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March 21, 2002

The following is an update of Specifics and Full Summary for:
* 2-day Intensive: March 23-24
* 3-Week Online Intensive-March 25-April 12
* Spring Equinox Meditations
* Speaker transcripts from 3-19

March 23-24, 2002
Special Ostara Presentation:
'Activation of the Twelve around the One'
An overview of previously unreleased recorded documentation of a geomantic grid activation undertaken by Jon-William on March 23-April 4, 1999 in the Sierra-Nevada Mountain Range.

Art Exhibit /Seminar/Workshop
"Activations in the Universal Language of Light"
Integration of Meta-Science, Spirituality, and Art

Spirit of Sedona Ancient Awareness Center
50 Elm Street-Salisbury, Massachusetts

Intensive two day workshop
March 23-24/1-6 P.M.
$75.00 per person
$35.00 one day
Sit-In by donation only- 1-3 P.M. Both days
Register by calling Spirit of Sedona:
(978) 499-8854

You are welcome to attend a two day intensive with Visionary Artist and Geomancer, Jon-William Brown, as he explore's the vast realms of Meta-Science, Zero-Point Energy, and Spiritual relationships between the Hermetic Principles, the New Energy Grid Matrix, and the Universal Language of Light.

Workshop will involve the applications of the Hermetic Principles, the role the Light Grid plays in accessing the geometric symbols of the Light Language, interactions between words, sound, tone, color, frequency, and vibration that create "energetic signatures" demonstrating a DIRECT link to healing and conscious awakening. It will also explore Lightbody activation and the role of emotions, thoughts and intentions on creation.

Special guest Barbara Ryan, will feature a demonstration in "Toning". A special "one on one" healing and "chakra tuning" technique will be performed on volunteer attendees involving their tones, musical scale, frequency and vibrational attunement.

To get an inside glimpse of the program in which Jon-William will be presenting, please read the following links. You may also follow along with additional posts on this web site within the "Gallery Update" pages, as more information will be posted periodically.

Please read the following related material:
* Hermetic Principles
* Energetic Matrix Grid Work
* "Atlantis Rising"

3-Week Online Introductory Intensive:
'Activations in Light':
A New Earth Preparation
Integration of Meta-Science, Spirituality, and Art
March 25-April 12, 2002
Open to SunSpirit Gallery Membership Only

A three week online exploration of the spiritual relationships between the New Energy Grid Matrix, Zero-Point Energy, The Hermetic Principles, and the Universal Language of Light, including demonstrations of activations in sound, form, color and words. This exploration will seek to establish personal and planetary energetic empowerment through responsible applications of co-creation and intention in order to achieve balance and healing through unconditional love, power and wisdom. It will also serve as an introductory outline for personal connection and activation to the New Energy Grid Matrix on April 13, 2002 through a Worldwide Planetary Intention.

The three week online interaction will begin with written correspondence produced by Jon-William, Visionary Artist and Geomancer of SunSpirit Gallery, via e-mail through the Gallery Membership program on March 25, 2002. The written material will then be followed up by an online interactive chat session at the end of each week in review of written correspondence. Members will be encouraged to participate. Specific date and time will be announced through each written correspondence, based on input by members. This process will continue for the duration of the three week intensive period and will culminate on Friday evening, April 12th with an open online speaking engagement by Jon-William with interaction by members, invited participants, and guest speakers. Specific time of online meeting will be announced.

This program is has been designed and will continue to be guided through the 'powers that be', and offered freely as a benefit through the Gallery Membership program. Participation is for personal and group benefit, and totally optional without committment to participating in any correpondence what so ever. Members are simply invited to attend in presense and interaction is via personal choice only. Each member, either paid or honorary, is responsible for their own initiative.

Please see the Gallery Membership policy explaining details for sign up.


March 21, as the sun rises, wherever you are, you are asked to join a powerful 24 hour solar peace prayer wave. With the balanced solar power of the Equinox, let us gather together in unity and love for all humanity and visualize and feel World and Universal Peace. Contact: Aluna Joy,
alunajoy@1spirit.com. Information on


Free global webcasts to create a powerful momentum of peace 3 days in a row. March 22, 9 pm (NY), with Tom Kenyon; March 23, 3 pm (NY), with Gregg Braden; March 24, 3 pm (NY), with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Contact PujaMaster@Worldpuja.org to say you will be there, how many you are gathering with, and what country you are in. http://www.WorldPuja.org

March 20, 2002

Happy Spring Everyone!
Spring Renewal Meditation
Brought to you by Alternative Balance.com.
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the:
Natural Living Expo
Set for October in Manchester NH
Hopefully the Gallery will have more good news about this expo soon.

I'd also like to introduce 'LightLines': School of Natural Healing
In Portsmouth, NH.
Jon-William has now set a tentative introdction seminar on
'Activations in Light' and featured art exhibit.
On Friday evening-May 24, 2002.
More details to be posted soon.


The Equinox represents a time of balance as the Sun is directly over the equator. Long observed as important times to harmonise with the energies of the Solar cycle, the Equinoxes and Solstices are now recognised as important times to link up in meditation for the upliftment of our world.

The exact time of the Equinox will occur on March 20 at 19:16 GMT, when the Sun enters Aries. At this time Mars, the ruler of Aries, and therefore of the March Equinox, will be in Taurus, asking us to channel our energy into manifestation and the utilisation of necessary resources for spiritual growth. The highest octave of Taurus represents the revelation of divine essence by form. The key to mastering the energy of Taurus is to realise that there is no real separation between the physical and the spiritual. With Mars squaring Neptune in Aquarius, we will be challenged to align our will and energy to spirit so that our spiritual interconnectivity can be honoured in our everyday practical lives. Mars will also trine Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Capricorn, which will help us to heal the blocks to manifesting in a practical sense our spiritual values and healing energies.

Please join us in a healing meditation at the exact time of the Equinox, and if you wish, Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset, your local time. As Aries rules the will, please consider the value of focusing on the growing emergence of responsible, spiritualised use of will among the human race, and the exposure of the futility of war, conflict, and aggression, which occurs when the will is distorted by narrow egoistic motives and a fragmented perception of reality. See, hear, and feel the people of the world regaining their personal power and publically rejecting the warmongering that is going on in our world, calling for peace and gentleness in human relations. Focus on the enlightenment that gives rise to the triple alignment of love, power and wisdom within all souls on planet Earth.


John McConnell, founder of Earth Day, will host the 33rd annual ceremony of Earth Day at the United Nations, New York City. The Peace Bell will be rung at the exact moment of the Equinox (19.16 GMT). Information and world map with Equinox times on http://www.earthsite.org/ed2002.htm


AT 8pm your local time, join the Global Marine Meditation: "Healing the Oceans of the World". Locations: Beach, Lake, River, Stream or Sacred Site closest to you. Sound forth your joy, and flood the world with oceans of love, and love of the oceans.

Contact: David J Adams, djadams@chariot.net.au

For instruction and meditation information, visit Takara's web site,

March 16, 2002

Coming Soon:
A special pictorial page that
will include audio and video clips of
Jon-William's Art Exhibit/Seminar
at Spirit of Sedona:
Ancient Awareness Center
Salisbury, Massachusetts
'Celebrations of the Enduring Spirit'
Next Event: March 23-24, 2002
See update for all SunSpirit events at: Schedules

Special announcement: 2 Day Intensive
'Rendevous with the 'White Spirit Warriors'

A Special Two Day Intensive
Interactive Workshop
April 13-14, 2002

Join Visionary Artist and Geomancer Jon-William Brown on a guided Vision Quest and nature exploration in a 'rendevous' with the 'Spirit Warriors' of the White Mountains in North Conway, New Hampshire for a meditation in conjunction with thousands of Lightworkers around the world for a

Saturday April 13, 2002
Vision Quest departs in unison from
Spirit of Sedona at 10 a.m. and will return by 7 p.m.

Jon-William, with over 25 years of experience with the 'White Mountain National Forest', will guide and lead participants, in 'union' with the 'White Spirit Warriors', for participation in an activation process based on native ceremony and ritual. The nature walk will take place through some of the most beautiful regions off the Kangamangus. Participants are encouraged to bring offerings such as sage, tobacco, herbs and crystals for grounding and attunement. The two day intensive will then conclude with an indoor classroom study at Spirit of Sedona on Sunday, April 14, 2002 from 1-6 P.M..Workshop will focus on effects of Grid Activations as well as delving into subtle aspects of Light Language and DNA memory decoding, conscious awakening and applications of the Hermetic Principles, with emphasis on communications, conscious intent, healing, as well as personal and planetary empowerment.

Plan on coming from out of state?
Contact the Gallery via E-Mail for recommendations of the best accomodations in the area.
Well worth an early spring trip to New England!

Vision Quest by donation only, but only open to those who participate in the indoor workshop.
Classroom energetic exchange- $111.00 Sliding scale available.
Preregistration required
by calling 978-499-8854
Specifics of Vision Quest and workshop
available online at SunSpirit Gallery:

Participation in the three week online introductory seminar through the Gallery membership program , or 2-day intensive workshop for prepartions in grid activations is highly recommended.

There will also be a one nite online lecture by Jon-William, free and open to all who may plan on participating in the Planetary Grid Activation on April 13, 2002 no matter where you are, scheduled for Friday evening, April 12, 2002 at 7:30 P.M. Specifics will be posted in the Gallery Update, or through mailing list notifications.

March 15, 2002

The special 'Introductory Standard Membership" to Sunspirit Gallery is now ONLY available to those currently on the Gallery Mailing List, contacts made through Spirit of Sedona, and the TAAWY internet group. All others will now have a choice between three levels of membership. Please click here for membership update.

March 14, 2002

Theres much to share.... and even though the focus of this week remains on outstanding custom work in which needs to be completed before I am to follow through with the Gallery's current agenda, I would like to slowly bring forth some of the 'points of interest' in which I outlined on the 11th for the next 'Gallery Update'. The first being the most recent online chat transcript recorded on March 5, 2002, hosted by the 'Theres an Angel Watching You' internet group. I would like to point out that 'reading' this transcript is much different than experiencing the 'collective energy' during a live transmission. Yes, even in a chat room, so please bear that in mind. Also, this will be the ONLY online transcript to be released through a 'Gallery Update'. All that will eventually follow will only be posted within the 'Second Edtion' Gallery in which a SunSpirit Gallery Membership will be required. However, the next online chat is scheduled for Tuesday evening, March 19, 2002 at 7:30 E.S.T.. This is an open chat and all are welcomed to attend. Please write the Gallery E-Mail to request an invitation and specifics. As stated in the March 11th update, I will eventually be posting audio and video clips, as well as a photographs, from my ongoing seminar series, 'Activations in the Language of Light', currently under way at Spirit of Sedona here in New England. The next two day intensive workshop is scheduled for March 23-24. See below for details. Although I would like to take this opportunity to point out that even though it is a two day intensive, 'one day' participations are available for half price as well as a two hour 'sit in' by donation. A sliding scale is also available for those in need of financial assistance. It will be my policy, for as long as I can possibly offer such, to accomodate ALL those with interest and to refuse NO ONE based on conflicting schedules or financial concerns. If I can accomodate a special concern without major interuptions to the workshop, I will do so. Please write me via e-mail for all specific arrangements before hand. Pre-registration is required by calling 978-499-8854. I will try to bring forth more postings that have been outlined recently as soon as feasibly possible including more information on gallery membership, testimonials, pictures, online seminar, and much much more. Please stay tuned and continue to scroll down for further information.
* Click here for HTML version of the online chat transcript for March 5, 2002
* Click here for a PDF version of the transcript. This is my first attempt at posting PDF files. If you find an error message, try following through on accessing the file and continue to scroll down....the file should appear.

March 11, 2002

This morning I was reviewing this web sites statistics. By looking at all the comparative categories, I am able to discern what is being read and viewed, interest of the visitors, keywords that have led you here, as well as many other categories. This web site is now averaging over 2,500 visitors and 25,000 hits a week. These numbers have been doubling since December. Last month alone, there were 10,000 visitors and over 100,000 hits. At this rate (without any further increase), the Gallery will have been visited by over 120,000 people from all over the world and have over one million hits this year alone. With this in mind, I have decided to add a Sponsorship Program with banner advertising in order to have individuals or companies sponsor certain gallerys or pages within the this web site. I will be posting more details about this soon. In the meantime, if you have any interest in becoming a SunSpirit Gallery sponsor for as little as $5-$10 a month, please contact me for a complete statistical report of the Gallery.

Next Gallery update to be posted will touch upon the following topics below with details soon to follow. I have some unfinished custom orders that need my immediate attention in order to move forward with any of the current agenda. In the meantime, please scroll down to read important messages regarding February 19th posting and April 13th Grid Activation event.

* Re-Structured Membership Policy.
First Level SunSpirit Gallery Membership quota is about to be filled. Only those memberships currently in transaction from the TAAWY and Spirit of Sedona along with any request made TODAY (March 11, 2002) or the upcoming mailing list notification will be honored as an 'Introductory Special". This is an absolute LAST CALL and WILL NOT be repeated. A new re-structured Membership Policy will be made available. Details to be posted. In the meantime, please contact the Gallery for specifics.

* Custom Order Focus Period
Focus on outstanding custom orders for completion
with limited Gallery communications between 03/11-03/15.

* Online Chat Transcripts
from 03/05/02 to be made available on web site. All future posted transcripts for hard copy will be for Gallery members only.

* Online Chat with Artist-Jon-William
Next scheduled online chat on 03/19/02. Instructions below for mIRC download. Please contact gallery for open invitation. All are welcomed.

* Summary of Live Introduction
Summary of 'Activations in the 'Language of Light' introduction at Spirit of Sedona in Salisbury Mass on 03/08/02- Video and audio excerpts to be released via web site.

* Local Stargate participation on March 17th, 2002.

* Guided Vision Quest-Nature Hike- Planetary Grid Activation.
Announcing 2 day Vision Quest and Grid Activation outdoor/indoor workshop on April 13, 2002 with follow up indoor class on April 14, 2002 at Spirit of Sedona Center. More details on specifics to be posted soon. Please contact Gallery. Registration will be limited.

* New SunSpirit Gallery 'Canvas' prints.

March 5, 2002

Update on upcoming Gallery events.
More details to soon follow.

* March 5, 2002-
Online Chat with Visionary Artist,
Rev. John William Brown. 7:30-8:30 P.M. E.S.T.-
Click on link and see Below(Feb 27 posting) for more specifics.

* March 8, 2002
Open Introduction and exploration to:
'Activations in the Language of Light'
A two hour introduction to seminar and art exhibit at
Spirit of Sedona Ancient Awareness Center
50 Elm Street, Salisbury, Massachusetts
Call for registration-978-499-8854
7-9 P.M.- by donation only

* March 23 & 24, 2002
'Activations in the Language of Light'
A two day intensive seminar and art exhibit
including explorations into the correlations
of the Hermetic Principles,
The New Energy Grid Matrix,
and the Universal Language of Light.
Spirit of Sedona Ancient Awareness Center
50 Elm Street, Salisbury Massachusetts
$75.00 for two days, 1-6 P.M. Call for registration- 978-499-8854

* March 25-April 12, 2002
A three week online introduction to:
'Activations in the Language of Light'
The Hermetic Principles
and the New Energy Grid Matrix
SunSpirit Gallery Members only.
See details below; February 19th posting

On Febraury 19, 2002, (see below) The Gallery announced it's online introduction and exploration seminar of 'Activations in the Language of Light' with it's correlating themes between the Hermetic Principles, The New Energy Grid Matrix, and the Universal Language of Light. Two weeks later I was to receive the following information from an anonymous source, whom I have no known interaction with, regarding a vision she had on February 25, 2002. This vision was of a 'Planetary Grid Activation', resulting in a mass planetary awakening, taking place on April 13, 2002. This vision took place one week after my announcement of this particular seminar on the New Energy Grid Matrix which ends on April 12, 2002,... just one day prior to the activation itself, ............and just two weeks after the information I consolidated in the New Grid posting on February 4, 2002. A MUST READ.

Folks, I make no claim of divinity timing here, but both you and I know better. All is for a reason. All I ask is to allow the dates and co-inciding events speak for themselves. In hindsight, especially in light of the current times, let alone my current manuscript 'Atlantis Rising' which deals with my personal contributions in creating the New Energy Grid Matrix (which has been posted here for well over two years documenting five years in the works), the preceding and following information is probably the most important that I have ever posted here. Do yourself, the world, and the universe a favor, and at least take the time to READ all of these related links. If you have read them before, then read them again. If not once,..twice or even three times. I have been reading and integrating this information for over five years now and I am still enlightened every time I do. What you have available here is the culmination of five long years of research, work, and recapitulation, on top of lifetimes of experience. This is not fiction, ......it is truth. Not MY truth. We may take many different paths that are true for everyone....but in the end....there is only one destination. Truth is truth. Pay attention and take advantage of it now. Face it folks, no matter what anyone tells you, there is nothing written in stone and guaranteed. Free will exists. The continued survival of the human race may very well depend on what we do here and now. I do not take these words lightly. It is time. This information holds the keys to the most magical of mystical powers of light encoded words of healing, transmutation, transformation and ascension. Please read and digest, if this information resonates with you, and if you feel so called to participate, please pass it along to a friend or loved one. Then apply the simple excercise's that are contained within these links while joining the following planetary event that may very well have universal implications. Imagine it, Envision it..Become it!
* APRIL 13, 2002

This does not end with a successful planetary activation for a mass conscious awakening, for there is still much to learn about uitilizing this New Energy Grid Matrix in creating our new world. And what if it fails to acheive it's goals this time? If we are lucky, we will have another chance...and we will do it again. But the way things are looking out there folks....theres no telling how many chances we will have. If you have been one waiting patiently and listening for the 'right time or sign'..this is it. If you are one that is talking the talk,...it's time to walk it...NOW!

March 4, 2002
The Gallery's Catalog/Orderform and mailing List has been out of service since Saturday. If you have tried to use one of these forms since then, please e-mail for further assistance until these links have been restored. Unfortuantely, there is still work to be done on the Gallerys mailing list and I have not been able to utilize it in order to contact anyone for the upcoming events this week. My apologys to anyone that may have relied on this list. Until further notice, my only suggestion is to keep informed through the 'Gallery Update' link. Thank you.

There will be some important information posted here later today, please stay tuned.

February 27, 2002
Update for Online Chat with Artist of SunSpirit Gallery:
Jon-William; March 5, 2002

All are welcomed. If you are not a member of SunSpirit Gallery and would like to attend the online chat with Jon-William, hosted by the 'Theres an Angel Watching You', on Tuesday evening-March 5, 2002-7:30 E.S.T.- Please send an E-Mail to the Gallery and request an open invitation. You will then receive specific instructions for IRC-(Internet Relay Chat) room on mIRC . For download, simply click on the MIRC link and follow instructions for "mIRC set up'. After download and installation, be sure to use the 'SuperChat: Random" server located at the top of the program. Then, under that, click on the grey bar that says 'connect'. Thats it, your there, all you will need is the name of the chat room which will be included in your e-mail invitation. This notification will be sent out to the Gallery's mailing list shortly. You will find more information below on the topic of the open chat. Hope to 'see' you there!

February 25, 2002

Online Chat- March 5, 2002
I will be appearing as a scheduled speaker in an online chat hosted by the 'Theres an Angel Watching You' internet group on March 5, 2002 at 7:30 P.M. E.S.T.. I will be speaking about my SunSpirit Gallery Membership program ( see below or Membership for more details) and the online integration of my upcoming 'introductory and exploratory' seminar and workshop series, 'Activations of the Language of Light' ( See below also, or Gallery Update-01-02 or Events for more.)

Web Address, chat program and instructions for download and use will be posted soon. Please stay tuned or contact the gallery e-mail for more information. Hope you join me!

General Update-Whats New
Much time is being spent on retail and wholesale accounts of my work as well as the redesign of SunSpirit Gallery. The creation of the second edition to the Gallery will also allow me to further my writings on many different topics. For those that have followed the work of this Gallery, and have paid close attention, you know that it deals with a lot more than just pretty pictures. I am continuing my writing on 'New Energy and Critical Mass' as well as 'Channeled Information - Perpetuation of Separation' articles and these will be posted soon within the new Second Edition Gallery. I also mentioned here on January 11, 2002, before Enron became a household word, that I would have more to write on this in the future. Well, for those that have followed my work over the years, you may well imagine I would have a lot to say on this. Unfortunately once again, time has been constricting, but I am also working on this one too. For now, and just for the record, I would like to leave you with a few 'buzz words' to watch out for, or think about when you hear them,...which you will a lot more for sure....soon.

Enron- Oil. Natural Gas. Pipeline. Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. Cheney and Bush. Energy Task Force-General Accounting Office Law Suit. World Banking. World Economy. Money. War on Terror. September 11th. Congressional and Public Investigations.

Remember,..Energy is Everything,...and Everything is Energy.

February 19, 2002

New Earth Preparation:
An Online Introduction and Exploration

* This is an announcement of an online introductory exploration and seminar into the current times and it's implications as well as Jon-William's online introduction to 'Activations in the Language of Light'. It will begin on Monday, March 25, 2002 and run through Friday, April 12th (New Moon). There will be more detailed information posted here in the days ahead. In short, this will be an online seminar made available only to SunSpirit Gallery Members who choose to partake via e-mail and 'chat room' over the course of the three week period. It will consist of notifications and information sent out to members beginning on March 25th. It will then be followed with an online 'chat' for questions, answers and further input. This will continue for the three week duration. Detailed scheduling of the question and answer periods will be worked out between the corresponding members and be posted well before hand.

I have recently begun conducting a presentation here in New England- 'Activations of the Language of Light: A Preparation for the Coming Times'. This online seminar will deal with some of the concepts that this particular workshop delves into as a foundation. See: Schedule link for more info. It will explain the correlating factors between the Hermetic Principles, the New Energy Grid Matrix, and the Universal Language of Light (See: February Update). The introduction will come complete with a sample packet of information and definition of terms for clarity on the subjects as well as a preparation outline regarding activation of the LightBody. This seminar will explore some questions such as, 'What are the Hermetics exactly and why are they even important? What is this 'Energy Grid", whats it used for, and what does the Hermetics have to do with it? How does one 'connect' to it? What is the 'Language of Light', and how is this used? What does the LOL have to do with the Hermetics and the Energy Grid? And what does all this have to do with 'activation' of the LightBody and why is this so important NOW?

This will also be particular helpful, but not limited too, those that may be experiencing increased levels of anxiety, lack of concentration, heart palpitations, neck and joint pain, flu like illnesses, as well as more serious illnesses stemming from increased stress levels due to electro-magnetic distortion. There are reasons for this that will only become more apparent in time. Some obvious, some not so obvious. This will become more and more exposed, and relevant in the months ahead.

There are also a couple additions made to the Membership program which I will talk about in more detail soon. Password and username to access the gate to the 'Second Edition SunSpirit Gallery' will be available shortly to all new members. Included in the information packet to be sent out to participating members for the online seminar will be a signed copy of the first four segments of my current manuscript Atlantis Rising. Reading this introduction will add to the understanding of the concepts in which this particular seminar will explore further.

Update on Gallery Membership
The Gallery's introductory standard membership fee of $22.00 for one year now includes a SunSpirit Gallery 'Gift Set' upon sign up (includes a standard 8x10 print, greeting art card and matching bookmark of a design of your choice), access to the new 'Second Edition' Gallery for an entire year, and an introductory sample information packet and access to the online seminar beginning in March, along with a signed introductory copy of 'Atlantis Rising'. The $22.00 is basically an 'energetic exchange', designed to act as an activation and a 'transference of conscious intent' for empowerment (Mentalism; First Hermetic Principle). Of course, I also want to introduce you to the coming events here at the SunSpirit Gallery that will be taking place throughout the coming year, of which there will be many more to come. This is only the beginning. The programs to follow have been in the makings for many years now specifically geared for the coming times, well worth the investment in many ways.

To Repeat: This 'Introductory Standard Membership' is for a limited time only. There will only be a certain number of memberships available at this price under these terms. Once this set number is filled, a new membership program will be set in place. So take advantage, act now and get activated! Memberships may be purchased here by using the Pay Pal credit card processing form, or by check or money order using the Gallery Orderform. Please use the orderform to notify me of your particular "Gift Set' design. Thank You.

Gallery's 'New Look'
* There is a 'new look' being given to the exisiting art collections of the Gallery. If you have been to this web site before, you may want to check out the changes that have been made recently. There are still ongoing designing and addtions to be made to all collections but most is scheduled to be completed by March 1st. Further retail and wholesale promotional campaigns will then be extended both online and off. If you are a retail or wholesale distributor, please use the Wholesale Request Form. If anyone comes across inactive links or experience any trouble in accessing any of the pages, please contact the Gallery. Thank you.

Current Exhibits and Seminars
A new date, March 8, 2002, has been added to the introduction of 'Activations of the Universal Language of Light' workshop at the 'Spirit of Sedona Ancient Awareness Center' in Salisbury Massachusetts. This is a one nite, donation only introduction to the scheduled workshop two day intensive on March 23-24, 2002 See: Schedule. The only committment for the introduction is too call beforehand for sign up registration. This also applies for the two day intensive. Spirit of Sedona Telephone: 978-499-8854

Galant Gallery: The scheduled 'Open House' on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at Galant Gallery in Salem Massachusetts has been cancelled, although the exhibit is still current and will remain through the rest of the month. The Gallery is open seven days a week, Sun-Wed 1-5, and Thur-Sat, 10-6 pm. The intended wholesale trade show will be re-scheduled and information will be posted shortly.

A continued elaboration on 'New Energy and Critical Mass' and an editorial on 'Channeled Readings' will follow soon. Thank You and please stay tuned.

February 18, 2002 I am currently working on a Gallery update that is rather extensive since I have a lot of ground to cover. For now, I will state briefly some topics that I am working on and then follow up with a more detailed description shortly. They are as follows:

* More Gallery Membership details and announcement of an online seminar
* The web sites art collections 'new look'.
* Status of current exhibit at Galant Gallery
* Status of current seminar at Spirit of Sedona
* Elaboration on 'New Energy and Critical Mass'
* Editorial: 'Channeled Readings' and perpetuation of separation

Please stay tuned.

February 14, 2002

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Peace and Love forever.

February 11, 2002

Dear Friends of the Gallery,

Please see above archived links for information prior to February 11, 2002. There you will find a plethora of detailed insights to much of the Gallery's work. The following is a summary of the latest Gallery additions, happenings, and information with much more to be added shortly...please stay tuned.

* New Gallery Membership policy for the upcoming SunSpirit Gallery 'Second Edition'.

*For a Limited Time only and in celebration of the "Enduring Spirit" exhibit, receive a FREE Greeting ART CARD or 'Keepsake' Bookmark of any SunSpirit design of your choice! To receive your free gift, follow the simple intructions below:

1. Fill out the product Orderform with your name, shipping address and e-mail address (tele optional).
2. Then select Greeting Art Card or Bookmark from the product gift list.
3. Then select the design of your choice.
4. Then enter 'free gift" along with any other message you may have for the gallery in the message block at the bottom.
5. Then submit your request by clicking on the 'send' button...thats all there is too it...NO OBLIGATION...NO purchase or membership necessary.

* Other specially priced items now include a 'standard' 8x10 print of ANY SunSpirit design for just $15.00! 'PayPal' buttons to be added soon to each designs page for secure online credit card processing of Standard Prints. In the meantime, please contact the Gallery directly if you would like to purchase a standard print by credit card.

*Specially priced Greeting Art Card sets now available as well.
Click on Prints or Art Cards for more details.

*Special Introductory Offer on the new line of SunSpirit Gallery Bookmarks now in effect.

* New article by Jon-William Brown-New Energy and Critical Mass now posted on the Gallery's Home Page.

* New option for online secure credit card processing of all the Gallery's prints and gift items through 'PayPal'. Highly recommended!

* New additions to the 'Naturescapes' collection, as well as full presentations of the Cosmic Mythology and Goddess of Astrology collections complete with gift item shopping cart programs.

* See 'Schedule' for a listing of local exhibts and seminars. Latest date just added for the 'Activations in the Universal Language of Light' seminar on March 8, 2002.

More to be posted soon!..please stay tuned.

February 7, 2002

* Special Introductory Offer on the new SunSpirit Gallery Bookmark gift line. Be sure to check it out. More to be posted on the Gallery Art Specials page soon regarding a new line of Standard Prints and Art Cards...stay tuned.

* Recent updates have been made to the Gallery Membership page with more to come. Other editions have been a FREE 'New Earth' bookmark for every Mailing List sign-up.

* See the new "Leo" (still in progress) to the Goddess of Astrology series, as well as the new additions to the 'Naturescapes' collection. Announcements to be made shortly regarding the completion of the first edition of SunSpirit Gallery after nearly six years in the making!..Yay!

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