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Gallery Updates - August, 2001

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August, 2001

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Internationally acclaimed visionary futurist, author, speaker, social architect and spiritual pioneer BARBARA MARX HUBBARD will be joining the fabulous faculty of THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE - FLORIDA KEYS this next November 16-18 in addition to her upcoming presentation at THE PROPHETS CONFERENCE - VICTORIA, this month, August 17-19. (Conference information linked from

Following our recent visit with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her board of directors at The Foundation for Conscious Evolution in Santa Barbara, she presented her work to a wonderful group of Santa Barbara people, who were mostly new to her, and we came away very impressed by her and what she is doing.  Hence, we asked her to bring her powerful and urgent teaching to both Victoria and Florida, and she has accepted.
- Robin & Cody

Barbara Marx Hubbard shows that while the multiple, converging crises our planet is going through may appear meaningless, painful and confusing, they are simply birth pains. A new state of consciousness is being born, re-ordering the future of our species and the very cells of our bodies.

The following excerpt is from the manuscript of Barbara Marx Hubbard's soon to be released book from Hampton Roads Publishing - "Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence."



The human family has come to an evolutionary crossroad, and those of us alive today are the cross-over generation, responsible for leading the way from one stage of our species' evolution to the next. The very real salvation of our world depends on this generation developing and embodying in ourselves the qualities of being (natural to a Universal Human) that are necessary to make this leap. For in our generation, we have gained unprecedented power on a technological level to destroy this world as we know it, or to co-create a future equal to our full potential.

Each of us is now born into a new and rapidly changing world that demands we evolve in consciousness in order to survive personally, and as a species, much less fulfill our magnificent potential.

What makes our world such a radical departure from that which has preceded it is the enriched and maturing noosphere-a term first used by Teilhard de Chardin to describe what we might call "the thinking layer of Earth," or the mind sphere. Think of this noosphere as an invisible, yet all pervasive, superorganism. Here, each of us lives, much as our own cells live inside of our body.

The noosphere is composed of our collective consciousness, our languages, our art, our music, our religions, literature, laws, and ethnics, as well as the intelligence that is creating our extended bodies in the form of rapidly growing technology: microscopes, telescopes, rockets, faxes, phone, and the Internet.

It is through the genius that is the noosphere that we are able to land on the moon, map all the genes in our bodies-and create bombs that can destroy the world.

Through biotechnology we are already altering the design of life, either creating monstrous life forms or gaining the capacity for conscious birth, chosen death, life extension, understanding aging, cloning, and far more.

Through nanotechnology we may soon be able to build as nature does, atom by atom, learning to regenerate cells, heal disease, travel through space on solar wings as fine as nature itself could create, and possibly even render all polluting technologies obsolete. Or we can misuse this new power and develop self-replicating machines that can destroy our world.

Through space travel we are becoming physically universal, gaining access to untold resources in our solar system and beyond, developing the early capacities of an intergalactic species able to create new, miniature worlds in space. Or, of course, we can build Star Wars instead of Star Worlds, and forever close our chances for expanded universal life.

Through extended media, especially the Internet, we are becoming one interacting, intercommunicating living system, in which each human has access to the intelligence of the whole system and can place his or her own intelligence into the whole without gatekeepers. The capacity of computers is increasing so rapidly as to suggest the possibility of a new form of silicon-based life. We can either guide these powers to enhance life, or they can dominate and dehumanize us all.

And it doesn't end there. We are at the threshold of learning how to access zero-point energy to provide limitless energy, now hidden in the plenum of space, for the further growth and development of ourselves not only on Earth but in the universe far beyond our home planet.

These are powers that humans once attributed to the miraculous intervention of gods. But if we are now like gods, then we are not yet wise gods. With these new capacities in our hands we have, for the first time on Earth, reached a critical juncture. We must now decide between conscious evolution or extinction through the misuse of our powers.

If enough of us do not transform ourselves into the more universal type of human that I have described (and a path to which I have offered on the pages which follow), our chances of survival as a species are not good.

Our scientists tell us that within as little as one generation-thirty years-our current environmental practices may cause the irreversible degradation or collapse of our life-support systems.

In addition, many of our social systems are dysfunctional, the gap between the rich and poor grows, and billions live in poverty. (Fully half of the world's people are forced to exist on less than two dollars a day-with half a billion living on less than one dollar a day.)

We can read the writing on the wall: The footprint of self-centered humanity is seen everywhere upon the Earth-and the life it is creating is not sustainable.

Our generation has reached ChoicePoint.
"There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard-who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society-is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced."
--R. Buckminster Fuller

Barbara Marx Hubbard will be in excellent company in both the Florida Keys and Victoria, Canada conferences, and it is hoped that you will find a way to join her.

There are a few partial schlorships available for those who find themselves in genuine financial challenge.

Full weekend delegate passes are available for Florida and Victoria, as well as individual presentation tickets for Victoria. You will find information linked from for these exceptional events as well as information regarding The Initiation In The Mayan Consciousness with Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men - September, 17-23 in the Yucatan, and the Audio & Video Tapes of The Prophets Conference ~ New York City.

To request a brochure, to register for any of the events, and/or to receive additional information please call toll-free 1-888-777-5981 and leave your message to receive a return call. Thank you.

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ubject: "Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence."
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 09:09:23 +0800
From: "David Crockett Williams"
To: "Jon-William"
Well, well, "coincidence" and all that. I just "met" Barbara Marx Hubbard for the first time in person after she came to the door of her home on "The Mesa" in Santa Barbara last Saturday afternoon as I was walking away from leaving on her porch bench a note for her with greetings from Drs. Brian O'Leary and Fred Wood on a file folder with my preliminary (status) report on our recent Energy Solutions Summit in Sacramento and visit to Governor's and Energy Commission's offices.

I also left for her on July 13th the info pack I carried up to Sacramento and copied to the Governor and Energy Commission staff, six California city mayors, my "Energy Summit" panel/new-energy-lobbyists (Hal Fox, Brian O'Leary, Fred Wood) etc.

In her book review below where it mentions the "noosphere", I think this is what Dr. Wood has been wanting to talk to her about in the sense of how he sees it relates to the "information field component" of the "quantum vacuum flux" analogous to the "zero-point energy field component" of the quantum vacuum flux. This "information field component", Dr. Wood feels, is described in original quaternion form of Maxwell's equations and relates to the information and mental properties described therin regarding subtle interactions of certain kinds of electromagnetic waves.

I asked her to take a prominent lead role in facilitating the Jerusalem Peace Council of the Global Peace Walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem that I am planning this year, as a "next vehicle" to collect and publicize messages for our sustainable global future. She has not responded to this invitation yet. I was referred to her last year by someone recommending her involvement similarly in a "Global Peace Treaty" I proposed for August 15th last year (the anniversary of the end of WWII) but time ran too short and I didn't hear back from her on that either.

This month I may try to implement the Global Peace Treaty idea on August 15th in context of an upcoming visit to Hopi land. I want to go and to a preliminary walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem as soon as possible after that to pave the way for peace and a peaceful ceremonial walk over that 5-6mi 2hr distance this "2000th Christmas", Dec25th. I'm glad that you, and Yusef at Jack Herer's office, are enthusiastic to walk with me there on Christmas Day. His dad retired from United Airlines and can get us round-trip tickets to Israel for about $300 each.

See O'Leary's website:

Will send you report by email on Sacramento.

Still continuing our March for Peaceful Energy and grateful for your "Return of The Dove" website on its history, etc. and your most recent summary with ongoing plan at


Subject: J-W Brown's Sacramento briefing support letter
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 09:32:43 +0800
From: "David Crockett Williams"
CC: "Jon-William"
From: "Jon-William"
To: "David Crockett Williams"
Subject: re: Sacramento briefing support letter
Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 10:33 PM

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is John Brown (42) of Bedford, New Hampshire. I am an Independant Artist as well as an alternative energy and peave activist for the past twenty some odd years. I am writing to encourage full support and cooperation in regards to the upcoming Energy Crisis Solutions Briefing for Governor Davis and the CA Energy Commission being organized and moderated by David Crockett Williams in Sacramento, Ca. on July 29th-30th.

I worked as a northeast regional organizer in 1998 with David Williams for a national "March for Peaceful Energy" in Washington, D.C. and was co-author of the "Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan", drafted with the intent to provide a viable citizens alternative to the past two administrations energy plans, of which, in my opinion, fall perilously short of long term foresight and significant energy strategy for this country.

I have heard it said, "As Califonia goes, so does the rest of the nation". Even though I am a private U.S. citizen living 3,000 miles away on the opposite coast of the United States, I believe that the energy crisis that California has had to deal with recently may be just a preview of challenges yet to come facing the rest of the nation, as well as the rest of the planet. These challenges have not been more clearly demonstrated in Bonn, Germany by the urgent action taken by over 180 nations around the globe, minus the current administration representing the United States, in reaching a compromise and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. In the near future, we all may be faced with not only an energy shortage, but crisis' of epoch proportions due to continued reliance on conventional and fossil based energy policies that have been proven to contribute to the "greenhouse effect" and global warming.

In my personal view, because of the recent energy crisis, California has been presented with a golden opportunity to lead, not only the rest of the nation, but the world, by demonstrating courage and ingenuity at this time of crisis beyond short term patch work by continued building and reliance of fossil based energy production, but by seeking long term solutions through alternative, and "new energy technologies" that will be presented to you by David Crockett Williams and his expert panel of speakers in Dr. Brian O'Leary and others.

Again, I am writing to encourage your full support in listening to the alternative energy solutions that some have to say about your future in California, and our future in this country on July 29th-30th in Sacramento, California.

John Brown

[see Jon-William Brown's websites on our March for Peaceful Energy and its Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan at and ]

August 11, 2001
hello david,
> I forgot again to include you in bcc on this post. My email system is so bad. thats o.k..had already received them twice from the other e-groups (global green and jerusalem peace walk)

> I need help getting contents of list archives below onto appropriate webpages. be glad to help with what I can,..send me specifics and will let you know what i can do.

> Will soon be posting your recent contribution with resurrection of CPEP to > new-energy-solutions list et al.

got it,..will sign on to new-energy-solutions also..

I'm sure there is a reason, but why all the different energy e-groups?

question:, there a need for any resurrection of CPEP? I was reading into Dr. Brian Leary's "re-inheriting the earth-twelve solutions" blip on his web site...

"Governments will have to change radically, and learn how, at last, to convert swords to plowshares. Private industry will have to change, too, so that the ecology and all humanity will profit from every successful business endeavor. We must re-invent what is meant by the collective global interest, and keep refining it so that our new direction will be felt enthusiastically by all. We could convene a council of elders, based on an inspired Declaration of Interdependence, to oversee this project".

Since I haven't read his book yet (is it available?), is there any such "Declaration of Interdependence"/council of elders?..does the tweleve solutions include any such cohesive energy plan? if so,...perhaps there is no need for any resurrection on a cpep document. if not....perhaps it could be a cornerstone, or foundation for such a 'declaration", backed by a possible petitional public drive for a 'million signatures for a citizens energy plan'.

point of interest;

something struck me when i read that praragraph in "re-inheriting the earth".. I went into the transcripts from the MFPE and found that in Aug of 98, right prior to forming the CPEP, i wrote to the group about a 'declaration of energy independence". This eventually led into the creation of CPEP.

I agree with Dr. Leary about this 'inspired declaration". I believed in 98 and still believe,..that if any such inspired document is not already needs to be.

at your service,

 Richard Freeman writes:
communication method for people like us.

Hello Richard,
Glad to meet your aquiantence, I'll introduce myself in a minute. In regards to feedback on your questions concerning efficient and low cost communication methods. As far as I know, this method through an internet based e-group would probably be the most cost effective,..and possibly most efficient.

I'm glad to have seen several 'energy based e-groups' recently initiated by David Williams and those involved with the most recent conjugation in regards to the Sacremento energy briefing. I'm honored to have been invited to join a list. Would suggest perhaps a consolidation amongst the multiple energy e-groups to maximize efficiency?

> As I may have mentioned to Brian when we met in > Sacramento about 11 days ago, I am in the midst of discovering the 200-300 persons whose > destiny is to come together as a "cadre" to carry out the projects we are here to accomplish.

I'm interested on hearing more about yourself, and the 'cadre" as well as ideas for carrying out related projects.

I was sent an e-mail today from David Williams that targeted the 'new-energy-solutions' e-group. Within it contained a letter from me that may best be used at this time to introduce myself. I will include it at the end of this e-mail. In addition, i'd simply like to add that my input for such related projects may include graphic design, web mastering, and writing.

I currently live on the eastcoast, but have found that by working through the internet, distance and location may be rendered obsolete. Although, if the right situation presented itself, re-location is always a possibilty.

Letter to Sacremento Energy Commission.

A message by the artist-

Start the Presses!! This just in. It's official. At 2 p.m. e.s.t. this afternoon, due to some last minute help, some luck, and a whole lot of Divine Intervention ; ) confirmation was made. It is in my sincerest pleasure, pride, and gratitude, to announce the following.

The web site of SunSpirit Gallery's featured digital-visionary collections of your's truly; ) will make it's long awaited, premier 'live' showing on September 28th, 2001 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts as part of the Wholelife Exposition and Conference national tour.

After five years in the making, one might easily imagine how happy and excited I am to post this news here today. I realize that the Gallery has posted several times in the past, especially over the past couple months, in regards to this "unofficial -debut- live- exhibit" after years of production and exclusive, virtual viewing solely on the internet. But it is now officially confirmed. I will be where it all began in my hometown next month, and kicking off my first, of what I hope will be many live showings to come. There will be more details posted here in the "Gallery Updates" and mailing lists concerning this announcement in the hours and days to come. But I wanted to take this opportunity now, to personally make it official. In the meantime, please check out the links provided for the Wholelife Expo as well as the featured exhibitors and speakers of the conference including Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou and Marianne Williamson. It promises to be quite the show and I am so looking forward to seeing it as much as I am being a part of it. As of this moment, the Wholelife Expo dates at Chicago in October, and Los Angeles in November are tentative as far as SunSpirit Gallery's participation, and I will have much more to say about those shows in the near future. (Is there another trip cross country in store for this digital vagabond yet?...stay tuned ; ) But for now, "Please come to Boston" in September and celebrate this special "coming out party" with the angels and me at booth #322! I look forward to "seeing you" ; )~

Speaking of angels, I have another announcement to make, but you will have to surf to my collection of "Angelic Realms" to see about this one ; )

Your Continued support and purchases via this web site of the Gallery's prints and artcards will help now more than ever in helping to share the art, writings, and "inspirations of angels" with the rest of the 'real world".

Thank you to all those that have contributed to making this happen. You know who you are and I will never forget you.... It's been way too long in coming. I thank you with all my heart.

Jon-William Brown
Artist- SunSpirit Gallery

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