writing points to that electricity and energy and fire, because that's where it comes from.

Many writers today don't read. They don't read Henry Miller or Walt Whitman or William Carlos Williams or David Lindsay or Dostoyevsky or Li Po or Dylan Thomas or Yeats or Rimbaud...

They miss the fire. They have the gift right in front of them, but they don't know it.

If they've been educated, their teachers have pounded them into silence with a critic's approach to literature. The critic, in one way or another, is always taking apart the work of a writer, as if to reveal how the writer is putting sentences together---this is farce. The critic has no clue. He's dipping his hand in the river of energy and claiming to be able to separate the each rapid from each other rapid.

He's saying that what the writer did from the fire of inspiration was constructed, molecule by molecule, in a sanitized brightly lit language lab.

To be sure, the writer needs a broad and deep understanding of language (from reading, where else?). But that is just step one.

Imagination is step two through step 500000000000.

There is the great adventure for the writer.

And in imagination, he finds the river. Many rivers.

He invents a UNIQUE VOICE(s). With it, he shatters complacent and conventional reality. He topples pillars, and cracks foundation stones. He flies off to other places.

This is a revolution that, finally, dissolves mind control and the trances of The Monotone.

The writer can do this.

More riverboat-gambler writers can do more of it.

This has to do with freedom. Not freedom as a potted plant in the window or as an old principle described in sodden prose. Freedom is a dynamo. If it is living.

This is why we need more WRITERS.

August 15,2016

The Individual unshackled from old space and time
by Jon Rappoport

August 14, 2016

Here is an excerpt of an introduction I wrote to my second collection, Exit From the Matrix:

"Global solution" means the individual is cut out of the equation, he doesn't count, he doesn't mean anything in the larger scheme of things, he's just another pawn and cipher to move around on the board.

And as more duped and deluded people sign on to this agenda, the whole concept of the individual shrinks and becomes irrelevant.

This is purposeful.

This is the script for the future: create problems whose only solution appears to be collective.

Psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually divert the individual's attention from his own vision, his own profound desires, his own consciousness, his own imagination---and place it within The Group ("all of humanity").

Propagandize the idea that, if the individual concerns himself with anything other than The Group, he is selfish, greedy, inhumane. He is a criminal.

More and more, this is how the young are being trained these days.

The grand "we" is being sold to them like a cheap street drug. They buy in. They believe this "we" is real, instead of a hollow con designed to drag them into a Globalist framework owned and operated by mega-corporations, banks, foundations, governments, and ubiquitous Rockefeller interests.

And what of the individual, his mind, his unique perception, his independent ideas, his originality, his life-force?

Swept away in the rush toward "a better world."

I have breaking news. Earth is not a spaceship and we are not crew members. If Earth is a spaceship, it has serious design flaws, because it keeps making the same trip around the same sun every year.

Each one of us does not have a specified function, as a crew member would.

Going back as far as you want to in history, every shortage and scarcity in the world that engendered a crisis was either created by some elite or maintained by them, for the purpose of eradicating dissent and fomenting a collectivist solution. Meaning a solution that came from the top. Meaning a solution that reduced individual freedom.

In recent human history, a different idea emerged: establish severely hamstrung government, in order to protect the individual against it.

This idea existed in its pristine form for about an hour after the ink dried on the founding documents.

But regardless of circumstances, the individual can author his own freedom and what it implies. He can discover, within himself, extraordinary possibilities and extraordinary consciousness. He can contemplate what it means to create reality that expresses his most profound desires.

And then he can begin a voyage that no one and no group can stop.

Civilizations come and go, rise and fall, but the individual remains.

The word "imagination," when properly understood, indicates that the individual can envision and then create futures that never were, and never would be, unless he invented them.

Imagination is the opposite of "provincial," "restricted," "well-known," "familiar," "accepted."

That is its danger to the status quo.

That is the true threat the individual poses to all predictive systems.

Therefore, "it's all just information" is the psyop code-phrase. Ideas, thoughts---nothing is original, nothing is new; we all "share" information floating in the collective consciousness; the individual invents nothing.

Which is the opposite of the truth. The individual invents everything.

He can't be predicted when he is himself. He is not a pattern. He is not a system.

He is not anyone else.

He thrives on his own inspiration.

He is the ultimate riverboat gambler. He bets the house on his own as-yet uncreated future.

He is not a piece of universe.

He is not a humble servant of Order.

He invents the space and time of his own time to come.

Everything about him is magic, if he would see it.

As early as 1961, a brilliant healer, Richard Jenkins, whom I write about in my book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies (included in the Exit From The Matrix collection), explained what was to come. He wrote me a note, which I'm paraphrasing from memory: "People are confusing their own empathic response with some overblown idea about group identity. They aren't the same. People are becoming afraid of their own unique and distinct existence. This is a social fear. A new social contract is being foisted on the population. Either you belong, or you have no rights. This is a totalitarian concept. It's coming in through the back door."

Well, now, it's right there at the front door.

The individual still has a choice. But he has to make it.

Explore and use his own power, or give it away for nothing more than an illusion of belonging.

Stoke the fires within, or form a diluted image of self, and bow down to The Group. The only being who can make that choice is the individual himself.

Once he finds enough of his own creative power, he knows which way to go.

Building and expanding that power is the purpose of my collection, Exit From The Matrix.

For Review; This information was first presented here over fifteen years ago. I will be spending some time reviewing this once again. So often I find that when a new level of consciousness is gained, the value of this information increases, and understood on a whole new level no matter how many times I've heard it in the past. I will be adding additional links as well. Please stay tuned.

Activation of Light Introduction; Part 1 Audio - April 2002

Activation of Light Introduction; Part 2

Activation of Light; Critical Mass 2002

Activation of the Twelve

Hermetic Principle

Light Grid Energy Matrix

Light Grid Interview

Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of and American Artist
By John Brown

$1.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Follow this link for more information.

‘Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist’ is a true experiential story. It is taken from documented written journals of an Artist during a five-year period between 1997-2001. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across America.
‘Atlantis Rising’ is the journals of this journey. Over time, a personal transformation was documented reflecting a quantum leap of collective human consciousness at the dawning of a new millennium. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of Annunaki-bred pawns to achieve their ‘New World Order’ agenda.
Evil can never be eradicated; it can only be transmuted. This story tells of a new energy 'consciousness matrix' which is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. Woven intricately by relatively few sources, this web manipulates power in order to separate, deceive and dominate the human race. Through a newly activated ‘Light Grid Conscious Energy Matrix’, human kind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception on a mass level. A MASS AWAKENING.
What we as a collective whole have been witnessing of late, is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. Rising together, we voice a decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

(This link is currently under re-construction - Paperback version is being re-edited and will be re-posted shortly.)
The Awakening of an American Artist
$16.95 Paperback 200 pages (4 B&W Illustrations)
Part One - The Initiation

Part One, 'The Initiation' of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist' was first released as a paperback in 2005. It deals with roughly the first hundred days in 1997 of an experience that changed my life over the course of the next several years with travels across America ending in 2000. After a couple years of living in a N.H. motel processing the journey and editing the journals, I moved to Newburyport, MA, began a new busines , Spirit of, and thus, a new life in 2004.

Now, after almost ten years, the rest of the story is now being released in the first E-BOOK rendition. Part Two picks up obviously where Part One leaves off and continues on with documented emails, journals and transcripts of the rest of the journey that culminates in 2001 with the events of 9/11.
Soon, the first hardcover will be published of the full story of 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist'. But for now, for the first time in eighteen years, the whole story is being shown. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. All one has to do is take a look around, its all happening, and is no longer hidden in plain sight. It is a self evident reality in which we all must now face, whether you are ready or not.

Atlantis Rising; An American Awakening

$.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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