From: David Crockett Williams 
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 4:11 PM
To: Ross Kyle - Office of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card (Business
Subject: FW: Dear Mr. President, re Culture of Peace Community Sacred Run 
2006 starts SF-DC 11Feb Peace Opening Sunrise Ceremony Alcatraz Island
Dear Mr. President, 
May I introduce to you:
Our USA Culture of Peace Community?  
From: David Crockett Williams [mailto:gear2000@lightspeed.net] 
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 3:59 PM
To: President George W. Bush (comments@whitehouse.gov)
Cc: Dr. Ron Pandolfi - Science Desk - US Central Intelligence Agency 
(pandolfi@zzapp.org); Dr. Jack Sarfatti - Internet Science Education Project
stardrive. org (sarfatti@pacbell.net); UC DC SonFish - Reverend Daniel Smith
Universal Christ of the District of Columbia (dantsmith@comcast.net); 
Gerry Donaldson - Editor - Awaken America Newsletter (www.awakenamerica.net)
(gerry@axint.net); NYC Barry Tillman - YHVH All My Relations Circle 
(leadershipcommunity@yahoo.com); IL Reverend Geri Solomon - Chicago 
Harmonious Convergence (revgeri@comcast.net); OK Pow-Wow Captain Jimmie
Powell - 
Reno OK (powwowcaptain@webtv.net); DC (William The Thomas) - 
(American Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament) - (www.prop1.org) 
(prop1@prop1.org); DC (Ellen Thomas) (Mrs William The Thomas) 
(Proposition One for Global Nuclear Disarmament) (www.prop1.org)
Subject: Dear Mr. President, re Culture of Peace Community Sacred Run 2006
SF-DC 11Feb Peace Opening Sunrise Ceremony Alcatraz Island
Dear Mr. President, re USA Culture of Peace Community:  
Please use this Rainbow Peace Caravan prayer well, as we pray for you.
If you know people in the US during the coming months,
or want to get inspired for their local peace and love gatherings
and caravans, everyone will want to know about, and follow progress
of the Sacred Run 2006, the sequel to the American Indian Movement's
Longest Walk of 1978 from San Francisco to Washington DC
2/10/2006 12:17 PM CA PST - For Immediate Release:
Tonight SF Sacred Run Benefit Concert
10Feb San Francisco 
Sat11Feb 5AM Ferry to Sunrise Alcatraz Island 
Sacred Run Opening Prayer Ceremony
Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DoP-MoP  CoP = Culture of Peace
Movement.2006 - Caravan2006 - Peacewalk.2006 All My Relations
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006/cal <-CALENDARING
Sacred Run Benefit Concert 10Feb San Francisco  
Date:        Friday February 10, 2006    
Time:   8:00 pm - 12:00 am      
Author:        gear2001us  
Type:        Concert     
Reminder:        There is a reminder set for 15 minutes before this event.
Location:        StudioZ San Francisco   
Street: 314 11th Street 
City/State/Zip:     24/7 Run Info-Line: 415.258.4844        
Phone:        415.595.1238 - www.redhotpromotions.com
Sacred Run 2006 Sunrise Circle Opening Prayer Ceremony 
Date:        Saturday February 11, 2006    
Time:   5:00 am - 8:00 am        
Author:        gear2001us  
Type:        Performance     
Location:        Sat11Feb 5AM Ferry to Alcatraz Island San Francisco   
Street:        http://www.sacredrun.org    
Phone:  24/7 Run Info-Line: 415.258.4844        
Sunrise Opening Ceremony Sacred Run 2006 Alcatraz Island
Catch Ferry at about 5AM 
1978 Longest Walk carried from same ceremony
Sacred Pipe running/walking to Washington DC Feb-July.
Sacred Run 2006 motors to Sacramento, Run from DQU
"The 11Feb-Apr22 2006 Earth Day Run for Our Lives"
24/7 Run Info-Line: 415.258.4844
Message from Dennis Banks 
With so much violence happening at all levels, and so many killings
happening in Iraq, it's time we look at these events as wake-up calls for
all of us to answer.
In 1978 we took up the challenge to run for our life and run for the planet
we call Mother Earth. Now 27 years later we still run and have kept running
in different countries to bring awareness to our responsibility to live in
harmony with Mother Earth. Please join us as we run this course again.
A Native American Celebration of Land, Life & Peace
StudioZ Feb 10, 2006, 8PM
Advance Tickets $15 at ticketweb.com 
314 11th Street, San Francisco 
$20 donation  21 years with ID 
to benefit Sacred Run 2006  
With  Dennis Banks and Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, Peter Coyote, Pete Sears,
Robby Romero, Martha Redbone, David Amram, Bettie Fikes, San Francisco Taiko
Dojo, Pak Poe, Brandi Courtney, Tomoko, One Struggle, Black Panther
Concert Info: http://www.redhotpromotions.com   415.595.1238
Run info: Right here on SACREDRUN.ORG - check back often!
or phone our   Run Information line: 415.258.4844
Dennis Banks ..
.. is organizing Sacred Run 2006, much like the great Longest Walk of 1978,
crossing the entire United States from coast to coast. 
Sacred Run 2006 will begin with RedHot Promotions' Benefit Concert on
Friday, February 10, 2006 at StudioZ in San Francisco's vibrant South of
Market district, with 
Dennis Banks
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman
Peter Coyote
Pete Sears
Robby Romero
Martha Redbone
David Amram
Bettie Fikes
San Francisco Taiko Dojo
Pak Poe
Brandi Courtney
One Struggle
Black Panther Fugitives
Comedian Charlie Hill 
Wavy Gravy 
and other very special guests!
Runners will leave on February 11, 2006 
after early morning ceremonies on Alcatraz Island 
in San Francisco Bay, and arrive in Washington D.C. 
on Earth Day, April 22, 2006.
Write to Dennis at dennisbanks@sacredrun.org
We need sponsors!
You can sponsor a runner for a mile or a thousand miles,
or make a donation to help buy gasoline, water, food, 
first aid supplies, etc.
Also needed:
Concert Sponsors. 
Click below and
follow the link for PayPal,
or.. Mail your donation to:
Nowa Cumig Institute
P.O. Box 1817
Sausalito, CA 94965
More info - click here to go to our donations page
Concert details - www.redhotpromotions.com
[Sacred-Run] * Sacred Run 2006 Support Networking Group
Members: 7 (as of 2/8/2006 10:31 PM)
Founded: Sep 3, 2005
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Public Archives
Category: Cultures & Community > 
Issues and Causes > Peace and Nonviolence
Sacred Run 2006 Support Networking Group
The Sacred Run is an interfaith prayer practice of many indigenous cultures
of peace globally which has been developed by native American cultural
leaders including Dennis Banks who has the commitment of support by the Most
Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985) whose followers are supporting and
participating in the Sacred Run 2006 as an interfaith peace prayer
pilgrimage ceremony genre event.
The Sacred Run propagates the teaching and practice of the Sacred Circle of
Hands Ceremony and its indigenous spiritual unity practice common to all
indigenous cultures, per the Sacred Circle (Hoop) of Life, All Our
The 2006 Sacred Run will cover the cross country distance from California to
Washington DC from February 11 to April 22, 2006, by walking ten miles per
day and relay running the balance of the 3,000+ miles in 73days, per
http://www.nowacumig.org (Sept.2005)
The 2001-2010 United Nations International Decade of Creating a Culture of
Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of The World was inspired by the
1995-2004 International Decade of The World's Indigenous Peoples which
resulted from the first time in history global indigenous leaders addressing
the UN General Assembly, on December 10, 1992, fulfilling Hopi Prophecy
regarding the "house of mica".
Join His Holiness Dalai Lama and over 75 million other
signatories of Manifesto 2000 for a Global Culture of Peace
The Hopi Declaration of Peace discusses"
"carefully chosen words"
Thomas Banycacya inaugurated the January 1990 UC Santa Barbara Rainbow
Uprising Campaign with Haudenosaunee Tree of Peace Society Mohawk Chief Jake
Swamp, local Chumash people, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks of
that order founded by Fujii Gurji, et al, see articles:
------end group homepage text
Related Link: http://www.sacredrun.org 
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Longest Walk Historical Discussion Group
[Longest-Walk] * Longest Walk Historical Discussion Group
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Spirituality
This group is to gather and offer in public archives historical information
about the 1978 Longest Walk, initiated by Dennis Banks and conducted by the
American Indian Movement from San Francisco to Washington DC from February
to July, which successfully stopped fifteen different anti-Indian Bills in
Congress and resulted in the passage of the American Indian Religious
Freedom Act of 1979.
The Elders at the end days camp at Greenbelt Park Maryland compiled their
report to the government and the people, entitled, "Spirituality is the
highest form of politics."
The Sacred Run 2006 is being conducted by Dennis Banks following in this
tradition as a prayer for peace and Mother Earth, starting with sunrise
ceremony on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay on Saturday February 11
walking 10 miles per day and running the rest on schedule for arrival
ceremony on the April 22 Earth Day in Washington DC.
In his Longest Walk Speech, the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii at age 93
said: "We are about to bury the era of warfare, the era of violence, the era
of murder and destruction...The civilization of the new era, the era of
perpetual peace, will be the spiritual civilization...The religious faith
that the Native Americans have carried down to this day will be the
fountainhead (source) for creating lasting peace in the future." 
See articles below linked from this site:
MSNBC archives story of Wounded Knee 1973
Biography of American Indian Movement Longest Walk initiator Dennis Banks 
Dennis Banks speaks about Leonard Peltier 
2002 Ceremony marking the 24th Anniversary of the Longest Walk. 
Phillip Deere's Longest Walk Speech at US Capitol (excerpt:)
"No more are we going to stand around...
This is not the end of The Longest Walk!"
------end list homepage text
Related Link: http://www.sacredrun.org 
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Founded: Feb 8, 2006
Global Peace Walk Cosmic Law Networking Group (for "Global Peace Now!")
[Global-Peace-Walk] * Global Peace Walk for Global Peace Now!!
Members: 79 
Category: Government & Politics > Law
Founded: Dec 4, 1998
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Uprising Cosmic Law Network for an ongoing Global Peace Walk project after
its initiation with the UN 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk from New York
to San Francisco from January 15th to June 20, 1995, to empower the peace
movement with the firm determination for "Global Peace Now!" as a common
"Universal Human Resolve" and to unite all survival issue messages under the
banner and "battle cry for peace" of "Global Peace Now
The annual Global Peace Walk activity is an April 8 Buddha's Birthday
Peacewalk from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico (both Global Peace Zone Cities)
ending with a Spiritual Environmental Summit and Peace Tree Ceremony on
Earth Day April 22nd. 
Since the Global Peace Walk 2000 from San Francisco to New York City, the
Project has continued based in Taos, New Mexico, developing a spiritual
agrarian community there, developing a demonstration example in the Taos
Global Peace Zone of a 21st Century Culture of Peace.
In the year 2000, the Global Peace Walk departed from San Francisco on
January 15 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Birthday to Washington DC carrying many
letters and messages and proclamations of support for UN delivery and for a
Ceremony October 9 Re-Dedicating the Washington Monument as a Symbol of The
Message of Peace. It arrived at the United Nations in New York City on
United Nations Day, October 24, the 55th anniversary of the ratification of
the United Nations Charter that was signed on June 26, 1945 in San
Francisco, before the July 16, 1945 first atomic bomb test. 
That Walk of the Year 2000 was conducted inaugurating the UN 2000
International Year for a Culture of Peace, thence 2001-2010 International
Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of
the World, marking mid-way of the 1995-2004 Decade of the World's Indigenous
Global Peace Zones Development Campaign
San Francisco is among Global Peace Zones set by Mayoral Proclamations.
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html 
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Third Party of Us [Schedule2006] for a Global Culture of Peace by 20
Dear Friends, I will be collating scheduling at new Schedule2006 public
Posted - Sun Feb 5, 2006  11:07 pm            
28pp FAXED TO PRESIDENT BUSH - Copy of Today's Fax Transmission to W
06Feb06 - Free Leonard Peltier TAR USA.2006 [PardonUSA2006] Truth Amnesty
Posted - Sat Feb 4, 2006  3:04 pm     
TAR USA.2006 [PardonUSA2006] 06Feb06 - Free Leonard Peltier: Prayer
ATARP - American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Program TAR USA.2006
Posted - Fri Feb 3, 2006  1:14 pm     
Prayer Circle for Leonard Peltier Mon06Feb06 Noon-1PM Oakland Federa
"Something is going to happen on this day" ~ Tehran Iran Christmas Day
Posted - Fri Feb 3, 2006  1:51 am     
[Culture2010] "Work in Unity!" - Sacred Run 2006 Message from Leonar
"Work in Unity!" Sacred Run 2006 Message from Leonard Peltier "Leonard
Posted - Wed Feb 1, 2006  3:40 pm     
Dharma Walks & Spiritual Peace Marches Support Group
[Dharma-Walks] * Spiritual Peace Marches - Dharma Walks
Members: 34 
Category: Interfaith 
Founded: Sep 1, 2001
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Public Archives
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Interfaith
For a spiritual unity reawakening understanding, personal duty and
responsibility to All Our Relations, giving rise to the "divine spiritual
natural law and order" -ie- Dharma, Torah, The Great Law of Peace, The One
Law of Nature, Atmic Law, The Law of God, "True One Law". 
(updated February 8, 2006)
Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo
Red Silk Road Peace March from La Paz California
Nepalese Buddhist "Monk Krishna Man"
Tibetan Mahayana Walking Prayer Wheel Ceremony
Bucks County Pennsylvania Peace Pilgrimage
September 28 - October 26, 2003
Inspired by the "Truth Force" (Sathya Graha) of the well known Mahatma
(Great Being) Mohandas K. Gandhi ("Gandhiji") (http://web.mahatma.org.in)
and by his colleague whom he named "Fujii Guruji", The Most Venerable
Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985).
Some of Fujii Guruji's timely timeless messages, new in English, Peace
Pagoda Project, Walks for Peace, his Longest Walk speech:
Great Beings embody the Dharma as One among five innate divine human values
of Truth (Sathya); Love (Prema); Duty, Righteousness, Right Conduct
(Dharma); Peace (Shanti); and Nonviolence (Ahimsa).
Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Mitakuye Oayasin, "All My Relations"
Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Teachings
Haudenosaunee Tree of Peace Society
Spiritually Uniting All Nations in Peace
Under The Tree of Peace
The Great Law of Peace
The Hopi Declaration of Peace:
Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo
Aoum Sai Ram
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html 
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Department of Peace Campaign Steps for Peace Walk Across America
[Steps-for-Peace] * Steps for Peace Walk Across America
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Archive Access:    Anyone  
Members: 22 (as of 08Feb06 2:18PM)
Category: Cultures & Community > 
Countries and Cultures > American Cultures
Founded: Oct 15, 2003
"We are on the march!" -- "One person can make a difference!"
---- "To Light Up America!" ----
- Rep. Dennis John Kucinich, USA Presidential Candidate 2004
This is the global peace campaign group for networking and coordination of
independent volunteers creating LOCAL EVENTS ANYTIME in their areas inspired
by the 2003-4 USA Cross-Country Peace Walk, the "Steps for Peace Walk Across
America" from Portland, Maine, to Washington DC, to San Francisco,
California, conducted by Jonathan Meier and Amy Kaplan, among America's
youth inspired by the "One person can make a difference" message of US
Congressman Dennis John Kucinich, and by his 2004 Democratic Candidacy for
the Presidency of the United States of America to create a cabinet level
United States Department of Peace with the support of all Americans and
friends around the world for "Global Peace Now!"
See the Steps for Peace GEAR2000 webpage for background/reports.
SfP unofficial volunteers group will supplement the bulletin boards and
updates at above official site.
The main purpose for this list is to help coordinate the walk in public
archives with individual message url's so these url's and message summaries
can be included in supporters' public outreach emails to promote Steps for
Peace, local support walks, vigils, events, etc., and promote its goal and
message for a Culture of Love.
See more information on the Kucinich for President Campaign, plans "To Light
Up America," and how you can help us do it, at:
Pending legislation to create a US Department of Peace and how you can help
develop a multi-partisan Congressional lobbying effort to help get it passed
into law, at:
Historical Precedent: http://www.dharmawalk.org
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/Steps-for-Peace.html 
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Fw: 11Sep05 Assisi Italy Peacewalk to Rome 20Sep05 - David Leighton
... From: gear2000@lightspeed.net Sent: Sep 21, 2005 1:17 PM To: Office of
Posted - Wed Sep 21, 2005  1:59 pm     
17Sep05 - Tucson Mayoral Peace Proclamation example - Dalai Lama ins
17Sep05 - Mayoral Peace Proclamation examples - Dalai Lama inspires Walks
Posted - Sat Sep 17, 2005  3:52 pm     
Hopi Message of Peace to the Peoples of The World - Banyacya speech
Before he passed from this world on February 6, 1999, Thomas Banyacya left
Posted - Fri Sep 16, 2005  11:47 am            
Mayoral Proclamations - The Dalai Lama and 11Sep05 - St. Louis Love
Mayoral Proclamations - The Dalai Lama as champion teacher of nonviolence
Posted - Thu Sep 15, 2005  6:07 pm 
Hopi Message & Invitation: spiritual walks for peace bringing furthe
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/steps-for-peace Keep checking for reports and
Posted - Thu Sep 15, 2005  4:41 pm     
--------end fwd list excerpts:
Please help us network for a rainbow uprising of love in all hearts!
A Global Peace Walk Culture of Peace Movement
Top > Recreation & Sports > Travel > Roadside Attractions
Title: American Culture of Peace Movement 2006 
[Caravan2006] * American Culture of Peace Movement 2006
This Caravan2006 American Culture of Peace Movement Global Networking Group
is to further arrangements for caravans in support of events such as
ceremonies, peacewalks, eco-expositions, gatherings, peace camps, etc, in
order to implement the mandate of the United Nations 2001-2010 International
Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of
the World inspired by the UN's 1995-2004 International Decade of the World's
Indigenous Peoples inaugurated by the Global Peace Walk of 1995 from New
York to San Francisco for the UN 50th anniversary, charter signing SF June
26, ratification October 24, 1945, NYC, the "birthday" of the United Nations
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html
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Movement.2006 for a global culture of truth, peace and love. 
Movement.2006 Network seeks to combine the scientific, spiritual, religious,
social, and political movements for peace, justice and environmental
Movement.2006 for a global culture of truth, peace and love.
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/peacepole.html
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[Rainbow-Peace-Caravan] * Rainbow Peace Caravan Networking Group
Category: Cultures & Community > Countries & Cultures 
> American Cultures > Rainbow American
Welcome Home to the Rainbow Peace Caravan!
We Are One in The Spirit - We Are One in The Light
We Are All God's Children - Equal in Her Sight
All Our Relations!
Love is the language and power of prayer!
Global Peace Now!
Help give rise to the rainbow of love in all hearts!
Mitakuye Oayasin <3 All My Relations
Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo
Hare Krishna, Hare Rama
Aoum Sai Ram
The Rainbow Peace Caravan was initiated in 1984 from the annual July 4th
Rainbow Family Tribe "Gathering of The Living Lights" in California near
The caravan featured the sound system of the Rock Against Reagan (later,
Rock Against Racism...) Punk Rockers culminating in a concert by the Dead
Kennedy's with slam dancing in the parking lot while the Republican National
Convention let out at night and stiffs in suits were leaning on tombstones
in the adjacent hillside graveyard after getting out of the Republican
Convention and standing slack-jawed at the experience below down the hill of
slam dancing to the loud and vulgar Dead Kennedy punk rock band, enjoyed by
the punker generation, tolerated by the beatnik generation, and winked at by
the hippie generation all three united in that first Rainbow Peace Caravan
to Golden Gate Park and Dallas with the Rainbow Family White House Peace
Pole in support of the Rainbow Peace Walk.
This list is for organizing and coordinating more sequels of the Rainbow
Peace Caravan, eg, elements of Caravan2006, and a place for family reunion,
discussion, and rainbow hipstories re-collections of over two decades of
Rainbow Peace Caravan and Rainbow Peace Walk history.
The first Rainbow Peace Caravan was initiated by Dana Beal of New York City
with the full support and participation of San Francisco's beatnik-hippie
Mayor of Haight-Ashbury, Diamond Dave Whitaker, along with some of the
earlier initiators of the Rainbow Family Movement including Barry "Plunker"
Adams, and "a partridge in a pear tree." (et al) 
Related Link: http://www.rainbowguide.info 
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World Peace Walk Global Networking Group
[World-Peace-Walk] * World Peace Walk Global Networking Group
Members: 8 
[as of 1/31/2006 5:34 PM]
Founded: Jul 26, 2005
Category: Cultures & Community > Issues & Causes 
> Peace & Nonviolence > Conflict Resolution
"Love is the language and power of prayer!" - Prema Amore
"Si Se Puede! - Yes it can be done!"
The World Peace Walk project was initiated October 18, 2001 
in GPW response to 9-11 to promote as one of its routes the 
Jerusalem Peace Walk from Bethlehem, which we were finally 
able to manifest for the first time on Christmas 2005 with 
twelve walkers in opening circle sunrise in rain. 
Bethlehem to Jerusalem Interfaith Circle Peace Prayer Pilgrimages 3x/yr
On 25Jul05 the 11th Hour Community Prayer Walks for Global
Nuclear Disarmament were initiated at San Jose California City Hall.
That 2005 World Peace Walk leg was initiated by Sergio Gonzales
 and friends, walking a "Half Mile Walk Hasta La Paz" Prayer for 
Global Nuclear disarmament from San Jose City Hall, part of the
distance to the Mercury News office at the Knight Ridder Building,
Monday July 25, 2005, when Sergio spoke with Elise Ackerman
who wrote the article on the Atomic Flame "Full Circle Return 
to Trinity" peace prayer walk that passed through San Jose on 
July 17 on the way to extinguish this flame from the embers 
of Hiroshima on August 9 at the New Mexico Trinity Test site.
On Tuesday, July 26, 2005, the local San Jose California 
World Peace Walk, a "Half Mile to La Paz" 11th Hour 
Peace Prayer Walk for Global Nuclear Disarmament, 
walked from San Jose City Hall to Cesar Chavez Plaza, 
as a walking prayer to "dispel the power of nuclear weapons 
from this world." 
Three Grand Masters of The Sacred Arts together 
focused their prayers Thursday evening in San Jose 
July 28, 2005, inspiring mobilization for the successful 
2005 Christmas Peacewalk.
San Jose: Local World Peace Walk 
10:45-11:00am press conference, then Peacewalk
City Hall Steps to La Plaza del Cesar Chavez 
"Andamos Hasta La Paz - Si Se Puede!"
(We Walk Unto The Peace - Yes It Can Be Done!)
Related Link: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html 
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imagine loving peace [SWISS-2006] 09Oct06 - Switzerland Harmonious C
imagine loving peace [SWISS-2006] Switzerland Harmonious Convergence.2006
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SWISS-2006 Monday October 9 John Lennon's
Birthday -
Posted - Mon Jan 30, 2006  12:00 am    
Can you come Feb.10? KPFA.org broadcasting big SF Concert - Sacred R
Broadcasting Concert.2006 Live on KPFA 94.1FM - Feb10 SF Live Streaming at
KPFA.org Can you come Feb.10? Good, otherwise listen: KPFA.org broadcasting
big SF
Posted - Sat Jan 28, 2006  5:46 pm 
Peace Tree Planting Beijing MayDay Opening China Culture of Peace Wa
Please keep this in your prayers. From: David Crockett Williams Sent:
Friday, January 27, 2006 8:28 PM To: 'Jim Powell'; China Internet
Information Center -
Posted - Fri Jan 27, 2006  8:39 pm 
China Culture of Peace Walk, Beijing-Xian, May 1? - please post a re
China Culture of Peace Walk, Beijing-Xian (May 1 ?)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/China-Peacewalk Sacred Run 2006 for Peace and
Mother Earth, 11Feb-Apr22 SF-DC
Posted - Thu Jan 26, 2006  1:51 pm 
Rainbow Love War Leader Great Spirit All My Relations Guide Me Pleas
http://www.coloradorainbowfamily.org http://www.rainbowguide.org July 1-7
Colorado USA 2006 Rainbow Gathering Caliphornia State of Mind Network Group
is for a
Posted - Wed Jan 25, 2006  1:50 pm     
---------end fwd
Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DoP-MoP  CoP = Culture of Peace
Movement.2006 - Caravan2006 - Peacewalk.2006 All My Relations
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006/cal <-CALENDARING
1David<3 - 2/10/2006 11:02 AM