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Gallery Updates - April, 2005

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Gallery Update; April, 2005

* Web Site Upgrade * Vision Quest
* Special Exhibit
* Seminar/Workshop
* Book Publishing
* Video Presentations
* Seminar/Soundbytes
* Archive Updates
* New Designs
* Print/ArtCard Specials
* Current Events

Web Site Upgrade

SunSpirit Gallery is in the midst of a major upgrade and reconstruction. If you haven't visited the art collections recently, please check out the Angelic Realms Collection to see the format that is now being integrated into the exisiting layout. Upgrade includes larger art image sizes, more products and graphics, better organization and order links, integration of affiliate sponsors, and a revamping of print and other prices! Please keep in mind that all products purchased through affiliate sponsors helps to support the work of SunSpirit Gallery.Com. Thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the changes!

Special Exhibit; Activations of Light Audio CD
Book Publishing Part 1

The Gallery's latest special exhibit highlights the new 'Activation of Light C.D.' among other presentations, least of which is part one to 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed', the story of my personal 'wake up' call. It also includes sound bytes of some of my live event seminars and workshops. One is called 'Critical Mass', revealing an interesting twist to the 'hundredth monkey' theory and direct relationship to the 'Hermetic Principles', thought and energy transmutation, which is the core of the 'Activation of Light' program. As with the CD, final touches are being made for a June 23, 2005 book publishing. The nine year anniversary of the first recorded journal that created the foundation for the book. The book will be introduced at an Open House in Newburyport, Ma.

Even though donations are now being accepted for the CD, the final touches are being made to the CD, and will be made available for shipping soon. As most my projects, this is and will continue to be, an ongoing evolving production that deals with a process, as well as the destination.

Video Presentations;

SunSpirit Gallery has also been dabblin in video production and have put forth two examples. One contains the introduction to my book in video format, and the other contains two audio tracks from the CD which I entitled, 'The Story of Atlantis and the New Light Energy Grid Matrix'. Both of which, by the way, were filmed out my window. Which brings me to my next point of interest.

Archival Updates;

July, 2000

"I have been called back home to the sea for many months now. I have been to the forest and the mountains. I have been to the deserts....and so now it is I return to the ocean. The legends of these islands are magnetic,..and it's energy now beckons me to explore them."

Those lines are taken from my journals in July, 2000. One of a many other Gallery Update Archives that have been restored here at SunSpirit Gallery recently. This particular archive is very significant due to the fact that it deals with a specific intention set forth almost five years ago. This intent was to lead me to a 'new house', on or near an island, within the northshore of Massachusetts. More specifically, it goes on to detail the specific purpose for finishing my book.

Now, five years later it has materialized. Last December I left my Newburyport residence of two years and took a temporary residence for the winter on Plum Island, Newbury Massachusetts. One of the primary purposes for this move was to finalize my book, 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed' for a June release.

The archive is even more significant with the implications given to that of a 'Vision Quests' which is now being developed for a seminar/workshop format for higher learning and manifestation.

The 'Ocean' influence that is being shown in my latest work is primarily due to the scene that greets me now each morning till June.

Vision Quests;

A new link has been added to the Gallery which will eventually deal specifically with guided 'Vision Quests' offered by Jon-William in Newburyport, and Plum Island Massachusetts. More information will be posted soon. In the meantime, please visit the 'Activations of Light' introduction page.

New Designs;

ArchAngel Micheal
Angel of Light

Print/ArtCard Specials; Print Special;
Receive an original 8.5x11 signed print of any SunSpirit design For a Gallery donation of $9.95. This includes a foam backing, plastic sleeve, printed artist bio and shipping. See; Gallery Specials.

More information on Gallery specials are to be posted very shortly. Please stay tuned.

Current Events

"The physical mind field is a GIANT QUANTUM WAVE that pilots the electrons in the dimers of the microtubules that Stuart Hameroff writes about. It's a ODLRO order parameter. Intention is the ACTION of this giant wave on the electrons that control the nerve impulses. The back-reaction is from the nerve impulses and chemical messengers etc BACK on the giant wave - that generates our inner consciousness. It's a self-organizing feedback-control loop. In terms of Santa Fe Complexity theory, the giant wave is the LANDSCAPE and the 1018 electron configuration is the 'system point'. See the animated logo on upper left of" -- Jack Sarfatti - Apr 4, 2005 1:50 PM

NASA AMES scientist Creon Levit -- -- "Sarfatti's new theory solves the cosmological constant problem"

7th International Conference On Science And Consciousness
"Consciousness Exploring Itself"
April 22 - 27, 2005
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Presenters including Cleve Backster, Stephen Greer,
Michio Kaku, Laurie Monroe, Jack Sarfatti

Mon16May05 - UCSB coordinator Leslie Koda 20th year Tree of Peace rededication ceremony 805-893-4292 - All Nations Great Law of Peace

May 18, 2005 "STOQ In The Name of The Law" - UCSB
STOQ - Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest
Study and Research Program on
"Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest"
IRAFS - International Research Area On Foundations of the Sciences'02/Final%20Program.htm
Foundations and the Ontological Quest.
Prospects for the New Millennium

This is most timely this 2005 UN Year of Physics, especially in light of the Einstein "miracle year" centenary, and most especially because of the Vatican STOQ initiative which can be "plugged into" to correct the mind of science and get religions on the same pathway of truth. [STOQ] Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest - yahoogroup: "In The Name of The Law"- see last week's intro articles

2005 United Nations World Year of Physics
In 1905 Einstein published three papers so important to science that physicists call it the annus mirabilis--or "miracle year." One hundred years later, the United Nations declared 2005 "The World Year of Physics" to commemorate Einstein's creative outburst. Conferences, meetings and educational workshops are taking place around the world to review what Einstein taught--and to explore the questions he left behind.
Cutting Edge Physics for Us All -
Nobel laureates and other top scientists will talk to the public about the mind-boggling frontiers of modern physics. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is hosting the "Physics for the Third Millennium" conference to be held in the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, April 5-7, 2005. Sponsors include NASA, the US Army, the American Physical Society, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville


The following is posted specifically for anyone that has been following the gallery editorials over the past few months. Once again, it is not for the faint at heart or those that are rooted in deep seeded 'belief systems' . It is for those that are willing the challenge the 'status quo' thinking and to see the truth beyond the deceptive illusion that is portrayed by the worlds media and by those that are hell bent on retaining power during these last years before the 'Great Shift of Ages".

U.S. intel once considered causing huge quake WWII-era top-secret project talked of producing tsunami with A-bomb

By Hank Alberelli

World Net Daily | April 8, 2005

Months before the end of World War II, an American intelligence agency launched a top-secret project aimed at devising ways to trigger massive earthquakes and tsunamis that would wreak havoc among enemy civilian populations, recently uncovered documents reveal.

According to a detailed report, project planners from the Office of Strategic Services, the nation's first intelligence agency and precursor to the CIA, concluded that the United States could use its "new atomic bomb" to trigger massive earthquakes and tsunamis, thus creating "massive destruction, death and unchecked hysteria."


Tsunami Bomb Developed As Far Back As 1944

Archive: The Tsunami: More Than a Natural Disaster?

The once top-secret project, recently uncovered by historian Paul Wolf, is outlined in a 16-page document that in one section refers to itself as a "diabolical plan" capable of producing such massive destruction "that it would not take much imagination on the part of the lowliest coolie to visualize himself trapped in the bowels of the earth and doomed to being buried alive by such a manmade earthquake."

Within hours after the Dec. 26 tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands, widespread speculation about the cause of the earthquake that triggered the massive waves began appearing worldwide. Bold headlines in print and on the Internet exclaimed that the CIA was responsible and that American military scientists had unleashed a new ultra-powerful, high-tech weapon.

Media outlets throughout Asia picked up these charges and were quick to repeat them. One newspaper in Australia charged that "U.S. military/CIA knew the tsunami was in progress because the U.S. Navy and CIA have many sea-bottom [seismic] sensors in the Indian Ocean for detecting submarines, undersea nuclear explosions, earthquakes and tsunamis" and did not relay information about the pending catastrophe "because the info was 'classified.'"

In other wilder claims, a well-known conspiracy theorist, whose pronouncements are widely reported on the Internet, charged that the tsunami was deliberately created by the enigmatic, yet ubiquitous, Illuminati "who seek to dominate the world." In other parts of the world, Muslim extremist groups blamed the earthquake-caused tsunami on "America's CIA" and its bent for "Jewish and American corruption and destruction."

U.S. government officials quickly rebuffed these claims. Even President Bush scoffed at the charges, while at the same time a Pentagon spokesperson said it was "beyond ridiculous" to make such claims. The Pentagon may have been justified in its defense, but the 60-year-old report shows government personnel once considered just such a scenario.

In 1945, the Office of Strategic Services secretly issued a report entitled "Psychological Warfare Earthquake Plan." OSS officials, including research and development director Stanley P. Lovell and scientific intelligence chief Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell, helped produce the report stamped SECRET following extensive consultation with some of America's best seismological scientists, including professor P. Byerly of the University of California. The report focuses on a number of issues, not the least of which is "where to place this large explosive charge" to create a disaster large enough to produce widespread panic and destruction.

As the report's subtitle, "Against Japanese Homeland," clearly indicates, the island of Japan was the selected target. Queried the report, "Scientifically can heavy bombing, pinpointed on known earthquake areas, bring about an underground condition within fault sections which would step up the expectancy and possibly bring about a calamitous earthquake in a selected area?"

Answered N. H. Heck, assistant director of the U.S. Coast Geodetic Survey, "This question has been asked several times, so it should receive a serious answer. All that could be applied is trigger force, and this can only advance and set the time for an earthquake which is about to occur. It is conceivable, however, that an explosion at exactly the right time and place might have the correct effect."

A letter cited in the report from the Seismological Laboratory of the University of California to Dr. L.H. Adams of the U.S. Geophysical Laboratory and OSS scientists reads: " we would have to get (bomb) within less than 5 miles of that place on the fault which is destined to break within a year."

The primary purpose for triggering an earthquake and tsunami is clearly stated in the report's later pages.

"To create a negative flux," reads one paragraph, "that is a condition where the people of Japan are turned into a hysterical mob, no longer believing in any leadership from above, but more interested in individual survival than even state survival."

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