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Gallery Updates - April, 2001

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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This is a time of your cycle when attention is given to the truth of the eternal nature of your being. It is also a time when attention is given to the resurrection of that understanding within the consciousness of who you are as a soul. There is much symbology that is represented in the outer form that is the result of the inner yearning of the soul to be free from the limitations and misperceptions and the imposed boundaries of the human experience. This is a time when the transcendental nature of your existence is recognized, is affirmed, and is realized as the resurrection of consciousness takes place. For you see, within the soul is the entirety of who you really are. All of the externalized drapings are but temporary resting places for attention, for focus, for experience - like many rungs on a ladder taking the awareness into an elevated and eternal state of knowing the truth of who you really are as a soul.

So look at the symbology, recognize the inner meaning, and move beyond the outer form into the truth of who you are. There is the symbol of the egg. Do you know what this is? The egg is the cellular concept of a new birth, a new beginning, an expansion and a continuation of that which has always been. The egg represents the seed of truth, the seed of recognition, the seed of awareness as you evolve into the consciousness of the soul that you have always been.

The resurrection as represented in what is called the Easter experience is the resurrection of consciousness. It's the shedding of all that which is of the externalized form and substance, realizing that you are, as a soul, a transcendental perfected statement of existence. There is no boundary or limitation on the expression of who you are as a soul. It is within every moment of your existence a time of resurrection of consciousness. It is simply at this time of your annual cycle that this concept is brought into focus as the new birth of the springtime comes into realization. This has been then adapted to much symbology within various religious expressions. It has been brought into focus in various ancient rituals that have been part of the human experience for thousands, perhaps millions of years.

So you see, the point is not the ritual. The point is the resurrection of consciousness within you as a soul. It is time to shed the illusion, to release the limitations, to take off the cloak of misperception and to recognize the truth of who you are as an eternal statement of creation, as an eternal entity of the creative impulse moving endlessly and eternally throughout all existence. You are already the truth of your being. Know that to be so and let the resurrection of consciousness be your only focus.

I AM the resurrected consciousness. I AM the absolute and eternal statement of existence. I AM the Oneness of all existence. I AM the truth of the eternal consciousness of the soul. I AM simply I AM.

You are I AM the Love, Light, and Life of Creation.

TRUTH: 80411

*********************************************************************** MOMENT BY MOMENT

Has it ever occurred to you as you walk the earth as an embodied soul, that every moment of your existence is a moment of creation? There is never a moment when you, as an embodied soul, are not creating. It is important to recognize and to remember who you are as a soul for in so remembering, you will recognize and understand and know the ongoing process of creation that is part of every moment of your existence.

As a soul you are the created essence of the Consciousness of Creation. Creation has always been, will always be, with no beginning and no ending. You as a soul are a conscious particle of creation and it is through the consciousness of the soul that creation knows itself. This is a rather magnificent concept to grasp and to remember for it is within the context of this concept that the doorway to infinite understanding of your purpose for being is understood.

Creation is an ongoing process. The consciousness of the soul is the pattern and is the vehicle through which creation is experienced and known. As you move in and through your embodied experience, it is a pattern of consciousness expressing and knowing itself. Creation is the process of being. Creation is the process of manifesting. Creation is the process of expressing the pure love and light energy that is the foundation, the bedrock, the source of all creative energy.

So as you move in and through each moment of your existence, pause if even for a second to reflect on the creative energy that is flowing at any given moment. Understand that with each thought, with each word, with each action, with each combination of these energies projected into your worldly environment, you are creating. Within each moment you are creating the next moment, and so forth and so on. It is an endless eternal process and when recognized as such, becomes a pathway of joy and exhilaration. It becomes a pathway of thankfulness, thankfulness for the consciousness that knows itself.

It is also a pathway of balance and harmony for all is seen not as a reflective condition, but as a proactive condition where the pure love and light of creation is manifesting moment by moment as a combined, balanced, harmonious statement of the attributes of the soul, or the attributes of creation being expressed.

You know what is being offered. You sense and feel this energy in each moment of your existence. We are simply suggesting that this become a point of focus moment by moment rather than at some reflective time when reading other material or pondering these issues. The pathway of creation is a continuum of existence. Know it to be so. Live it fully. Express creation magnificently. Be the harmonious statement of Love and Light that you are as you remember and then actively manifest moment by moment into eternity the pure statement of the Consciousness of Creation that you are as a soul.

You are embraced in the love and light of creation. You are embraced in the harmonious statement of the consciousness of creation. Be all that you are moment by moment.

You are I AM the Love, Light, and Life of Creation.

CREAT: 80410

Easter Meditations

I offer the following meditations in the same spirit as they were freely given and shared with me in love. This posting is an extention of the ongoing process that has been shared within the pages of this web site in the past and comes through a network of lightworkers througout the globe. They are for assisiting all those that feel drawn to participate individually and collectively in this time of accelerated planetary consciousness and ascension. As always, please use discernment.

The Gallery would like to wish all a very happy holy holiday and may the spirit of the season spring eternal within each and every day. Thank you for visiting and please stay tuned for further postings regarding the following meditations.

A very special connection was made between seven individuals last Easter during a world wide meditation at Joshua Tree California. (Please see the "Tribe of Seven" writings contained within this web site.) Some memebers of the group are planning on a coming together in spirit this year and I offer the following insight from my Brother Thomas to all that may feel free to join in the spirits of the tribe of seven during this Easter celebration.

Tribe of Seven

Dear Jon-William,

I am planning on meditating between 10pm-11pm est (1 hour) on Easter Sunday. I will probably do some silent inner meditation combined with meditating on the sand glyphs we made and focusing on the energy that was present last year and connecting it to the present. I will also be holding each of the seven individually and collectively in my heart of hearts. I look forward to the seven being joined in love this Easter sunday one year from our coming together.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Many blessings of peace and light on this divine Easter weekend.


Sand Gylph created at Joshua Tree, April 27th, 2000.

Many of you who have followed this web site throughout the past year may be very familiar with the writings and channelings offered in love by Angelynne. This one in particular deals with the Crystalline Energy Pyramid.

Dear Friends,  

Early this morning I asked to speak with those of highest light who could share with me information about the upcoming Easter Sunday event. All who have communicated with me about/worked on the Crystalline Energy Pyramid/Octahedron, the Crystalline-Opaline Energy Lattice and the new Earth octahedrons appeared in brilliant light as One. We discussed the purpose of the energy structures, about what has happened to date, about what is about to occur and how those who wish to, can take part in tomorrow's event. Following is a compilation from my journal entries and the messages from the beings I spoke to this morning.  

They shared: The crystalline-opaline and Creator energy structures and systems that have been evolving steadily for the past months have brought to Earth and all associated with the Earth a form of Creator energy that is more easily integrated into the physical expressions of all existing on the earthplane. The crystalline energy was the first more physical expression of the Creator's highest light energy. Then came the opaline energies. To better understand the relationship of these energies, envision a flame of purest white light. See three layers within that flame flickering in palest rainbow colors. The outer layer is the Creator's highest light-unconditional love energy, the layer adjacent - the crystalline energy which is a more physical expression, and the inner layer the opaline energies - the most physical. As one moves to the center of the flame the energy becomes more tangible and more easily integrated into physical forms. But know that all are the Creator/Universal energy - the full flame of expression.  

I had been aware of the second mirrored pyramid when the original Crystalline Energy Pyramid was formed from the four anchor points of the Pacific NW of Canada and the U.S. Initially, the upper pyramid (known as the Crystalline Energy Pyramid) was the one on which I focused, the one with which I worked. The 'lower' pyramid was connected with the energy conduits of the Earth - the subterranean magma flows, underground rivers and lakes, faultlines, ley lines and tectonic plates. The lower pyramid united all systems and structures below ground level. The upper pyramid focused on those at ground level and above. When these energy lines were fully integrated and functioning like the circulatory system of the human body, the Crystalline-Opaline Energy Lattice was formed. This new lattice, which existed above the highest previously known grid system, continued to carry the crystalline, opaline and unconditional love-Creator energies, constantly surrounding and filling Gaia and all associated with Gaia with these highest frequency energies with the intent of aiding in the healing, releasing, transforming and ascension processes of all who accepted them.   

A few days ago I noticed that the Crystalline Energy Pyramid/Octahedron had begun expanding through a kind of energy projection whose source is the Crystalline Energy Pyramid/Octahedron. This projection was a duplicate of the geometric shape and function of the C.E. Pyramid/Octahedron but large enough to encompass the Earth. I received that this was happening in readiness for an event that would take place on Easter Sunday. During the past few days a second octahedron began forming, a duplicate of the first but perpendicular to it. They share the same center - Gaia - but form a 'plus sign' when seen from a front view. As I watched the New Earth Octahedrons take shape, I also noticed that there was a huge being of brilliant light that I understand is a companion for the structure. She stands with arms and legs extended and eyes closed, forming a sort of X, in front of the octahedron. Her purpose is to protect the process that is still happening and to aid in the formation of the new structure.   

This morning when I checked in on the new Earth octahedrons, I saw that they are now fully formed, the light being's eyes are fully open and she is emanating the most calming, tranquil energy and an expression of love that melts the heart. I also received the following information about what will happen tomorrow, Easter Sunday.  

We are those of highest light, in direct service to the Universal Force, who have co-created the Earth's crystalline-opaline-Creator energy structures for the purpose of aiding Gaia and all associated with her in their ascension process. We come to you today to tell of an event that will happen on Easter Sunday at the universal time of 12:00 noon. At that time world-wide the two newly formed energy structures known as the New Earth Octahedrons that now encompass the Earth will begin spinning - the vertical one clock-wise and the horizontal one counter clock-wise. When these structures reach their highest rate of spin, they will appear to blend as One continuously moving energy sphere and glow with a light energy emanation that will reach the deepest recesses of the Universes. From afar the Earth will appear to be a newly formed star - Earthstar. The octahedrons' spin will have the function of energetically integrating those elements of duality/polarity that are present on the earthplane. All who consciously take part in the event will have the opportunity to experience a Oneness not easily attained before. An energy of Oneness will be generated that will make it easier for all in existence to understand and consciously accept the Oneness of All That Is. The separation so long a part of earthplane existence will become less apparent, less conscious. The blending of physical and etheric elements will become effortless. The releasing of energies that have blocked the integration of Spirit and Physicality will happen spontaneously when consciously intended. All who participate in this energy event will have the opportunity to release, integrate and heal at a speed and depth unparalleled before. This is an event of re-birth, of lifting the veil permanently, of manifesting instantaneously for the highest benefit of the individual, Gaia and All.   

In preparation for the Easter Energy Event, meditate on all that has been presented. If the information resonates as your personal truth, align your consciousness with the center of the double octahedron, with the heart center of Gaia. Visualize your physical body outstretched as the guardian of the New Earth Octahedrons is positioned. Be One with the energy and purpose of the energy structure. Feel its power, its truth, its gifts, its Oneness with the All That Is. Then just Be. Let your energy, your consciousness, flow and join with those of the structure, with Gaia, with all who are consciously participating in the ascension process. Allow all that comes up for releasing during this process to evaporate or be transformed or transmuted to highest light. Know that instantaneous, total and permanent releases of personal and group karmic issues is possible through the energies of the New Earth Octahedrons.  Know that personal and planetary healing and global peace are possible through use of the new energy structures. Their potential benefits are infinite.  

Since speaking this morning with the co-creators of the crystalline-opaline-Creator energy structures, I have learned that the New Earth Octahedrons are just a phase of the energy process that we are currently experiencing. They will, for all intents and purposes, seem to 'disappear' tomorrow when they reach their optimum rate of spin, and form a sphere of light - the new energy matrix that Spirit calls Earthstar. I was told that Earthstar, the Crystalline Energy Pyramid/Octahedron and the Crystalline-Opaline Energy Lattice will remain with the Earth permanently during Gaia's and humanity's ascension into the fourth and fifth dimensions, and beyond, as aids for our personal and planetary ascension processes.  

For all those who resonate with what has been shared, I invite you to join me in experiencing the Easter Sunday event tomorrow at noon. Please feel free to share this message with all you feel would be interested in it.  

Your comments, insights and shared experiences would be most appreciated.  

As always, use discernment.  

A most glorious Easter blessing to you and yours,

The next meditation was offered through the writings and channelings of Judith Moore as written for an article to appear in the Sedona Journal. These meditations are given for an ongoing process to be completed by the summer solstice in June of 2001. Please see 4-01-01 update within this web site for the complete article. The following includes the three images in which the meditiation speaks of.

Universal Language of Light Meditations:

"The accompanying Star Glyphs were brought through in channeled transmissions on sight in these field. The Star Glyphs are hieroglyphic interpretations of a Universal Language of Light, emanated from the Great Central Sun.  The visual experience of these combined images will profoundly affect your ascension process and activate your soul or cosmic DNA.   You will also be participating in the Great Plan and contributing your alchemical essence and vibration to the vital project that is coded in these three images. There is a specific process required to maximize the effect.  If you choose to participate you will be working in three stages. The procedure for all three activations is essentially the same. Enter a meditative state, view the images, consciously connecting your fiber optics to your brains neuro synapses, and bring images into your heart chakra with intent. Unite the frequencies with the Cosmic Christ that dwells in your heart center, and consciously infuse the energy patterns from the heart chakra to every cell of your being. Expand the frequencies to your auric fields down loading the frequencies into your mind cells, not just the brain but the living mind that resonates in each cell of your being ness."

1.  The first phase is an individual activation.  Follow the above procedure, preferably in daily meditation in a series of seven sessions. These can be done at your convenience.

2.  The second phase is to gather with a group of people that have completed the first phase. Repeat the initial meditation, when the meditative procedure is complete, expand your auric fields and consciously link the sacred geometries of the group.  Once this link is felt, project the energy from your heart chakra to the center of the group creating a holographic seed. Now expand the group consciousness to the cosmos, preferably the heart of the Great Central Sun and then return it to the group consciousness.  Concentrate all energy into the holographic seed in the center of the group. Now image that you are planting this seed in the very core of consciousness in Mother Earth.

3.  The third phase is to take the images to a vortex or sacred sight, alone or with a group of like minded souls. Repeat the process and connect the energies to the sacred sight. Once this is accomplished then open your auric fields and  image that you are recipients of a photon beam that will surge energy into the earths biosphere, charge the light grid in the ethereal, the atmosphere and the inner core of this beloved planet.  The mother ship will be assisting in these photon surges. As you might already know your planet is receiving massive frequency surges between the dates if 3/3/01 and 6/21/01. The completion of this process before June 21, 2001 is an essential element of this surge process. Intuitively you will know that this project is right for you.  We are allowing as much flexibility in timing as you wish, as long as the process is complete prior to the Summer Solstice.  Once you have completed this process CELEBRATE!.  You have committed to a process that is truly service of the most High. Image One:

Image two:

Image Three:

I will end this compilation of easter Meditations with a writing from Roseanne Longobardi, to whom I am forver indebted for her services and love during the Joshua Tree meditation.

BeLoved Friends and Family -

I send this to you on what for some is the day before Easter, as for some of us the HolyDay has already arrived!

And, whatever the significance of the day might be to some, it is TODAY that the Christ is brought to form in each of us!!

Though this Message was written a few years ago to be delivered at an Easter Service at the Church of Divine Light, God's timing sometimes appears to be other than what we may believe is Perfect! And, as my Church has no walls it is now sent around the globe in God's most Perfect way (and mine) - via Internet!!

I offer it to you as a Re-minder that WE are the Living God made manifest in form as God-in-Action! And, I celebrate our Lives as such - today, as every day!

Much Love to you on these HolyDays!

Walk in Harmony and Grace,



I watch the morning rise
this day
and bring with it
the dawn
of the fulfillment
of all dreams.

rising from the darkness
of his slumber
awakens to the Light
from the Heavens.

within the Dream
of a Loving God;
humanity does now witness
the birth of a new day,
where Light will reign
not only in the Heavens;
but on the Earth,
which now beholds
the Lamb of God
within all men.

God sleeps -
and in darkness
gives birth
to the Vision
which is His Dream for Man -
to awaken to the Son
within his spirit -
to awaken
to the Vision he holds

The dawn rises within me,
this mourning;
and the Light,
which streams into my eyes
from an early Sun,
is met by Golden Rays
of Light
within my Heart.

I dreamed of Love,
last night;
and awoke to find
the reality of Love
lie deep within my Heart;
deep within my soul;
and is my BEing.

the Light and Love
of God -
I AM Man.


Now is the Time to ARISE - to awaken to the Divinity which rises within us all.
We think of ourselves as mere man - mere mortals - but, we are not man - we are HU-Man.
We have forgotten the true meaning of being "HU-Man". We have forgotten the meaning of the "HU", which in Sanskrit, means "Light" - in Hawaiian, means "to rise," synonymous in its ancient form with "God."
Our nature is Divine - the expression of divinity (in form) is "HU-manity."
Now is the Time for us to Rise to our own Divinity - to embrace ourselves as the GodBeings we truly are - to BE the Living Flame - living, walking, breathing Beings of Fire.
Now is the Time to ARISE and BE Heaven on Earth - Here, and NOW - to BE the Kingdom of God, which lies within - to KNOW I AM Arisen! I AM Come!
On this day, in celebration of the Risen Christ, which resides within us ALL, Arise and BE I AM!
This is the message of the Golden Age! "New Age" it is not; for, we have been here before in Golden Ages gone by.
This time, we come again to BE the Risen Christ in this Third Millennium - for, 3 is the magic number of the Trinity.
We have an opportunity (this time) to elevate consciousness - not just for a few "chosen ones," but for all of HU-mankind - to raise the consciousness level of All - to change our view of what it means to be "HU-man" - to take a quantum leap forward in our evolution as an entire race!
Two thousand years ago Christ came in the form of Jesus, of Nazareth. Today, the Christ comes again as promised; but, in new form -
WE ARE THE WORLD! And, Christ lives AS each one of us !!
Now is the Time to BE all that we are - to BE the Christed Ones - not just one of us, or two, or three; but, ALL of us -
We ARE the "Second Coming" of Christ; and we are All in stages of re-remembering Who we Are.
We are the Creator AS the Creation -
Now is the Time to walk our talk, and live as God made Man -
ARISE to your own Divinity!
Jesus, the Christ, DOES walk among us - there is no need for Him to come again - He never left! The Christ lives in the Heart and Soul of All that IS.
On this day, and forevermore, ARISE and BE all that you are; for, wherever you are, I AM!
Walk in Harmony and Grace.
To the Glory and by the Grace of God

As written through Roseanne Longobardi,

Please feel free to share this with others if you so choose, for it is Given Freely and in Love! ~ Roseanne


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